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Warriors of Worship Conference

Going On The Offense

Catholic Charismatic Conference for Men & Women

Sponsored by WOW Ministries

Sheraton Braintree Hotel
Braintree, Massachusetts
October 8, 9, 10 & 11, 2009
To go deeper into worship and experience the Glory
of God’s presence! We believe that this conference
will affect our nation, the Church, and our families.

John Paul II told us as we began the third millennium, “The great mysti-
cal tradition of the Church…shows how prayer can progress, as a genuine
dialogue of love, to the point of rendering the person wholly possessed by
the Divine Beloved, vibrating at the Spirit's touch, resting filially within
the Father's heart.” Novo Millennio Ineunte, par 33.
“Our Christian communities must become genuine schools of prayer where
the meeting of Christ is not just expressed in imploring help, but also in
thanksgiving, praise, adoration, contemplation, listening and ardent devotion
until the heart truly falls in love.” NMI, par 33.
WOW is a direct response to John Paul II's call to prayer in Novo
Millennio Ineunte.
Each morning we will begin with intercession. Come to a new under-
standing on how to stand in the gap between God and for others.
Eucharistic celebration will follow. Workshops will help each of us go
deeper into worship including Dancing for the Lord, Evangelizing with
Signs and Wonders, Moving in the Prophetic Word, Healing Prayer and
Power in Praise. Each evening we will come together in worship until
the Glory of the Lord comes down in power on His people.
The Lord's hand is guiding this event for this time and place and His
people. Come expecting His power, His greatness, His wonders and His
love to be revealed. Come ready to praise and worship the Lord and to
experience His majesty that His glory will be revealed in you to trans-
form His world!
Come Holy Spirit, Come, Come!

Come and experience a wonderful, spirit-filled weekend with a

prominent line up of speakers, exploring such timely topics as
Taking Over the Gates
No More Ahab/Jezebel Spirit
Possess Your Land

Maria Vadia
Born in Havana, Cuba, Maria was 10 years old when her family fled to Miami, Florida.
She attended Catholic schools and was a “Sunday” Catholic with no personal relation-
ship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1987, she consecrated
her life to the Lord Jesus Christ and to preaching the Gospel. In spite of great adversity,
the Lord has been with her like a “mighty warrior”. She is active in the Renewal in
the Archdiocese of Miami and has spoken at many conferences. She is founder of the “Jesus is Lord”
chapter of Magnificat in Miami, and a member of the Advisory Board of Magnificat, International, a
ministry for Catholic Women. She has traveled much internationally, bringing a message of faith, salvation
and healing. She ministers the Word to various prayer groups and the Miami Women’s Detention Center.

Fr. Anthony (Toni) Ozele

A priest of the Diocese of Warri in Delta State, Nigeria. He is a preacher of God’s
word, and a compassionate man, who devotes himself to helping people physically,
socially and spiritually. He organizes retreats/revivals in Nigeria and has spoken at
conferences and missions in Brooklyn, NY, Orlando, FL, Trinidad, Haiti, and Sierra
Leon. He has authored three books and many CDs, and is presently at Fordham
University studying for his Doctorate in Religious Education.

Dr. Carol J. Razza

A Psychotherapist licensed by the state of Florida in Mental Health Counseling, she
is a fulltime faculty member and formation advisor at St.Vincent de Paul Seminary.
She also serves as the Coordinator of the Palm Beach Diocese Magnificat and serves
on the Advisory Board for the International Magnificat. She has worked in private
practice as a psychotherapist for over twenty-five years. She has written two books,
Sonblock, How Christians unknowingly shield themselves from Grace, and Parent Me....Please, a book helping
parents to parent their adolescents. Carol also presents at seminars, conferences, workshops, and retreats
both nationally and internationally. Carol's greatest blessings include her marriage of over thirty-nine
years to her husband Paul, and their wonderful sons and daughters-in-law.

Aggie Neck
Aggie in Marksville, Louisiana under the Alexandria Diocese. She was baptized in
the Holy Spirit in March of 1972 and is currently in full time ministry serving as
Co-Director of Servant House, a Catholic Charismatic House of Prayer in
Marksville. She also serves the Catholic Charismatic Renewal as Chairman of the
National Service Committee. She is a member of the Steering Committee for the
Southern Regional Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, a member of the Diocesan Service
Committee for the Alexandria Diocese, and is involved in a Teaching ministry. Aggie is married to Clyde
M. Neck, and is the mother of three children and four grandchildren.

Sister Linda Koontz

Based in El Paso, Texas, sister ministers to the poorest of the poor in Juarez, Mexico
through the outreach, ‘The Spirit of the Lord International Mission’. Evangelization,
healing and zealous love for the poor are the gifts she brings to the body of Christ. A
sister of the Holy Name of Jesus and Mary, she taught religion in Washington State
before entering into her dynamic ministry. In 1971, after having experienced the power
of the Holy Spirit in her life, she began serving full time in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal with
great faith-filled power, and has truly gone “out to all the world” to share the Good News. She has
ministered with powerful gifts of knowledge and healing in numerous countries. Always present in her
ministry is the life-giving word of God bringing renewal to the hearts and minds of all who hear her.
Father Tom DiLorenzo
Ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Boston in 1979, Fr. Tom has served as a
parochial vicar at Sacred Heart Church, Quincy, Ma and at St. Adelaide's Church,
Peabody, Ma. He is currently the Administrator of Holy Rosary Church in Winthrop,
just outside Boston. Father Tom has been active in the Catholic Charismatic
Renewal for over two decades, and has preached at countless conferences and prayer
meetings. In 1984 he began In Season and Out of Season, a Catholic evangelical Bible outreach on radio.
His program is now heard on over 25 stations across the U.S., and is also carried by WEWN, the short-
wave radio ministry of Mother Angelica's Eternal Word Television Network. Fr. Tom has a great love for
the Church and has made the enhancement of spirituality of our parish life a priority in his ministry.

Robbin Simons
While pursuing a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministries at St. Thomas University in
Miami, she conducted research in the area of dance and worship, which resulted in her
thesis project, Freeing the Spirit Within. After two years of prayer, instruction and dis-
cernment, in 1987 she founded Disciples in Motion dance ministry at St. Louis Catholic
Church in Miami, and she continues to serve as its director. She currently teaches
Sacred Studies, dance and music at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Day School in Miami. Since 1999, she has been
a member of the praise and worship team for the annual National Catholic Charismatic Conference, serv-
ing as both a vocalist and as a dance leader. With almost 20 years experience in dance and ministry, she
brings her love for the Lord, her call as a worshipper, and her gift of dance to every worship opportunity.

Music Ministry
Derek Loux
Derek is part of the senior leadership team at IHOP–KC missions base. Derek and his
wife Renee also started and led the Indy Prayer Furnace, and pastored a young adult
church for 4 ½ years as full-time intercessory missionaries. In 2008 he began pioneer-
ing and leading the Orphan Justice Center, a department of IHOP-KC, focused on
restoring children with “special needs” or “child-victims of human trafficking” by
placing them in loving and supportive families. The Loux’s have two biological girls, and have adopted
three young girls from the Marshall Islands, and three “special needs” boys from the Ukraine. They have
plans to adopt many more children. Derek is a gifted songwriter, psalmist, and worship leader, who has
released several recordings that have blessed thousands of people in their walk with Christ.

Alan Bessette
A guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Alan has been leading worship in the Boston area
since the mid-1970’s. He recently formed Running Streams Music for the purpose of
producing and publishing high quality Christian music to help listeners experience the
new, abundant life Jesus longs to give them, and help them to rest in the Almighty Father’s
love poured out through the Holy Spirit. In 1974, through the prayer for the Baptism
in the Holy Spirit, he experienced Jesus’ love in a powerful, personal way. Although he had made his
living as a guitarist and singer in nightclubs, he found that he “couldn’t sing those songs anymore,” and
instead, chose to use his musical gifts to glorify God and has lead worship in a variety of settings over the
years—masses, healing services, retreats, Christian coffee houses, and Catholic and Protestant conferences.

For more information on the speakers, please go to

Conference Schedule
Thursday, October 8 ~ 7:00 pm - Eucharistic Celebration, Teaching/Ministry
Friday, October 9 ~ 7:30 am - Praise, Intersession, Rosary, Eucharistic Celebration,
Friday afternoon ~ 2:00 pm - Work Shops, Life In The Spirit Seminar
Friday evening ~ 7:00 pm - Praise, Ministering of the Holy Spirit
Saturday, October 10 ~ 7:30 am - Praise, Intersession, Rosary, Eucharistic
Celebration, Teaching/Ministry
Saturday afternoon ~ 2:00 pm - Work Shops, Life In The Spirit Seminar
Saturday evening ~ 7:00 pm - Praise, Healing Service
Sunday, October 11 ~ 7:30 am - Rosary, Teaching/Ministry
11:00 am - Eucharistic Celebration

Moving in the Prophetic ~ Aggie Neck
Moving in Revelation ~ Aggie Neck
How to Pray for Healing ~ Fr. Tom DiLorenzo
Dancing for the Lord ~ Robin Simon

Hotel Reservations
Sheraton Braintree Hotel
37 Forbes Road
Braintree, Massachusetts 02184
For the discounted conference room rate of $109.00 per night (available to September 8,
2009), call the Sheraton Braintree Hotel directly at 781.848.0600. It is important to
specifically ask for the WOW Conference special rate. Hotel reservation staff
may not be familiar with the WOW name.
For additional information, call the Sheraton Braintree Hotel at 781.848.0600, or go to
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Hotel parking is free.
If you have any conference questions, please call Lauretta Froelich at 708.710.3080.

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All priests who wish to concelebrate mass must bring their own alb, stole, and cincture.