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APPLICANT CODE: C8730848-A0015014865
Sampath G
SAP BO Consultant
Mo No: 9849156381

• 4 years of total IT experience
• 4 years of SAP BO experience
• 1.5 Months of Xcelsius experience
• 1 End to End Implementation project experience
• 1 Support project experience
• 1 Upgardation project experience
• Having 4 years of experience in SAP Business Objects Reporting
• Experience in handling the modules of Business Objects XIR2 and XI
3.1 (Administration, Designer, Reporting, Web Intelligence, Info View,
Live Office and Xcelsius).
• Experience in migrating Business Objects reports from XI R2 to XI 3.1
• Good Experience in creating Universe, resolving Loops and Testing the
• Developing Reports and Customizing reports using Alerts, Breaks,
Filters and Sorts etc...
• Experience in creating reports using WI (Web Intelligence) and Desktop
Intelligence schedule the reports as per the business needs and
• Experience in creating Dashboard reports using Xcelsius.

• Working in TNS (Taylor Nelson’s Sofres) Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad
from June, 2008
• Worked in SYSVEN Technologies, Hyderabad from December,
2006 to May 2008
• Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com Computers) from Osmania University

Technical Skills:
OLAP Tools : SAP Business Objects XI R2 and XI 3.1
RDBMS : SQL Server 2005
Operating Systems : Windows Enterprise Server 2003, XP,

Project 1:
Client : Nationwide Insurance Company, USA
Role : BO Developer
Environment : Business objects XI3.1


Nationwide is one of the largest insurance and financial services

companies in the world. This project involves in design and development of a
Life Insurance Data mart in Enterprise web reporting system. This Insta-
Reporting comprises essential key performance Indicators and reports of life
Insurance business. This system covers various subject areas of life
insurance such as Policy, Claims, Premium, Loss Ratio, and Growth rate. This
provides end-to-end Analysis. The Data mart was developed and star schema
was designed to handle the various reports. The Reporting is being
developed using Business objects.

• Interacted with Users and Business Analysts to understand and document
the requirements and translate these to technical specifications for
designing Universes and Business Object Reports.
• Designed Universes using BO XI R2 designer by retrieving data from
database, exported them to specific universe domains.
• Implemented various types of joins, defined cardinalities and resolved
issues like loops by creating aliases and contexts to remove the cyclic
• Created Classes (Sub classes), Objects, Prompts and Predefined
conditions and user defined objects and custom Hierarchies for drill down
• Extensively worked with Web Intelligence XI R2 and Info View to create
thin client reports based on the business requirements.
• Designed and Developed Web I Reports as per the Users Requirements
using the features in Business Objects including: Master/Detail, Charts,
Cross Tabs, Slice and Dice, Drill Down, @Functions and Formulae to
analyze the data.
• Analyzed, designed, built and tested reports while working directly with
end-users and technical members of the team.
• Created user Prompts, Conditions and Filters for various reports to specify
the reporting parameters as per the business rules and the requirements
of the end users.
• Developed Dynamic and Static Xcelsius Dashboards by Using QAAWS,
Live Office, CR As per requirement.

Project 2:

Client : JCB.
Role : SAP BO Devoleper
Environment : Business objects XIR2, BO XI3.1, Xcelsius

JCB is the one of the top three manufacturer of construction
equipment. JCB employees around 7000 people on 4 continents and sell their
products in 150 countries through 1500 dealer depot locations. Throughout
their 64 year history, they have always invested heavily in research and
development, keeping JCB at the cutting edge of innovation. Today JCB has
some of the finest engineering facilities across the globe, produces a range
of over 300 machines and maintains a reputation for unrivalled customer

• Knowledge on integrating Business Objects with SAP and non SAP
• Experience in designing and developing the Universes and updating
the existing Universes, developing canned/ad hoc reports, scheduling the
processes and administering the BO activities using Business Objects
BOXI 3.0.
• Defined BO Classes Objects, in the Universe designer.
• Created Queries using BEX query designer. Also created calculated key
figures, filters, variables and restricted key figures.
• Checked the Universes for Integrity and exported to the Repository to
make resources available to the users and groups and Created Ad-hoc
Reports by accessing the Universe.
• Worked on Universe Designer, Web Intelligence, live Office, QAAWS
and ODBC.
• Experience in creating dash boards using Xcelsius.
• Experience on Xcelsius components like List box, Spread sheet, List
Builder, Bar chart, Pie chart, Column chart, Ticker, Trend icon, Combobox
• Worked on reconciliation to verify the dash board is matching to the
client requirement or not.

Project 3:

Client : British Airways (BA).

Role : BO Consultant.
Environment : SAP BI 7.0, ECC 6.0 and BOXI 3.0
Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) is part of BA’s effort to make its Account
Management strategy more focused and efficient. It seeks to adopt account
management best practices, establish sales processes based on sales cycle
and coaching processes to effectively monitor the value delivered by its
sales and account managers. This is a data warehousing project involving
building of daily data feeds from the CRM application database into a data
warehouse, monthly computation of measures defined for the activities
linked to sales and milestones processes and assigning scores to the
measure achieved. The performance of sales managers and account
managers are monitored by generating performance scorecards, milestone
reports, coaching and development reports and dashboards.

• Created, modified, optimized, and maintained Business Objects
Universes using Designer
• Resolved loops using contexts and aliases to remove the cyclic
• Created classes and objects
• Used various @Functions like @Prompt, @Where (For creating
conditional filters) and @Select and @variable
• Created reports using business objects functionalities like queries, drill
down, cross tab, master detail reports, formulas, etc.
• Synchronized queries from multiple data providers
• Built reports that have multiple display objects on a single page (tables
and charts)
• Created complex and sophisticated Business Objects Reports.
• Scheduling reports by using BCA.

Project 4:

Client : AHRQ (Agency of Healthcare Research and

Quality), US
Role : BO Consultant.
Environment : SAP BI 7.0, ECC 6.0 and BOXI R2

Description of the project:

The US Healthcare Agency is an Executive Agency of the US Department of

Health protecting and promoting public health and patient safety by ensuring
that medicines, healthcare products and medical equipment meet
appropriate standards of safety, quality, performance and effectiveness, and
are used safely.
The US Healthcare Agency Programmed will introduce a new way of working
supported by modernized and integrated systems. In particular - Greater
electronic collaboration between the Agency and its stakeholders, Cross-
Agency workflow, Standardized approach to electronic document
management, extending the Ahrq existing range of online healthcare
• Understanding the requirements of client.
• Developed universe using Designer module in Business Objects
• Developed and created classes with Dimension, Detail & Measure objects
• Specified the joins and checked the cardinalities. Resolved loops by
creating aliases and context.
• Ad-hoc reports were used for used for Business Objects user modules for
various portfolios using the universes as the main Data providers.
• Developed the reports Using Web Intelligence and Send to Corporate
• Created the reports using Business Objects functionalities like combined
queries, slice and Dice, Drill Down, cross tab, Master Detail and formula

Personal profile:

Name : G.Sampath
Date of Birth : 22.01.1984
Nationality : Indian
Languages known : English, Hindi and Telugu
Marital status : Un Married