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February 2007 Vol 10.


The Bond Effect The Bond Effect The Bond Effect

The Science and Art of Living the Way Nature Intended
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Evolutionary Behavior: Beauty is in the Eye of Your Friends. Rant of the Month: The Medicalization of Everyday Life. Now Pub-
lished! Deadly Harvest by Geoff Bond. Major Event! Beat Cancer Seminar. Children’s Packed Lunch: Lunchbox # 1. Quote of
the Month: Peasant Priorities. Recipe: Sarah’s Moroccan Eggplant. Questions: Tea with Milk. Hints: Nutritional Yeast Flakes.
News Shorts: Too Many Ways to Get Fat; Stress Hormone Grows Cancer; Acid Stoppers Stop Bone; Anxious Spouses Hinder
Heart Surgery Recovery; Omega-3 Fortified Fad; Obese at 18, Die at 48. Review: The Dig Tree (Part II). Laughter the Best
Medicine: Judge’s Alimony. Upcoming Public Events. Geoff Bond’s Speaking and Book Signing Tour.

Evolutionary Behavior Rant of the Month Major Event

Beauty is in the Eye of The Medicalization of NOT TO BE MISSED!
Your Friends Everyday Life
The biggest threat to the health of 2007 Community Health Educa-
most Americans is the health-care tion Seminar
system itself. More and more Palm Springs, California
people are being drawn into
March 14, 2007 12 noon
treatment as a result of an aston-
ishing i ncrease in diagnoses, and “Deadly Harvest:
ever-expanding definitions of The Link Between Cancer and
Suddenly, the man on the left what constitutes a disease. Lifestyle.”
seems more attractive to other This actually places these "pa- With guest speakers Elber
women. tients" in greater danger than if Camacho MD, Rita Stec MD,
A new study suggests that women they were simply left alone. Dr Mark Smith.
will look more favourably on the One problem is the medicalization Title of Geoff Bond’s keynote
man that other wo men find of everyday life. Insomnia, sad- address:
attractive. ness, or twitchy legs are now be- “How to Repair Our Defenses
Female guppies (a fish which ing diagnosed as sleep disorder, Against Cancer”
bears its babies live), quail and depression, or restless leg syn-
finches mate with males like the drome. Venue: Jerry Stergios Building,
males they have seen other Desert Regional Hospital , 1140
Especially troublesome is the North Indian Canyon, Palm
females paired with. Such “mate medicalization of childhood, where
choice copying” can pay off. Springs, California.
trouble reading becomes dyslexia,
If it is difficult to choose the best and unhappiness is deemed de- Reservations: (800) 491-4990
mate, it makes sense to go with pression. Info:
what works for the other girls. Cont: page 4
Yet although human mate Children’s Packed Lunch
selection has similar difficulties, NOW PUBLISHED! Last month we promised to give
there has been little evidence that Geoff's new book is a you some healthy lunchbox ideas.
women do this – until Dr. Ben user-friendly and
Jones at the University of Lunchbox # 1
completely new look
Aberdeen, Scotland carried out his at how we can live in − An apple
studies 1. harmony with how − Canned tuna with chopped bell
nature intended. peppers and a little Canola oil
He got a large panel of women to and lemon juice.
rate male photos for attractive- Deadly Harvest − Broccoli and cauli flower crudités
ness. They rated the two men by with tahini dip.
above as equal. Geoff Bond − Two squares of high cocoa solid
However, i n the next stage, Jon es Check it out on our website: (minimum 75%) chocolate.
inserted the photo of a pretty girl − Mineral water.
admiring the man on the left. Ask for it in your local bookstore
Quote of the Month
Suddenly the panel of women or order now from:
found the man on the left more Peasant Priorities
attractive. In contrast, other men Search with keywords: "The church is near, but the way
disliked him more. is icy; the tavern is far, but I will
Deadly Harvest Geoff Bond
Cont. p. 4 walk carefully" - Ukrainian saying.

Published by Natural Eating Co Ltd, 55, Grivas Digeni, Suite 73, 8220 Chlorakas, Paphos, Cyprus. © 2007 Geoff Bond
February 2007 The Bond Effect Newsletter Page 2 of 4
Healthy Harves t Recipe Add the chopped tomatoes and Secondly, Nutritional Yeast has a
This month we feature a recipe nutty, cheesy, creamy flavor
cook until thick.
from Australian reader Sarah Har- which makes it popular as an
ris. Thanks to husband Peter for Dribble in lemon juice and most ingredient in cheese substitutes.
Vegans (and we) often use it as a
bringing it to our attention. of the parsley. Decorate with the
condiment flavoring in place of
remaining parsley. parmesan cheese.
Serve cold or warm. Nutritional Yeast comes in the
form of flakes, or as a yellow
Questions powder and can be found in most
Tea with Milk health food stores. In Australia it
is sometimes sold as "savory
Q. I hear that tea contains many
yeast flakes".
healthful compounds. Does it
make a difference if I put milk in News Shorts
my tea?
Too many Ways to Get Fat
A. Sometimes! When researchers
Sarah’s Moroccan Eggplant test tea, they almost always try it The wrong foods, overeating and
too little physical activity are the
YYYYY on volunteers as it comes straight
from the teapot -- black. In this PRIME reasons for getting fat.
Yield: 4 to 6 servings
form, tea’s micronutrients are cer- Nevertheless, we have identified
Ingredients tainly helpful. ten SECONDARY factors influencing
obesity in the population. These
2 eggplants, Now researchers are looking at
what happens if milk is added (as factors are not alibis: no one need
1 bell pepper, red, be fat if they live like we say.
the British and Australians do).
3 tbsp olive oil, Here are the first five. The second
Catechins, a kind of flavonoid and
2 garlic cloves finely chopped, five next month.
antioxidant are not affected2 --
½ tsp chili flakes, nor are flavonols, another vital Too little sleep
2 tsp cumin, micronutrient and antioxidant3 Sleep deprivation stimulates hun-
5 medium tomatoes, Tea is a rich source of fluoride. ger and appetite. Americans now
Studies suggest that milk does not sleep two hours a day less than 50
juice of 1 lemon, years ago.
affect its bioavailability4.
3 tbsp chopped flat leaf parsley.
On the other hand, German re- See our article: “Docs: Sleep
Method searchers find that the addition of Evaluation Vital”, December 2006
Score tomatoes and remove milk blunts tea’s ability to moder- Pollutants
ate hardening of the arteries.5 Chemicals found in pesticides and
husks. Place in boiling water until
Our View? Probably the worst plastics disrupt our hormones.
the skins start to peel. Remove Some work against male hormo-
thing about putting milk in tea is
the tomatoes, but reserve the the milk itself. However, in nes which feminizes bodies . Oth-
water, and place the tomatoes in condiment quantities, it is no big ers fatten us by disturbing other
deal. hormonal pathways.
cold water and peel the skins.
Personally we like a cup of tea Comfortable temperatures
Slice the eggplant ½ inch thick. We now heat or cool our homes to
with a splash of milk. We just
Place in a steaming tray on top of enjoy the beverage and don’t a comfortable temperature. 30
years ago we lived in temperat-
the boiling water previously used worry about whether the tea is
still helping our health – although , ures outside the comfort zone.
for the tomatoes. Put a lid on this That increased fat burning.
all things considered, it almost
and steam for ten minutes. certainly is! Low birth weight
Meanwhile puree the tomatoes, Low birth weight, and the rapid
Hints & Tips catch-up in growth, increases the
wash and dice the bell pepper.
Nutritional Yeast Flakes risk of obesity.
When the eggplants are steamed Try using Nutritional Yeast Flakes Your genes
remove them and let them cool, in your cooking. Apart from being Overweight men and women are
then dice them the same size as packed wth B vitamins, it has two reproducing at a higher rate. The
qualities. fatter the parents, the greater the
the bell pepper . number of fat offspring, and the
Firstly it solves the question of
Still using the same wide pan, greater the proportion of fatties in
what to use as a thickening agent
the population.
heat the oil and sauté the garlic, instead of flour. Nutritional Yeast
spices, eggplant and bell pepper. flakes make a fine substitute for Of course, genes are not the only
thickening sauces, soups and – or even most likely—reason why
Sauté for 5 minutes, stirring. gravies. obesity passes down the generat-
ions. Bad habits are the common-

Always consult your doctor before undertaking any health program

February 2007 The Bond Effect Newsletter Page 3 of 4
est reason why obesity runs in That’s just the tip of the iceberg. up until the day of his death from
families. The bandwagon is gathering pace. malnutrition. It is thanks to Wills
Next Month: the second five sec- In 2005 120 new food products that we have a remarkable day-
ondary factors driving our popula- were so “fortified”; in 2006 the to-day diary of the expedition’s
tions’ obesity. figure is 250. travails.
Our View? Frustration! The sheer Another extraordinary decision
Stress Hormone Grows Cancer deception and gall of it all. As made by Burke was to set off just
Norepinephrine, a stress hormone, though omega-3 additive can im- before the height of summer when
stimulates cancer cells to move prove a basically bad product like the journey would be at its most
into the blood stream – and so cereal or margarine. gruelling and perilous. The eight-
spread to other parts of the body6. een men went on their way from
It also encourages the growth of The whole question is so complex
that simplistic “fortification” is no Melbourne and had a horrendous
blood vessels in tumors, thus in- first few hundred miles. Burke
creasing the food supply to cancer answer. It is just trickery and sub-
terfuge to bamboozle trusting con- gradually abandoned stores and
cells. A related stress hormone, men until just he and three oth-
epinephrine, has a similar effect. sumers into parting with their
money. ers, Wills, Gray and King, left a
All this confirms how high stress base camp at the desolate Cooper
levels work directl y to allow can- Obese at 18, Die at 48 Creek oasis in central Australi a for
cers to flourish. Women who are obese at 18 years the 950 mile trek to the north
old are THREE times as likely to die coast – and 950 miles all the way
Nature designed us for life on the
in their forties 9. Obese means back again.
African savannas. The way we live
having a Body Mass Index (BMI) They went on foot, trailing some
today maintains us in an unnatural
over 30. pack-camels and a pack-horse
state of high stress. I write about
this, and what we might do about Overweight adolescents (BMI 25 Billy. All their food was loaded on
it, in chapter 8 of DEADLY to 30) increased their risk of dying these creatures. For food they
HARVEST (see page 1). in middle age by 66%. were still relying on the dried and
The most common causes of death salted beef and pork, flour, rice,
Acid Stoppers Stop Bone oatmeal, sugar, salt, coffee, tea
were cancer (of the breast, colon,
The popular heartburn pills Pril- and a few canned vegetables.
endometrium and kidney) and
osec and Nexium weaken bone.
Take them for more than a year heart disease. Now listen to this: for the whole
and you DOUBLE your risk of Our View? This study looked at journey through the Australian
breaking a hip7 . women who were aged 18 in the wilderness the explorers came in
1970’s. Since that time, the level contact with local bands of Abo-
Our View? Everything is inter- rigines. These peoples lived their
of adolescent obesity has sky
connected in ways we have no entire lives in this inhospitable de-
rocketed. This bodes badly for the
way of imagining. Live like we say sert without once having recourse
and you won’t have the heartburn, future, as so many obese kids hit
middle age. to imported salt beef, flour or
let alone the broken hip. sugar.
Anxious Spouses Hinder Heart One of the most important
It is fair to say that no one knew
Surgery Recovery things parents can do for their
that Burke and Wills would find
One more thing to worry about child’s future well-being is to get
human life in their travels, but
when you choose a mate: is he or him or her through childhood in
once they did, a more open-
she neurotic? If so, they will likely good physical shape.
minded explorer would have tried
seriously impede your recovery to learn how to “live off the land”.
Book Review – Part II
from heart by-pass surgery8.
But no, the party pressed on to
Even if the roles are reversed, and The Dig Tree the Carpentaria coast where they
the neurotic person is the patient, Sarah Murgatroyd floundered in the mangrove
he or she seriously depresses a Bloomsbury, London, 2002 swamps. They tasted salt water
care-giving spouse. but never saw the open sea. They
On the other hand, optimism in The ill-fated Burke and Wills Expedition needed to start back urgently: the
mounted by the Royal Society of Victo- “drop dead day” had passed. That
one spouse has a beneficial effect
ria, Australia is a nutritional object- is, they had less food left for the
on the other. They show fewer lesson. Last month we saw the sham-
signs of depression, strain and feel return journey than what they had
bolic preparations.
less burdened. consumed coming out.
Part II
Omega-3 Fortify Fad The Royal Society did make one Next Month: Part III
The marketing men are on their successful recruit, William Wills – See the full review on our site:
next siren song: omega-3 with as Surveyor, Meteorologist and or,
everything. Tropicana adds fish oil Astronomical Observer. Wills’ job has posted my
to “fortify” its orange juice was, by star sightings, to navigate
review on its page for The Dig
(really!). Kellogg adds it to Kashi the explorers on their journey and Tree. Scroll down to Customer Re-
cereal and Unilever adds it to I to make all kinds of scientific ob- views.
Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. servations. These he did meticu-
lously for the entire journey, right

Always consult your doctor before undertaking any health program

February 2007 The Bond Effect Newsletter Page 4 of 4
From Page 1 We prefer to take responsibility for
Sat, March 10 at 11:00 a.m.
our own health, follow the Bond
Evolutionary Behavior Effect and avoid falling into the BOOK SIGNING & CHAT
clutches of the conventional health Anaheim, California
Beauty is in the Eye of
care paradigm “Expo West Natural Products
Your Friends Exhibition”
This is predictable. Men are in Upcoming Public Events Square One Publishers
competition with each other for Stand 2667 (Hall C)
access to women. They will feel For the latest updates on Geoff Bond’s
California tour, check the “Events” link Anaheim Convention Center
resentful of one who looks like 800 W. Katella Avenue
on our site at.
succeeding! Anaheim, CA 92802
Rant of the Month (714) 765-8950

The Medicalization of Every- Sunday, March 4 at 4:00 p.m.

Another problem is the drive to “Healthy Living” Event Weds, March 14
diagnose disease early. Illnesses Westfield Mall
at 12 noon
are now being identified in those Palm Desert
with no symptoms, but who are California Beat Cancer Seminar
merely "at risk." However, advan- SEE PAGE 1
ced technologies such as CT
scans, ultrasounds, MRI and PET Weds, March 7, at 7:00 p.m. Private Events For the Record
scans detect subtle flaws that
make almost everyone "at risk." BOOK SIGNING & CHAT Thurs, March 15 at 12 noon
Peppertree Bookstore Lecture: Medical Staff, Eisenhower Hospital,
Meanwhile, experts are dropping 155 S Palm Canyon Drive Rancho Mirage
the thresholds for diagnosing di a- “Degenerative Diseases are Optional”
Palm Springs
betes, hypertension, osteoporosis Tues, March 20, at 12 noon
and obesity. The level of choles- CA 92262 Lecture: Medical Staff, St Joseph
terol deemed "normal" has Info: Charles Lago Hospital, Burbank
Call: 760-325-4821 “Degenerative Diseases are Optional”
dropped several times. Merely be-
cause of these changes, more Web: Laughter the Best Medicine
than half the population is now
"diseased." email: Judge’s Alimony "Mr. Clark, I have reviewed this case
This epidemic of diagnoses has in very carefully," the divorce court judge
turn led to an epidemic of treat- said, "And I've decided to give your
ments. Who really benefits? The wife $775 a week."
answer is in our article: “Selling "That's very fair, your honor," the
sickness: Big Pharma and Disease husband said. "And every now and
Mongering”, Newsletter January then I'll try to send her a few bucks
2006. Yes, the pharmaceutical myself."
email:; Cancer Support Site:
Tel: +357 99 45 24 68; Skype: gvlbond; fax: +1 360 851 3662

tion of flavonols from tea in factor, matrix metallo- tery bypass surgery; J Pers
man; Free Radical Research; proteinase (MMP)-2, and Soc Psychol. 2006 Aug;
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of face preferences among carcinoma tumor cells; Can-
4 Cao J; Brick tea consumption 9 van Dam RM; The relation-
humans. Proceedings of the cer Res. 2006 Nov
as the cause of dental fluoro- ship between overweight in
Royal Society B; 2007 Mar 1;66(21):10357-64; PMID:
sis among children from adolescence and premature
22; 274 (1611): 899-903; 17079456.
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5 Addition of milk prevents
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vascular protective effects of
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the Antioxidant Activity of
28(2):219-23. Epub 2007 8 Ruiz JM; Does who you marry
Black Tea ; Annals of Nutri-
Jan 9. PMID: 17213230 matter for your health? In-
tion and Metabolism; 2005;
fluence of patients' and
49:189-195 PMID 16020939 6 Yang EV; Norepinephrine up-
spouses' personality on their
regulates the expression of
3 Hollman, P; Addition of Milk partners' psychological well-
vascular endothelial growth
does not affect the absorp- being following coronary ar-

Always consult your doctor before undertaking any health program