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Kabira - KPSA
KPSA (Kabira Provisioning & Services Activation) is a complete proven service
provisioning and activation solution. Taking full advantage of the 64 bit Bull
NovaScale open platform, KPSA has the flexibility and extreme performance
capability to power even the largest convergent network. The solution delivers
a host of benefits that give operators the advantage of quickly and reliably
delivering new services that will differentiate them in the market place and
secure subscriber loyalty.

KPSA is designed to provide reliable, • Network Access Optimization

high-throughput provisioning and • Intelligent Testing
activation, while supporting the widest • Subscriber and Network Data
possible range of service management Consistency
applications and underlying service • 100% High Availability
elements. This design is driven by the fact • Advanced Service Orders, Rollbacks &
that fast deployment of new services Errors Management
provides a critical competitive advantage. • Extensive Support of Complex
Moreover, scalability is essential as Provisioning Flows.
networks converge and drivers for service
creation grow. KPSA ensures that an Features & Benefits
operator’s service activation and Cutting-edge advantage: Shorter service
provisioning capability is easily extensible testing and provisioning reduces time-to-
and customizable, at minimal cost and in market and time-to-profit for new services,
the shortest possible timeframe. even within tight IT and network
operations budgets.
The NavaScale Intensive range consists Improved revenue: More efficient service
of SMP servers integrating multi-core activation ensures greater service usage.
Intel® Itanium® 2 Processors. These Greater customer loyalty: Instant activation
powerful servers deliver partitionning is key to the success of trendy new
functionalities, high scalability and services, stimulates usage, reduces churn
mainframe-class robustness. and boost customer satisfaction.
Extends value of legacy systems: Improved
KPSA Features integration and information transmission,
• Dynamic Provisioning Catalogs and from service definition to service
Workflows components, optimizes legacy
• Adapter Configurability investments.
NovaScale’s key advantages About Bull About Kabira
• Increased flexibility, because it
simultaneously supports multiple • The Premier European based global • Kabira provides high performance
operating systems, offers powerful IT supplier real-time transaction processing
scale-up/scale-out and partitioning • A worldwide presence in more than software for Telecommunications
functionality 60 countries and financial Services Industries.
• Secure environments for mission- • Every day, in over 100 countries • Kabira products are designed to
critical applications worldwide, thousands of meet the needs of highly available
• Cost reduction through organizations rely on Bull’s Open IT systems performing mission-critical
consolidation products, solutions and services to business services.
• Optimum price/performance and support their businesses. • More than 70 organizations in 30
performance/watt ratios, with countries rely on Kabira high-
energy-efficient processors and low performance transaction processing
thermal dissipation to support real-time product and
• Easy system administration, with the service offerings mission critical
NovaScale Master software suite. transaction processing capabilities.

KPSA is built upon the standards- • Scales both up and out for large- • Automatic failover and recovery
based, SOA-compliant Kabira scale deployments • Extremely flexible architecture offers
Transaction Platform. Kabira’s multi- • Uses Business Process Modelling future growth and integration
function, memory-resident platform, (BPM) in a SOA-compliant capabilities.
fully utilizes the Itanium®2 based Bull architecture
NovaScale Server, to perform
distributed data management,
replication, event-driven messaging,
transaction processing and monitoring
in a 64-bit runtime environment. It
accelerates performance by an order
of magnitude compared to disk-based
• High Availability
• High-speed connectivity to external
• The highest throughput and
• The lowest latency of any software
• Carrier-grade High Availability (HA)
that vastly reduces telecom
hardware requirements

Platform / Operating System Contact Bull Contact Kabira

Soazic Pincent Philippe Lavigne

International Partner Manager Director Alliances, EMEAR

Email : Email :

Tel : +33-(0)6 80 03 74 83 Tel : +33-(0)6 07 47 67 70

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