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07 TO
Date. 18/12/07

1. Dust bin sticker

2. Back side rack in R77/87. – 09/01/08
3. Bearings in drawer in 40‘s. - 09/01/08
4. AM/AD – back/drawer material.
5. Fan mounting arrangement at iland.
6. Trolleys follow up.
7. Assembly tools, bits, spanners etc. requirement. – on process
8. Check list for area responsibility.
9. Anker fastening of hand press / hydraulic press – on process
10. Assembly tool holder fixing. – schedule to make for organization.
11. Bins refilling place arragement. - pending
12. Sap – documents preparation.
13. To make tool for Pinion assembly.
14. F/K127 bins trolley to prepare. - pending
15. Trolley labeling for different application. - pending
16. Area responsibility labeling. - pending
17. Stock calculation of all the spare – pneumatic tools, circlip pliers, spanners etc.
18. Specify torque on each pneumatic tools.
19. Oil leakage problem at 15T hyd. Press.
20. To put hex. Hd. Screw at each iland for fitting larger unit to smaller unit in case of
dual gear box & oil sight glass.
21. To prepare list of tools, spanners, circlip plier, pneumatic tools etc. at assembly
23. Color codification for spanners, circlip pliers, etc. for 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and motor
24. Big size unit assembly tool arrangement.
25. Calculation for man power required for 700 units/wk.
26. To put part list drawing and assembly instructions iland wise. – in process
27. To make tool for K97 for pressing first stage tool. (nut and pipe)
30. Start monitoring closely for different areas, which are distributed.
31. Bearing tools requirement.
32. Ricoh make machine arrangement in new arrangement
33. To take actions for safety sign board.
34. To ask Raval sir for circulating later for Safety Committee members for their
member ship.
35. To change brg at AD3. required 6307-Z.
36. To give requisition for bigger bins for big parts in Kanban.
37. To repair assembly tools & if require ask for new tools.
38. To arrange parking stand for motors of 30’s.
39. To give requisition for part picking trolley.
40. Keep all required parts and assembly tools to assemble motors of R17 and
W20/30 at their respective iland..
41. Start working on 50 T. hydraulic press.
42 To make handle at 50 T. for moving bed.
43 To put sticker at 50’s for 2 bins.
44 To calculate production capacity for 08-09, without QC.
45. To put bins for F157.
46. To give information about hose clamp to fit in the KS protection brakes in shop