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09-02-2011 CAUSTIC SODA

Technology/Process Description:
The company produces Rayon grade caustic soda using Membrane cell Technology. The main raw materials are common salt (Nacl) ,electricity and water. Company
has three running plants which are membrane plant, CCF plant and Soda bleach plant. The process diagram is as follows: �����


Process Flow Chart for Caustic Soda, Liq. Cl2 & Hcl Production

Membrane Cell Technology: It employs Ion exchange membrane placed between coated Titanium anode and coated Copper cathode. It requires lower current
consumption and is an environment friendly���� technology. However the caustic soda lye thus produces is of low concentration-(32%) compares to the Caustic
Soda production in mercury, and the major part of it is to be further concentrated to 48-50% for use of consuming industries.
Membrane Plant: The plant carries out following operations

� Brine saturation and purification

� Electrolysis

� Lean brine dechlorination

� HCl Synthesis

� Chlorine liquefaction

CCF Plant:� It is used to concentrate 32% Caustic soda lye to either 50 % Caustic Soda lye or 99% Caustic Soda flakes.

Technology/Product Specifications:
Caustic Soda is a basic alkali entering into the manufacturing of a host of articles of daily use like soap, paper, and textiles. There are various concentrations available
which are used by different industries. Using this technology brings about 30% reduction in electrical power requirements. This is free from pollution hazards of

Chlorine, a co-product obtained in the process of manufacturing of Caustic soda is an equally important basic chemical, inevitable for the manufacture of plastics,
textiles & paper,insecticides,pharmaceuticals etc. It is also renowned water purification chemical.


TCC also produces high-purity Hydrochloric Acid used for manufacture of ossein, which is exported for edible pharmaceutical application. Another by-product, sodium
hypochlorite, finds its use� in bleaching and disinfectant applications and also for extraction of rare earth materials.

Company Profile
Company Name The Travancore-Cochin Chemicals Ltd.

Address P.B. No.4, Udyogamandal P.O.,Kochi-


Contact person Mr. M.N. Sasidharan

Phone +91-484-2545181,2545011,2545011 ext 427

Fax +91-484-2545583


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09-02-2011 CAUSTIC SODA
Year of Establishment 1950

Product(s) Manufactured Caus tic Soda, Chlorine

Production (FY-05) (Products contributing 50000 MT

most to the sales)

Sales Turnover FY 05: USD 19.6 Mn

FY 04: USD 20.2 Mn
FY 03: USD 16.1 Mn

Conformity to Standards Indian Standards

Compliance to ISO ISO 9001-2000

Foreign Collaboration Nil

Manpower Total (Nos.) 900

Raw Materials / Equipment used Common Salt, Power, Electrolyser, Liquifier, HCL
Oven, Spectrophotometer, Lab Analytical

Effluent Generated Non Polluting

Broad Profile of Project Offer

Project� To Manufacture Caustic Soda

Capacity per Annum 85800 MT

Land Requirements/ Building 40000 Sq.M


Plant & Machinery and Test Equipment Electrolyser, Liquifier, HCL Oven,
Spectrophotometer, Lab Analytical Equipments

Electrical Installation 128 KVA

Implementation Period 1 Year

Manpower Required 100

Raw Materials / Equipment Required Common Salt, Power, Electrolyser, Liquifier, HCL
Oven, Spectrophotometer, Lab Analytical

Total Project Cost USD 5 Mn (Approx.)

Expected Annual Sales USD 10 Mn

Profitability 6%

Form of Offer Turnkey project

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