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How to creat Proc in iProcess and call them in BW

Hi All:

can any body help me find out how i can call iprocess from BW.
Say I have a senario where in I want to invike a process in iProcess(having some human
intervention) when ever there is some error(busines error) in BW.

i have already installed the iProcess plugin for BW

I want to know..
How can i creat Procedures in iProcess
How can i call those procedures from BW


you need iprocess BW connector

you need iprocess BW connector to connect with the iProcess.

1. Create simple procedure using ip modaler.

2. Create a connection to iProcess from BW

3. Then create a process in BW and have open case activity

4. once u configure the connection to that activity u will get the list procedures that available in

5. Select the procedure map the fields.

Run the BW .. Chect it in iProcess .. U can see some cases should be created in iProcess .


Overall picture of TIBCO iProcess(beginner level)

Hi all,
I thought of posting this so that i can help someone who are new to BPM(Business Process

Do you know EAI and Workflows, let me explain them first then I'll introduce u to BPM along
with iProcess.

EAI-- Enterprise Application Integartion is integrating ERP'S, CRM'S, DB'S and ohter key
enterprise applications with the help of some messaging middleware to automate a process.
(remember no support for manual interventions with in a process)

WORKFLOW--Automation of flow of data, documents, information and tasks with in the

participants according to a predefined set of rules.(full support for human interaction but lack of
application integration)

BPM--is a blending of WORKFLOW and EAI technology ... to support for human interaction
and deep application connectivity.

Now coming to the point, TIBCO(The Information Bus Company) a leading player in the
integration tools provider addresses the BPM with its SUITE of products. First I'll list the
components of the suite and then I'll explain purpose of each component in brief.
TIBCO iProcess 10.6 suite contains the following components.
1. TIBCO iProcess Engine
2. TIBCO iProcess Client(windows)
3. TIBCO iProcess iDecisions
4. TIBCO iProcess Conductor
TIBCO iProcess Engine: a business process engine on which u deploy all ur processes, which
can run them for u.This engine will have its own database where in it stores the entire data.
TIBCO iProcess Client(windows): this client will connect to the engine where in u can define ur
business processes with full support for version control. The business user can perform his work
by connecting to this client.
TIBCO iProcess iDecisions: this is a rules engine which provides the agility to the organization,
may be it's not clear for u let me put it in a bold manner. simply it enable u not to hardcode the
business rules in the process definition.
TIBCO iProcess Conductor: this component can enable u to modify the process which u have
already defined.



you have to go with the moduler first along with the clien browser, this is the basic
for iprocess and u can get the documents at

Business process management


Documents (iproces modular)



docs that u can read in

under the link

expand the
Business Process Management tree in that open the Doc library

in the doc library start with Modeler guide then u can continue with Engine guide

Hope this can help u


TIBCO iProcess 10.6 (SQL)Installation guide lines

To start with
1) Install MS SQL Server 2005 and then apply MS SQL Server 2005 Service Pack
2(without service pack installation will not succeed).
2) Create two logins with name swpro and swuser in SQL Server.
3) Install TIBCO TRA 5.5.0(to get HAWK 4.7 and RV 7.5.2)
4) Install TIBCO EMS 4.4.0 of higher.
5) Install TIBCO iProcess Engine 10.6.0 by logging in as system administrator.(follow
the installation pdf comes with software)
6) Install TIBCO Workspace 10.6.0.


hi i have 10.5 version following these floders....pls tell me hoe to installation