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The Millionaire Mind Secrets of the Millionaires are closely guarded and must be

learned in order to Think like a Millionaire and achieve like one. Here are som
e tips and suggestions. (1) There are still a few who are trying to BYPASS the S
teps of Identifying and Eliminating limiting, conflicting beliefs, values and ru
les. They quickly go to setting and achieving new financial goals -- with the SA
ME OLD limiting beliefs, values and rules.. It will not work unless you are tota
lly and rules. FREE from conflicting beliefs, values
The reason is simple: it violates the Law of Belief, also known as the Law of At
traction. It is recommended you review again very carefully this Law of Attracti
In a nutshell, the Law of Attraction is responding to the vibrations you are sen
ding out. What you get back is in response to those vibrations. Those vibrations
are being caused by the thoughts you PREDOMINANTLY THINK and what you PREDOMINA
NTLY FOCUS ON every single day. ULTIMATELY, what you constantly think about and
predominantly focus on is a FUNCTION of the beliefs, values and rules stored in
your Subconscious mind. Read AGAIN . . . . the ULTIMATE CAUSE of your vibrations
are the BELIEFS, VALUES AND RULES you hold in your Subconscious mind. As long a
s these beliefs, values and rules remain the SAME, you will continue to send out
the SAME OLD vibrations, which will cause you to continue attracting the SAME O
LD undesirable results. The Self-Talk technique is NOT a substitute for identify
ing and eliminating limiting beliefs, values and rules. The Self-Talk techniques
is used to NEUTRALIZE any defeating self-talk that will reinforce any negative
beliefs, values and rules that are BLOCKING your financial goals. Therefore, you
MUST NEVER bypass the Steps of Identifying limiting, conflicting beliefs, value
s and rules. and Eliminating
In the achievement of any financial goal, 90%-95% of the work consists in (1) id
entifying old limiting beliefs, values and rules, (2) eliminating them, (3) repl
acing them with NEW, supportive beliefs, values and rules, and (4) programming t
he NEW financial goal. Once that is done, the rest (5%-10%) consists of the acti
ons/steps necessary to make those goals a physical reality. But 90%-95% of the w
ork consists in building a new financial Self-Image (Money Blueprint) -- by clea
ring your Subconscious of the OLD, limiting stuff and replacing it with the NEW,
supportive stuff. (2)
Most Courses fail because they do not teach you HOW to conflicting, limiting bel
iefs, values and rules.
identify/eliminate old,
Most Courses do not even teach that the FIRST thing to do AFTER setting clearly
a new financial goal and BEFORE you take any physical, external action toward it
s achievement is to identity ans eliminate OLD, conflicting beliefs, values and
rules, and then install/PROGRAM into your subconscious computer NEW supportive b
eliefs, values and rules. Except for Tony Robbins and our Courses, NO ONE talks
about VALUE and RULES. And they are CRITICALLY important, especially if your Sub
conscious mind is cluttered with such garbage as "Money is not that important",
"Money cannot buy happiness", "There are other things MORE important than money"
, "I'd rather be honest than rich". Such VALUES will guarantee you stay broke, p
oor, lacking money. Most Courses also fail because the methods they use to progr
am NEW beliefs and NEW financial goals only use the Conscious mind -- the same p
art that is constantly bringing to your attention how bad you are, how limited y
ou are, how hard it is to make money and so on. 99.99% of the other t Courses NE
VER teach you how to use the FASTEST method to bypass the Conscious Mind and inp
ut NEW beliefs, values, rules and goals DIRECTLY into your Subconscious mind. Th
is method is simply SELF-HYPNOSIS which allows you to quickly go into a deep alt
ered (hypnotic) trance state where your Conscious mind is almost asleep and you
can IMPLANT the new beliefs, values, rules, attitudes, behaviors and goals DIREC
TLY INTO your Subconscious mind. Self-hypnosis is the method used by the world's
greatest geniuses throughout history. You MUST become a master at using self-hy
pnosis and hypnotic altered (trance) states AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. You must also a
void the ERROR made by many AFTER they learned HOW to use self-hypnosis. They si
mply start programming new goals using self-hypnosis -without FIRST identifying
and eliminating those OLD, limiting, conflicting beliefs, values and rules, and
'implanting' NEW supportive ones into your Subconscious computer. . This can res
ult in: (a) The goal is totally rejected by the Subconscious because the goal is
in conflict with OLD beliefs, values and rules held deep in your the Subconscio
us computer memory. You FAILED to clear FIRST the OLD limiting beliefs, values a
nd rules. (b) The goals can be temporarily achieved, reverting back to the old s
ituation after a short time. Or, (c) The goal is achieved. But since all the bel
iefs, values and rules held by the subconscious MUST be expressed at some time,
those conflicting beliefs, values and rules which were NOT eliminated will sudde
nly create new problems in totally DIFFERENT AREAS. And you do not even know wha
t is happening. This was named as 'Symptom Substitution" by Richard Bandler and
John Grinder, creators of NLP.
Therefore, you must use altered states (self-hypnosis) to install/PROGRAM new be
liefs, values, rules and financial goals deep into your subconscious computer AF
TER you identified and eliminated those OLD, limiting conflicting beliefs, value
s and rules. You always START by clearly and exactly setting the NEW financial g
oal. Then, BEFORE you take any external steps/actions toward its achievement, yo
u must FIRST identify/eliminate beliefs, values and rules that are in conflict w
ith the new financial goal, and SECOND, you must program into your Subconscious
NEW beliefs, values and rules that support your new financial goal. You are crea
ting a new financial Identity (ID), a new financial Self-Image (Money Blueprint)
consistent with the NEW financial goal. (3) Regarding the Special MP3 audio rec
ordings (CDs) to think like a Millionaire: The following applies to any hypnotic
CD other area of your life. -- be it in the financial area or in any
Experiment with the VOLUME until you get to a certain VOLUME SETTING that allows
you to sort of FLOAT t in and out of sleep when listening to the mp3s. This is
known as the TWILIGHT zone, shifting between deep ALPHA and THETA, the ideal pla
ce to implant new beliefs, values, rules and goals into the Subconscious mind. I
t is alright to choose to fall asleep when you listen to the mp3 recordings at n
ight. You are given the choice of waking up or falling into a deep asleep. But,
when you listen to the CD in the morning or at any other time during the day, yo
u should promptly become alert and awake at the 1-5 wake-up count-up. If you do
not respond to the 1-5 wake-up count-up, you went too deep and felt asleep. It m
eans that the programming will not be as effective as it should. And therefore,
you must EXPERIMENT with the VOLUME SETTING until you get to the point where you
FLOAT in and out of sleep while listening, and you DO wake up when instructed t
o open your eyes and become alert again. Leo Foster http://www.makemoneyfastgetr =============== Leo Foster believes being a Millionaire sh
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ses with the fastest techniques and best MP3 audio CDs to download directly into
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eve like the super rich.