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Analog Communications

1. The most suitable method for detecting signal (2.5 + 5 cosωmt) cos ωct is_____
a) Envelope Detector b) Synchronous Detector
c) Ratio Detector d) a & b
2. The main advantage of super heterodyne receiver is________
a) Simple Circuit b) Better Tracking
c) Improve in Selectivity d) Better Sensitivity
3. A carrier is amplitude modulated to a depth of 40% the increase in power is____
a) 40% b) 20% c) 16% d) 8%
4. Following is not the purpose of modulation
a) Multiplexing b) Effective Radiation
c) Narrow Banding d) Increase in signal power
5. DSB-SC signal can be demodulated using________
a) Low pass filter b) Synchronous Detector

c) Phase shift discriminator d) Envelope Detector

6. A product modulator yields
a) Full AM signal b) DSB-SC signal c) VSB signal d) SSB signal
7. An FM signal can be detected by using_________
a) LPF b) PLL c) Discriminator d) Average Detector
8. The image channel rejection in a super heterodyne receiver comes from______
a) IF stage only b) RF stage only
c) Detector and RF stage only d) Detector IF and RF stages
9. Modulation Index of an AM wave is changed from 0 to 1. The transmitted power
a) Un changed b) Halved c) Increases by 50% d) Quadrupled
10. Limiter is not essential in following detector_____
a) Foster seeley b) Balanced slope c) Ratio d) All
11. Figure of merit is always unity in________
a) SSB-SC b) AM c) FM d) All
12. Which one is an advantage of AM over FM
a) FM is more immune to noise b) FM has better fidelity
c) Probability of noise spike generation is less in AM
d) FM has wide Bandwidth
13. Message carrying efficiency is best in
a) Fm b) AM c) AM-SC d) PM
14. Following is not an advantage of FM over AM
a) Noise Immunity b) Fidelity c) Capture effect d) Sputtering effect

15. A PLL can be used to demodulate

a) AM signal b) USB-SC signal c) FM d) PCM
16. In TDM, FM detector has_________ noise contribution as compared to phase
a) More b) Less c) Equal d) None
17. The modulating frequency in FM is increased from 10KHz to 20KHz. The
bandwidth is__________
a) Doubled b) Halved
c) Increased by 20% d) Increases tremendously
18. In PCM, quantization noise depends on
a) Sampling rate b) Number of quantization levels
c) Signal power d) None
19. Which of the modulation is digital in nature
a) PAM b) PPM c) DM d) None
20. Which of the modulation is digital in nature
a) PCM b) DPCM c) DM d) None
21. Quantization error occurs in
a) PAM b) PPW c) DM d) None
22. Pulse stuffing is used in
a) Synchronous TDM b) Asynchronous TDM
c) Any TDM d) None
23. The line code that has zero dc component for pulse transmission of random binary
24. Pick odd man out
a) URZ b) BRZ c) Manchester code d) Differential code
25. The standard data rate of PCM voice channel is
a) 8 kbps b) 8 bps c) 16 bps d) 64 kbps