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M U S I C , L O V E , S T A R C R A F T , A N D G R I L L E D C H E E S E

SECOND Edition FEBRUAry 2011


From the writer's perspective, The Happy Collective is a medium for self-expression. Not only does it
empower you to create art, but it also serves as a vessel for you to experience and share beauty with the rest of
the world. Belonging to a community larger than yourself gives you a home where your best friends are your
family. Let's lift each other up so we can look at the clouds from above as the sun warms our smiles.

From the reader's perspective, The Happy Collective is an environment for awakening. It's an invitation to
evolve your mind, an opportunity to explore uncharted realms, and a chance to make new discoveries. Reward
yourself for being conscious. The Happy Collective is not a destination where we finally meet each other, but
it is rather a realization that we are in each other all along.


Life becomes
by Pandacat

so much harder In a world where politics is all-pervasive, in an era where it is virtually

impossible to separate our personal lives and beliefs from the
when you stop ideologies of what we call "politics", our words, our rhetoric, becomes
living down the path vital to the existence of our nation, and furthermore, the prosperity of
of who you want to be, our nation.
and instead, start As our ideas, our beliefs, and our perspective on the world become
living out your atman, more partisan, it becomes easier to form herd mentalities and adopt a
rhetoric that speaks about "us" and about "them", "us" being those who
your brahman. It becomes share our personal beliefs and ideologies, while "them" becomes those
an arduous adventure who we see as opposition, as those who would like nothing more than
of everything, to tear down our Utopian vision of America and of the world. Through
this mentality we adopt a hate-filled rhetoric, one where politics
the wind, the breath, becomes not a method of resolving differences and creating a world in
the air, the sun, which there can be compromise and meaningful debate, but into an
all-or-nothing warfare, where words become our weapon of choice.
the light, the world. continued on page 2
(continued from page 1)
But what good do these false dichotomies do? What happened to
empathy, to truly listening to the other side of a debate and attempting
a compromise that allows all to prosper? When politicians use a
rhetoric that does little but vilify those who do not agree with their
“The Beginningless Infinite
Neverendingness” beliefs, room for deliberate and effective change diminishes greatly.
by Mata And those of you reading this plea, do you already have a victim to

HOW I CAME blame for this trend? Because the ugly truth is, we are all guilty. No
matter how "open-minded" we think we are, most of us judge based on
TO FIND MY WAY stereotypes of those who oppose us. Does the belief that conservatives
are much less intellectual than liberals, that conservatives are nothing
Forced to bear arms unloving,
more than bigoted, bible-thumping hillbillies allow us to truly attempt
mechanical, and material,
To march tirelessly against a to see things through conservative eyes? Does the belief that liberals
nebulous enemy cut from the are nothing more that brainwashed, amoral individuals who want
cloth of our kin, nothing more than to unravel the basis of our society make us want to
We pulled psychosomatic work together to find a compromise? We don't realize how our party
triggers without second thought, stratification, how our (inaccurate) perceptions of others completely
And fired veiled bullets of vitriol rejects rationality and instead promotes bigotry. Why don't we instead
into trusting ears;
try to put ourselves into their shoes, and attempt to truly understand
Vibe-shattering writs of
their points of view. Wouldn't the political rhetoric we use today be so
disparagement echoed
cacophonously, much more effective if instead of using it to vilify, to condemn, and to
In the names of causes superficially separate us fellow Americans, we use language to instead
monolithic and hollow, create a meaningful discussion that allows for real change, real
Like so many forgotten gods of compromise, and real prosperity?
the ancient world.
The rhetoric of the herd mentality manipulate and cloud the judgment
I’ve cast off friends both
of all involved. No matter what political party, ideology, or social
courageous and rare,
Like frightening and exotic movement we identify ourselves with, using language that alters our
animals with alien rituals, perception and incites prejudice against all who are not like us cannot
Who cost me my confidence and and will not ever allow for meaningful change.
left me without breath,
Solely to strangle tighter the So here's my plea: Stop using rhetoric and language to incite bias
rusty, barnacle-laden anchor: against others who share views different from your own, and listen.
That which drags us down by the
Discourse that encourages and allows different points of view and
ankle into the karmic abyss;
different perspectives is beautiful, because it truly allows us to attempt
Attachment to Self.
to . Maybe the bible-thumping conservative or the liberals who despise
You are part of something larger. personal initiative might have a legitimate idea that can truly benefit us
Breathe deeply, all. Realize that, in reality, there is NO "them" and "us", because in the
Release your fear of sinking, end, we are all Americans.
~ pages 3 - 8 and always~
When we “make love” we let down our boundaries
on many levels - hence the appropriateness of that euphemism,
love being nothing other than a release of the boundaries
that separate us from another being.


[Tanner Mason] inspired me to put up a great people experience I had
over the past weekend that I am at a loss at how to impress upon people Such euphoria has never been
other than simple communication. It felt so good to get this out and I felt by man, I am sure
hope there is something here you guys can enjoy: For how could anyone feel as I
I stand ready
I found it instantly and extremely cliché to post anything about 'love'
Heart in one hand, ready to give
when we are surrounded by a world full of music, tv, and movies that to you
continuously try to show the feeling of love in a way that I always saw Life in the other, ready to give
as selling out, because they just talked about love as every good or bad up for you
feeling that could happen, and I always found it convoluted because I Smiling as your sweet
symphonic voice drifts
thought there must be an easy way to describe true love in a sentence
through my head
or two. Turns out they were all right in that love is absolutely
But when you go
unexplainable. I have fought with myself tooth and nail trying to at I sob as all the instruments
least pretend that this feeling may be a personal manifestation of have faded away
something I have always wanted. But the more and more I consider it I My heart is with you
realize that all the love I have tried to put out in this world pales in My life still in my fist; should I
toss it?
comparison to what this new unreal feeling did to me. The only way I
No, for it would not be for you,
could convince you that you have experienced love is if you have felt a
but for my own sorrow
feeling that you could never describe, and have never encountered So I wait, and shall do so until
before. continued on page 4. you return
Hoping to see my heart in your
hand 3
LOVE IS (continued from page 3)
First and foremost, love is not what the smartest person in
the world could even fathom for himself, it is all of that times
infinity, and shows, through constant remembrance and
expression, through yourself. This is the most powerful force
I have felt because I have always tried my hardest to love and
be loved to the best extent I could personally fathom through
my experiences with I feel like I had no idea
“Warm Skin” by Mata how to really show love and now I can present it upon the
world to the best of my ability, in the truest format at least to
TOUCH myself. My pure bliss will not let me sleep because these new
thoughts I knew I have always tried to find continuously
I could see the energy flow through us
pump into my head and I feel that itself shows how true this
from the airwaves to our souls
just shared space and vibe is and can be for everyone.

then the touch.

I will take 10 min (for an arbitrary reason) to pump out as
electric touch exponentially igniting the many thoughts as I can to express how I feel and will
forces around us continue from this day forward to try and express onto the
our souls intertwined
no need for words – leave the sound to the world, in hopes only to reach this level again if possible. No
stage need to accept any of this as more than my reactionary
all communication through the touch. beliefs of this feeling so I can at least put it out into the world
and hopefully be able to calm down and rest my current
feeling and movements effortless emotion controlled body, and step off cloud 9 back onto the
bodies gliding in perfect harmony as one
to the requests of the airwaves Earth, where the chaos is a little more organized than this
ecstasy and freedom, the chemistry takes feeling of love. All in all, if you read this, I only hope that at
moving together in synch with these ethereal least one thought gives you the conception of the feeling to
vibrations. help you reach this crazy thing I can only call an
Simply being.
In community. Have a coke and a smile and enjoy, because I can't stop
In contact.
The shared heartbeat. enjoying.

The energy flowed through us and through love is living the dream
the airwaves
but our touch captured it. love is no drugs necessary
love is ending the chase
We could hold it within us with the touch -
the spark to ignite the flame love is understanding life's amazing vibrations
it is ours to express through the movement love is feeling it through everybody
and music love is truly caring and being everybody
But the secret is the touch love is the culmination of everything you always and never
with the touch, we are invincible. knew you were looking for continued on page 5.
LOVE IS (continued from page 4)
love is absolute clarity love is within every genre, artist, song, and lyric of music
love is never forgetting what love is love is immediate trust
love is inspiring the inspired love is no games
love is pure confidence love is the divine moment of truth
love is being truly humble love is the first step to finding who you are
love is the acceptance of everything, while love is no dispositions
always searching for one thing love is a natural, awe-inspiring force
love is unexplainable love is already knowing what you dont know about another
love is being a 5 year old love is improbable happiness
love is being a 65 year old love is constantly reminding
love is anxiety love is beyond the greatness or need for sex
love is perfect fear love is real sex
love is appreciation of fear love is the solution to all your experiments
love is depression love is the solution to all life's experiments
love is absolute bliss love is the face and individual spirit that dominates your
love is never feeling judged every thought and is as comfortable as breathing
love is accepting death love is being who you always dreamed of being
love is never pretending love is showing truth
love is infinity love is highly addictive
love is knowing what you were chasing love is knowing how to be loved
love is not material love is seeing happiness in the one you love, no matter
love is the only true thing we try to what that is
experience true love may be never being in love again
love is a soul connection
love is being hit by a train I cannot stop the greatness of my feelings, and at such an
love is doubts awake, sober, and alive level. I want more than anything to
love is every best experience you ever had give this to people, and most especially the friends that have
love is no longer worrying all gotten me to this level in life that I only dreamed of being
love is being with yourself through another reached every time I hear Total Eclipse of the Heart. If any
love is no expectations or obligations of this is confusing, which is highly likely, and you would
love is fucking difficult to manifest mutually like to understand what I am saying please please say
you can experience love without staying IN something because I just need to show this world how true
love this feeling is and how amazing it can be for everyone else
staying IN love is mutual that doesn't know how to experience it.
love is acceptance
love is re-generating love everyday One Love forever
love is being true to yourself while also ∞ = Love
feeling the truth in someone else
love is constant feeling
“Love in Nature” by Pandacat


(from the section L is for Love)
Note: The first paragraph is directed towards men, and the second towards women, but both to both.
"The boring rituals of workday productivity and The lover needs no prefabricated principles to
socialized etiquette no longer mean anything to a direct her; her desires identify what is right and
man who has fallen in love, for there are more wrong for her, for her heart guides her through life.
important forces guiding him than mere inertia She sees beauty and meaning in the world, because
and deference to tradition. Marketing strategies her desires paint the world in these colors. She has
that depend upon apathy or insecurity have no no need for dogmas, for moral systems, for
effect upon him. Entertainment designed for commandments and imperatives, for she knows
passive consumption, which depends upon what to do without intructions... This regulated,
exhaustion or cynicism, can no longer interest him. commerical "love" is nothing like the burning fire
There is no place for the passionate, romantic lover that consumes the genuine lover. Restrictions,
in today's world, business or private - for he can see expectations, and regulations smother true love;
that it might be more worthwhile to hitchhike to for love is a wild flower that can never grow within
Alaska (or to sit in the park and watch the clouds the confines prepared for it, but only appears
sail by) with his sweetheart than to study for his where it is least expected."
calculus exam or sell real estate ...
It was the morning after we discovered the wonders of jumping on
a trampoline. Remember? Of course in my mind there is no clear
beginning. Like a dream, I can't recall how we got there and right up
until I tried to pinpoint it, I never realized I couldn't remember.

But there we were, behind someone's house, jumping on their

trampoline on a warm New England summer night. There was no
moon but the stars were sharp and vibrant... pulsating. I gasped,
eager to absorb as much wonder and awe as possible. With my
head tilted back -staring up at a billion ageless eyes- I pushed
myself towards the sky, higher and higher, before wistfully “Passing the World By” by kef
dropping back to Earth, my bare feet rediscovering the trampoline
on their own, and catapolting me back into the heavens.
It was only inhabited by a few small
bushes and tufts of grass. We stood
You stood anchored to the ground watching me, thinking I was on some rocks, still submerged up to
crazy, thinking surely someone was going to hear us. But I finally our chins. The sun mixed with the
convinced you to join me and soon we were both laughing and air and the water and entered us
howling like carefree children, protected by the darkness. We through every pore. You took me by
sprung up towards the stars and came down bumping into each the shoulders and looked at me like
other and giggling until our sides hurt. You and the night sky were no else ever has. "I love you," our
all I could see, and the whole universe was breathing in unison with eyes said to each other and our
us. hearts agreed. "I always have loved
you and I always will love you. I love
Then one by one the stars closed their eyes and retreated behind the the parts of you I see in me and I love
veil of light pink that tinged the sky. Dew collected thinly over the parts of me that I see in you."
everything and we huddled together in a blanket as color and sound Mist rose out of the water and hung
returned to the world around us. With the warmth of the rising sun gently above it, catching rainbows
we shed the blanket, shook off our sleepy bodies, and took the path and dancing them over our faces. I
through the woods. The sun twinkled as it reached for us through wrapped my arms around your body
the branches and leaves. Every shadow and stream of light were so and pulled myself closer to you,
full of purpose and dignity and the pure awesomeness of life welcoming your warmth. Nothing
hummed in the trees. We climbed out from the brush onto a high erotic or adulterated, just two souls
ledge overlooking the river. I stepped towards it, took off my madly in love with each other and
clothes, and jumped. themselves and the world around
My body sailed through the air for a lifetime. I sucked in my breath
and smiled at the sun as I slid under the glassy surface of the water.
You eagerly jumped in after me and together we swam out to the "Remember this moment" is all you
tiny island in the middle of the river. said.

(written to ‘Trenchfoot’ by Citrus Wealth)
The beat of the bass has become the beat of my heart.
Thumping against my chest, I worry it may break free,
releasing the energy inside of me.
Instead I find your eyes, and with the energy pulsing through the
speakers, I draw you in.
Your steely marble gray meet my cunning calico,
filling your soul with my amber rays and seductive greens
the cold hard steel melted and molding to whatever the air “Red Boots” by Pandacat
Your heart is beating with the bass now too THE BLUE SHIRT
I draw out your soul and now we're in this together. ANONYMOUS
Chest pounding, pounding, pounding,
holding breathe for control.
Bodies pressed together moving as one, You once gave me a shirt. It was blue
owned by the airwaves. and full of morning.
Tension building
building I was going to draw on it and give it to
the night.

Hearts beating in time, hips swaying liquid smooth, eyes closed You had given it to me without
and calm with the darkness. payment and without anything
But the bass returns, eyes pop open, the illuminating energy expected in return.
through irises locked
and hearts racing
Intensity builds And as I was walking through the
Keep up with it, keep moving, feel all of it rain, the shirt’s smell reminded me of
and don't let go going to sushi with no after-party or
building intent and going kayaking on the
building Charles on a glorious day that was too
cold for summer and too light for
Fingertips graze, prints pressed together in maze formation.
The pulse is everywhere So I went back to my house, put the
Hands. Heart. Hips.
Cheek to cheek I breathe in your scent, feel your sweat, and crave shirt in a drawer, and hoped one day
your taste. you’d realize why I put it there.
As I stole your eyes you steal my lips,
heat rushing down to my base.
But then I realized that it would take
building away your sun.
So calmly, I went into the night of lost
and as the tip of my tongue teases yours...
Release. Forever.

You are free, so choose; in other words, invent.
No general code of ethics can tell you what you ought to do;
UPCOMING WAKE UP there are no signs in this world…
It is we, ourselves, who decide who we are to be.
Wake up. Take a few deep breaths and wake up to the beauty that’s all
Rusted Root around you. You may live in the city, the country, the suburbs, or
Paradise Rock Club 2/10
anywhere in the between, but we all inhabit the same beautiful world,
Tea Leaf Green
Paradise Rock Club 2/11 and it’s high time we appreciate it. Our simplified reality is constructed

B. Dolan out of fear and necessity from the language we are raised with since the
The Western Front 2/11
day we’re pulled from the womb. How could we, even theoretically,
High Times Cannabis Cup
Band imagine a world stripped of the language that simplifies and
Showcase Live 2/12
homogenizes and categorizes it so effectively? The late (and great)
George Clinton Terence McKenna put forth the example of a stray hummingbird
House of Blues 2/18
Dopapod, Wobblesauce, Asleep happening upon the open window of a newborn. Without the words
in a Box (and, as a result, the concepts) of “bird” and “window” to identify this
Tammany Hall 2/18
situation, it would appear some sort of divine, “psychedelic miracle” in
Dr. Dog with Head and the
Heart the child’s eyes. The closest thing we’ve got to this in our current,
Paradise Rock Club 2/19
conditioned state is the actual psychedelic experience. To travel into the
Interpol and School of Seven
Bells uncharted and unconditioned and tempestuous seas of the mind,
House of Blues 2/19
unbound by the linguistic, and, better yet, to return with any degree of
Bill Cosby
Symphony Hall 2/19 wisdom; can you imagine an activity more psychospiritually or
TAB: Trey Anastasio Band emotionally therapeutic? Further, despite the vastly internal nature of
House of Blues 2/20
these “moksha medicines” the effects that psychedelics can have on our
Big Gigantic and Kraddy
The Middle East 2/20 awareness and mindfulness of the simpler joys in life and the world
Bobby McFerrin around us is profound and widely attested to. continued on page 10
Berklee Performance Center
Wonder Bar 2/23
Trombone Short and Orleans
Avenue, Glactic, Cyril Neville,
Corey Henry
Paradise Rock Club 2/25
The Pink Floyd Experience
Lowell Memorial Auditorium
Girl Talk
House of Blues 2/26
Emerald Rose, Billerica 2/26 “Newborn Cardinal” by kef
continued on page 10
WAKE UP (from page 9) SPRING
Stop and see if those flowers smell as wonderful as they look. Rush of cool air
Don’t think of where you’re going or where you’ve been. Become From face to mind
every little thing you do. “Either you do it like it’s a big weight on Then tumble waterfall
you or you do it as part of the dance.” Right out my rainboots

Think not of your psychedelic ventures as journeys from this

As I skip out of cares
world, but deeper into it. Your mind is the tool that constructs
As in spring my heart finds
your world, and when you alter the device, you alter its output.
Cool wind, mud, bird call
Try running Ubuntu for 12 hours and see if your view of
Emerald, sage, tea leaf green shoot
computing changes when (or if) you return to Mac OS or
Windows or whatever you consider the norm. It’s healthy to
To dance in this annual affair
change your brain’s operating system from time to time. This
allows us to pry open the third-eye and view reality at a different Old man Hiver grows blind

distillation. Perhaps the psychedelic mindset isn’t ideal for Eyes erased beneath Sun’s great ball

“coping” with the niceties of the material world, but which is? Subdued retreat below roots
The caffeinated, nicotine-driven, ethanol-numbed lens through
which our culture conditions us to view the world strangles
imagination and stifles creativity, and, yet, still fails to
completely distill the world into a manageably bite-sized
portion of perceptual fodder. Even the so-called “sober” state of
mind is merely another pre-set on the dial of your brain; who
decided that staying on one mental radio station your entire life
was the “right” thing to do? For those who abstain from any
substances, your brain is consistently producing endogenous
dimethyltryptamine and natural cannabinoids regardless of
your feelings on the matter. Be open to it, accept it, learn from it,
and keep moving forward.

If you approach life with an even hand, an open mind, and a

shattered sense of self, you can glean meaning from anything.
The world is our greatest tome of knowledge. Read it. Wake up. “Spring” by kef

UPCOMING Vibesquad w/ R/D
Tammany Hall 2/24
NY SHOWS Bob Sinclar
Sebastian Ingrosso Skrillex w/ Tommy Lee & DJ
Webster Hall 2/12 Aero, Porter Robinson
Webster Hall 2/25
Excision w/ Downlink,
Antiserum, Hellfire Machina Galactic / Trombone Shorty & “Warpaint” by kef
Best Buy Theater 2/12 Orleans Avenue
Terminal 5 2/26 UPCOMING
Irving Plaza 2/12 Lutzenkirchen SHOWS (from p. 9)
Webster Hall 2/12 Conspirator RAIN - A Beatles Experience
The Grammercy Theatre 3/4 Wang Center 2/26
Jimkata w/ UV Hippo,
Pidgeons Playing Ping Pong Supersillyus
Furthur Wonder Bar 3/2
Sullivan Hall 2/17 Best Buy Theater 3/10-3/15
Designer Drugs
Nero Murs MidEast Down 3/3
Webster Hall 2/18 Music Hall at Williamsburg
3/12 Furthur
Big Gigantic w/ Kraddy The Orpheum 3/4
The Bowery Ballroom 2/18 Freq Nasty, MartyParty, Opiuo
Touch 3/12 Brothers Past ft. The Indobox
Goldie w/ Odi b2b Dara, Burner MidEast Down 3/4
Brothers, Raw Q
Sullivan Room 2/18 The Breakfast, People with
Dr. Dog w/ Phantogram, The Tammany Hall 3/4
Honestly, when was
Head and the Heart the last time Furthur
Terminal 5 2/18 you spent a whole day The Orpheum 3/5
Alexis Taylor just enjoying what you Rebelution, Giant Panda
Webster Hall 2/19 were doing and feeling? Guerilla Dub Squad
Enjoying it solely for House of Blues 3/5
Two Fresh w/ Body Language, it's own sake,
Mux Mool Furthur
without thinking about The Orpheum 3/6
Music Hall of Williamsburg
2/19 the future or worrying
about the long term NiT GriT
consequences? Wonder Bar 3/6
High Rankin
Public Assembly 2/19 When was the last time Bright Eyes, The Mynabirds
you spent House of Blues 3/10
Paul Van Dyk a whole month
Terminal 5 2/19 Playin' Dead
living that way? House of Blues 3/11
Martin Solveig Do you have
Cielo 2/20 a hard time forgetting The Indobox, Cosmic Dust
about your responsibilities, Bunnies
Trey Anastasio and T.A.B. Tammany Hall 3/11
your goals, your productivity,
Terminal 5 2/22
and just... The Pogues, Titus Andronicus
being in the present? House of Blues 3/12
Girl Talk w/ Max Tundra, Junk
Culture - DAYS OF WAR, NIGHTS OF LOVE Elton John
Terminal 5 2/24 SUBMITTED BY MATA DCU Center 3/12

LONG-SINCE DEAD Sometimes you may feel alone and crushed by what you cannot
accomplish but the thought of failure is a fuzz we cannot rid
I'm sitting here ourselves of anymore than the clouds can their moisture. Why
Looking at you would they want to anyway? It is their identity and purpose above
Wanting so badly the radish and radicchio fields. Just because a thing can never be
To tell you how I feel finished doesn't mean it can't be done. The most vibrant forms are
emergent forms. In winter, walk across the frozen lake and listen to
My lips aren't moving
But the cogs are turning it boom and you will know something of what i mean. It may be
Acrid smoke pouring necessary to go to Mexico. Do not steal tombstones but if you do, do
Out of my ears not return them as it is sentimental and the sentimental is a larval
feeling that bloats and bloats but never pupates. Learn what you can
Crimson blood in my cheeks
Percussions in my skull of the coyote and shark. Do not encourage small children to play the
Fingers twitch, eyes itch trombone as the shortness of their arms may prove quite
The damned pen won't move at all frustrating, imprinting a lifelong aversion to music although in rare
cases a sense of unreachability may inspire operas of delicate auras.
And I feel like I'm screaming If you hook, try to slice. I have not the time to fully address Spinoza
For help underwater
With only you to save me but put Spinoza on your list. Do not eat algae. When someone across
And you never were a lip-reader the table has a grain of rice affixed to his nostril, instead of shouting,
Hey, you got rice hanging off your face! thereby perturbing the
Have you ever tried punching a mood as he speaks of his mother one day in the basement, brush
hole through a tree?
your nose as he watches and hidden receptors in the brain will cause
The cost of some blood seems
worth it to me him to brush his own nose ergo freeing the stupid-looking-making
Because once you break through, rice.
then you will see There is so much to say and shut up about. As regards the
A bit of stress is worth feeling so ever-present advice-dispensing susurration of the dead, ignore it;
they think everyone's going to die. I have seen books with pink slips
marking vital passages but this I do not recommend as it makes the
book appear foolish like a dog in a sweater. Do not confuse size with
the cathedral may be very small, the eyelash monumental. Know
yourself to be made mostly of water with a trace of aluminum, a
metal commonly used in fuselages. For flying, hollow bones are best
or no bones at all as in the honeybee. Do not kill yourself. Do not put
the hammer in the crystal carafe except as a performance piece.
When you are ready to marry, you will know but if you don't, don't
worry. The bullfrog never marries, ditto the space shuttle yet each is
able to deliver its payload: i.e. baby bullfrogs and satellites,
respectively. When young, fall in and out of love like a window that
is open and only about a foot off the ground. Occasionally land in
lilacs or roses if you must but remember, the roses have been landed
in many times.
continued on page 12
“Geometric Silhouette”
by Miss Erat 12
WHALE WATCHING (continued from page 11)
If you do not surprise yourself, you won't surprise anyone else. When the yo-yo "sleeps", give a little tug and
it will return unless it has "slept" too long. Haiku should not be stored with sestinas just as one should never
randomly mix the liquids and powders beneath the kitchen sink. Sand is both the problem and the solution
for the beach. To impress his teacher, Pan-Shan lopped off his own hand, but to the western mind, this seems
rather extreme. Neatly typed, on-time themes strongly spelled are generally enough. Some suggest
concentrating on one thing for a whole life but narrowing down seems less alluring than opening up except
in the case of the blue pencil with which to make lines on one side of the triangle so it appears to speed
through the firmament. Still, someone should read everything Galsworthy wrote. Everyone knows it's a race
but no one's sure of the finish line.
You may want to fall to your knees and beg for forgiveness without knowing precisely
for what. You may have a hole in your heart. You may solve the equation but behind it lurks another
equation. You may never get what you want and feel like you're already a ghost and a failed ghost at that,
unable to walk through walls. There will be a purple hat. Ice cream. You may almost ruin the wedding. You
may try to hang yourself but be saved by a kid come home early from school or you may be that kid who'll
always remember his mother that day in the basement, how she seemed to know he'd done something wrong
before he even knew and already forgave him, the way she hugged him and cried.

Nothing escapes damage for long, not the mountain or the sky. You may be unable to say why a certain song
makes you cry until it joins the other songs, even the one that's always going on and is never heard, the one
that sings us into being. On the phone, the doctor may tell you to come in. It may rain for three days straight.
Already you've been forgiven, given permission. Each week, cryptograms come with the funny papers. You're
not alone. You may see a whale.

“Untitled” by Verenice (Mexico)


1 box macaroni (shells?) “The DJing Bear” by Sunny Side Up (Lithuania)

1 1/2 cups milk (for Tanner Mason)
2 tbsp butter
1 tsp. mustard
1 tbsp. flour
1 small yellow onion
1 tsp. garlic
1 tsp. salt
dash pepper
2 cups cheddar cheese
Topping: 3 tbsp butter
1 cup breadcrumbs

1. Cook the pasta, but take out 1-2

minutes early so its still firm. 2. On
medium/low heat mix together milk,
butter, mustard, and flour. Throw in
the onion (diced) and let it cook for a
couple of minutes. Throw in the “Sunny Side’s Sunny Side” Wall art created
seasonings and then melt in the cheese. by Monkey in a Bottle and photographed by kef
3. Taste it! Add salt/pepper/cayenne
pepper as needed. 4. Mix the pasta in
and put all of it into a big casserole
dish. 5. Topping: Melt butter, mix
That's what happiness is,
breadcrumbs, and sprinkle on top. 5. it's just the heart being free.
Bake 20 minutes in oven at 350
degrees. -UNKNOWN
“To return to a place of balance is to understand the natural world
as an interdependent whole and to understand our own minds in
the same way and see that there is no separation between our minds
and the world.” –MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for
Psychedelic Studies)

“That tree is so... yellow!” screams Connor.

He’s right. Sarah, Shelley, Connor, and I have thrown ourselves into
the Arboretum, a sanctuary of trees—and we’re not leaving till the
sun goes down. I walk around barefoot and squeeze the grass with
my toes. It’s so soft I want to cry.

“Untitled” by Miss Erat

So I cry, tears of joy, and my friends and I collapse onto the ground
to stare at a patch of clouds swirling like kaleidoscopic patterns in
the sky. I love when I look at the sun through the trees, and the
bright white rays magnify their twisting networks of branches and
leaves. Everything is so beautiful that I can’t put my feelings into They sit around and mope
Because school sucks and the man
words. Language is too far removed from my current state of
is harsh,
consciousness and picture of reality. Cherry blossoms play with the But they won’t march;
wind, and as we walk through them, pink and white petals fall into They just blog about it.
our hair and under our feet. I am so happy to exist right now! I
always am, but it’s times like these where I reflect most passionately The cry for revolution
Echoes in their hearts,
upon my gratitude for every embodied second I experience. These
But it’s muffled by cholesterol
times should happen more…and recently they have. Because And neglected, but made into a
recently, I’ve gone outside more—where I feel most comfortable and Facebook group.
most free. The more time I spend with Nature, the deeper our
connection grows. And I learn so much from it—the intelligence The tools are at their disposal,
The sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll;
residing within Nature is breathtaking! The only way to save the But they traded LSD for cough
earth from imminent doom is to realize this. syrup
And in it dip the joints they roll.
I attribute much of my new pathways of thinking to
They’ve given up on mind
naturally-occurring psychedelics... There is so much to learn from
our botanical elders. Personally I feel as if I’ve emerged from a In favor of reality expulsion;
closed, cocoon-like state of dreams to become aware of my body, the They sent me an event invitation…
bed I sleep in, my room, the snow landing gently on the window, the
greater world beyond—all the way to the Infinite Cosmos! I RSVP’d: Maybe Attending.

Sometimes it makes me feel better,
MR. COSMIC CHARLIE to ponder over god,
I was raised by a Christian family. As a result, I was both formally and Sometimes it makes me feel safer,
informally educated in Christian values, mostly due to my grandparents’ To think that I am him,
unsurpassable sincerity in their commitment to their faith, and in part to Because if I was god,
my mother’s devotion to making her parents happy. I am somewhat of a There would be no sin,
And if there was no sin,
sympathetic skeptic when it comes to Christianity, but particularly in the
Catholicism my family holds dear, and the numerous smothering We'd all be feelin' alright,
guidelines along with following it. I understand the importance of We could just run naked,
having something to believe in, or lean on, but do not necessarily think On into the night.
that faith in my family’s religion, or any other, is sturdy enough for
someone like me to put my weight on. Throughout my childhood I was It just makes so much sense,
uninspired by the teachings I would hear when in attendance at Sunday I'm just a memory,
Somewhere down the line,
morning mass. My mother only ever brought us there to appease my
grandmother and grandfather, and on occasion she would even send me I'm sure that I...'ll remember me.
with them and make up an excuse for herself, as to be exempt. Going to I see me in you,
church was never something I particularly enjoyed, but I, too, shared the And you see you in me,
satisfaction my mother received from seeing her parents smiling at the Such is duality.
sight of their curly-headed grandson kneeling in prayer, or singing along Youd think that you plus her plus
joyfully to hymns. The church we attended had an upstairs, where the
Could only equal three,
standard mass is held each Sunday, and a downstairs, where they host a But me plus her plus you,
separate mass just for families with young children. The latter was the Just equals us,
mass my family attended, save for on holidays, when everyone in the Which equals me.
whole town, devoted or not, would crowd into the upstairs for especially I am the earth,
long, and uncomfortable masses. At the children’s mass the music was I am the sun,
more uplifting and playfully spiritual, rather than serious and The flowers and the sea.
I've radiated out,
overbearing like the mass upstairs. The mood in the room generally From a single burst of energy.
followed suit. My memories paint a picture communal and kind when I A physical manifestation,
think myself back to that loving environment. The mornings there were Of a spiritual entity.
spent indirectly discussing morals in a way that directed the youthful Here to learn and love and grow,
audience to contemplate faith in a way only young minds can: with Into my destiny,
newness, and infinite potential. As I grew older, I began to express my To evolve into the Creator,
Of our own reality.
skepticism to those close to me. My grandmother, in response to my
doubts, taught me the importance of making the decision for myself.
She explained that the power of faith in religion is being personally sure
of it. While I have never been quite against the idea of a divine god, I
have also always been one to question such things. I am not anti-religion
by any means. I consider the virtue of many worldly religions to be very
beautiful, and I am happy for people who are able to find meaning and
joy through faith in them. What I am against is blind faith, and belief in
an almighty god figure (or belief in any social norms for that matter)
simply because one’s parents do, and said they ought to as well. More so,
I am against being told I ought to do anything at all, seeing as free will
and the ability to carry it out are one of the few basic freedoms I consider “Cosmos” by an unknown Happy
irremovable. Collective member, submitted by
Jimmy Jazz
continued on page 17
LEAVE IT IF YOU DARE (from page 16)
Believing something simply because it is widely accepted has never sat well with me, and for that reason
I have always sought proof, or at least an understanding of my own. I imagine the lessons and questions
posed to me during my schoolings in faith were the planting of the philosophical seeds deep in my mind that
have since sprouted, and grown through my introspective travels and unwillingness to settle for what I am
told until I have considered, reconsidered, and decided upon it for myself. I went through bible studies
classes along with the majority of the other children in my home town, and while it intrigued me in the same
way fantastic books about magic always have, I never felt any reason to live my life by that particular story.
From my standpoint, the evidence in favor of my skepticism was increasingly overwhelming the more I
thought about it for myself. It also seemed that a lot of friends who were thinking in a similar direction as
mine at the time were also seeing the gaping holes in the logic behind the “facts” our families were insisting
we learn, and adhere to. A lot of the religious people I have crossed paths with, or come to know seem to be
of the school of thought that it is the religion itself they have always needed once they have found it. For
awhile now I have felt that what people, myself included, are actually seeking is some way of making sense
of their world. They deem whichever religion they hail to a suitable source of explanation, and in doing so
they hope to feel the weight of confusion falling off their weary shoulders, and the overwhelming abundance
of the unknown vanishing from their minds. While I recognize and respect this as a popular traditional
method of rationalizing the dream-like wild rollercoaster existence we are riding upon, I feel it is outdated
in serving its purpose as a social norm. The debate over the right path versus the wrong path in life that
exists in our modern societies is incredibly polarized. On one hand there are those who believe that
traditions need to be upheld. This group is mostly comprised of dying generations that want to provide for
their children the lives that, in their aged, and not so humble opinion, they are “deserving” of. This is no
doubt a noble cause, but what these people aren’t able to recognize is their detachment from new trends and
thought progressions. Another problem with this stance is that it suggests there is an underlying correct
way to go about things that can satisfy everybody. The other group is the youth, who are constantly asking
for changes in matters from civil rights, to energy use, to high school cafeteria food. As humans, our
expectations act as our gauge for success. The people in support of tradition aren’t able to relate to the
youth’s desires and needs regarding the world they wish to grow old in, and it terrifies them. In a society,
socially accepted expectations set the bar for what each child is meant to achieve. The result is fear of
self-discovery, because no one wants to find out they are not what is expected of them. Likewise, due to what
people so arrogantly expect from each other, and what parents so self righteously expect from their children,
when a child chooses an alternative path, their parents often feel like failures in the judgmental eyes of the
peers that surround them. Once the expectations of others are removed from our psyche, what is left is what
we expect of ourselves. If we meet these remaining expectations we achieve personal happiness, or, at the
very least, contentment. continued on page 18

“Heaven Clouds” by kef

LEAVE IT IF YOU DARE (from page 17)
The song “Box of Rain”, which kicks off the Grateful Dead album
‘American Beauty’, was written by two exceedingly brilliant, elastically
expansive minds. The musical aspect of it (including the sounds the
lyrics were intended to make) was written and recorded by the band’s
bassist Phil Lesh during the time his father was dying of cancer. He then
handed the reigns over to Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter, who
recalls Lesh wanting a song to sing to his father when he would visit him
in the hospital. In response to the request, he “. . . went through it two or
three times, writing as fast as [he] could . . .” (1). Hunter said Phil Lesh
“. . .had composed a piece complete with every vocal nuance but the
words. If ever a lyric 'wrote itself,' [“Box of Rain”] did--as fast as the pen
would pull." It was this burst of creativity from both artists that gave way
to powerful emotions of a breed that can only be conveyed when they
show their faces and find a way to express themselves from the inside
out. The final verse of the song sums it all up, and delivers a beautifully
painless blow: Above: “Angels” by Mata
Left: “Art Night”
“It’s just a box of rain by LingaaYonii
I don’t know who put it there
Believe it if you need it CONNECTIONS
or leave it if you dare DARIUS RAIDER
But it’s just a box of rain We are threads in an ever
or a ribbon for your hair
Such a long long time to be gone connected world. What I mean
and a short time to be there” (1) to say is that we are comprised
The speaker in the song uses the image of a “box of rain” to depict of the different aspects of our
the world we all live in. He then goes on to say, in a profoundly simple
personality; our behaviors, likes
way, that he does not know the origin of this world, and that the origin
only matters if it helps the individual cope with the difficult realities of and dislikes, where we come
daily life. The lines “Believe it if you need it / or leave it if you dare”
from, how we act, etc. These are
always meant, to me, the option of having faith in a creator, or belief in
an afterlife of any sort if it offers the consolation individually necessary the threads of ourselves. We
to ease the soul of the weight of infinite possibilities. Faith in anything,
connect with other people
whether it be one god, five gods, or no gods can wash away the often
stressful, ominous notion of ever approaching death, and the stifling because we share a thread with
mystery that accompanies it. The last two lines of the verse vocalize the
that person. This thread of
backbone of my motivation to achieve nothing more than the quality of
life I personally desire: “Such a long long time to be gone / and a short connection could be that we
time to be there”. In relativity to how long the universe went on before
have similar aspects of
us, and will go on once we are gone, our time on earth is hardly even a
blink of an eye. Too often, it seems, people reach the final stage of their ourselves, or it could be that the
lives and look back on a life of regrets that does not nearly satisfy them.
thread was created through a
When my uncle died unexpectedly in 2003 I became painfully aware of
human mortality, and vowed never to get to the end of my journey and mutual experience. continued on
be displeased with my route. continued on page 19
page 19
(from page 18)
The dramatic and sudden loss of
a loved one did nothing but
increase my agnostic sense of
godlessness in the world, but the
newfound purpose of seeking
only happiness and peace of
mind filled the gap, and sealed
the deal for me. Now my faith “Connections” by kef
lies not with any religion, but
instead with the notion that CONNECTIONS (from page 18)
anything I am to know will either DARIUS RAIDER
now or later be known, and
anything that remains beyond Some people are connected with more than one thread; they share a
me at the end of the road is not plethora of different interests or experiences that bind them together.
for me to have worried myself
with. I have learned to march to However, I believe all people are connected. We are all connected
the beat of my own drum, and to together, and for some people, it may just be a tiny, thin, thread; but its
do so with pride.
My personal understanding still there. You just have to look for it.
of the world, which is no doubt
still in the works, revolves
around the fact that, until I’ve If you understand that we are comprised of threads that connect us,
been outside myself, there is not
going to be much else I know for my next point is that a lot of people are forgetting how to connect
sure other than the reality properly, or are resisting the connection. This is the weird change that
portrayed to me through my own
perception. The unknowns that was spurned on by industrio-globalization; one culture was exposed to
exist in unfathomable another and technology has made it so that we are all literally only a
proportions do not seem in need
of any sort of explanation to me. few clicks away. This is a huge identity shock. We are so caught up in
I feel they are just beyond us as making an identity that revolves around us being different from them
humans, and that rather than
question and fear the natural (whatever that even means). Now that we are all exposed to each other,
works of the universe we should we see all of our differences, and for some people it scares them. If
surrender to the flow and be
humbled by our ignorance and someone is scared of this new connected reality, they will pull away
infinite inferiority. Upon loss of
primal ego and sense of and behave in a reactionary manner to reinforce that they have the
superiority to the rest of answers. This is something we know to be false. One culture’s
existence, I was able to look at
my self as a small working piece expression of life is different from another culture’s expression, but we
of harnessed energy manifested know that neither is correct. No one really knows the answers to these
in the luscious mandala that is
our omniverse. At first I felt big questions yet because if we did, we wouldn’t pretend that we know
dangerously fragile and – we would know. So instead of pretending that one group is the
insignificant, and it saddened
me, but, as I recycled it through covenant of some divine deity, people need to acknowledge that other
my thought process, eventually I people are just trying to express their way of looking at life. This is
came to the conclusion that there
is no insignificance in a world so important because this is the first step in admitting that we, as a
intricate and rich with variety, collective garble of chimpanzee descendants, don’t know what is going
because the beauty is in the each
and every factor being in its place on. continued on page 20
in the puzzle. 19
CONNECTIONS (from page 19)
If we are open to the idea of another culture’s ideas of what life is, we are saying two things: we are saying
that we understand that there are these questions to be answered and we don’t have the answer yet, and that
we are willing to see your ideas on life because you are in the same boat as us. Once this is fully established,
the next step would be to develop a system where old ideas that have been proven wrong are thrown away
(or remembered for cultural value, not divine authority) and replaced by actual facts (based on empirical
evidence) and reasoned speculation (sophisticated, qualitative exploration).

The internet is the physical manifestation of our shared connection. We are literally a second away from all
the people who think like us. I’m just asking everyone to take a minute and try and make a connection
between yourself and someone you never thought you would agree with. We are all human beings. There is
a thread binding us to the purest of good people, and the darkest of bad people. By finding such threads, we
are better able to understand ourselves and our roles on this planet.

“Flow” by Blunt Karma


I wrote this on the boat from and resolve what the humans had worked to find a cure before it
Yurimaguas to Iquitos after done to our beautiful planet. was too late. Depending on how
watching many people dump Time was short and Pachamama close you listen to the story you
heaps of toxic trash into the was angry and ready to kill off all might understand it was these
Amazon. No art created yet but the human parasites in the ways same scientists who discovered
someday I will draw up this crazy she had used for her existence. LSD in the 1960s. In fact LSD is
creature. Hope you like the story! The earth was breaking and what helped us to find our
bending and spinning into a answer. LSD opened a door
The Legend of Warmiboa place where humans were no which allowed us to see a cure for
longer welcome or able to the sickness we had created. In
Once in a land far far survive. The sky was dark... and this moment, for the planet earth
sey cuantos años pero algunos almost all the green had turned this was the unique and best
dice.... to gray. option for all life everywhere.
In Switzerland a small collective What is the answer...the cure?
A group of scientists embarked of the most spiritually and Simple it is not. continued on
on a mission. A mission to solve mentally concentrated scientists page 21
The head is most peculiar...the and waste to keep up with the
shape of a gigantic snake but lips hunger.
of a sucker fish....a big stringy
mustache resembling the ugliest This is when the adaptation
catfish you ever saw and no sign began to evolve. The creatures
of teeth. That is because the teeth began to notice how much
are on the inside of the throat. garbage and toxicity the humans
Beginning in the back of the consumed and grew jealous.
mouth are rows and rows of razor Little by little the humans and
sharp teeth that are similar in the garbage began to blend like
shape and size to the great white the yoke and the white of an egg.
“Glass Flowers” by Miss Erat shark. They are self sharpening They smelled and tasted the
and can disinigrate the strongest same to the Warmiboas and they
THE LEGEND OF metal with a quick rinse of were satisfied once again. In no
WARMIBOA barbed wire. They have the gills
of a fish but are mulitplied by ten
time at all the human race was in
great danger of extinction...and
(from page 20) and are all in a line of the top of without the humans garbage was
SQUATTIN SQUIRREL (PERU) the spine. They can breath extinct as well. However, it was
An interconnection synthesis of underwater as well as on land. quite a peculiar thing...because
cloning and creation in the They transform carbon dioxide the creatures were selective on
highest degree. A creature that into a breathable gas that gives who they chose to eat. They ate
was created to eliminate garbage. them life. Their lifespan is all the humans who smelled of
It can eat plastic in bags and in designed to last exactly until preservatives and sugar and
bottles...munches tinfoil snacks there is nothing left to consume toxicity. This was nearly all the
and Styrofoam dinners. It and the air pollution is gone. An humans of the earth. However, in
seasons with raid and estimated average the depths of the jungle and the
clorox...savors the flavor of approximation lasting 15 years. farthest stretch of barren outback
everything toxic. Heavy metals They grow and grow but cannot of Australia, as well as a few other
and ruined electronic devices for reproduce. They are created to random isolated places, there
desert...and ohhhhh how it help and not hurt and they alone lived human animals who did not
eats.... They start out quite can save mother earth...if she is continued on page 22
small...born about the size of a willing...that is, for the help.
guinea pig and in their first year
weigh about as much as a horse. If she will accept and transform
The shape and colors of a boa but the shit of these creatures into a
shorter and fatter, like a boa that rich additive of nutrients for the
just ate a cow and is barely land and gardens. With her
beginning to digest. Odd is is assistance this creature could
however, because it looks like a create enough compost to revive
snake but the legs....the legs are the tired land and regrow what
strong and agile and it has 6 of the humans destroyed.
them. They bend the opposite
way that you would expect and The creature was created and
while they are bulging with named "Warmiboa".
muscles they put down each step Pachamama accepted and
with the grace of a deer. It is transformed the waste of this
incredible actually how quietly mutant breed into just what she
they can move with those needed. The Warmiboas
massive clawed hooves and consumed...and consumed...and
heavy body. The tail is a grand consumed. Til there was no more “Eighth Dimension Space-Beams”
motor in the water and the garbage or toxicity on all of the by Miss Erat
hooves open in such a way that earth. Humans, believe it or not,
could not produce enough plastic
they create fast moving paddles. 21
(from page 21)
smell appetizing to the
Warmiboa. These few were the
specific and unique chosen
human beings who would survive
the "Age of Warmiboa".
“Perspective” by Anonymous
As estimated the creatures lived
exactly as long as it took to rid
LEARNING TO LOVE METAL mama earth of all the toxic waste
and those who were full of it.
When the creatures began to
The most dominating fall back for the common Metal-Naysayer is the
grow weak, starved and tired the
fact that Metal's lyrics are often quite difficult to understand. This is earth was green again and the sky
simply due to the nature of their expression, for in most cases, but was the brightest blue. The ocean
certainly not all, the words of the hardcore poet are being "screamed." was full of life and all the land
Although it depends on the genre and style of the singer, the singing of animals were living in symbiosis
Metal Vocalists is often so rough and growly that their words are once again. Human animals were
now a part of this symbiosis.
rendered incomprehensible.
When the Warmiboas all died
I am at a loss in terms of trying to count the amount of times I have been their bodies melted into the land
asked, "Why should I listen to such an ugly sound like screaming?" It's a and a beautiful new variety of
good question, for screams aren't exactly the loveliest of sounds. They blooming, flowering tree grew in
are often stereotypically associated with pain and horror, so it is quite each grave site. This was
Pachamamas way of saying
normal to want to avoid them. We would rather seek out the sounds that thank you for her medicine.
we find "beautiful." This "beautiful sound" is often manifested in young
attractive men or women with gifts in love poetry. They may or may not The Warmiboa was able to cure
have limited skills regarding their musicianship, but they are able to sing our sick mother and help nurse
about love in ways that many people never get bored of. I am happy for her back to health. When you see
the magic flowers we call
such people who find this mode of listening satisfying, but it is important
"Orcadias", remember that this is
to understand how this style of music is not beautiful to everyone. Pachamamas gracias to the
Warmiboa and a reminder to live
The concept of "beauty" is fundamentally and scientifically arbitrary. If in symbiosis with all life
it wasn't I think we would live in a pretty different world. We all would everywhere if we want to live
accommodated to a specific spectrum of "love and hate" and act here on this beautiful planet.
accordingly. All humans would seek the same things and avoid the same If all the insects were to
things. I think most people would acknowledge that this is not true in the disappear from the earth,
within fifty years all life
slightest, and if you don't think we live in a world of contrasting opinions on earth would end
I would have to admit to be a bit frightened for your sanity. Although If all human beings were to
"singing" may indeed sound beautiful to some people, it is important to disappear from the the earth,
within fifty years all
note that developing a taste for music is no different than learning to forms of life would flourish.
appreciate anything that was once foreign. continued on page 23 - JONAS SALK,
The series of events that lead one
LEARNING TO to appreciate the singing of a
LOVE METAL Heavy Metal vocalist is no
(from page 22) different. I remember I used to
hate the sound of a man or
woman mindlessly yelling into a
Take, for instance, the lover of
microphone. In fact, I personally
Fine Wines. Perhaps the drinker
asked the question that I posed in
had his or her first taste of the
the start of this essay: "Why
beverage as a child. In most cases
listen to this ugly sound? I can't “Boots” by Pandacat
the first sip of wine, or any
understand this garbage." It was
alcoholic beverage for that
just noise to me. I judged it and I
matter, is not entirely pleasant. A cases *gasp* and actually read
refused to tolerate it. However, the poems these artists had
plethora of data is thrown at
as I became a bit more written. Of course all lyric styles
young, less-developed receptors
acquainted with the painful vary from band to band, I was
of the tongue and the brain is at a
struggle that is life, my taste for very surprised to see how
loss in terms of how to interpret awesome the lyrics are for most
sound changed completely. Upon
it. The mind at this age is attuned metal bands. I don't think the
hearing the passion-filled
to appreciating a very simple lyrics are buried under the
screams of these metal vocalists I
(and arguably out-dated) taste: screams because the screamers
was no longer listening to the
that of sweetness. Upon have something to hide, but are
words at all, for I was much more
discovering that the tasted buried treasures under the
preoccupied and fascinated by complex and overwhelming
dinner wine is actually quite
how their visceral cries of rage, noise of hardcore music.
bitter and much less sweet, the
despair, confusion, or longing
mind in most cases dubs the
were making me feel inside. Another huge difficulty in
beverage as "bad-tasting." Thus
These were emotions that learning to love eccentric music
the curious child will avoid the are the social implications of
dominated my teenage years, and
beverage for the time being. such an endeavor. I certainly
hearing them epitomized in
However, for various reasons, paid consequences in terms of
music was unquestionably
the eventual Wine Connoisseur my image and the music that
fulfilling in many respects. I got
returns for another taste. His or came with it. I started to receive
my hands on more and more
her memory retells the unsavory startling looks from friends and
albums until I was absolutely in family when I showed them the
sensory details of the previous
love with Metal. music that I had come to call
experience, but for some reason
Beautiful. I was hit with
the drinker disobeys and tries
What about lyrics? What are questions such as "This is so
again. The experience is slightly loud", "I can't tell what is even
these artists actually trying to say
different, which is exciting to the going on in the song", "What is he
that is literally so difficult to
open mind. This phenomenon saying?", and "Why the fuck do
understand? I can't speak for
repeats until the receptors of the you like this?" Some people even
every metal fan, but I have
tongue have learned to enjoy and started to question my ethics. I
developed an ear of translation in
appreciate the data that the wine was feared! Many assumed that
addition to developing an ear
gives. Depending on how because I enjoyed listening to
that enjoys the actual sounds of music that was complex and
acquainted the adventurer has
the genre. What once sounded "scary" I craved and enjoyed
become with this new form of
like bear roars are now slightly things like murder, rape, torture,
taste, one may eventually crave
more understandable because I and mass destruction. This
and deliberately seek out the thought was more than a little
have practiced understanding.
complexity that was once so absurd to my closest friends and
Before I could do that, however, I
boldly condemned. continued on page 24
had to pull out the cover art of CD
(continued from page 23)
I, for those who knew me well were aware of the fact that I was actually a pretty level-headed guy in terms
of morality.

I am not foolish enough to go as far to claim that all fans of metal are perfect members of society, though.
The media has done an excellent job of putting law-breaking metal fans in the spotlight. It's fascinating to
hear how people blame music for questionable behavior. At first, my own parents did not support my love
for aggressive music. They thought that my appreciation for it would eventually turn me into a ethical
monster that participates in "satanic" murder rituals and violent orgies. In fact, they were almost surprised
to hear that I do not enjoy bringing suffering upon the innocent. Sure, I like to get in a mosh pit and get in
what many would call a "fight", but it makes me feel good and I know that it makes the man in front of me
feel good too. There is a trust, etiquette, and common respect in every mosh pit I've been in.

Forgive the varying tangents, but I think all this makes the process of training an ear (and body) to
appreciate metal pretty clear. My process certainly will not be the same as every metal fan, but anyone who
has grown out of judgement in life can identify with it at some level.

“Trees” by Pandacat
“If you get confused, listen to the and crazy and almost What’s important is to be in the
music play.” In my opinion, this is overwhelming for some. But if moment and appreciate the
probably one of the best lines ever you feel overwhelmed, scared, or “music” of life. And once you give
written in music. Ever. The anything negative at that matter, in to the music and have a good
philosophy of the Grateful Dead just remember that the band is time, you see that everyone else is
seemed to be to always spread the there to take care of you and just trying to do the same thing
happiness and love to everyone, bring you through this time. Just that you are. We’re all here
one tune at a time. For me, this give in to the flow and enjoy. together trying to get by, so let’s
line, from their song “Franklin’s Similarly, life is very crazy and enjoy each other and be happy. Be
Tower,” holds all the secrets to out of control at times. But just comfortable with yourself. Be
life. Live music was what the remember, it’s easier to flow with comfortable with others. Be
Grateful Dead knew most about, it than to fight it. Life will go on comfortable with the universe.
so that’s what they used as an no matter what. The universe is And if you are ever confused, just
analogy for their message. much bigger than me and any of listen to the music play. Trust me,
Concert settings are quite hectic my problems, or you and any of you won’t regret it.
“Valley” by Pandacat


When your head gets twisted and your mind grows numb, when you think you're too old, too young,
too smart or too dumb, when you're lagging behind and losing your pace in a slow-motion crawl of life's busy
race, no matter what you're doing, if you start giving up, if the wine don't come to the top of your cup, if the
wind's got you sideways with with one hand holding on, and the other starts slipping and the feeling is gone,
and your train engine fire needs a new spark to catch it, and the wood's easy finding but you're lazy to fetch
it, and your sidewalk starts curling and the street gets too long, and you start walking backwards though you
know its wrong, and lonesome comes up as down goes the day, and tomorrow's morning seems so far away…
and you figured you failed in yesterdays rush when you were faked out and fooled while facing a four-flush,
and all the time you were holding three queens, and it's making you mad, it's making you mean, like in the
middle of Life magazine, bouncing around a pinball machine, and there's something on your mind you
wanna be saying, that somebody someplace ought to be hearing, but it's trapped on your tongue and sealed
in your head, and it bothers you badly when you're laying in bed, and no matter how you try you just can't
say it and you're scared to your soul you just might forget it…and you say to yourself, "Just what am I doing
on this road I'm walking, on this trail I'm turning?"… continued on page 26
EXCERPT (from page 25)
You need something to open up a new door, to show you something you seen before but overlooked a
hundred times or more. You need something to open your eyes. You need something to make it known that
it's you and no one else that owns that spot that you're standing, that space that you're sitting, that the world
ain't got you beat, that it ain't got you licked, it can't get you crazy, no matter how many times you might get
kicked. You need something special all right. You need something special to give you hope. But hope's just a
word that maybe you said or maybe you heard on some windy corner 'round a wide-angled curve.
But that's what you need man, and you need it bad, and your trouble is you know it too good, 'cause
you look and you start getting the chills, 'cause you can't find it on a dollar bill, and it ain't on Macy's window
sill.. and it ain't in the cream puff hair-dos or cotton candy clothes, and it ain't in the dime store dummies or
bubblegum goons, and it ain't in the marshmallow noises of the chocolate cake voices that come knocking
and tapping in Christmas wrapping, saying, "Ain't I pretty" and "Ain't I cute" and "Look at my skin, look at
my skin shine, look at my skin glow, look at my skin laugh, look at my skin cry" when you can't even sense if
they got any insides, these people so pretty in their ribbons and bows… And you can't find it either in the
no-talent fools that run around gallant and make all rules for the ones that got talent, and it ain't in the ones
that ain't got any talent but think they do, and think they're fooling you, the ones who jump on the wagon
just for a while 'cause they know it's in
continued on page 26 style, to get their kicks, get out of it quick, and make all kinds of money and chicks.
And you yell to yourself and you throw down your hat, saying, "Christ do I gotta be like that? Ain't
there no one here that knows where I'm at? Ain't there no one here that knows how I feel? Good God
Almighty, THAT STUFF AIN'T REAL!" No but that ain't your game, it ain't even your race. You can't hear
your name, you can't see your face. You gotta look some other place - and where do you look for this hope
that you're seeking? Where do you look for this lamp that's a-burning? Where do you look for this oil well
gushing? Where do you look for this candle that's glowing? Where do you look for this hope that you know
is there and out there somewhere?
And your feet can only walk down two kinds of roads, your eyes can only look through two kinds of
windows, your nose can only smell two kinds of hallways. You can touch and twist and turn two kinds of
doorknobs. You can either go to the church of your choice or you can go to Brooklyn State Hospital. You'll
find God in the church of your choice, you'll find Woody Guthrie in Brooklyn State Hospital. Now, it's only
my opinion, I may be right or wrong - you'll find them both in the Grand Canyon at sundown.

“Boston Sunset” by kef 26

On April 7, 2011, Jack Beats can be seen at the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, MA. For twenty
dollars (maybe another 5 with fees), you can hear some of the greatest house/ electro/ dubstep music. The
Jack Beats sound spans multiple electronic genres, but one consistency is the wobbly effects and deep
house feel. Even when dropping harder electro tracks, the heavy constant house beat seems to remain and
keep the dance party moving. It is only for short dubstep breaks that the house beat slows down for a few.
After enjoying some wonderful drops, it is right back to deep house and fidget heavy set. For the past few
weeks, I have been exploring the Jack Beats sound to see why the UK and anyone else who has heard of
them, loves them so much. I began by asking a DJ friend of mine to help me get a taste for this foreign bass
heavy music. What I heard next were the most wobbly effects and some of the hardest hitting house I had
ever heard. He told me that he had given me a copy of Jack Beats’ 2 hour set that they performed on UK
Radio One’s Essential Mix.

Before I say anything else about Jack Beats, I must say that Essential Mix is a wonderful program. It gives
artists a two hour set to do whatever they want, and a good artist will definitely know what to do with two
hours. If you ever want to check out an electronic artist you are not familiar with, I would highly
recommend using the internet to search if they did an essential mix. As far as the Essential Mix that Jack
Beats did, the only word I can think of to describe it is fire. The mix is littered with Jack Beats tracks and
remixes of groups like Fake Blood, La Roux, Passion Pit. Also, they include some tracks from Nero, Calvin
Harris, Subscape, and Faithless. The entire mix is well thought out, and flows perfectly. If their Essential
Mix is this good, then how amazing is it going to be to see them live? For all of you in the Boston area, don’t
forget to get your tickets. And get them early, because this WILL sell out. This is the best value for your
twenty dollar bill; so go order a ticket, find yourself a copy of their Essential Mix, and get ready to see an
amazing UK house group.

“Womp” by Pandacat
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“Untitled” by Verenice (Mexico)

Happy is the man who knows how to distinguish the real from the
unreal, the eternal from the transient and the good from the
pleasant by his discrimination and wisdom. Twice blessed is he who
knows true love and can love all God's creatures. He who works
selflessly for the welfare of others with love in his heart is thrice
blessed. But the man who combines within his mortal frame
knowledge, love and selfless service is holy and becomes a place
of pilgrimage, like the confluence of the rivers Ganga, Saraswati
and Jamuna. Those who meet him become calm and purified.