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Pawn of Chaos

Warrington Warlords
Pawn of Chaos

Imperial Guard stationed on the Forge World Barbarus have come under attack from
Waaagh! Bashgob. Adeptus Astartes of the Blood Angels 3rd Company receive a distress
signal and Captain Machiavi has directed his Strike Cruiser, the Blood of Vengeance, to
the system.

During warp transit the Astartes receive word from Inquisitor Nazereth of the Ordo
Hereticus of possible chaos infiltration in the Governing body of Barbarus which has
been manifesting as cultist like behaviour. This infestation has spread to the ranks of the
planetary troops also. They are warned that the garrissoned Guard regiment, the Bathos
9th will be expecting them and to purge the heretics with righteous fury and extreme
prejudice along with halting Warboss Bashgob before he ruins the planet. Barbarus is a
valuable and productive world for the Imperium and as such, Exterminatus is not an
option. Machiavi has a difficult task ahead of him, but nothing can stand before his
Angels of Death.

Inquisitor Nazareth does, in fact, show fealty to a new master, the Changer of the Ways.
and is attempting to turn Imperial Forces against themselves for the favour of Tzeentch.
He is stationed with the Guard regiment on Barbarus and has warned the Planetary
Governor, Lord Eisenbach, of the impending assault by traitor marines, marauding as the
Emperor's Finest. The Guard have been instructed to attack any Astartes that make
planetfall (most of the Regiment has never even seen a Space Marine, let alone recognise
individual chapters). The commander of the Guard forces on Barbarus, (..........), is
currently replenishing his forces after a recent conflict in the Xanthus sector against the
vile Tyranids. A few greenskins won't be a problem, and he is looking forward to
showing the traitor marines what it is like to face the Hammer of the Emperor. Vehicle
production has is just a matter of time to see if the Shadowsword is
finished in time to lay waste to the enemy.

The Farseers of Biel Tan have had warning of this impending conflict for some time and
have manouvered the Craftworld into a nearby sector. Barbarus is home to an ancient
Eldar relic, a Tomb of Khane, previously lost but rediscovered by the Craftworld's
Rangers. The planet is also close to an important Webway gate. It cannot be allowed to
fall into the hands of the greenskins, though they may prove useful in diverting the
attention of the Imperial Forces whilst the Eldar achieve their objective.

Farseer Kalhadra has accompanied an Eldar Strike Force on the Void Stalker "Hammer
of Vaul" and is enroute to Barbarus. The hated greenskins have already destroyed the
majoirty of Orbital defence platforms with their unsightly, but surprisingly deadly
spacecraft, and are making their way to the surface.............

Warboss Bashgob has set up camp outside Primaris Forge. He told da Meks ta build 'im a
big Stompa an is lookin' forward to krumpin' an smashin' da oomies wiv it. That
Wazgrub's Stompa wussn't shooty or stompy enough (his skull now hangs from
Bashgob's belt) so da Meks know ow much Dakka has to be on dis new wun.......

The idea is that all 4 can fight each other, reasons given above. In the BIG game/games
the Eldar can aid the Orks, the Imperial together. This can be at a stage when the
Inquisitor is found out to be a pawn of Chaos, and the Imperial Commander and Captain
Machiavi combine forces to protect Barbarus.

Order of Battle
Phase 1 - Preliminary Bombardment!

• Blood Angels assault "Rebel" Guard using the SM mission "Vanguard"

• Eldar attack an Ork contingent on it's way to the Imperial lines in the Eldar mission
"Flank March"
• The Ork force comes into contact with Imperial lines. Use the Ork scenario
• The Eldar attack the Blood Angel landing site in the SM scenario "All Round
• Blood Angels launch a counter assault on the Orks on their way back from attacking
the Guard. Use the Ork mission "Cut n Run"
• The Eldar take the chance to attack an Imperial Guard column in the Eldar mission
"Pre Emptive Strike"
• In the final Guard vs Blood Angel confrontation the Guard take on the "traitors" in
the Guard scenario "Trench Warfare"
• The Orks assault the pointy 'eads in "Waaagh!!"

Phase 2 - Own Agendas

It is here that the root of the Chaos faction is revealed to be Inquisitor Nazareth who flees
with a bodyguard of Thousand Sons. The Orks meanwhile have discovered something
shiny on the horizon.....

• 4 player Kill Zone. The Blood Angels are trying to capture/kill the Inquisitor before
he flees the planet with his Chaos minions. The Inquisitor is attempting to steal the
Eldar artefact before he leaves and the Eldar are trying to stop him. The Orks want to
kill the oomies.

Phase 3 - Final push

• Blood Angels assault the Eldar on their own turf in the Eldar mission "Mobile
Defence" 2000pts
• Guard take on the Orks in the Guard scenario "War of Attrition" 2000pts
• The Blood Angels catch the Orks wrong footed in the SM mission "Surprise Attack"
• The Guard mobilise and advance on the tricksy Eldar in the Guard mission "Prepared
Assault" 2500pts
• The Orks catch the armoured column of the Guard on their way to the main force in
the Spearhead Mission “Breakthrough” using the “Escalation” deployment rules
• The Blood Angels try to outmanouvre the Eldar skimmers in the Spearhead Mission
“Lightning War” using the “Counter-Attack” deployment rules 3000pts
• The final confrontation - Apocalypse!!

Super Heavies will have a number of structure points equivalent to the amount of “Wins”
the army has +1. So if you win 50% of your games, your super heavy will have full
structure points. Any more wins will get you 1 option such as “extra armour”.

Each team member is allocated 3000 points to spend using the force organization chart

Forces for each battle will then be taken from this pool of resources.

No named characters are allowed, as we will be creating our own commanders and
retinue who will advance during the campaign. (See Commander rules below).


At the beginning of the campaign, each player should choose a single character that will
serve as the army's general for the duration of the campaign. Each character should be
given a name. Commanders may not be vehicles, though they may be mounted on bikes
or cavalry.
Characters cost increases in accordance to its Experience. Its total cost equals the cost of
the character and any equipment that he has, plus the total number of Experience points

The commander gains 1 Experience point in each game he participates in that he does not
die or flees off of the table. During each game, the commander can earn 1 additional
experience point for each action if he or the unit he is in accomplishes.

Slaying an enemy character or monster.

Forcing an enemy unit to route.
Surviving the battle without suffering any wounds and not fleeing at the end of the game.
Successfully conquering a tile.

Each time a commander earns 3 Experience points, the player may spend these points to
make a roll on the Character Advancement table (above). The bonus rolled is applied to
that character for the duration of campaign.

Skills are useful, if common, abilities able to be taken by your character. Skills follow the
same rules as the Universal Special Rule with which they share a name. The list of skills
and any additional requirements, are as follows:
Eternal Warrior (Requires Toughness 4)
Fleet (Requires Initiative 4)
Hit & Run (Requires Jump Infantry, Cavalry, or Bike)
Infiltrate (Requires Mover Through Cover, Scouts, or Stealth)
Move Through Cover (Requires Initiative 4)
Acute Senses
Preferred Enemy
Relentless (Requires Slow and Purposeful OR Strength 6)
Skilled Rider (Requires Cavalry or Bike)
Slow and Purposeful
Tank Hunters

Legendary Abilities represent truly unique abilities and skills possessed by only a handful
of mighty warriors.
Note: Some of these abilities grant bonuses to the army as a whole, or to other units
within your army. These abilities may not be used if the character is not included in the
army, or has to sit on the sidelines due to an injury.

Blademaster Hits in close combat have the Rending special rule.

Counterstrike For every roll of '1' to hit this character in close combat, enemy units
immediately suffer an automatic hit at the users base Strength.
Bionic Strength The character may wield initiative reduced weapons (powerfists, etc) at
their normal initiative.
Dodge You gain a 5+ invulnerable save.
Double Tap This character may fire one additional shot per turn if he does not move and
does not have a Heavy Weapon.
Coordinated Assault All friendly units within 6" of this character gain +1 Attack.
Fearsome Reputation When this character assaults a unit, they must immediately make
a Morale test. If they fail, they must fall back.
Flurry Instead of making his normal attacks, this character may inflict a single automatic
hit on all enemy models in base contact.
Gunnery Sergeant All friendly units within 6" of this character gain +1 Ballistics Skill.
Mentor All friendly units within 6" of this character gain +1 Weapon Skill.
Outmaneuver After deployment, choose a single infantry or vehicle unit in your army.
That unit has the Scouts special rule for the duration of the battle.
Practiced Psyker The character may use one additional Psychic power each turn.
Regeneration At the start of your turn, as long as this character is still alive, roll a D6 for
each Wound that he has lost: for every 5 or 6 rolled, he recovers a single Wound.
Retinue Choose one Elite choice from your Codex. When this character is included in
your army, you may include that type of unit as a Troops choice.
Sharpshooter Enemies may not take cover saves against shots from this character.
Sniper Wounds caused by this character's Shooting attacks are allocated by his
controlling player, rather than the opposing player.
Superior Tactician You may re-roll dice rolls for picking deployment areas, seeing who
goes first, and for reserves.
Tactical Precision If this unit arrives by Deep Strike, it scatters 1 D6" less than normal.
Tank Commander This character may replace the crew of a tank. The tank may use his
Ballistic Skill. If the tank suffers a vehicle destroyed result, then this character is slain.

After each battle fought as part of the campaign, roll a D6 for any of your characters that
have been slain in battle (not fleeing or have fled from the table). If you won the game, a
+1 bonus is added to your roll.

1 Serious Injury - The character has survived but is greatly weakened by his injuries. He
permanently loses 1 Wound and 1 point of Toughness from his starting profile for the
duration of the campaign and cannot participate in battle for the next game his army
participates in.
2 War Wound - The character has survived but is weakened by his injuries. Roll a D6.
1: Blind in one Eye The character takes a -1 to BS.
2-3: Broken Hand The character takes a -1 to WS.
4-5: Head Injury The character take a -1 to In.
6: Post Traumatic The character gains the Rage special rule.
3 Slow Recovery - The character has survived, but must rest and recover his strength
before returning to the battlefield. He may not participate in the next game his army
participates in.
4 Traumatized - The near death experience has shaken the warrior. He looses 2
Experience points, but is otherwise able to return to duty.
5 Full Recovery - Despite his wounds, the character has made a full recovery and is
ready for battle in the next game.
6+ What Doesn't Kill Me - The character gains +1 Experience point.

Roll a D6 after each game the injured character takes part in. On a roll of 5-6, the
character has been fully healed and no longer suffers any of the injuries and penalties
received during the campaign.

Death If a character's Wounds or Toughness is reduced to 0, the character is dead. You

may create a new character to take his place, though this character starts with 0