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2000 Georgian Servicemen

Participate in Peacekeeping Georgia to Join ASDE System
Mission in Iraq Georgia will join the NATO
Air Situation Data Exchange
An increased number of Ge- Iraq. According to Major Shav- (ASDE) system by the end of
orgian servicemen now make up lego Tabatadze: “The mission this year. The process of Geor-
the nation’s peacekeeping mis- will be rather difficult. In fact, gia’s integration into the NATO
sion in Iraq as the 3rd Infantry the Georgian contingent has nev- radar system was accelerated by
Brigade of the Georgian Armed er put into practice such kinds of the frequent violations of Geor-
Forces departed for Wasit Prov- tasks as we have to implement gia’s state borders and incursions
ince in July. this time. The brigade is ready into Georgian airspace from the
The 1,500 servicemen first for this and they have already un- Russian side.
arrived in Kuwait, where they dergone the appropriate training. “Recent incidents prompted
discussions at NATO HQ in
Brussels to speed up these pro-
cedures so that Georgia becomes
incorporated into that system as
soon as possible,” explained
Georgian Deputy Defence Min-
ister Batu Kutelia.
After the finalization of Geor-
gia’s integration into the ASDE
system, special systems and
equipment will be installed on
Georgian territory and will be
prepared for testing.
“The integration of Georgia’s
radar into the NATO system will
give NATO controllers real-time
information about any incursions gia and Republic of Turkey re- ner nations resulted in the devel- eration model between NC3A
into Georgian airspace,” Kutelia garding ASDE joining is drafted opment of the Air Situation Data (NATO Consultation, Command
explains. “Everything will be and the final review process of Exchange (ASDE) system. This and Control Agency) and NPC
displayed at NATO HQ, at the the Memorandum of Under- system manages the controlled (NATO Programming Center).
central command point.” standing is underway. exchange of air picture data by In 2003, NATO agreed to a
Georgia will join the ASDE The NATO requirements for filtering the NATO picture in plan to share radar data with
through the Republic of Turkey. a bi-directional RAP (Recog- such manner that it is releasable Georgia, Albania, Finland,
The Memorandum of Under- nized Air Picture) exchange be- to partner nations. The ASDE Macedonia and Ukraine.
standing between NATO, Geor- tween NATO nations and part- system is developed via a coop- by Thea Chonishvili

Georgian President of

Peacekeepers Put on Georgia at the

Defence Ministry
Training Display
Georgian Peacekeepers Leaving for Iraq

underwent special training for The most important is that they P.2
twenty days, after which the 3rd are psychologically prepared.” Georgian Peacekeepers re- The Georgian Peacekeepers held
Infantry Brigade personnel start- After arrival in Al Kut, the cently demonstrated a display of an information briefing before
ed its peacekeeping mission in 3rd Infantry Brigade was joined exercises for the first time. The the practical part of the event Bombing in the Conflict Zone
the city of Al Kut. by the two Georgian battalions exercise was held at the peace- during which, through use of
The deployment of these which had already been serving Report of the International Group of Experts
Georgian peacekeepers was car- in Iraq for several months. After investigating possible violations of Georgian
ried out stage by stage, but the stationing the troops in Al Kut, airspace and the missile recovered near Tsitelubani,
transfer of their cargo to Iraq the 31st Battalion will return to Georgia, on August 6, 2007 P.3
started in the middle of July. Georgia as the term of their ser-
The personnel of the 3rd In- vice will expire by that time. The Second Independent Inter-governmental Expert
fantry Brigade departed Georgia 2,000 remaining servicemen will Group (IIEG-2) Report investigating possible
from the Alekseevka Military conduct patrols, searches and
Aerodrome. The soldiers seemed raids, set-up checkpoints and
violations of Georgian airspace and the recovered
to be motivated and enthusias- guard the base and strategic fa- missile near Tsitelubani, Georgia, 6 August 2007 P.4
tic, as each of them fully realiz- cilities. The mission of the Geor-
es the complexity of the task and gian servicemen will also in- US Deputy
the accompanying responsibili- volve controlling the traffic and
ty of the implementation of the smuggled goods from the Irani- Assistant Defense
mission. an border.
“I am leaving for Iraq with After fulfilling its peacekeep- Secretary Visits
high spirits,” declared Senior
Lieutenant Ilia Mumladze. “It is
ing mission, the 3rd Infantry Bri-
gade will be replaced by the 1st
Defence Minister Greeting with the Georgian Peacekeepers P.5
my desire to serve there and I am Infantry Brigade, currently sta-
sure I will carry out the peace- tioned at the Vaziani military keeping battalion’s base in Up- special fliers, the peacekeepers
keeping mission perfectly.” base. per Nikozi. Along with the Geor- introduced the crimes recently Interview with Col. Matthew Brand,
“I have been serving in the by Rusudan Tsimakuridze gian Minister of Defence David perpetrated by illegal formations
Armed Forces for 15 years and I Kezerashvili, the exercise was and the counter actions imple- Defence Attache of the United
made the decision to accompa- attended by the Chief of the Joint mented by the Georgian peace-
ny my brigade to Iraq,” ex- Staff of the Georgian Armed keepers. States of America in Georgia P.5
plained soldier Zeinab Chadune- Forces Col. Zaza Gogava, the The practical exercise lasted
li. “I know in advance the con- Minister of Internal Affairs Vano for an hour during which two
ditions and circumstances under Merabishvili, and the State Min- companies of the First Infantry TV Project “Kazarma” Finishes as
which I will have to serve in Iraq, ister on Conflict Resolution Dav- Brigade’s 11th battalion demon-
but nothing scares me.” id Bakradze. The exercises were strated three types of the peace Many Participants Elect to
The brigade commander also
travelled with his personnel to
also conducted under the obser-
vation of OSCE representatives.
support operations.
Continued on p.2 Continue Military Careers P.5

Continued from p.1 The State Minister for Conflict Res-

olution David Bakradze gave his esti-
The first operation was the incinera- mation on the demonstration of the ex-
tion of an attack on a checkpoint. In the ercise: “High level trainings were held.
second operation the peacekeepers neu- Such type of training is stipulated by the
tralized a group of terrorists and evacu- peacekeeping forces’ mandate and is
ated civilians. At the end of the event, held regularly in the conflict zone. Thus,
the peacekeepers set up a checkpoint and this was the first occasion that the Geor-
demonstrated search activities. gian peacekeeping battalion performed
A group of medics was also involved the exercises.
in the simulated peacekeeping operation. “I want to highlight that this display
Their role was to treat injured soldiers training was done in compliance with
and move them to a safe transport point. all international agreements. OSCE mil-
At the end of the event, the guests con- itary observers as well the representa-
gratulated the peacekeepers on the suc- tives of the Russian peacekeeping forc-
cessful completion of the exercise. The es were informed about this and attend-
Minister of Defence of Georgia said he ed the trainings.”
was very satisfied with the exercise: “The The Peacekeeping Forces’ Chief
peacekeeping battalion held an exercise Military Commander Col. Mamuka
in this region for the first time today. This Kurashvili gave a high evaluation to the
exercise had been agreed upon with the display exercises performed by the per-
Peacekeeping Commission and I am very sonnel: “The scenario was composed of

satisfied with the results. The Peacekeep- peace support elements and components
ers successfully fulfilled their task. The that can occur in the conflict zone daily.
exercise was conducted under difficult Subsequently, the most important and
conditions, because in parallel peace- actual task is to protect the civilian pop-

keepers were fulfilling their primary ob- ulation. This was a very complicated and
ligations in the conflict zones.” Col. Zaza crucial task for the personnel and to my
Gogava also expressed his satisfaction mind, they carried out it excellently.”
with the operations: “The Peacekeepers The Commander of the 11th Peace-

Put on Training
performed their duties very well. There keeping Battalion HQ Alexander Ma-
were minor mistakes, but the exercise can khatadze, who was a participant in the
not be performed without slight mistakes. training display, talked about the duty
I am satisfied with the result and in the and morale of his colleagues: “The duty

future these results will be improved. As of each commander, of each military
you know, here our peacekeepers are re- head, is to care about how to overcome
sponsible for the checkpoints and today obstacles. The personnel are motivated
just two companies participated because and there are no unfavorable facts for
we did not want to leave the dislocation overcoming these obstacles.”
areas without attention.” Peacekeeping Operation by Rusudan Tsimakuridze

President of Georgia at the Graduation of Officers’

Defence Ministry Training Course
“When the nation awakens, the best A solemn ceremony for those gradu- and invited guests commented for the
representatives of society are ready to ating from the Officers’ Training Course mass media. “Today the solemn gradu-
fight for freedom, strength and unity of was held at the National Defence Acad- ation ceremony of the Junior Officers’
their homeland at the price of their en- emy on August 3. Courses of Air Forces was held. I want
ergy, wit, time and even life,” the Pres- Navy and Air Force officers under- to mention that the graduates underwent
ident of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili went a three-month training course. Six training for 10 months. They had theo-
told representatives during his recent officers were prepared for the Navy, retical knowledge, but they deepened
address to the Georgian Armed Forces becoming specialists of vessel commu- their practical experience in the Nation-
as the Supreme Commander-in-Chief nication and in the management of com- al Defence Academy. All of them are
was visiting the new Defence Ministry bat and electro-mechanical means. Jun- graduates of different higher institutions
building. The President addressed those ior Officers attended the theoretical part of Georgia with appropriate specialities.
Georgian officers who had successfully of the course on the base of Navy Forc- They have already become profession-
finished the new Officers’ Program. In es in Batumi, but practical training was al military servicemen and will make
his speech, the President stressed the conducted on Georgian Navy vessels. their contribution to the reconstruction
importance of the Officers’ and Reserve Eleven pilots underwent a training of the Georgian Air Force,” commented
Programs and the future prospects of the course as well; six specialists were Defence Academy Deputy Comman-
Georgian Armed Forces development. trained for combat aircraft flight exploi- dant, Colonel Roin Pailodze.
“Today, as Georgia faces historical chal- tation and the technical and radio elec- “I graduated from Kobuleti Aviation
lenges, the Georgian armed forces have tronic exploitation of aircraft engines. Institute. The institution was partly mil-
become as important a part of our na- The students were trained at the Alek- itary, so I had to live and study in the
tional dignity, statehood and identity as ficers who have a general education, the potential of having 200,000 reserv- seevka military airdrome. barracks. I have been wearing a mili-
it has been throughout the centuries. speak foreign languages and are capa- ists, and several tens of cadre brigades High ranking representatives of the tary uniform for six years. I continued
From the very first days of my presi- ble of receiving information… Our manned by reservists. Everyone should Ministry of Defence and the Armed my schooling at the Faculty of Aviation
dency, I set the goal of building a mod- strength is in unity, but this is unity know that each person has capability, Forces attended the ceremony. Students in the National Defence Academy. I am
ern, efficient and highly professional among persons, among the intellectuals. talent and motivation. Georgia is a very of the National Defence Academy were very glad as I have made great efforts to
armed forces. We are creating an offic- You should be well prepared not only reliable ally for the democratic world. I awarded diplomas for the successful become an officer. This aim is not
ers’ corps that differs from the Soviet physically, but intellectually as well. The made a decision to increase the salaries graduation of the Officers’ Courses and achievable for everybody. But I reached
officers’ system. You are the officers of protection of homeland is a science, a of the personnel of the reconnaissance were granted the rank of Junior Officer. it and currently I am a lieutenant,” stat-
the armed forces of a democratic state. great science. This is the result of en- companies of the first, second, third and After the ceremony, the graduates ed Junior Lieutenant Izo Putkaradze.
You are the contingent which has been thusiasm… We have established a new fourth Infantry Brigades by 300 GEL
selected from our institutes of higher reserve system and you can see how from August 1st. From September 1st,
education. We are preparing 1,000 of- successfully the reservists are being the salaries of tank battalion personnel
ficers who have graduated from Geor- trained. My initial goal was to train from the first, second, third, and fourth
gia’s educational institutes. We need of- 100,000 reservists. I think Georgia has Infantry Brigades, artillery divisions,
communications companies and the en-
gineering-chemical company will be
increased by 115 GEL. The main rea-
son for my decision is that this is a pro-
fession which requires professionalism,
a high level of education and intellect.
Each soldier will receive special bene-
fits for command of a foreign language.
From January 1st, 2008 the average sal-
ary of officers in the Georgian Armed
Forces will be 1000 GEL.”
The President of Georgia presented
translated books on military strategy to
the Georgian officers who will be study-
ing at the National Defence Academy.
After the speech, the Defence Minis-
ter and the President of Georgia viewed
the new Defence Ministry building.
President of Georgia addresses Georgian Officers by Rusudan Tsimakuridze Granting Diplomas

Bombing in the Conflict Zone

On August 6, the territory near Shash- from their side as well. We have the con-
vebi, Tsitelubani village was hit with an clusions from both our investigation and
air to surface missile when two S-24 air- the investigation conducted indepen-
craft violated Georgian airspace at ap- dently. Both investigations confirmed
proximately 18:30. These combat aircraft that Georgian airspace was violated
entered Georgian airspace between 60- from Russian airspace to the north and
70 km to the north of the bomb site and that the object which violated Georgian
the guided missile landed 150 meters airspace fired a guided, anti-radar, tac-
from a populated area. Fortunately the tical missile. This is the main fact that
incident caused no major damage. Geor- we wanted to have confirmed – and it
gian Ministry of Defence radar and Geor- was indeed confirmed. At that stage the
gian Air Navigation “Sakaeronavigatsia” investigation is concluded. Concerning
have identified the trajectory of the flight. the assessment according to internation-
A few minutes after the bombardment, al law, this act can be considered an act
the aircraft left Georgian airspace in the of aggression by our neighboring coun-
direction of the Kazbegi Region. A spe- try. Concerning the arrival of Russian
cial OSCE monitoring group, as well as experts: we received an urgent request
a team of Georgian experts, has been from the Russian side asking for permis-
working on the incident zone. sion to send a special group to Georgia
Georgian President Mikheil Saakash- to discuss this issue with Georgian au-
vili visited the bomb site accompanied thorities, which we of course agreed to,
by the State Minister on Conflict Reso- although I would like to clarify that these
lution Issues David Bakradze. They were Russian experts will not participate in
met by Georgian Air Force Commander any kind of investigation. This is a bi-
Col. David Nairashvili, Chief Military lateral meeting to provide the Russian
Commander of the Georgian Ministry of side with the information we have gath-
Defence Peacekeeping Forces in the ered, and we’ll have possibility to re-
Tskhinvali Region Col. Mamuka Kurash- ceive information from Russia. The
vili, local self-government representa- main thing is already being investigat-
tives, OSCE Mission observers, the dip- ed separately by the international experts
lomatic corps and members of the local and no joint investigation with Russian
population. Col. Nairashvili briefed the experts is planned. From the internation-
President on the details of the violation Air Force Commander Briefs the President on Violation of Air Space
al point of view the main fact is the vio-
of Georgian airspace and then the Presi- lation of Georgian airspace and the mis-
dent commented about the incident for eral months ago, aims to violate Geor- Deputy Defence Minister Batu Kute- vestigation and, to verify the results of sile that was fired. With regard to these
media representatives and members of in- gia’s peace, security, and stability. It aims lia made the following comment: “Be- our investigation, we requested that an events, these three reports coincided
ternational organizations: “This incident, to sow panic in our society, and discor- fore making our final conclusions and independent group of international ex- with each other.”
as the bombing of Upper Abkhazia sev- dance in the political sphere…” evaluations we conducted our own in- perts conduct an extensive investigation by Rusudan Tsimakuridze

Report of the International Group of Experts investigating possible violations of

Georgian airspace and the missile recovered near Tsitelubani, Georgia, on August 6, 2007
The International Group of Experts port (“The Report of the Joint Monitor- IGE has made the following findings:
(IGE) investigating the possible viola- ing Group”). Later the OSCE released a ·An unidentified aircraft flew from
tion of Georgian airspace and the mis- report based on the monitoring (“Spot Russian airspace (close to the city of
sile recovered near Tsitelubani, Geor- Report: Tsitelubani missile incident”). Stepansminda) into Georgian airspace
gia, on August 6, 2007, has developed Georgia called for an independent in- and back again into Russian airspace
this report. The conclusions have been ternational investigation and four coun- three times. Every pass was conduct-
agreed upon by IGE participants from tries responded by sending eight techni- ed by a single aircraft. The first pass
all four nations (Latvia, Lithuania, cal and operational experts to form the into Georgian airspace lasted less than
Sweden, and the USA). International Group of Experts (IGE). a minute. The final two passes into
Background The countries were Latvia (1), Lithuania Georgian airspace lasted significantly
On August 6, Georgian authorities (2), Sweden (2) and the USA (3). longer and the unidentified aircraft
reported three violations of their air- The Work went deeper into Georgian airspace.
space. During the last violation, it was The IOE worked from August 12 to These two passes took place at approx-
imately 14.13 to 14.24 and 14.31 to
14.42 on 6 August 2007 (all times are
GMT). During the last pass into Geor-
gian airspace, the aircraft penetrated
as far south as approximately N 42°
04', E 44° 15'.
·A missile impacted in a field close
to the village of Tsitelubani at N 42°
02' 12.25", E 44° 15' 32.40". The war-
head did not explode and the missile
had burn marks on the rocket motor
nozzle. The IGE identified the missile
as a Russian designed Kh-58 (AS-II
KILTER) anti-radiation missile.
·Several eye witnesses saw an air-
craft in the area of the impact around
14.30-15.00 GMT. Some witnesses say
they saw an object leaving an aircraft
with a trail of smoke. Radar informa-
tion of the last pass into Georgian air-
space (around 14.36) indicates that an
object separated from the unidentified
reported that the violating aircraft 14, 2007. The IGE reviewed the JMT aircraft.
launched a missile that impacted in a report, the OSCE report and the radar ·The IGE was unable to identify air-
field near Tsitelubani, Georgia. information. On August 13, the IOE vis- craft type or origin.
On August 7, a Joint Monitoring Team ited the missile impact site and the sur- ·The Georgian Air Force (GAF)
(JMT) consisting of military observers veillance radar in the vicinity of Gori. does not possess aircraft equipped with
representing the Russian Federation, the The IOE inspected the missile debris at or able to launch Kh-58 missiles. The
Republic of North Ossetia Alania and the Ministry of the Interior. The IGE also GAF does not operate aircraft able to
Georgia together with an officer off the visited the Georgian Air Force (GAF) fly the profile flown by the unidenti-
Organization for Security and Co-opera- Air Base to inspect the GAF’s Su-25 fied aircraft.
tion in Europe (OSCE) Mission conduct- aircraft. Finally, the IGE visited the Joint ·The IGE has not been able to verify
ed interviews to verify the information Forces Command to review recorded statements concerning a second impact.
given by Georgian officials. The group radar information of the events. ·The IGE has not been able to veri-
visited the missile impact site and two Findings fy statements concerning a MANP AD
observation posts in the area to interview Based on the facts found by the IGE being fired at the unidentified aircraft.
eye witnesses. The group released a re- and the JMT and OSCE reports, the Tbilisi, Georgia, 14 August 2007

Second Independent Inter-governmental Expert Group (IIEG-2)

Report investigating possible violations of Georgian airspace and the recovered
missile near Tsitelubani, Georgia, 6 August 2007
This report results from investiga- firmed that these aircraft are not departure tracked. impact site, was presented to the Group. Recommendations
tions undertaken by a group of experts equipped to carry or operate Kh -58 Interviews with the Radar Com- In conclusion, the recovered parts To fully answer all the questions re-
from Estonia, Poland and United King- missile. mander confirmed that this particular support the claim that the missile fired garding the operation of the air to sur-
dom between 18 and 19 August 2007 of The Georgian AF has three versions version of 36D6-M radar does not have was an indigenous variant (labelled Kh- face missile (Kh-58) it is recommended
the missile incident near Tsitelubani, of Su-25. The first two versions (sin- any simulation capability. That feature, 58U) of the Kh-58 (AS-11, NATO name that help from the Russian manufactur-
Georgia. gle and two-seat trainer) have cockpit which is software driven, was not in- KILTER) air to surface, anti-radiation er is sought.
elements easily recognizable by the cluded in the purchase of the radar sys- missile and this variant of the missile is Further investigations are needed
The Expert Group Group’s Sukhoy experts. They con- tem. not offered for export. with information from pilots who cur-
Estonia firmed that the cockpits are not rently fly the Su-24 and operate the Kh-
Brigadier General Vello LOEMAA - equipped with the special displays nec- Radar analysis Possible MANPAD firing 58 missile.
Former Su-24 (24M essary to operate Kh-58. The third ver- Georgia military personnel present- A representative of the Ministry of It would be useful to get the radar
Pilot - Estonian MoD sion of Su-25 (the most modern) has a ed to the Group recordings of the air pic- the Interior reported that eye witnesses tracks from neighbouring countries to
Lt. Mart MAGI - Radar Expert - Es- completely modernised cockpit with ture in Georgian Central Command Post had observed the launch of a MANPAD add to the Georgian and Russian infor-
tonian MoD flat display panels and a head up dis- and also recording at the military 3D (shoulder launched, surface to air mis- mation.
Poland play. After a thorough check of this air- radar site from the time of the incident. sile) prior to the launch of the air to sur- The Group felt that more informa-
Major Andrzej WITAK - Su-22 pilot craft’s Storage Management System as From these recordings it is clearly seen face missile from the aircraft. The tion about the incident could be deter-
- Air Force Command well as the check of a technical docu- that the aircraft involved in the incident MANPAD was fired from the right of mined if Russia supplied the military
Capt. Przemys³aw PULKA - Weap- mentation of the modernisation pro- were tracked by Georgian Civil Air Traf- the aircraft as it approached the radar (primary) radar tracks in addition to the
ons Engineer - Air Force Academy gram, conducted by Elbit from Israel, fic Control 2D primary radar and they site. The Group examined the perfor- secondary tracks already received.
United Kingdom it was determined that this modernized were also tracked by Georgian military mance of the typical MANPADs and To prevent future incidents it is rec-
Mr Kim BAKER - Missile Systems version of Su-25 is not capable of car- 3D primary radar. Furthermore the re- from the likely firing position along with ommended that greater control and
Expert - UK MoD rying or operating the Kh-58 either. cording confirmed that the aircraft did the aircraft speed and altitude consid- transparency is achieved over the bor-
ered it highly unlikely that the MAN- der region air space.
Executive Summary PAD would hit the aircraft.
-The Group agrees with the findings IIEG-2
of the IGE report dated 14 Aug 07 and Possible Scenario 20 August 2007
further information will be presented in The Group combined its expertise to ANNEX A
this report. come up with a possible scenario to ex- IIEG-2 responses to issues raised by
-Georgian airspace was violated plain the facts. earlier reports and investigations
three times of 6 Aug 07 from by aircraft The incident started with incursions Was there any Russian involvement?
flying to from Russian airspace. into Georgian airspace by aircraft fly- The aircraft came from and returned
-The last two passes were towards the ing towards the radar site in Gori. The to Russian airspace. The missile was of
Georgian radar near Gori. central command post was aware as sev- Russian manufacture. Within the region
-The missile was launched towards eral radars (including civilian) were fed Russia is the only feasible nation capa-
the Gori radar site at a range of approx- into their air picture. Part of the first ble of using the weapon correctly.
imately 10 km from the radar site. penetration was seen by the 36D radar Could the attack have been staged by
-If the target was the radar site, the but the information was not sent to the the Georgians?
missile was launched at near minimum central command post in Tbilisi. The The Group examined the all Geor-
range. radar was only able to partly track the gian aircraft at Maranuli and found they
-Immediately after missile launch the incursion as it was under going mainte- were incapable of launching the Kh-58.
radar crew acted defensively and using nance. Is the IIEG-2 representative?
combat procedures turned the radar On the third incursion the aircraft The latest expert group (IIEG-2)
transmitter off. turned towards the radar and the radar comprises representatives from Poland,
-The missile impacted on Georgian Moreover, the weapons storage fa- not have its on-board transponder acti- tracked the aircraft all the way until Estonia and United Kingdom.
territory about 5 km short of the radar cilities at the airbase were checked and vated, as there were no responses to the the missile launch, when the radar Why were the Georgians in a hurry
site without exploding. no evidence of either a Kh-58 missile interrogations from secondary radars in stopped transmitting. Just prior to to destroy the evidence?
-The missile was a Russian built Kh- or additional necessary equipment such range. This means that the secondary launch the aircraft weapons system Only the warhead was destroyed for
58U anti-radiation, air to surface mis- as the Kh-58 launch pylon (AKU-58) or radars were unable to detect and there- passed information on the position of safety reasons as it contained explosive
sile. target acquisition pod (WJUGA) was fore track the aircraft. the radar site to the missile on the py- (150 kg of TNT) and the condition of
-Examination of Georgian aircraft found. The Georgian air picture was also lon. At launch the missile dropped the fuse was unknown. All the recov-
proved no Georgian capability to oper- forwarded to Russia. The Russians, who away and after approximately 50 m ered debris is still on display at the Inte-
ate this missile. Missile impact site visit claimed no involvement in this incident, separation the motor ignited. We were rior Ministry. The Georgians made a vid-
On 18 August the Group visited the provided their own air picture. This air very fortunate that the radar crew eo of the missile recover operation and
Reports Received missile impact site close to the village picture from the time of the incident and member saw the missile launch and the of the warhead removal and destruction.
This Group read the following re- of Tsitelubani and found small items of in the same region only comprised sec- smoke trail. Due to the mountainous The serial numbers of parts recovered
ports of previous investigations of the missile debris such as circuit boards and ondary radar information. Thus the in- terrain in this region the aircraft was have been seen at the Interior Ministry
incident. pieces of radome. We found that the formation supplied by the Russians can- only a little higher in elevation that the and indicate a manufacturing date of the
1. OSCE Spot Report ‘Tsitelubani original impact crater had been cleared not support their claim. radar site, perhaps 1-1.5 km. Upon de- warhead of Oct 1992.
missile incident’ dated 8 Aug 07 and filled in and the recovered missile tection of launch the crew quickly How many aircraft violated Georgian
2. Report of the Joint Monitoring parts had been taken to the Interior Min- Examination of missile debris at stopped the radar transmitting. At this airspace and what type?
Group istry in Tbilisi some time before. We Georgian Interior ministry, Tbilisi point the aircraft was estimated to be The radar tracks from both civil and
3. ‘Special Investigating Commis- confirmed the location of the impact site, We visited the Ministry of the Interi- about 10 km from the radar. Thus just military radars indicate at least one,
sion Report on the incident near village using GPS, to be the same as reported or on Sunday 19 August and inspected after launch the missile was denied a maybe two, aircraft were involved. A
Tsitelubani on 6 Aug 2007’ in the 14 Aug 2007 IGE report. the debris from the missile impact site. valid radar target to home onto. The single aircraft was visually observed by
4. ‘Report from the International The key findings were Kh-58 had to use the previously esti- a crew member from the radar site at
Group of Experts (IGE) investigating the Radar Site Visit 1. The motor was fully burnt indi- mated position of the radar site derived Gori, just prior to missile launch. The
possible violations of Georgian airspace On 18 August the Group visited the cating that the missile was fired or from the aircraft sensors. It is likely crew member was interviewed by the
and the recovered missile near Tsite- 36D6-M radar (NATO name TIN launched. If the missile was jettisoned that due to the short range, the missile Group and shown pictures of aircraft for
lubani Georgia 6 Aug 2007’ dated 14 SHIELD) positioned near Gori. Inter- (released from the aircraft in an emer- flew a direct approach to where it be- him to identify the most likely aircraft.
August 2007 views were conducted with the radar gency situation) the motor would not lieved the radar site was. A miss of 3- It was clear that the crew member did
site commander and the radar operator have fired. 5 km is not unusual in these circum- not possess any aircraft knowledge. He
Scope of IIEG-2 investigation who was on duty at the time of the in- 2. The markings on the warhead cas- stances because of the old estimation thought the Su-24 was closest match to
The IIEG-2 visited the missile im- cident. It was found that due to main- ing, photographed prior to destruction, of the target position and no opportu- the aircraft he saw, discounting pictures
pact and radar sites, the Georgian Ma- tenance activity the radar was only fully indicated a manufacturing date of Oc- nity for the seeker to refine that posi- of the Su-25, MiG-25 and MiG-27.
ranuli air force base, the Interior Min- operational after the aircraft turned tober 1992. Thus the missile was built tion. The missile requires several op- Why was the Georgian radar target-
istry (missile debris examination) and away following a second pass; the air- for the Russian Federation rather then erations to arm the warhead correctly ed at such close range?
the Georgian Central Command Post craft made three passes in total. The air- the Soviet forces. and a combination of short range and The Group does not claim that the ra-
(radar plots). In addition, the Group craft turned back towards the radar and 3. Similar dates were seen on other similar elevation (aircraft and radar dar was deliberately attacked. The Group
combined their expertise to postulate a was tracked by the radar and also visu- components along with markings indi- site heights) may have interrupted the found that a single missile was launched
likely scenario of the events surround- ally observed by one of the radar crew cating the missile was a ‘U’ variant (Kh- normal arming sequence. approximately 10 km from the radar site
ing the missile launch. At Annex A are members. The aircraft launched a mis- 58U). It was reported that a MANPAD was and towards it. The missile was fired,
a number of comments resulting from sile, seen by the crew member and 4. The missile radome was black with fired as the aircraft was flying towards proved by the fully burnt out motor sec-
previous work which this Group has ad- briefly radar-tracked before the radar a metallic tip at the end. the radar during the third incursion. It is tion. The reason why the missile missed
dressed. ceased transmitting. It is estimated that 5. The recovered ‘western compo- unclear if the missile caused any dam- the target and the self destruct failed is
the radar transmissions ceased very nents’ were two Swiss made DC/DC age to the aircraft or the Kh-58 missile uncertain at this time but probably related
Finding of IIEG-2 Site visits soon after missile launch. Radar shut power converters not processing chips. it was carrying. It is also uncertain if the to the lack of radar transmissions when
Visit to Georgian Air Force Base at down is a standard procedure when 6. A section of the missile antenna aircrew reacted to the MANPAD launch the missile was launched and the short
Maranuli under a missile attack. A smoke trail (guidance seeker) was recovered for fur- or what affect the MANPAD had on the range. The Group is unaware of a second
During the inspection of the Geor- from the missile was reported by the ther analysis to determine the operation- launch of their air to surface missile. air to surface missile falling in South Os-
gian Air Force (AF) Base at Maranuli observer. The missile impact site is not al frequency range of the receiver in the After launch of the Kh-58 the aircraft setia. There are reports of a single MAN-
the Group checked all 10 of the Su-25 visible from the radar position. As the missile seeker. turned back towards Russian airspace PAD firing from the South Ossetia region.
aircraft in the Georgian Air Force inven- aircraft turned to leave the area, the ra- 7. A video of the warhead destruc- and was tracked on radar into Russian Additionally the Georgians stated that they
tory. The Group’s aircrew experts con- dar was turned on again and the aircraft tion process, conducted away from the airspace. had no anti-aircraft units in the region.

US Deputy Assistant Defence Secretary Visits Georgia

“Georgian Peacekeepers are distinguished by their Professionalism”
“I come here not only to show re- US Deputy Assistant Secretary of De- bilities. We are also aspiring for NATO
spect to my Georgian colleagues, but to fence discussed such important issues membership, which is not only related
show admiration to the work done by as the joint actions in the fight against to the protection of our country, but is
the Georgian military in the peacekeep- terrorism and ongoing operations in Af- also means participating in various
ing operation in Iraq,” stated Deputy ghanistan. The officials paid attention to peacekeeping operations.”
Assistant Secretary of Defence for Co- the aspects of the deployment of Geor- The most fundamental is that Geor-
alition and Multinational Operations gian peacekeeping contingent in Iraq. gia acts according to the values and prin-
Debra L. Cagan during her recent offi- There is no doubt that Georgia plays a ciples of NATO which are connected
cial visit to Georgia. In the framework substantial role in the global security and with the protection of global security.
of her visit, Cagan held meetings with stability issues. This is proven by the fact Recently Georgia offered NATO to con-
the Defence Minister of Georgia David that Georgia has recently increased its tribute a Special Forces unit to the op-
Kezerashvili, Deputy Defence Minister contingent from 800 to 2,000 soldiers eration in Afghanistan. “Afghanistan is
Batu Kutelia and Chief of Joint Staff during this crucial period in Iraq. This one of the priority issues for NATO and
Col. Zaza Gogava. The US Deputy As- issue has generated a huge interest the contemporary world. From our side
sistant Secretary of Defence positively among international society and Geor- we’ve offered to send our Special Forc-
evaluated the ongoing reforms at the gia has once again proven that, as a state, es unit to the NATO-led operation in
Ministry of Defence of Georgia. “I it is a reliable partner to its friends and Afghanistan,” declared David Kezerash-
would like to convey my respect and never betrays them. The Georgian De- vili. According to the statement of Dep-
admiration to the Minister of Defence fence Minister impartially describes uty Defence Minister Batu Kutelia, “We
of Georgia and to the Chief of Defence,” why Georgia has increased its presence are ready to send our Special Forces
stressed the US high official. in Iraq: “As far as we have ambition to units wherever it is needed and wherev- Debra Cagan with Georgian Peacekeepers in Iraq
During the meeting the leadership of be serious players in global security pol- er the operation requires. This is our of-
the Ministry of Defence of Georgia and itics it is natural that we have responsi- fer to NATO. Georgia can also contrib- als among these peacekeepers. They are Cagan. She feels that the process of de-
ute other types of units manned with the fulfilling their mission very well and velopment of the Georgian army is go-
soldiers who gained experience in Op- understand the importance what they are ing well and fast and a lot of positive
eration Iraqi Freedom.” doing there,” said Cagan. It is very im- changes have been done during this pe-
In this difficult period of the 21st cen- portant to hear such statement from the riod. “The speed with which Georgians
tury together with other democratic US Deputy Assistant Secretary of De- are implementing the changes in the
countries, Georgia has transformed into fence for Coalition and Multinational Defence sphere is steady,” stressed Ca-
a state which acknowledges global pol- Operations. Debra Cagan is proud of the gan. According to her “Georgia should
icy and fights against negative geopo- strengthening of the Georgian Army. be a model for other countries to watch
litical results. It is noteworthy that Geor- She is one of the first persons who start- reforms and especially defence reforms.
gia has the potential to make a contri- ed to establish the Georgia Train and The Georgian Armed Forces have been
bution in this historic war on terror. Equip Program (GTEP). This is an able to accomplish change over the past
Without a strong army and professional American program which greatly helped year, which is a prerequisite for build-
military Georgia could not participate in the process of development of Georgia’s ing a strong army.” With such a state-
this global fight. It is a matter of pride professional army. Exactly, in that peri- ment and spirit the high official of the
that Georgia’s peacekeepers enjoy the od the fist steps were done of creation Unites States of America left Georgia.
best reputation among the international of a strong Georgian army. “This is very She has a lot of work to do in Iraq. It is
peacekeepers. “I had a very successful exciting for me, to see today what I very pleasant to hear that the soldiers of
visit to Iraq a couple of weeks ago, worked for over a decade ago. This is a your country are doing quite a good job
where I spent happy days with the Geor- result. I am very happy that I have the in order to make the world much more
gian and international peacekeepers. possibility to see how the Georgian stable and secure.
MoD Leadership Hosts Debra Cagan Georgians are one of the best profession- Armed Forces are developing,” declared by Nini Bakradze

Interview with Col. Matthew Brand,

Defence Attache of the United States of America in Georgia
First of all, we would like to con- is much better now than when I was here continuing to help where I can in the pro- history is very helpful. While one cannot on their operational performance in Iraq.
gratulate you on your new position. It in 1996. To be honest, I barely recognize cess of defence reform. compare Georgia to either of my other I hope to increase the amount of cooper-
is your first official, long-term visit to Tbilisi. I certainly didn’t remember it as As we know, you were a defence posts, having the same job in all three ation with the Georgian Air Force and
Georgia. What are your first impres- being so modern and comfortable. attache in Kazakhstan and Uzbeki- will, I think, make things easier. For in- Navy. It is a pleasure to be able to work
sions of Georgia? What are the expectations and fu- stan. Was it difficult to work in these stance, I have a fair amount of experi- with professionals, and there are true pro-
Actually, I was in Georgia for six ture plans of the new defence attache? post-Soviet countries? How do you ence with NATO and the Partnership for fessionals in the Georgian Armed Forc-
months in 1996 serving as the Senior U.S. I am fortunate to follow LTC Alan think this experience will help you in Peace programs, as well as the PARP pro- es, and in the Georgian government in
Military Observer in UNOMIG. I spent Hester, who did wonderful things as the Georgia? cess and with the IPAP process. I’ve been general.
six weeks in Gali, and the rest of the time Defense Attaché here. I intend to contin- I see that you are very well-informed. around long enough that I have many And finally, we wish you all the best.
in Sukhumi. During my service with ue the good work that the Georgian Min- My wife and I spent two years each in friends working in the U.S. government, In which spirit do you start your new job?
UNOMIG I spent four days in Tbilisi istry of Defence and he (as well as those Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan and enjoyed with whom I can talk about various is- Thank you. I am very positive about
while escorting and interpreting for the that came before Alan) have started. them both very much. Certainly, every sues. I think my experience will be use- the future, both professionally and per-
Chief Military Observer. I knew when I Because the relationship between our country has specific issues that are more ful to me and, I hope, to my colleagues sonally. I’ve wanted to live and work in
returned to the U.S. that I wanted to serve countries is so strong and well-estab- difficult than others but on balance our in the Georgian government. Georgia for the last 10 years and we are
again in Georgia, and told my wife that. lished, it is very easy for me to begin experience in both of these countries was What impression do you have about very enthusiastic about the possibilities.
We are fortunate now to have the oppor- working effectively right away. I plan to very, very positive. I’ve been a student the Georgian Armed Forces? I am hopeful that this will be our best
tunity to fulfil a dream that began for us continue working towards building ca- of what is now the “Former Soviet Space” Very positive. The Georgian Army has assignment yet.
11 years ago. I believe that the situation pacity in the Georgian Armed Forces and for some time and knowing some of the an excellent reputation, based in large part by Nini Bakradze

TV Project “Kazarma” Finishes as Many

Participants Elect to Continue Military Careers
“Kazarma” – a joint TV project of the tions of the implementation of the about the implementation of the project
Ministry of Defence and the Rustavi-2 project. and about the participants’ future mili-
broadcasting company – has concluded, Among the project’s 16 participants, tary careers: “I would like to extend my
and of the two finalists Levan Gavashel- seven of them – including Levan – ex- congratulations to everybody on pass-
ishvili, who succeeded with a little bit of pressed their willingness to serve in the ing a serious exam. This was the first
difference, was named the winner. Georgian Armed Forces. These seven experiment of its kind and I know that a
Lucky Levan received a cash prize participants announced their decision at lot of people wanted to be in your place.
of GEL 40,000 and a two week trip for this meeting with the Minister of De- This was a real self-examination which
two to a five-star resort on the Mediter- fence. was also watched by the wider public,
ranean coast of Turkey in Alanya spon- After they had been met by the Pres- and was a success. The Minister of De-
sored by the travel agency N-Tour. ident, it was decided that those partici- fence of Georgia introduced me to your
The project’s participants were re- pants with a higher education will be desire and decision to serve in the Geor-
ceived by Mikhail Saakashvili, the Pres- allowed to take part in the Officer’s gian Armed Forces. Our Army is really
ident of Georgia, at the State Chancel- Course entrance exam in September. becoming the elite of Georgian society.
lery. The Georgian Minister of Defence, Those participants with higher and spe- Georgia will not become a strong coun-
David Kezerashvili, also attended the cial education will continue serving in try if the Georgian Armed Forces – and
meeting. President Saakashvili congrat- the Conscript Service. its core – do not become the elite of the
ulated Levan Gavashelishvili on his vic- While meeting with the “Kazarma” entire society.”
tory and heard the participants’ evalua- project participants the President talked by Khatia Kurashvili

Georgian Tank Men Celebrate the The NATO Information Centre in Kodori Gorge
Fifteenth Annual Tank Man Day The establishment of a branch of the
NATO Information Centre in Upper
The Georgian Armed Forces official- On this professional day we have seen Abkhazia is a historic event and one that
ly celebrates Tank Man Day on August the results of tank men battalions. We was warmly welcomed by the popula-
10. This year, the fifteenth anniversary are satisfied with this performance and tion of Kodori Gorge. It is noteworthy
of Tank Man Day was solemnly marked the tank men showed the best results, that in 2006 – almost exactly one year
by representatives of the Georgian but we have to note that our goal is to ago – Georgia’s central government suc-
Armed Forces. The Georgian Defence reach the highest level. This kind of cessfully reasserted control over this
Minister, David Kezerashvili congratu- training will continue in future.” region. Now, currently the people of this
lated all Georgian tank men on this pro- Tank men talk about the success of area are ready to acknowledge the fun-
fessional day. the Georgian army and about their pro- damental values of NATO. “The open-
A special demonstrative exercise was fession. Ushangi Sofromadze, a target- ing of a NATO Information Centre is a
held at the Vaziani firing range in ho- ing operator of the 1st Infantry Brigade step forward and one which has a very
nour of Tank Man Day. The Tank Bat- Armour Battalion: “I joined the army as emotional impact. Peace is fundamen-
tally important for the population of this
region. I hope that this office will play
an important role in the stabilization of
this region,” declared NATO Informa-
tion Center Director Nanuka Jorjoliani.
Destabilization, isolation and insecu-
rity are all familiar to this region, that’s Solemn Opening of NATO Information Centre Bureau in Kodori
why the ordinary people of this territo-
ry are so keen to acquire more knowl- on NATO awareness issues. “A NATO NATO membership. The Centre is open
edge and information about the alliance, Information Center should explain to to everyone: Georgian citizens, NGO and
which is seen as a source of peace and society how Georgia is moving towards governmental structure representatives,
stability. “The people of this region NATO, what membership in the alliance and foreigners.
should receive absolutely correct and means, and what responsibilities Geor- The de facto leader of the unrecog-
comprehensive information about gia has taken under the NATO partner- nized republic of Abkhazia, Sergei
NATO. This organization is a guarantee ship,” declared Defence Minister Dav- Bagapsh, is very irritated by the opening
that Georgia’s membership in NATO id Kezerashvili. of the NATO Information Centre in Up-
will be the free choice of the entire pop- The head of the NATO Information per Abkhazia: “Whatever Georgia sets up
ulation of Georgia,” proclaimed the Centre Nanuka Jorjoliani has launched a in Kodori Gorge, be it an information
talions of the First, Second and Third a volunteer and I have been serving in Deputy Defence Minister Batu Kutelia. very active and successful NATO Cam- center, patriotic camp or something more,
Infantry Brigades participated in the the Armed Forces for about 4 years. I Mr. Kutelia believes that the opening of paign. “The Centre will try to be a link the upper part of the gorge is the territory
exercise. The military hardware effi- am happy when I see the high motiva- these NATO Information Centers is very between the Georgian population, gov- of Abkhazia,” Bagapsh stated.
ciently destroyed the targets of fictitious tion that differs from previous years. important for all Georgia’s regions. “The ernmental structures and democratic in- It should be mentioned, that the es-
adversaries and returned to the disloca- This was proved by the demonstrated population of Georgia should be able to stitutes. This Centre should explain to tablishment of the NATO information
tion place without loses in manpower. training today. Serving in the army is a make an educated decision on Georgia’s Georgian citizens what NATO will bring Centre serves only peaceful and educa-
81 items of T-72 tanks and 12 items of great sense of responsibility. I’d say that NATO integration, and accordingly they to their country, what challenges are tional purposes. The branch’s activities
BMP-12 armoured personnel carriers the Georgian Army today is more mo- should be well-informed on NATO- faced, what commitments we have taken will be focused on roundtable discus-
participated in the exercise. bilized and I, as the representative of the Georgia relations. What will NATO on and what we should do in order to sions about NATO and other public
The Chief of the Joint Staff Col. Zaza armed forces, have higher feeling of re- bring to their country? How will the se- achieve the final target,” explained Jor- awareness campaign about the alliance.
Gogava and the Land Forces Command- sponsibility. I advise everyone to serve curity of their and their children’s home- joliani, who has regular meetings with the The local population of this region as
er LTC. Alexander Osepaishvili attend- in the Georgian Army. Today there are land be protected? These are the ques- citizens of Georgia, the representatives well as other regions of Georgia should
ed the exercise at the Vaziani range. all conditions to serve country and fam- tions which require absolutely correct of the non-governmental organizations be aware of the alliance’s activities. This
Col. Zaza Gogava personally con- ily as well.” and comprehensive answers,” explained and the diplomatic corps. She has con- centre has nothing in common with de-
gratulated the Tank Men on their pro- Georgia has been celebrating Tank the Deputy Defence Minister. nected the various governmental and non- stabilization or destructive ideas. The
fessional day: “I want to congratulate the Man Day since August 10, 1992. Fif- The NATO Information Centre ac- governmental organizations that are cur- young generation of Upper Abkhazia
Georgian Armed Forces and our coun- teen years ago the South Caucasus Mil- tively and enthusiastically implements rently working on NATO issues with each will be raised knowing the fundamental
try on Tank Man Day. Especially, I want itary Command handed 7 items of T-55 its mission and goal which is manifest- other. The Centre is a forum of construc- principles of the Alliance.
to congratulate our tank men on this day. tanks to the Georgian Armed Forces. ed by conducting a transparent campaign tive discussions on Georgia’s potential by Nini Bakradze


The work place and salary are maintained for reservists

during their gathering period.
Each person in the reserve is considered to be a military
servant and uses the social and legal protection guarantees
defined by law.
The reservist is supplied with modern military equip-
ment, uniform and perfect nourishment.
Students are not conscripted during the exam period and
the gathering period is not accepted as missed.

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