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The Guidelines for 10 weeks Project work (10MBA48) after 3rd semester


To expose the students to understand the organization and take up an
in depth study of an issue/ problem in the area of specialization.

The project work will have two parts
Part - A - Corporate Exposure - Approximate 4 weeks 40% of the
marks is allocated
Part - B - Study of an Issue / Problem Approximate 6 weeks 60% of
the marks is allocated

1. The project work shall be for a period of 10 weeks immediately after
III Sem Examinations.
2. The Subject code of the project work report shall be 08MBA48 and
shall be compulsory for all students opting for all specializations.
3. The University shall receive 3 copies of project reports two months
before the commencement of the fourth semester examination.
Copies will be sent to the regional office with an intimation to the
Registrar (Eval.)
4. No two students of an institute shall work on the same problem in
the same organization.
5. The student shall seek the guidance of the internal guide on a
continuous basis, and the guide shall give a certificate to the effect
that the candidate has worked satisfactorily under his/her guidance.
6. On completion of the project work, student shall prepare a report
with the following format.
i. The Project report shall be prepared using word
processor Viz. MS Word.
ii. All the reports shall be printed in the A4 size 1” margin
on all sides.
iii. The report shall be hard bound facing sheet (only white
colour ) indicating the title of college and month & year
of admission (spiral binding not permitted)
iv. A certificate by the guide, HOD and Head of the
institution indicating the bonafide performance of project
by the studebt to be enclosed.
v. An undertaking by the student to the effect, that the work
is independently carried out by him.
vi. The certificate from the organization.
vii. Acknowledgement
viii. Executive Summary
a. Background and inception of the company
b. Nature of the business carried
c. Vision, Mission and Quality Policy
d. Products/ Services Profile
e. Area of Operation – Global / National / Regional
f. Ownership Pattern
g. Competitors Information
h. Infrastructural Facilities
i. Achievement/Award if any
j. Work flow model (End to End)
k. Future growth and prospects.
3. Mckensy’s 7S frame work with special reference to organization
under study
4. SWOT analysis
5. Analysis of Financial statement.
6. Learning experience

a. General Introduction
• Statement of the problem
• Objectives of the study
• Scope of the Study
• Methodology
• Limitations of the study
b. Analysis / Design, Interpretation of results, findings,
observations and suggestions which may be divided into
c. Conclusions and Recommendations.
d. Annexure relevant to the project, such as figures, graphs,
photographs etc.,
e. Bibliography
2. The project report shall not exceed 75 pages (Part A 30 Pages +
Part B 45 Pages)
3. The Project work shall be on a topic in the area of specialization
specified in the syllabus and opted by the candidate.

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