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AMCAT Features
I. Student Employment Assessment, Feedback Report &
Placement Assistance

1) About the AMCAT

AMCAT: Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test is a multi-
dimensional assessment and feedback platform with dynamic
and personalized content providing accurate assessment for
employability in various industry sectors and job profiles. It is a
computer adaptive test, such that it becomes hard for the smart
student and easy for the not so smart student, providing
accurate ability measurement.

AMCAT consists of the following Aptitude, Skill and Personality


i. Assessment Module
a. English Comprehension (25 minutes)
b. Logical Ability (35 minutes)
c. Quantitative Ability (35 minutes)

ii. Skill Module

a. Computer Literacy (10 minutes)
b. Computer Programming (35 minutes)
c. Semi-Conductors (35 minutes)
d. Telecommunication
e. Mechanical (20 minutes)
f. Civil Engineering (25 minutes)
g. Finance /HR/Marketing(25 minutes)

iii. Personality Assessment (20 minutes)

iv. Profile Section: Resume filling (15 minutes)

The Aptitude Module & Personality Module (AMPI) are compulsory

for all students of all streams. The Skill Module is optional. We
encourage students to appear for maximum number of modules
as it helps their skills to be more visible before organizations.

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Email: Mayapuri, Phase I, 2nd Floor, Gurgaon,
New Delhi 110064, India Haryana 122015, India
Since AMCAT tests the aptitude of a student, the curriculum of
only the Quantitative section varies for Technical
(B.Tech/M.Tech) & a non Technical student.

The consideration set for students with respect to jobs is

separate That is, a B.Tech is compared with a & an MBA is
compared with an MBA only.

2) AMCAT Seven-Stroke Feedback

AMCAT is a unique placement test, on the basis of which, a
detailed feedback and graphical guidance report is shared with
the student. No other company gives feedback or reveals scores
on the test which it uses for the process of recruitment. Using
the AMCAT Seven-Stroke feedback Report, the candidate gets to
know why a particular company is shortlisting him and why a
company from another sector is not. The candidate becomes
aware of ways to improve his capabilities and improves his
chance for shortlisting. Features:
a) National Comparison
b) Sub-modular Grades
c) How to improve in modules
d) Test Time Management
e) Study Schedule
f) Job Match Analysis
g) Personality Analysis

3) AMCAT: National Employment Test

Access to companies that do not visit your campus:

Students get opportunities with companies from across the
Nation on basis of AMCAT score and call students for interview.
More jobs, better jobs - A dedicated corporate team works
continuously to get AMCAT-certified students job based on their