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Activitat de competència

comunicativa i digital.
1r ESO

“My favourite star”

In this activity you are going to give an oral presentation about your
favourite actor or singer to your class mates.

1 Who is your favourite actor or singer? Surf the Internet to find information about a very
famous person you like. Choose a singer, an actor or an actress. Print the information and bring it to

2 Pair work. Work with a partner. Find out information about his or her
favourite person. Here you have a list of things you would like to find
out. Complete the questions for your partner.

• his/her name What’s his/her name?

• his/her job What’s his/her job?

• his/her age How old ____ he / she?

• wwhere he or she is from Where ___ he _______?

• wwhere he/she is living at Where is _______ living at the

the moment
• iif he/she is married or Is ______ or ___________ ?

• iif he has got any children Has ___ got any ____________?

• what he/she is famous for What ______ he / she famous


• what are his/her favourite What ______ his / her favourite

songs / films
songs / films?

A Famous Person
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REMEMBER!!! Verb TO BE in questions goes before the subject!!

What is his name?

What is her job?
He is a singer but She is an
His name is Michael Jackson Her name is
Scarlett Johanson

4. Ask your partner the questions and

write the answer next to them.

5. Listen to your partner's questions and

answer them.

6. Practice the dialogue. Ask your friends to listen to you and

check your pronunciation

7. Prepare a power point presentation about your partner's

favourite star. Prepare four slides:

Slide 1: Write his / her name, job and age

Slide 2: Write the name of the country he / she was born and where she
/ he is living at the moment.
Slide 3: Write if he/she is married or single, if she / he has got any
Slide 4: Write the titles of his / her songs or films

• Use the information you got from your partner.

• Type words (not sentences) and add a photograph of the star
• Save your power point on your pen

8. FINAL TASK: Talk about your partner's famous star to the rest of
the class. Prepare your talk from the information on your power
point. Speak slowly and clearly and do not read. Your partner will
help you if you get stuck.

A Famous Person
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1. Fluïdesa del Els dubtes i les Comuniquen però Comunica força bé. Comuniquen molt bé.
missatge pauses impedeixen amb força pauses i Alguns dubtes Molts pocs dubtes
que s’entengui dubtes

1/2 4 6 8
2. La Estructures i Utilització de les Ús de diverses Ús correcte de les
pronunciació i vocabulari molt estructures estructures estructures
la correcció limitats. Molts errors. estudiades amb força estudiades. No gaires estudiades.
Difícilment errors. errors. Pronunciació Pronunciació clara.
intel·ligible Pronunciació força clara
1/2 intel·ligible 4 6 8
3. Ús Gairebé mai Alguna vegada Tot sovint Els gestos i mímica
d’elements Estan integrats a la
paralingüístic presentació
s per ajudar a
la 0/1 2 3 4
4. Esforç per Gens 0 S’ha fet un esforç S’ha fet un esforç S’ha fet molt d’esforç
dissenyar un Una mica important tot i que el important i el i s’ha aconseguit un
bon power producte final podria producte final és producte final
point i ser millor. Caldria força correcte. Es correcte i original. Ha
presentació haver assajat més nota que s’ha assajat assajat i es nota
oral. 1 2 4 5
5.El power Gairebé gens/ 1 No gaire Lliga força Lliga completament
point no Gens
inclou frases i
lliga amb
oral. 0 2 4 5
1er ESO. Evaluation chart NAME:
UNIT 2: Famous person
Listen to your partners explaining their powerpoint presentation and fill in the chart with the information you hear.
STUDENT star name age nationality family job most famous work mistakes you
heard !!!

How did you do your oral presentation? Very good – good – bad – very bad How did you do your fact file? Very good – good – bad – very bad

How did you performe your dialogue? Very good – good – bad – very bad How much did you participate in the classes? A lot - not much