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Volume 80, Number 37 $1.00 West and East Village, Chelsea, Soho, Noho, Hudson Square, Little Italy, Chinatown and Lower East Side, Since 1933 February 10 - 16, 2011

Trinity says it’s

time for residential
in Hudson Square
BY LINCOLN ANDERSON Helping alleviate local
Calling Hudson Square’s school overcrowding, a 420-
zoning “outmoded,” Trinity seat, K-to-5 public school
Real Estate wants to rezone would be included in the
a major portion of the dis- tower’s base. Trinity would
trict to allow residential build out the school’s raw
use. space for the Department of
With the change, Trinity Education.
expects 3,000 to 3,500 new Currently, residential use
residential apartments would and schools are not allowed
be added to the neighbor- in Hudson Square’s M1-6
hood — not counting the (manufacturing zoned) dis-
district’s few existing legal trict. Neither are cultural
residential units. uses currently permitted.
The plan’s centerpiece is Tonight, Thursday,
a new, 429-foot-tall, residen- Trinity Real Estate will
tial tower at Duarte Square,
on property owned by Trinity. Continued on page 16

Honi Klein leaving

Village Alliance;
Courtesy of SHoP Architects
Kelley to lead BID
An exterior rendering showing a public school that would be included in a new residential tower Trinity Real BY ALBERT AMATEAU tion of Eighth St. in 2001
Estate plans at Canal St. and Sixth Ave. (The inside-joke name, “429,” refers to the building’s height.) Honi Klein, execu- to 2002, and the expansion
tive director of the Village of the BID’s boundaries in
Alliance business improve- 2006.

Soho residents strike back, ment district since it was

organized, is retiring next
week after 18 years.
A resident of Greenwich
Village since she graduat-
ed from Simmons College
A passionate advocate in Boston, Klein served

slam business district plan for the Village as a residen-

tial and commercial com-
munity, she led the approv-
until 2001 on Community
Board 2, which covers the
Greenwich Village area
BY ALINE REYNOLDS tion; public safety and visitor services; way to deal with it, and we think the al processes that resulted between 14th and Canal Sts.
A hotly debated business improve- marketing, promotion and advertising; BID is the best and proven way to deal in the BID’s formation in and between the Hudson
ment district for Soho is close to holiday lighting; and streetscape and with it.” November 1993, the $2.1
materializing. The proposal, approved storefront improvements. If the BID wins approval, commer- million streetscape renova- Continued on page 6
by the City Planning Commission last “Some people look at this and say, cial property owners and residents in
week, now only awaits approval by the ‘It’s a BID — all you want to do is mixed-use commercial co-op buildings
City Council. make the neighborhood more crowded, will have to pitch in around $5,000
But many Soho residents vehement- and have more tourists coming here,’ ” per year toward the services, according EDITORIAL,
ly oppose a business improvement dis- said Brian Steinwurtzel, co-chairper- to Steinwurtzel. All other residents, LETTERS
trict, or BID, contending that it will son of the BID’s steering committee, meanwhile, will have to contribute a PAGE 18
lead to more crowds in an area that is formed in June 2009 to create the BID token fee of $1 per year.
already jampacked with tourists and proposal. The planned district was approved
shoppers from elsewhere in the city. “We’re not saying we’re only for unanimously by City Planning on Jan.
The BID, which would extend that,” he continued. “What we’re say- 26. The City Council wouldn’t disclose CARUSO
between Canal and East Houston Sts. ing is there are already all these stores PAGE 21
along Broadway, would provide sanita- and traffic. We have to figure out a Continued on page 8


2 Februar y 10 - 16, 2011
Februar y 10 - 16, 2011 3

W. Houston St. The new facility opened last fall. “The fact
that this transaction has stood the test of time and closed
four years after the contract signing shows the strength of
the New York City real estate market,” Massey said. The

NOTEBOOK seven-story, elevator building, completed in 1905 as a hotel

on the west side of Abingdon Square, was converted to
nursing home use in 1958. It was renovated in 1981 when a
NEW C.U. PRESI- penthouse was added, creating a total of 56,800 square feet,
DENT : Dr. Jamshed including a finished basement with an 11-foot ceiling. The
Bharucha, provost and conversion of the building, which is within the Greenwich
senior vice president of Village Historic District, will create condo apartments of
Tufts University, was intro- between 3,300 and 9,000 square feet, with ceiling heights
duced on Tuesday to stu- between 9 and 15.5 ft. Massey Knakal, which arranged the
dents, faculty and alumni sale, has closed on 2,500 deals in the New York metropolitan
of The Cooper Union area since 2001, with an aggregate value of $12 billion.
for the Advancement of
Science and Art as the HOME AT LAST: “I’m moving back to the neighbor-
school’s 12th president hood for the fourth time — I think it’s officially a record!” File photo
starting July 1. Bharucha, Jim Power, the East Village’s “Mosaic Man,” told us this Jim Power.
introduced by Dr. Mark week, glad that he has, at long last, landed a unit in The
Epstein, chairperson of Lee, the new supportive-housing building at East Houston Jane should be moved in by Monday and ready for their
the Cooper Union board and Pitt Sts. run by Common Ground. The LEED “Silver” photo-op. Some residents of The Lee are already in their
of trustees, spoke briefly energy-efficient facility will house 262 residents, including apartments. Power’s relief at his living situation, however,
at the Feb. 8 convocation Photo by Mario Morgado
adults with special needs, low-income working adults and pales in comparison to his passion over the city’s proposed
in the school’s Great Hall young adults aging out of foster care and at risk of home- closing of Astor Place between Fourth Ave. and Lafayette
Dr. Jamshed Bharucha.
on Astor Place. Bharucha lessness. Power said “chronic homelessness” over the years St., which he fears will decimate his array of tile-mosaic
will succeed Dr. George Campbell Jr., who has been Cooper has been his problem. His small, 10th-floor studio is 15 street lampposts and planters festooning the intersection.
Union’s president for the past 11 years. The incoming presi- feet by 15 feet and overlooks Houston St. He’ll pay one- “I’m asking that Community Board 2 resign,” he declared,
dent of the school has made a career of bridging arts and sci- third of his income toward his rent. As part of the process, “because they thought that was a very good design — that’s
ence with local and international engagement. He graduated he had to get his permanent resident card from Homeland ridiculous! This is still our neighborhood!” A key part of
Phi Beta Kappa in 1978 from Vassar College, majoring in Security, and also, after 50 years, Power, who immigrated Power’s counterstrategy will be to create a special new
biopsychology, earned a master’s degree from Yale in 1979, to New York from Ireland at age 12, is finally getting his mosaic zone. “The plan is simple,” he explained, “an inter-
and a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from Harvard in 1983. citizenship. The “Mosaic Man” will have a roommate to national flag on each lamppost, intended to establish this
He also earned a diploma in violin — which he learned as a keep him company — his longtime canine companion, as an international neighborhood.” Decision-making power
teenager in his native city of Mumbai, India — from Trinity Jesse Jane. “She’s the only dog in there, because they know will then shift to, well, Power. “Will I run it?” he said. “Yes.
College, London, in 1973. His research explores how the she’s an official service dog,” Power noted. “She helps me Will I control it? Yes. Will I set policy? Yes… .” He’ll be
brain responds to music. He spent most of his academic with my mobility and my stress.” He said he and Jesse cooking up his master plan at The Lee.
career at Dartmouth, where he was a professor of psychol-
ogy and brain science and became dean for social sciences
and dean of arts and sciences and provost. He moved to
Tufts in 2002 where as provost he oversaw seven schools
and recruited deans and faculty that put the university
among the forefront of international education.
Meeting on February 17, 2011
NURSING-HOME CONDO CONVERSION: The 2007 Manhattan Charter School’s Board of Trustees will be submitting
sale of the old Village Nursing Home, at W. 12th and an application to the SUNY Trustees to open a new charter school in
Hudson Sts., finally closed on Feb. 1 for $33.25 million, Paul lower Manhattan. The proposed charter school will serve grades K-5,
J. Massey, of the Massey Knakal real estate firm announced have a target population similar to the population currently served
last week. The new owner, FLANK, the architectural and by MCS and have an enrollment of 72 in year one and 274 at full
capacity. The proposed school will replicate the academic program of
development firm that converted the historic Washington MCS and the mission of the proposed school will be the same. To hear
Square Methodist Church on W. Fourth St. into residential comments or questions from the community, an open public meeting
lofts in 2006, plans to covert the former nursing home into will be held on February 17, 2011 at 6:30 PM in the auditorium of IN THE HEART OF GREENWICH VILLAGE
10 residential condos, according to the announcement. The MCS at 100 Attorney Street, New York, NY. Comments may also be — Recommended by Gourmet Magazine, Zagat, Crain’s NY, Playbill & The Villager —
“Gold Medal Chef of the Year”. — Chefs de Cuisine Association
original sale contract cleared the way for VillageCare, the submitted via email at or in
writing to Manhattan Charter School II (Proposed), 100 Attorney .ORTHERNITALIAN#UISINEs#ELEBRATING/VER9EARS
nonprofit operator of the Village Nursing Home since 1977,
Street, New York New York 10002. 69 MacDougal St. (Bet. Bleeker & Houston St.)   s  
to build its new rehabilitation and nursing facility at 510 /PEN-ON 3AT PMsWWWVILLAMOSCONICOM


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4 Februar y 10 - 16, 2011

In Year of Rabbit, dragon buses could face new law

On the morning of the second day of the
Chinese new year, community activists and
politicians weren’t celebrating at a restau-
rant or a park. Instead, they were huddled
outside in the cold, announcing a proposed
new state law intended to streamline the
intercity bus pickup and drop-off system in
Chinatown and around the city.
The bill, if passed, would implement a
citywide permit system for private buses in
Chinatown — known informally as dragon
buses — that currently chaotically pick up
and unload passengers on city streets. The
new requirement would mean safer condi-
tions for pedestrians and result in fewer fines
for bus drivers, according to proponents.
“Right now, the streets of Chinatown are
like the Wild West,” said state Senator Daniel
Squadron at a press conference last Friday at
Canal and Allen Sts. in Chinatown.
Buses today, Squadron noted, can stop
anywhere, double-park and continuously
circle around blocks to avoid tickets, while
sidewalks overflow with anxious passengers
who often don’t know where they’re being
picked up. Photo by Aline Reynolds
“The fact is,” Squadron said, “we love Presenting a unified front last Friday on proposed bus regulations were, from left, Julie Menin, Community Board 1 chairperson,
having low-cost buses. We love the fact that Councilmember Margaret Chin, state Senator Daniel Squadron and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.
we have an industry that’s growing and that’s
centered in the Chinatown community. But it companies to have a process they can depend “Both from a customer point of view and the frenzied bus system.
has to grow and thrive in a way that works on and that riders can depend on,” said City the provider point of view, you want a certain “The bus companies need regulations
for the community.” Councilmember Margaret Chin, who also reliability,” echoed Wellington Chen, execu- that provide ways for them to comply with
“Permits would allow the legitimate bus spoke at the press event. tive director of the Chinatown Partnership. the law, to operate safely and coexist on our
Bus drivers, he said, would prefer to have a congested streets,” said Crane.
dependable way of dropping off passengers Eastern Coach, a bus company that
than risk paying fines. shuttles passengers between New York,
At a Chinese New Year celebration in Washington and Philadelphia, accrues
Sara D. Roosevelt Park last Thursday, a about $30,000 in parking fines each year
man asked Chen if he knew where a bus from idling or parking illegally.
coming into the city would drop off his “Now, we have no space on the street,”
relative. said David Wang, Eastern Coach’s presi-
“I didn’t know, and he didn’t have a cell dent, of the lack of designated, legal pickup

,verything kids
phone,” Chen said of the confused man. and drop-off spots.
The new regulations would also tighten The company’s bus drivers frantically
the reins on bus companies that break traf- scramble to avoid the traffic police, accord-
want... everything fic laws, according to Assembly Speaker
Sheldon Silver. Apart from issuing permits
ing to Wang, causing a precarious situation
for pedestrians.

parents need. to the companies and designating spaces for

pickups and drop-offs, the law, Silver said,
“When the drivers see the cops, they
get so scared, they try to pull out,” some-
would “hold the bus operators accountable times even during passenger pickups,
Kids and parents agree that they love for their actions, including fines for violat- Wang said.
ing these regulations.” Police tend to issue parking tickets arbi-
the 92YCamps experience, with The permit would cost the bus com- trarily, according to Jimmy Cheng, presi-
dedicated counselors, high quality panies a maximum of $275 annually. The dent of the United Fujianese American
facilities and exhilarating activities like: elected officials purposely kept the fee low, Association, a nationwide nonprofit orga-
they said, so companies wouldn’t have to nization based on East Broadway that has
adjust ticket prices in order to afford per- garnered community support for the bus
• Sports with program partners • Studio arts and music mits. law in the past few years.
including Super Soccer Stars • Digital photography and filmmaking The politicians didn’t specify a time- Wilson Yau, who owns a discount store
and The Baseball Center line for the bill, but said they would like in Chinatown, agreed that today’s unregu-
• Specialty Camps: it passed “as quickly as possible.” Chin lated system is not working, either for pas-
• Challenge course, zip lines and Fantastic Gymnastics, Tevah for said she’s confident the City Council will sengers or the bus companies.
nature adventures Science & Nature and Baseball approve the bill, since Council Speaker “If the government controls the spots,
• Swimming, cooking, archery Christine Quinn is very supportive of it. gives the license and separates the buses,
and gymnastics Oversight of intercity, long-distance they’re much easier to control,” he said.
buses has been a priority for Community Passengers now, he added, have a hard
Serving Manhattan, Northern New Jersey, Rockland County and Riverdale. Board 3 for several years, according to time deciphering the street signs that indi-
Convenient bus pick-up and drop-off available throughout Manhattan. David Crane, chairperson of the board’s cate which buses stop at a given stop.
Transportation Committee. Recently, About 20 intercity bus companies cur-
We’re Serious About Summer Fun! more and more Chinatown residents have rently operate in Chinatown, according to
Visit or call 212.415.5573. An agency of UJA-Federation
expressed concerns to the board about con- Councilmember Chin’s office. They would
gestion, pollution and safety surrounding all require permits if the law is passed.
Februar y 10 - 16, 2011 5


Triangle Shirtwaist
Factory Fire of
1911, the exhibition
traces a century
of commemorations.

Commemorating the
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

Morton Williams’
wishes you a happy NYU’s Grey Art Gallery
from January 11 to March 26, 2011

Valentine’s Day! and April 12 to July 9, 2011

Marking the centennial of the Triangle Shirtwaist Company
Factory Fire—New York City’s largest workplace disaster before
9/11—New York University’s Grey Art Gallery announces an
exhibition tracing 100 years of the fire’s memorializations.
Art/Memory/Place: Commemorating the Triangle Shirtwaist
Factory Fire is the result of an innovative collaboration between
the Grey Art Gallery and NYU’s graduate programs in Museum
Studies and Public History.

Grey Art Gallery • New York University
100 Washington Square East • NY, NY 10003 • 212.998.6780

T U E , T H U R , F R I : 11 am–6 pm • Open Late W E D : 11 am–8 pm
S AT : 11 am–5 pm • S U N , M O N , and major holidays: Closed

Suggested donation: $3; NYU students, faculty, and staff:
free of charge


6 Februar y 10 - 16, 2011

Honi Klein, first Alliance director, to step down;

Continued from page 1 “I told Norman I would work one day
a week as a consultant to organize mer-
River and the Bowery/Fourth Ave. chants and property owners,” she said.
“Anyone who knows Honi knows she’s Klein shepherded the group through the
a force of nature,” said Lynne Brown, New process that led to the creation of the
York University senior vice president and Village Alliance BID in 1993.
executive committee member of the Village Graffiti was the first problem that
Alliance board of directors. “As a founder of Klein tackled; she called on the Bowery
Village Alliance and its engine for almost 20 Mission, which allowed its clients to
years, Honi has helped transform and revive work on scrubbing street furniture and
the Eighth St./St. Mark’s Place corridor and buildings.
now the University Place corridor, and she Klein then undertook an Eighth St.
has always been ready for the next idea.” market study in which merchants indi-
“Honi Klein has been very committed cated that the sidewalks were too narrow.
to the Village and the Village Alliance and She helped secure a $2.1 million federal
she will be missed,” said Bill Abramson, of grant for a new streetscape.
Buchbinder & Warren and a member of the “I had 11 public hearings on the design
Alliance’s board of directors. “We’re now look- and it took two years,” she recalled. The
ing forward to a new era and new leadership sidewalks were widened, new historic lamp-
with a fresh perspective on the challenges that Photo by Albert Amateau posts were installed and, Klein noted, “We
face Eighth St. today,” Abramson added. Honi Klein. William Kelley. still maintained two lanes of traffic, and
The new executive head of the BID will parking on both sides of the street.”
be William Kelley, for the past three years Klein told this newspaper she would con- about commercial and residential conditions For the past eight years, the Alliance
director of economic development of the tinue to participate in issues that affect the in the neighborhood prompted her to apply has conducted the Taste of the Village
Union Square Partnership, the BID that cen- neighborhood that she has always loved. for a community board seat, which Carol event in Washington Square Park, and
ters on Union Square Park and 14th St. “I came to the Village right out of col- Greitzer, then councilmember for the dis- over the years, the Alliance has donat-
“The Village Alliance has been the stan- lege,” she recalled. “It’s the only place I ever trict, appointed her to in 1985. ed more that $350,000 to the park’s
dard bearer for the Eighth St. and Central wanted to live.” Klein focused on Eighth St. after the improvement.
Village business community for nearly 20 She worked as a fashion consultant for late Norman Buchbinder, a major property “People ask what the connection is
years,” said Kelley, who takes over on Mon., Abraham & Straus, a major department owner on the street, called a meeting of mer- between the BID and the park,” Klein said.
Feb. 14. “I am honored to join the team and store in Brooklyn, and then became a fash- chants and residents in 1990 to consider “It’s really the only public destination in the
eager to build on that rich history to help ion journalist with Women’s Wear Daily and problems that included graffiti and commer-
take the organization to the next level.” later with McCall’s magazine. Her concern cial vacancies. Continued on page 7

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checking account. Offer may be withdrawn at any time. This offer is not available in combination with any other offer.
© 2011 Amalgamated Bank. All rights reserved.
Februar y 10 - 16, 2011 7

William Kelley to lead BID Stuyvesant

Continued from page 6
Alliance board of directors. “She’s done
a wonderful job and we were surprised
in November when she announced her
Eye Care
Village, and it’s just across the street from retirement. But we’ve had a few months
the BID on Fifth Ave.,” she explained. to search for someone able to replace Roman Dworecki, MD, PC
Klein also guided the expansion of the her,” said Secunda, who is also head of
BID along the University Place corridor, the Community Board 2 Transportation
which became official in November 2006.
Now, a total of more than 44 blocks are
Kelley, a former member of Community Comprehensive Ophthalmology
included along University Place between Board 4, which covers Chelsea, holds a
Eighth and 13th Sts., along Eighth St. master’s of urban planning degree from Complete Eye Examinations
and St. Mark’s Place between Sixth Ave. New York University.
and Second Ave., and along Sixth Ave. “We are thrilled that William is bring- Laser Surgery & Microsurgery of the Eye
between W. Fourth and W. 13th Sts. ing his extraordinary talent and energy to
The area’s next major project is the
city’s $6.5 million redesign of Astor Place
the Village Alliance as our new executive
director,” said Martin Dressner, president
Attending New York Eye & Ear
and Cooper Square, the northern part of of the Alliance board of directors. “We’re
which is within the BID’s eastern end. confident that under his leadership, the All Insurances Welcome
“Honi is a hard act to follow,” said Village business community will continue
Shirley Secunda, a public member of the to flourish and achieve great success.” Same Day Appointments

Letter to the Editor 409 E 14th St., Suite A
(Near 1st Ave.)
Please include your phone number 212-677-3200
for confirmation purposes only


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8 Februar y 10 - 16, 2011

Tired of being ‘malled,’ residents reject Soho BID;

Continued from page 1

a tentative timeline for its vote.

In a report, City Planning recommended
that the Soho BID include a residential
reimbursement plan that would compensate
co-op residents for the annual fees. Co-op
residents are legally required to pay the same
sum toward a BID that commercial property
owners do, according to city Department of
Finance regulations.
This co-op residents’ fee was a chief
reason why Community Board 2 rejected
the proposal. The board’s January resolu-
tion states, “There is no mechanism in place
to ensure that all residential owners not be
assessed more than $1 annually, as is custom
in all BID’s in New York City.”
Another point of contention is the more
than $50,000 slated for visitor services and
marketing of the district. In assessing residents’
concerns, City Planning advised the BID’s
steering committee to specify the intended use
of the money toward these services.
“Specifically,” Planning’s report states, “this
plan should expressly state that funds are
included for providing signage and other way-
finding tools for identifying the location of
businesses, such as a logo and map, as well as
providing information to the public about the
unique historical character of the district.” Photo by Aline Reynolds
Steinwurtzel said the organization is com- Ricardo James, right, a salesperson at Boys and Chicks on Broadway, said he’s tired of giving visitors — like the couple above —
mitted to reimbursing all Broadway co-op directions all the time, and would welcome a Soho BID providing such services.
residents their $5,000 fees.
“It’s not our intention to charge anything however, remain convinced it will only serve wrote letters to Community Board 2, City to tenants will be minor amounts,” he said,
to the residents,” he said. The Soho BID Broadway’s businesses, and they resent the Planning and City Councilmember Margaret “and will only be temporary until their leases
would become the first of all 64 BID’s in the authority the BID would have in community- Chin. Many of them requested that the BID expire, since any new lease will be reset to
city to offer a reimbursement plan to co-op wide decisions. proposal be rescinded altogether. market rates.”
dwellers, according to the city’s Department “The main issue is putting the real estate As a result, in November, C.B. 2 urged As for tourism, Steinwurtzel assured that
of Small Business Services. interests in control of our lives,” said Sally the BID steering committee to withdraw the the majority of the marketing budget would
The BID, Steinwurtzel noted, should act Lindsay, who lives in a 12-story loft build- proposal, referring to “overwhelming” oppo- go toward creating signage for the tourists
as an advocate for all stakeholders in Soho. sition from residents. that are already there — not toward adver-
The committee has devoted $250,000 to The board’s resolution states many resi- tising or other means to attract more out-
launching it. dents’ concerns that the BID would only of-towners. Retailers along Broadway have
He said he plans to continue to meet with ‘It’s a pretense to set up a exacerbate overcrowding on Broadway, and complained to the steering committee that
area residents to get their input and will that its stated mission to increase local they often feel like tour guides to customers
heed their concerns. He also hopes some of quasi-governmental agency tourism would negatively impact residents’ who easily get lost amid Soho’s streets.
them will join the BID’s board, which cur- quality of life: “Soho already has a tremendous amount
rently mostly consists of landlords, with just within Soho.’ “The BID applicants have failed to con- of tourists,” Steinwurtzel said. “It’s more
two residents. vince the public of the necessity of a new busi- about managing those people, and the traffic
“A BID is a place where all the opinions Sean Sweeney ness improvement district for Soho, which is they create.”
have to be respected, worked on together a flashpoint for traffic and pedestrian conges- Improving sanitation for the area —
and agreed on,” Steinwurtzel said. His fam- tion,” the board’s resolution states. purportedly one of the BID’s main services
ily has owned real estate on Broadway in the The BID is “self-defeating,” in that it — is something most community members
neighborhood since the early 1980’s. ing at 491 Broadway. “What if I missed the could endanger the very businesses it hopes support. The Association of Community
Having a centralized voice for the com- meeting where they decided to put a kiosk in to promote, according to Sean Sweeney, Employment Programs for the Homeless
munity could be very advantageous, accord- front of my door?” she asked. “We just don’t director of the Soho Alliance. More tour- (ACE), which has hired sanitation workers
ing to John Pasquale, a member of the BID’s want that kind of control.” ists would translate into increased sales, he to clean up Broadway and Soho’s side streets
steering committee who owns several prop- Lindsay, who has lived in Soho since argued, which could lead to landlords hiking daily since the early 1990’s, will discontinue
erties in Soho. 1971, has watched the neighborhood evolve business owners’ rents, eventually forcing its service at the end of June due to funding
“It’s important to have a common com- from a desolate area to what she calls a them out of the neighborhood. shortages.
pany that’s going to stay on top of all these “magnificent shopping mall.” “This proposal is not a BID — this is a “I think everybody is concerned about
concerns,” he said. “We don’t want more tourists, Christmas landlord’s improvement district,” Sweeney sanitation,” said Councilmember Chin. “We
Many other Soho landlords, and even decorators or shoppers,” she said. “It’s the said. “It’s a pretense to set up a quasi-govern- don’t want the streets to go back to what
residents, apparently agree with Pasquale. hottest district in New York. It doesn’t need mental agency within Soho that would be det- they were before, with garbage spilling out
Of the 45 percent of those that responded a BID.” rimental to the residents and the businesses.” of garbage cans, and wind blowing it all over.
to a survey conducted by the steering com- “It’s out of control already,” echoed Peter, BID fees incurred by property owners, he Whether or not you need a BID to supervise
mittee and overseen by the city, according to a Broadway loft resident, declining to give added, would also be passed onto tenants in the cleaning, though, is up for debate.”
Steinwurtzel, more than 90 percent of resi- his last name due to the sensitivity of the the form of increased rents. Some people in the neighborhood, how-
dents favored the BID, and some 80 percent issue. Steinwurtzel, however, said additional ever, feel there are alternatives to a BID to
of all survey respondents supported it. Upward of 100 community members tenant payments would be insignificant.
Local residents opposed to the BID, opposed to the BID, including Lindsay, “The majority of any taxes passed along Continued on page 9
Februar y 10 - 16, 2011 9

C.B. 2, Chin back them up

public events in the neighborhood to avoid
Continued from page 8 crowds and litter.)
Several BID opponents, mainly resi-
get similar services, such as encouraging local dents, attended the steering committee’s
retailers to voluntarily clean their sidewalks. Jan. 19 meeting to voice their concerns and
“The pretense of street cleaning is a make suggestions.
sham,” declared Sweeney. “What this intends “It was a very good meeting,” said Chin,
to do is bring more tourists into Soho.” who has been fighting for more resident
Forming a BID in order to keep feedback to be heard on the BID. “A lot of

Best Value
Broadway dirt- and litter-free, Lindsay people from the area came and expressed
ruction •
rt Inst
echoed, is “like building a chandelier to fix their interests.”
a light bulb that’s out.” In a phone interview last week, Chin
ss Fa cilities • Expe
“The city is supposed to clean the streets,”
she said. “If they don’t clean them enough,
said that she would not support the BID
until she sees more resident involvement in
the stores will have to get somebody on their the modified plan.
own to clean.” The councilmember said she looks for-
Property owners and tenants are required ward to examining the final proposal.
by city law to clean the sidewalks in front of “We want to make sure the residents’
their lots, though sources say this is not suf- concerns are addressed, and that they will
ficient to keep the streets devoid of garbage. have a say,” she said.
“They don’t understand that there’s more The BID steering committee will hold its
to it than sweeping up in front of your next meeting at Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral,
store,” said Jim Martin, executive director of 32 Prince St., on Tues., Feb. 22, to “finalize
ACE. Countless Soho visitors, he said, stroll the district plan according to everyone’s sat-
along Broadway each weekend, many throw- isfaction,” according to Steinwurtzel, who is
ing trash onto the streets or in the trash bins, holding out hope that, the more Soho resi-
which quickly overflow. The city is solely dents learn about the BID, the more they’ll
responsible for collecting the trash bags. realize its benefits.
“If those garbage cans aren’t turned and “When you don’t know what something
bagged,” Martin said, “you’re going to have is, you get a little worried,” he said. “It’s
a disaster.” The garbage problem gets even not our intention to make the neighborhood
worse during Fashion’s Night Out and other worse. We’re trying to make it better. We’re
special outdoor events. (City Planning dis- trying to make this work for everyone in the
couraged the BID’s organizing of such large community.”

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Pizza man did the right thing; Will Capital One?

BY WICKHAM BOYLE of course, is the bank whose credit card profits
At 10 minutes to 10 on Monday morning rose on a commercial showing other banks to
Feb. 7, a lone robber came into the Capital be rapacious Visigoths ready to pick people’s
One Bank branch at Sixth Ave. at W. Fourth wallets, while the benign Capital One was
St. In the bank at the time was Efrain ready with low fees and a helping hand.
Aquino Jr., known as Junior to his clients. Capital One Financial Corp. posted
For 16 years Efrain has managed the Two fourth-quarter profits that leaped 85 per-
Boots Pizza at 75 Greenwich Ave., and he cent. The Virginia-based bank posted net
makes this money run regularly to deposit income of $697 million for the last three
the weekend cash and get coins for the next months. The biggest improvement came in
few days. its well-advertised credit card segment, from
This past Monday was no different. which the company derives about a third of
Aquino waited in line. its earnings.
“There were very few customers in the Two Boots Pizza, a local hangout featur-
bank, and only one teller,” he recalled. ing a pizza cuisine fusion of two geographic
“When I got to the head of the line, the teller boots, Italy and Louisiana, doesn’t have
asked the man behind me what he wanted profits anywhere nearly as stratospheric as
and he responded, ‘A roll of quarters.’ She Capital One. A call to the Capital One
had already seen that I required 846 bucks in corporate headquarters assured a reporter
coins in a variety of forms. I had it all written that rather than the answer given Aquino
out on slips of paper. The teller said she had after the robbery, that, in fact, the bank was
no coins and left for the vault.” reconsidering its response.
Aquino went on excitedly, “I was at the Photo by Wickham Boyle Speaking the day after the robbery,
head of the line with my cash on the teller’s Efrain Aquino Jr., a.k.a. Junior, outside Two Boots Pizza on Greenwich Ave. Aquino said the pizza shop’s accountant
desk when a guy dressed all in black bursts received a phone call from the bank asking
in holding his hand inside his shirt. It looked and no teller. When he walked over to me, I the door. for the amount that had been taken from
like a gun sticking out. I thought at first he was worried he would shoot me. Then I said Aquino explained, “I thought if he didn’t the teller’s ledge. Aquino said it’s hard times
was another crazy person, until he started to him, ‘Take whatever you want from me, get any money he would turn violent on all that would make a man come into a bank
yelling for everyone to lie down. Then I saw take my money on the counter.’” of us out of frustration, and so I said, Take in broad daylight and try to make off with a
he meant business. All the back-office people In an incredible, cool moment, Aquino anything.” little money. It’s heartening to see that some-
lay down, and I did too.” directed the robber to take his deposit and Initially, for his cool head, Aquino was one who had been victimized can share in
“He kept screamin’, ‘Where’s the f---ing he did. But the robber dropped the money told by the bank management that because he the perpetrator’s plight, and more heartening
money? Where’s the f---ing money?’ and get- and began yelling at everyone again until hadn’t officially deposited the money Capital that a major financial institution can quickly
ting more agitated because there was none he gathered the cash together and ran out One Bank was not responsible. Capital One, decide to do the right thing.






Feb 7th, March 8th, April 5th

Februar y 10 - 16, 2011 11

to the basement and bind her hands. Albert Gallery theft

Anderson, 48, was charged with robbery,

POLICE BLOTTER but his accomplice, identified as Anthony

Gilman, 49, escaped, police said.
Two men walked into Pom Gallery, 133
Greene St., around 3:25 p.m. Sat., Feb. 5,
and after one of them engaged the attendant
with questions, both walked out. The atten-
dant told police that he discovered his digital
42, was taken to Bellevue Hospital with lung Foils phone snatch camera had been stolen from his desk.
Neighbor saved her injuries from the heat. He was unable to save
his 4-year-old German shepherd, Chloe, who A Queens man, 58, was walking on Canal
Fire in a 10th-floor apartment at 77 perished in the fire. A month ago, a police St. between Wooster and Greene Sts. around
Columbia St. in Masaryk Towers on scuba diver had rescued the animal after she 1 p.m. Thurs., Feb. 3, when a stranger Rabbits hole entered
Wednesday morning Feb. 2 critically injured had fallen into the water. punched him in the chest and grabbed his
a 97-year-old woman who was pulled from Firefighters brought the fire under con- cell phone from his coat pocket. The victim A woman working at Rabbits Cafe, 142
the blaze by a neighbor. trol around 4:30 a.m. but the catamaran grabbed the phone back and police grabbed Sullivan St., told police she was in the rear
The neighbor, Wanda Camacho, 53, sank and the adjacent boat was destroyed the suspect, Rumako Manwaring, 28, and of the place around 11:50 p.m. Sat., Feb. 5,
opened her door around 5:30 a.m. to find in the fire. A space heater on the catamaran charged him with robbery. after it was closed and spotted a man exiting.
smoke pouring into the hall from the apart- was cited as a possible cause of the fire. She discovered that her handbag, which she
ment of her neighbor, Wei Chee Hu, who was had left on a counter in the front, had been
sitting immobile at a coffee table. Camacho stolen.
dragged Hu out of the fire and into her own CD’s hard sell
apartment, where they remained until fire- D.W.I. on F.D.R.
fighters arrived. Three strangers stopped a man, 19, on
Hu was taken to the burn center of Police charged a motorist with driving Broadway in Soho around 4 p.m. Sun., Feb. Wallet was gone
New York Presbyterian Hospital in critical while intoxicated after a two-car accident on 6, and sold him two CD’s for $100, police
condition. Camacho was treated for smoke the southbound F.D.R. Drive at Clinton St. said. The strangers followed the customer to A woman told police that she discovered
inhalation at Beth Israel Hospital, and 11 around 7:10 a.m. Sun., Feb. 6. The suspect, the corner of Spring and Thompson Sts. and her wallet, containing her Taiwan passport,
other residents of the floor were treated for Rodney Gripper, 43, of the Bronx, was iden- shouted, “Hey, take our phone number and $170 in cash and credit cards, was gone
minor injuries. tified as an off-duty Transit employee. He let us know how you like the CD’s.” When from her backpack when she emerged from
was freed on his own recognizance pending the customer took out his cell phone, one the Prince St. subway station at Broadway
an April 6 court appearance. of the trio grabbed it and another told him, around 2:30 p.m. Sat., Feb. 5. The victim,
“Give me your wallet. I have a knife and I’ll 43, said she had bought a MetroCard with
Subway attack poke you.” The three fled with the victim’s cash from the wallet a short time earlier.
cell phone and his wallet with $2,000 in
An off-duty woman M.T.A. worker was Busted for burglaries cash, police said. Alber t Amateau
attacked in the East Broadway F train station
at 6:15 p.m. Fri., Feb. 4, and knocked onto Surveillance tapes at a W. 26th St. res-
the tracks by a deranged man who fought taurant and at a building at 20th St. at 10th
with a man who had come to her rescue. The Ave. led to the arrest on Feb. 1 of William
attacker chased the victim, Sabrina Scott, Cullen, 32, on charges of burglary. The tape
around the station, repeatedly asking, “Are from Pars Restaurant, 249 W. 26th St.,
you scared of me?” and grappled with the between Seventh and Eighth Aves., showed
man who responded to her cries for help, a man matching Cullen’s description remov-
according to reports. Scott, however, was ing money from a cash register around 4:45
knocked onto the tracks during the fracas, a.m. Jan. 14, according to the charges. A
but her rescuer managed to bring her back surveillance tape from the lobby of 460 W.
onto the platform. The deranged man fled, 20th St. at 10th Ave. showed a man match-
and the rescuer, described as a tall black man ing Cullen’s description forcing the door
wearing headphones and a baseball cap, also and entering the lobby of the building and
disappeared. Scott had head injuries but was leaving a short time later with a coat in his
reported in stable condition. hands, according to the charges filed with
the Manhattan district attorney. Police said
Cullen also admitted to taking a laptop com-
puter and keys from the closet.
Dog dies in boat fire
Fire broke out in a 46-foot catamaran
berthed at Pier 59 of Chelsea Piers at W. Robbers try boutique
17th St. around 2:30 a.m. Fri., Feb. 4, injur-
ing the owner, who escaped with his life. Police arrested one of two men who
The fire spread to an adjacent boat in the grabbed the woman working at the Emile
Pier 59 marina but no one was injured. The Lafaurie boutique, at 199 Prince St., around
injured owner of the catamaran, Mark Stoss, 4 p.m. Thurs., Feb. 2, and tried to drag her

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Romulus Linney, age 80; His
plays explored many themes

ĨŽƌƚŚĞ'>dŽŵŵƵŶŝƚLJĂŶĚƚŚĞůŝĨĞŽĨƚŚĞ'>dŽůůĂƌ͘ In the fall of 1988, Crystal Field, the dyna-
dŚĞ ĐƵƌƌŝĐƵůƵŵ ǁŝůů ŝŶĐůƵĚĞ ƉůĂŶŶŝŶŐ͕ ƐƉĞŶĚŝŶŐ Θ mo at the center of First Avenue’s Theater for
ŝŶǀĞƐƚŝŶŐ͖ ĐŽǀĞƌŝŶŐ͗ dŚĞ &ŝƌƐƚ ŽůůĂƌ ϭϬϭ͕ tŚĂƚΖƐ >ŽǀĞ the New City, begged me to come see a play
'Žƚ dŽ Ž tŝƚŚ /ƚ͍ ϭϬϮ͕ <ŝĚƐ ƌĞ &Žƌ hƐ ϭϬϯ͕ ,ŽŵĞ there called “Heathen Valley” by a writer with
ůŽŶĞϭϬϰ͕KǀĞƌƚŚĞZĂŝŶďŽǁ;'ŽůĚĞŶzĞĂƌƐͿϭϬϱ͕ĞƚĐ͙ the wonderful name of Romulus Linney — or
Z^sWƌĞƋƵŝƌĞĚ͘ more exactly, Romulus Zachariah Linney IV.
I thought, “What the hell, hillbilly drama,”
but I went. There were a lot of hillbillies in
WůĞĂƐĞũŽŝŶƵƐĨŽƌLJŽƵƌĨŝƌƐƚ&ZƐĞŵŝŶĂƌ it, sure enough, but also — and interestingly
— an anti-establishment, crusading, 19th-

century Episcopal bishop of North Carolina
tŚĞŶ͗DĂƌĐŚϭ͕ϮϬϭϭ͕ĨƌŽŵϲͲϴƉŵ who is determined to convert the rough-hewn
,Žǁ͗ Z^sWΛDĂŶŚĂƚƚĂŶ͘ŽƌŐͬ>'d ƉƌŽǀŝĚĞĚďLJ͗
 He was one of the most
>ŝƚƚůĞ/ƚĂůLJ͕Ez Romulus Linney
cultured and cross-cultured
sons — were the truest of artists: Chekhov,
men you might ever want Strindberg, Dickens, Wilde, Tolstoy, Anna
Akhmatova, plus maybe an ax murderer

Gay City to meet.


here or there just for salting, along with the
Vietnam War.  He was an elegant man, but not too ele-
gant. He was a diffident man but not too dif-
populace of a forgotten pocket of Appalachia fident. I only learned that Laura Linney was
(Linney’s boyhood territory) to belief in the his daughter, not when he and I first talked
Good Word. but when I saw it in some newspaper some-
Some three years later I went to James where. (On the other hand, I interviewed her
Houghton’s Signature Theater on West 42nd — at the brilliant far Off Off Broadway start
Street to see a truly fascinating play by of her career years ago, and she didn’t men-
Romulus Limney called “The Sorrows of tion her father either. More recently, when the
Frederick,” starring Austen Pendleton (won- Signature honored playwright Linney with a
derfully) as a half-tyrannical, half-humane, lifetime award, actress Linney was lovingly
and altogether most oddly poetic Frederick II, on hand, as was the Edward Albee who has
king of Prussia in the 18th century. always drawn more spotlight than the no-less-
That was 1991. Only now, 20 years later deserving honoree).
and Romulus Linney three weeks cold in the Diffident? Crystal Field remembers the
ground — January 15, 2011, of cancer, age day of the big New York City blackout of
80 — do I suddenly see Linney’s Frederick II 1977 when, in an elevator, in the candlelit
as, among other things, a doppelganger for dark, a fellow tenant suddenly said: “Hello.
the larger-than-life good and bad persona of, I’m a playwright” and stuck out his hand.
yes, none other than our own Lyndon Baines What came out of that initiative was, first,
Johnson. the 1978 production of a play called “Just
You think I’m crazy? Well, Romulus Folks” — the folks being Jesus Christ and his
Linney, not only a writer and playwright, family — followed by the commissioning by
but for many years a teacher of writing Theater for the New City of half a dozen plays

at Columbia, Princeton, Hunter, Brooklyn by Romulus Linney and the production there
College and many another fount of learning, of those and more by him, often directed by
was one of the most cultured and cross- him, over the years from then to now.
cultured men you might ever want to meet. Cultured and courteous, even courtly,
His peers — the men and women he drew on, Romulus less Remus may have been, but
or dug into, or adapted from, or transformed, remember: The milk of the wolf ran through
or multiplied by some other person or per- his veins.


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Johannes Somary, debuted in Wash. Sq., dies at 75

“They left on the last ship to the U.S. from Spain in
OBITUARY 1940. Bela Bartok happened to be on the same ship,” his
wife said.
BY ALBERT AMATEAU Johannes attended the Albany School, a prep school in
Johannes Somary, organist, composer, conductor and Washington, D.C., and earned a B.A. from Yale in 1957.
founder of the Amor Artis Choral, who made his U.S. He continued at Yale to earn a master of music degree
conducting debut in July 1960 with the Washington in 1959.
Square Music Festival, died Feb. 1 at age 75. Somary founded Amor Artis in 1961, led its repertory
His most recent appearance at the annual music festi- of baroque music, and continued as the group’s musi-
val was in December 2008 at St. Joseph’s Church in the cal director. He led the U.S. premieres of little-known
Village in a program that included his own compositions oratorios of George Frideric Handel, “Esther” in 1961,
as well as works by Bach and Haydn. “Theodora” in 1963 and “Susanna” in 1965. He was also a
“After his auspicious debut in Washington Square, guest conductor for the English Chamber Orchestra, New
Maestro Somary achieved a prominent international Orleans Symphony and London’s Royal Philharmonic.
career as a conductor, choirmaster and organist,” said His participation in international music festivals includ-
Peggy Friedman, the festival’s executive director. “He ed Dubrovnik, Madeira, Israel and Greece.
was a well-known and respected figure in the New James Adler, a composer, pianist and longtime Village
York music scene. We will all miss him and his joyous resident, recalled his friendship with Hannes, as friends
approach to music.” knew him.
Johannes Somary also had a distinguished career as “I first met him when he conducted my AIDS requiem
a teacher. He lectured at Brooklyn College, New School in 2000,” Adler said. “Being Swiss, he loved pastry, so
for Social Research, the New England Conservatory and we’d get together periodically and laugh, cry, schmooze
Columbia University. In 1971, he began teaching at the and eat pastry. We were planning a joint recording ses-
Horace Mann School and served as chairperson of the sion before he died. He wrote five bagatelles for piano
school’s arts and music department. for me. They are charming — fanciful, elegant fun,”
“He was at the top of his game when he had a stroke Adler said.
on Dec. 27,” said his wife, Anne. “We kept hoping for Johannes Somary made more than 50 recordings. His
a miracle but it was not to be.” Several hundred col- latest is “Three Is Company,” the name of one of his com-
leagues, friends and former students attended his funeral positions on the disc. He received critical acclaim for his
Sat., Feb. 5, at St. Ignatius Loyola Church on Park Ave. Johannes Somary. recent recording of Handel’s organ concertos.
at 84th St. “He planned all the music and readings seven In addition to his wife, he leaves two sons, Stephen and
years ago,” his wife said of the service. father, Felix Somary, a banker and economic adviser, was Geoffrey, and a daughter, Karen. A brother, Wolfgang, of
A native of Switzerland, Johannes Somary came to working in Washington, D.C., at the time. His mother, Switzerland, and a sister, Maria Theresa Twaalfhoven, of
the U.S. at age 5 with his mother, brother and sister. His May Demblin, was an Austrian countess. Hilversum, Holland, also survive.

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John Krevey, 62; Activist enlivened the waterfront

An electrical contractor by profession, a small bar and restaurant that became a
OBITUARY Krevey ran his company, R 2 Electric, from
rented space on Pier 63 at W. 23rd St. for
neighborhood gathering place where boat
owners could tie up.
BY ALBERT AMATEAU more than 30 years. A lifelong enthusiast In 2000, Krevey and friends put in a bid
John Krevey, a waterfront entrepreneur for historic ships, he bought the decom- to buy the John J. Harvey, a decommissioned
and activist who brought historic ships to missioned U.S. lightship Fryingpan, which fireboat, from New York City. The Harvey
Chelsea and ran Pier 66 Maritime, a popular was lying in the mud in Chesapeake Bay in found a home at Pier 63 Maritime. And on
gathering place, died Fri., Feb. 4, at age 62 the early ’80’s. At great expense and with a Sept. 11, 2001, the vessel helped evacuate
while on a vacation with his son in Santo group of a half-dozen like-minded enthusi- Battery Park City residents during the World
Domingo. asts, Krevey got the ship afloat, installed a Trade Center attacks and then, under radio
The cause appeared to be a heart attack truck diesel engine and started a legendary direction from the Fire Department, trained
and came as a surprise to his devastated fam- coastal sea voyage to the Hudson River in its powerful, functioning water pumps on
ily, friends and colleagues. 1983. They encountered storms, engine fail- the blazing towers.
The Working Harbor Committee, a non- ures and short rations before they brought Four years ago when the Hudson River
profit civic association, honored Krevey last the limping vessel into the Hudson. Park Trust acquired Pier 63, Krevey was
September for helping to revitalize the for- The Fryingpan had several berths over able to convince the Trust to designate the
merly decaying Hudson River waterfront. the next few years, including Pier 25, at former railroad float bridge at W. 26th St. as
“He was the waterfront before the water- North Moore St., in Tribeca; Chelsea Piers; the new site for the barge. It became Pier 66
front was cool,” said his friend and colleague and the Intrepid pier at W. 46th St. The Maritime and the new neighborhood gather-
John Doswell. ship was even moored in the middle of the ing place.
Krevey was one of the earliest members Hudson River at one point. In 1995, Krevey John Krevey. Plans for Pier 66 Maritime are uncertain
of Friends of Hudson River Park, the civic acquired an old railroad barge that had been at this point.
group advocating for the 5-mile-long water- used to ferry railroad cars across from New With Fryingpan as an attraction, Krevey Krevey leaves his wife, Angela, a son,
front park. He was a member of the Friends’ Jersey to Manhattan and tied it up on the turned the 350-foot-long barge into a public- Kyle, and a daughter, Kyra. Funeral arrange-
board of directors until last year. north end of Pier 63, at W. 23rd St. access boat landing, Pier 63 Maritime, with ments are pending.

Film on ‘female Viagra’ takes on the drug companies

BY DAVID A. GARFINKEL many argue that the disease they hope said to increase the female libido. However,
After years of medical testing and coun- to treat is a myth. Canner fears that this opponents argue that the dangerous side
seling, women can finally rejoice: Lack of misrepresentation of female sexuality hurts effects of increased testosterone — including
consistent orgasms during sex is normal, not women. breast cancer — are too great a risk.
a disease. That may not be the best news, “It really puts women at risk of being mis- “When you talk about sex drugs, you’re
since 70 percent of ladies can’t reach the informed and taken advantage of,” Canner talking about millions and millions and mil-
finish line from sex alone. But Liz Canner’s said in a special advance press screening at lions of people going on these drugs,” said
first feature documentary, “Orgasm Inc.,” New York University. Canner, 42, whose face barely shows her age
exposes pharmaceutical companies’ treat- Currently, the film has been shown across and whose ideas firmly resonate with the col-
ment of female sexual dysfunction (F.S.D.) Europe, South America, Japan and Canada. “Orgasm Inc.,” Liz Canner’s new docu- lege crowd decades younger. “We’re talking
and problems in the search for a cure. The But activists protesting drugs purporting mentary, is premiering at the Quad about a tremendous number of women in
movie, which Newsweek called a “desperate- to treat F.S.D. have had difficulties raising Cinema. the population going on them,” she said.
ly needed antidote” to excessive hype from awareness, just as Canner has had difficul- years to make, begins when a pharmaceuti- Canner, who grew up in Groton, Mass.,
drug companies pursuing a female Viagra, ties distributing the film in the United States. cal company testing a vaginal orgasm cream and now lives in Vermont, is a veteran
premieres in the United States at Greenwich Canner believes her troubles finding U.S. hires her to create female-friendly pornog- filmmaker whose previous work addressed
Village’s Quad Cinema, 34 W. 13th St., from distribution stem from the pharmaceutical raphy to use in their clinical testing. In the darker topics. In 1993, Canner’s “State of
Feb. 11 to 17. industry’s outsized influence in television ultimate reality show, Canner drags along a Emergency: Inside the LAPD” focused on
“Orgasm Inc.” follows the research of advertising, along with the sexual content camera to film her as she learns tidbits such police violence just after the Rodney King
creams, pills and probes, all aiming to help of the movie. as the female preference for steamy scenes incident. Two years later, her film “Deadly
satisfy the millions of women struggling to “God forbid there’s a film that features with story lines. Meanwhile, she slowly Embrace: Nicaragua, the World Bank and
climax. Companies have been trying to cash female pleasure,” Canner said. realizes that drug companies are not actu- the International Monetary Fund” critiqued
in on a female love drug for years, though The documentary, which took Canner 11 ally treating an already-recognized disease, the effects of globalization.
but creating it in the search for a new rev- Canner wanted to move on because these
enue stream. The California-based company, films were giving her terrible nightmares.
Vivus, Inc., she comes to see, is actually Though “Orgasm Inc.” seems like a major
Beverage Delivery to Your Home or Office trying to adapt its drugs — initially used departure from those earlier films, she
Over 2,000 Conventional, Unique and Hard to Find Varieties! to treat erectile dysfunction — for women. believes the subject is comparable.
After tests consistently fail, the company “The reason I feel that this is a human
abandons the effort, but other corporations rights issue,” Canner said, “is because when
THE VILLAGER continue the search.
The leading contender ends up as Procter
you have something like the pharmaceutical

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=( 3 , 5 ; 0 5 , » :  + (@

Photos by Milo Hess

A bounce in their step

Bunnies strutted with pride at the Chinese New Year Parade in Chinatown last weekend. OV\YZHUK WYV[LJ[PVU
After all, it is their year — the Year of the Rabbit. While there were auspicious and fierce-  
looking lions and dragons aplenty, the man below was never actually at risk of losing his
head. On Thursday, the Lunar New Year, young lion-dance crews paid their respects to local
merchants, getting a red envelope with cash in return. Alan Ong, executive officer of the P7VK[V\JOŽ 3H*PL7V\S[VU
54-year-old, nonprofit New York Chinese Freemason Athletic Club, one of the lion-dance .P]LZNVVK +LZR[VW+YP]L
units, said it’s all about good luck and prosperity. “Asians believe in that — good luck,” he -HJL;PTLI\[ 3V]LJHUIL
said. All the money will go the club, he said, so that it can continue its activities and “keep WSH`PUNNHTLZ KH[H)HJR\W
the kids off the streets.” The lion dancers’ signature move is “double-stacking,” he said, :[HY[PUNH[  :[HY[PUNH[ 

when they hoist their lion head up high. They’re also available for weddings, birthdays and
bat and bas mitzvahs, he added.




   > , : ;    9 +  : ;  5 @ *                   ; , 2 : , 9= ,  * 6 4


16 Februar y 10 - 16, 2011

Trinity unveils new rezoning idea for Hudson Square

Continued from page 1

present the rezoning concept plan to Community Board

2’s Land Use and Business Development Committee.
Three days earlier, Trinity gave The Villager an exclusive
advance presentation.
Trinity officials who showed the plan asked not to be
quoted by name in this article.
In short, Trinity feels there’s “a strong desire” for some
residential use in the district.
In addition, Trinity is seeking height caps for new con-
struction in Hudson Square — with residential projects
eligible for a height bonus if they include 20 percent afford-
able housing. The caps are being described as “a modest
Along wide streets, like Canal, Hudson and Varick and
Sixth Ave., there would be a height cap of 320 feet, or 32
stories. For commercial use, the maximum floor area ratio,
or F.A.R. (which determines how much square footage can
be built.) would be 10, with current height bonuses for
including public plazas and arcades eliminated.
On these wide streets, residential F.A.R. would be 9,
which would get a bump up to 12 F.A.R. with the inclusion
of 20 percent affordable housing.
Currently, the whole district’s F.A.R. ranges from 10 to
12. Plus, there’s no height limit — which is how the Trump
Soho condo-hotel could be built to 490 feet, equivalent to 49
stories, by acquiring air rights from adjacent buildings and
using a plaza bonus.
On midblocks and narrow streets, like Greenwich and
Spring Sts., and other east-west streets, the F.A.R. would
be lowered from the current 10 to 6.5, but could rise to 8.5
F.A.R. with affordable housing included. The height cap
would be 185 feet — around 18 stories.
On Broome and Watts Sts., however, the F.A.R. would
be even lower, 5.4, but could rise to 7.2 with the affordable-
housing bonus. The height cap would be about 12 stories.
The tower Trinity hopes to build at Duarte Square — at
A map showing the area Trinity is proposing rezoning to allow residential use. The rezoning would also add height
caps for new construction.
on the west, Houston St. on the north and Canal St. on the Sts. Yet, hotels generate a lot of traffic, which is a concern
Trinity feels the current zoning is south, Hudson Square was formerly known as the Printing of Trinity Real Estate.
District. Located west of Soho and north of Tribeca, it In addition, Trinity had a bad experience with a hotel
producing nondescript new hotels. lacks both those neighborhoods’ renowned cachet. Yet, in project on one of its own properties: The planned Viceroy
recent years, as new businesses have moved into the area, hotel, to be built atop the gutted shell of a warehouse at 330
Hudson Square increasingly has become an energetic and Hudson St., never panned out. At great expense, Trinity itself
hip, media and creative hub. Foot traffic — at least during had to seal up the vacant shell.
the wide-streets intersection of Canal and Varick Sts. and the day — has shot up. And SEIU is reportedly having trouble finding a buyer
Sixth Ave. — at 429 feet would be taller than other new con- Trinity Real Estate wants to increase, not only residential for its former union headquarters building at Sixth Ave. and
struction. The public school in it would occupy four stories occupancy, but also retail in Hudson Square. Right now, the Grand St. Without residential use, converting the building
and be 100,000 square feet, and would not count toward the neighborhood turns quiet with empty streets at night and on into another hotel might be the only option.
project’s F.A.R. Trinity would build out the school’s core and weekends. Lunch options are few. Trinity would like to make Under the proposed rezoning, a special permit would be
shell — and then give the space to the city for free — and it a “24-hour community.” Residential use would increase needed for new hotels with more than 100 rooms.
rent free, for perpetuity. foot traffic, helping sustain retail. However, luring chain- Trinity doesn’t want to attract so-called destination retail
Trinity is also obligated to build a park on part of the store-type or high-end retailers is definitely not the goal. — like Soho’s glitzy boutiques and the large stores lining
property at Duarte Square as part of the development. Specifically, Trinity is seeking a rezoning for the area Broadway. Rather, Trinity hopes to attract small and mid-
A prime concern of Trinity is to preserve the jobs of north of Canal St., east of Sixth Ave. and Varick St. over to sized retailers and restaurants — mainly to service its own
current commercial tenants. Under the scheme, existing Hudson St. and then across Spring St. over to Greenwich St. commercial tenants and the increased number of residential
buildings of more than 50,000 square feet could not be resi- and up to Houston St. tenants that would populate the neighborhood due to the
dentially converted. If a commercial building of more than Trinity is, unquestionably, the area’s major stakeholder; rezoning.
50,000 square feet were demolished, then there would have it owns 40 percent of the neighborhood’s buildings and 50 Currently, Hudson Square’s residential occupancy is about
to be a “1-to-1 replacement” in the new building — meaning percent of the land. (The Saatchi & Saatchi building, at 375 4 percent. With a rezoning allowing residential use, Trinity
it would have to have at least 50,000 square feet of com- Hudson St., for example, is on Trinity property but is owned hopes to boost this figure to 25 percent. Two mixed-use
mercial space. Buildings less than 50,000 square feet could by Tishman Speyer.) neighborhoods that Trinity sees as comparable to Hudson
be residentially converted, and the expectation is that many Meanwhile, Hudson Square’s commercial vacancy rate, Square, Park Ave. South and the Flatiron District, have resi-
would be. According to Trinity, under the rezoning, about 90 30 percent, is very high, despite having one of the lowest dential rates of 38 percent and 29 percent, respectively.
percent of the existing square footage in the neighborhood retail rents in Manhattan. Other areas, like the World Trade All of Trinity’s profits go to support Trinity Church as
would be preserved as is. Center and the Hudson Yards, have commercial subsidies, well as Trinity’s charitable mission throughout the city,
Also, under the proposed change, new nightclubs would not but Hudson Square does not. As a result, property owners focused on neighborhoods like Chinatown, the Lower East
be allowed to open in Hudson Square. Big-box stores would be are turning to hotels — a number of nondescript ones hav- Side, Harlem, the South Bronx and the Upper West Side.
banned, as well, with an exception for supermarkets. ing recently popped up in the neighborhood, along with the Except for its actual church building, Trinity pays property
Bounded by Sixth Ave. on the east, the Hudson River towering new Trump Soho condo-hotel at Spring and Varick taxes on all its real estate holdings.
Februar y 10 - 16, 2011 17

Photos by Clayton Patterson

Original skin: Eighties ink

Back in the 1980’s, when tattoo parlors
CLAYTON’S PAGE were illegal in New York City, skin art flour-
ished on the Lower East Side among a core
group of ink artists. Documentarian Clayton Patterson photographed them, and even formed
a club, Tattoo Society, to help him to better do so. Tom DeVita, below left — at an early-
’90’s show of his work at Patterson’s Essex St. gallery — was a central figure. “He started on
the Lower East Side in 1961, the day after tattooing had become illegal,” Patterson noted.
“He was at Fourth and D for years.” Also in the photo are bohemian scenester Bill Heine’s
original tarot cards. Mike Bakaty, inking Pat Storm, above, on the Bowery in the ’80’s, still
does needle work in the nabe, at Fine Line Mike, at First St. and First Ave. As for Storm —
then a popular, spoken-word, performance artist — he disappeared, Patterson said. Cat, at
right, seen at a Tattoo Society contest, sported a blue, tattooed right ear (not shown) and
an abstract bird wing on her left arm. She ran an E. Fifth St. basement tattoo studio with
Mike McCabe, in photo at top right. Californian Ed Hardy, bottom right, was a big supporter
of DeVita and frequently visited. Today, Hardy’s Japanese and traditional American tattoo
patterns are worldwide, everywhere, “shower curtains, underwear, energy drinks,” noted
Patterson. Tattoo Society, of which Patterson was president — “with Elsa Rensaa as vice
president,” he noted of his wife — met at places like CBGB and Pyramid. In 1997, fearing
a crackdown by Mayor Giuliani, Patterson, then-Councilmember Kathryn Freed and Canal
St. tattooist West Wood successfully worked together to legalize tattoo parlors in New York.
That effort spawned the New York City Tattoo Convention, at Roseland each May, of which
Patterson is an organizer. A few months ago, Bob Baxter, Skin and Ink magazine’s former
editor, ranked Patterson No. 46 among the “101 Most Influential People in Tattooing.”
18 Februar y 10 - 16, 2011


Where’s the real Park51?
Last May, Daisy Khan, who heads the American Society Park smoking ban smells funny Gold was one of a kind
for Muslim Advancement, approached a Community
Board 1 committee about appearing at its upcoming meet- To The Editor: To The Editor:
ing to share plans for an Islamic community center. I’m not a cigarette smoker, but what public safety Re “Ed Gold, C.B. 2 elder statesman, dies at age 84”
The wording on the meeting’s agenda stated that the purpose is achieved by banning cigarette smoking in New (obituary, Sept. 16, 2010):
presentation would be made by the Cordoba Initiative, York City parks while actively soliciting for hundreds of Ed Gold considered me his oldest friend. We met in third
an established organization focused on interfaith relations food-vending carts and trucks to set up in the exact same grade at P.S. 70 on Weeks Ave. in The Bronx. We stayed in
whose founder was Khan’s husband, Feisal Abdul Rauf, an parks, many of which are using toxic fuel for cooking the same class together during elementary school and gradu-
internationally recognized religious scholar and imam. and are running their diesel engines for 10 hours a day? ating from P.S. 117/Joseph H. Wade Junior High School. We
Nine months later, that original presentation seems There is far more pollution and smoke from one such attended DeWitt Clinton High together for one semester until
like a mischaracterization, at best. At worst, it seems truck than 10,000 cigarette smokers might cause in the residential geography separated us. Ed transferred to Taft
like nothing more than the jump-off point for a public- same location. High School and I went on to Christopher Columbus High. I
relations spin campaign. The message we applauded and Likewise, the Greenmarket in Union Square Park runs live in Austin, Texas, and did not hear of his passing.
the project this community center has become are now gasoline generators, as well as having the diesel engines of Ed was a wonderful friend and a wonderful man. One of
murky and muddled. many trucks running all day while parked right inside the a kind. Ed, I will miss you!
Since that first introduction to our community early last park. And the Holiday Markets that run huge fuel-powered
May, the project has been called by three different names, generators for more than a month straight in various city Gabriel Nossov
has had two different spiritual leaders, two different blogs parks — are their fumes supposed to be a healthy addition
and now a Facebook page that is serving as the major to the experience of our public parks?
method of promoting the project’s mission. And disturb- Just wondering where the consistency is in such a E-mail letters, not longer than 250 words in length, to
ingly, it is becoming harder and harder for the constituency policy. or fax to 212-229-2790 or mail to The
that supported this project from day one, including those in Why is it artists — who by law cannot even use a Villager, Letters to the Editor, 145 Sixth Ave., ground floor,
the press, to communicate with the shifting leadership. battery-powered light — that must be eliminated? Could NY, NY 10013. Please include phone number for confirma-
Our sister paper, Downtown Express, interviewed Rauf the answer be that the Parks Department gets $100 tion purposes. The Villager reserves the right to edit letters
in early December and it was then that we began to ques- million a year from concessions and food trucks, but for space, grammar, clarity and libel. The Villager does not
tion his motives about the project he had for so long been nothing from cigarette smokers or First Amendment- publish anonymous letters.
the face of. At that moment, he brought up for the first protected artists?
time his notion of the Cordoba Movement that, in his own
words, had taken root right here in Lower Manhattan. Robert Lederman
We were surprised, to say the least, when the rift
that is all but crystal clear now, began to materialize
between Rauf and Sharif El-Gamal, the president of
SoHo Properties, who is spearheading the project’s
Lederman is president, ARTIST (Artists’ Response to Illegal
State Tactics)
Sound off!
development. Rauf hired his own publicists, and
El-Gamal, his. The project soon adopted a new nick- Teachable moment for Black
name: Park51, also the name of a mysterious nonprofit
group that, according to SoHo Properties, would run To The Editor: Write a
the future community center. The group, consisting Re “Parents see red after Black makes birth-control quip”
of El-Gamal and others, began holding “public infor-
mation sessions” at their Downtown offices, which,
(news article, Jan. 20):
It’s obvious from the recent verbal gaffes of new Schools
letter to
strangely enough, were not open to the press.
The aim was to clarify the project’s goals. But their
Chancellor Cathie Black that she is in a new culture, that
of parents and educators, and that while she is used to a
The Editor
myriad attempts to demystify things only led to more quick-paced and perhaps clever-tongued corporate milieu,
confusion. Rauf and El-Gamal seemed to be contradict- she doesn’t understand the sensibilities or lingo of her new
ing rather than reinforcing each others’ apparent shared environment, yet. By her accounts, she was not serious.
vision when publicly describing the project. While just listening might be a challenge, until she knows
“The Cordoba Movement and the Cordoba Initiative are the language of her new job, she should lay low on her meta-
separate nonprofit entities from Park51 with different mis- phors and jokes.
sions and leadership,” El-Gamal said in a press release.
El-Gamal also recently announced that neither Rauf Tequila Minsky
nor Khan would be speaking on behalf of Park51, nor
would they be raising funds for it.
Weren’t “Cordoba” and “Park51” one in the same last
spring? Wait, no — wasn’t the original name of the project
“Cordoba House”? Were Khan’s and Rauf’s philosophies
not the inspiration for the proposed community center?
Enter a new spiritual advisor, Imam Adhami, who
espouses some controversial views on homosexuality
very much at odds with the planned center’s original
vision that embraced openness and inclusion. Days
later, Adhami exits the project.
We embraced this project from the very beginning,
as did C.B. 1, most of our elected leaders and the
Lower Manhattan community. It would be a shame if
the very cause we rallied behind turns out to be some-
thing altogether different.
And while we hope that this is not the case, and
we understand that all nonprofits encounter growing
pains, we implore the real people behind Park51 to step
forward once again and show the same level of trans-
parency and openness to dialogue and inclusion that
impressed and inspired us. City Hall turns the Big Apple into a ‘Granny State!’
Februar y 10 - 16, 2011 19

Dad’s memory of bike trip with Gloria never faded

On Oct. 15, 2010, an article by Dan Barry was published
in The New York Times entitled “Death of a Fulton Fish
Market Fixture,” in which he sketched that bit of the life
of “South Street Annie” — also known as “Shopping Cart
Annie” — that he knew. In his article, Barry wondered just
who this person really was, and presented what he character-
ized as an “incomplete, partially hidden” portrayal of Annie,
whose given name was Gloria Wasserman, an account which
had been cobbled together from “old photographs, faint
remembrances and snippets of things once said to make sense
of the life lived.”
In one of the memories brought forth in his sketch, Barry
tells of how in the summer of 1947, Gloria, at the age of 22,
accompanied a World War II veteran — her future husband, my
father — Fred Fleck, on a bicycle trip to Alaska. But we are left
wondering about this trip, about “Annie,” and about the person
who accompanied her on that bicycle trip to Alaska.
Fred Fleck has now also died — on Jan. 19, 2011, at the
age of 92. Like Annie’s, his is a story worth telling — that of
another New Yorker who lived a very interesting life, during
interesting and difficult times. In telling his story, a bit more
of the lives that crossed with his become less hidden, and
more of the history of those lives lived is revealed. What fol-
lows is another cobbling together of a life now passed, drawn
from the memories of lifelong friends, and family.
Frederick Samuel Fleck was born in the Bronx on Nov. Fred Fleck and Gloria Wasserman in Fairbanks, Alaska, at the end of their bicycle odyssey that had started on Pitt
15, 1918, four days after the end of World War I. Fred St. on the Lower East Side.
spent the next 24 years living and working in New York
City. Graduating from Morris High School in 1935 — in the that began at Camp Hale in 1943, lasted 68 years. hit I was sent down the ridge to Campiano, where we fought
middle of the Depression — Fred’s jobs included working as In a personal communication, Ed Fancher describes the off counterattacks for five days.”
a shipping clerk in a factory, selling butter and eggs door-to- time he and Fred spent in Italy: In this same communication, Ed Fancher recalls the sum-
door, selling coffee and sandwiches for 5 cents each from a “We were first quartered with about ten partisans in mer of 1947, when both he and Fred were again living in
truck to W.P.A. workers, and working as a porter in the New a stone farmhouse on a hill looking out over a valley to New York City, after the end of the war.
York City subway system. By 1942, he felt he had it made: German positions on Mount Belvedere and Riva Ridge, “Fred and I and another 10th Mountain man, Rolland
He was working at a civil service job as a trolley motorman Osgood, were living in a tenement on Pitt Street on the
in Brooklyn. Lower East Side. Fred and I had planned to go to the
In December of 1942, Fred was inducted into the Army’s University of Alaska that summer, but I backed out at the
Signal Corps. Earlier, during the fall of 1942, Fred had read a Fred Fleck was the subject of the last minute. Fred then decided to go anyway. …”
news story in the Bronx Home News that had piqued his inter- This was when Fred Fleck met Gloria Wasserman. Fred
est; the Army had a need for a mountain division of ski troops, Village Voice’s first lead story. was visiting his brother-in-law, who worked for Harry
and was calling for applications. Fred applied, and after a Winston in the Diamond District of New York City, and, as
month of basic training in the Signal Corps, at Ft. Monmouth, Fred told the story, an acquaintance of his brother-in-law,
N.J., Fred was transferred to Camp Hale, Colorado. He had Gloria, showed up to say she wanted to accompany him to
made it into the Ski Troops, the 10th Mountain Division. As soon to be our combat objectives. … A few weeks later, we Alaska. Taken aback, Fred said he’d have to test Gloria’s
Fred told it, “There, a life of excitement, adventure, travel, made our famous night assault in the snow on Riva Ridge. stamina for such an arduous trip; he later recalled that
families, and different careers began.” Our company took our objective in our sector with only one Gloria, after the two of them had vigorously bicycled about
At Camp Hale in 1943, Fred became the squad leader in casualty that night, but the next day, a group of our men on their test of her stamina, had actually shown more than
the first platoon, Company B, 86th Regiment, where he met were shelled by German artillery resulting in several casual- he had. So the two of them headed out for Alaska. As Ed
and became friends with Ed Fancher. They were in the same ties. Fred rushed down to help the wounded and he was Fancher described it, “[Fred] and Gloria set out from Pitt
barracks and the same company, and later served together in himself wounded in the arm with shrapnel [Feb. 21, 1945]. Street for Fairbanks on bicycles, while a family of Gypsies
Italy. Fred earned several medals for his service, including Although wounded, he insisted on walking down the moun- watched their departure in disbelief.”
the Purple Heart, and a Bronze Star Medal with one oak leaf tain alone to the first aid station. Luckily he made it down
cluster. The friendship between Fred Fleck and Ed Fancher the mountain before shock set in too badly. The day Fred was Continued on page 31

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“Redesigning” Medicaid – It
Shouldn’t Be Just About the Money
By Emma DeVito
D o e s n ’t i t s e e m l i k e e a c h y e a r y o u h e a r f r o m f o l k s l i k e m e w i t h d i r e w a r n i n g s a b o u t t h e i m p a c t
o f t h e s t a t e b u d g e t o n h e a l t h c a r e , a n d l o n g - t e r m / c h r o n i c c a r e i n p a r t i c u l a r.
T h i s h a s b e c o m e t h e a n n u a l d a n c e i n A l b a n y f o r m o r e y e a r s t h a n w e ’d l i k e t o c o u n t : T h e
gover nor puts for th huge cuts, a nd the st ate L eg islat u re gets lobbie d to eli m i nate them, or
s i g n i f i c a n t l y s o f t e n t h e b l o w.
I n t h e p a s t , b o t h s i d e s h a v e “d a n c e d w i t h w h o b r u n g ‘e m .”
T h i s y e a r, o f c o u r s e , i s i n m a n y w a y s n o d i f f e r e n t .
Ye t , a t t h e s a m e t i m e , i t i s m a s s i v e l y d i f f e r e n t : A n d r e w C u o m o s w e p t i n t o o f f i c e o n a p l a t f o r m
o f g e t t i n g t h e s t a t e ’s f i s c a l h o u s e i n o r d e r, r e d u c i n g t h e t a x b u r d e n a n d m a k i n g N e w Yo r k a
business-friendly state.
F o r t h e n e w l y i n s t a l l e d G o v e r n o r, t h a t m e a n s c u t t i n g e x p e n d i t u r e s .
I n M e d i c a i d s p e n d i n g , h e u p p e d t h e a n t e e x t r a o r d i n a r i l y. F o r M e d i c a i d , a l w a y s a h a n d y t a r g e t
f o r b u d g e t c u t t e r s , G o v e r n o r C u o m o w a n t s t o s l a s h s p e n d i n g b y m o r e t h a n $ 3 . 5 b i l l i o n . T h a t ’s
double the tot a l a mou nt of Me dic a id cuts a masse d over the prev ious fou r st ate budgets. For
long-ter m care prov iders, their share of the cuts in the Cuomo Executive Budget is equal to the
agg regate impact of cutbacks they have endured in the past nine years. Nurse practitioner Suzanne Roth in a scene from “Orgasm Inc.”
U n d e r l y i n g t h i s , o f c o u r s e , i s t h e s t a t e ’s h o r r i b l e ( t h e r e ’s n o o t h e r w o r d , r e a l l y ) f i n a n c i a l
s i t u a t i o n , w i t h m o n u m e n t a l d e f i c i t s s t r e t c h i n g o u t b e f o r e u s : $ 10 b i l l i o n t h i s y e a r ; m o r e t h a n $ 15
b i l l i o n t h e n e x t ; a l m o s t $ 18 b i l l i o n t h e n e x t , a n d , i n 2 014 -15 , $ 21. 4 b i l l i o n . U n l e s s s o m e t h i n g
is done about it.
G over nor Cuomo has taken the c ar rot- a nd-a- st ick approach to those who prov ide c are a nd
Film on ‘female Viagra’ takes
ser v ic es for the po or a nd for disable d i ndiv idu a ls w ith Me dic a id f u nds. He says he wa nts to
r e f o r m M e d i c a i d a n d a d d r e s s i t s i l l s , a n d h a s e s t a b l i s h e d a M e d i c a i d R e d e s i g n Te a m t h a t r i g h t
now is r un ning around the state listening to people. He wants this team to come up w ith ways to
reduce spending, w ithout presumably hav ing an undue impact on those who need v ital ser v ices.
on pharma’s search for a ‘cure’
T h a t ’s t h e G o v e r n o r ’s c a r r o t . has had in marketing “Orgasm Inc.” to U.S. TV
T h e s t i c k i s t h a t i f t h e r e ’s n o w o r k a b l e p l a n i n t h e e n d , G o v e r n o r C u o m o s a y s h e w i l l t a k e Continued from page 14 stations, which are reluctant to show the film.
the cuts any way through across-the-board reductions. T he amount that the Medicaid team is “The question is getting out our message,”
s u p p o s e d t o “s a v e ” t h r o u g h r e d e s i g n o f t h e s y s t e m , r e p r e s e n t s m o r e t h a n t w o - t h i r d s o f t h e e n t i r e
industry, which is so powerful and so well said Tiefer in a telephone interview. “A com-
$3 billion-plus the G over nor wants to cut from Medicaid.
M a k e n o m i s t a k e , I b e l i e v e i n r e f o r m i n g M e d i c a i d a n d i t s s p e n d i n g . I t ’s n e e d e d . We c a n funded, it really starts to undermine our mercial film and an activist campaign have
do better – we can spend less, be more resourceful, and still prov ide essential ser v ices while understanding of sexuality.” different places in society and different ways
r e d u c i n g t h e e c o n o m i c b u r d e n o n t a x p a y e r s . G e t t i n g t h e r e , h o w e v e r, r e q u i r e s s o m e d r a s t i c The movie contains striking images cer- of interacting with institutions. In order to get
c h a n g e s i n h o w t h e s y s t e m w o r k s . T h e M e d i c a i d R e d e s i g n Te a m h a s a g r e a t o p p o r t u n i t y b e f o r e i t tainly suggesting human rights abuses. One people to see Liz’s film, she has to get it into
t o a c h i e v e a s y s t e m t h a t p r o v i d e s n e e d e d c a r e a n d s e r v i c e s m o r e e f f i c i e n t l y a n d e f f e c t i v e l y. woman recounts her vaginoplasty — essen- theaters and that requires the cooperation of
At the sa me t i me, there a re th i ngs that t rouble me. B efore gett i ng to them, it m ig ht b e
tially a vaginal facelift — that bled and drained distributors.”
helpful to look at the words of another Cuomo, from more than 25 years ago :
her body of one-third of its blood and nearly And Canner has not had that cooperation.
“ P resident Reagan admitted that although some people in this countr y seemed to killed her. “Orgasm Inc.” also addresses inse- The film has been shown to several American
b e d o i n g w e l l n o w a d a y s , o t h e r s w e r e u n h a p p y, e v e n w o r r i e d , a b o u t t h e m s e l v e s , t h e i r TV stations and she was turned down each
f a m i l i e s , a n d t h e i r f u t u r e s . T h e P r e s i d e n t s a i d t h a t h e d i d n ’t u n d e r s t a n d t h a t f e a r. time. Canner feels that the amount pharma-
H e s a i d , ‘ W h y, t h i s c o u n t r y i s a s h i n i n g c i t y o n a h i l l .’ A n d t h e P r e s i d e n t i s r i g h t . ceutical companies spend on advertising has
In many ways we are a shining city on a hill.
“ B u t t h e h a r d t r u t h i s t h a t n o t e v e r y o n e i s s h a r i n g i n t h i s c i t y ’s s p l e n d o r a n d
The movie contains hindered her chances, because the U.S. is one
g l o r y… t h e r e ’s a n o t h e r c i t y, t h e r e ’s a n o t h e r p a r t t o t h e s h i n i n g c i t y. T h e p a r t w h e r e of only two countries in the world that permits
s o m e p e o p l e c a n ’t p a y t h e i r m o r t g a g e s , a n d m o s t y o u n g p e o p l e c a n ’t a f f o r d o n e ; striking images certainly direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertis-
w h e r e s t u d e n t s c a n ’t a f f o r d t h e e d u c a t i o n t h e y n e e d , a n d m i d d l e - c l a s s p a r e n t s w a t c h ing. (The other country is New Zealand.)
the drea ms they hold for their ch ildren evaporate. suggesting human rights After the major U.S. rules change in 1997
“ I n t h i s p a r t o f t h e c i t y t h e r e a r e m o r e p o o r t h a n e v e r, m o r e f a m i l i e s i n t r o u b l e , that permitted direct-to-consumer broadcast
m o r e a n d m o r e p e o p l e w h o n e e d h e l p b u t c a n ’t f i n d i t . E v e n w o r s e : T h e r e a r e e l d e r l y
people who tremble in the basements of the houses there. A nd there are people who
abuses. advertising, pharmaceutical spending soared
s l e e p i n t h e c i t y s t r e e t s , i n t h e g u t t e r, w h e r e t h e g l i t t e r d o e s n ’t s h o w. T h e r e a r e to nearly $5 billion in 2007 from $220 million
ghettos where thousands of young people, w ithout a job or an education, g ive their in 1997, according to reports by the journal of
l i v e s a w a y t o d r u g d e a l e r s e v e r y d a y. T h e r e i s d e s p a i r, M r. P r e s i d e n t , i n t h e f a c e s Minnesota Medicine and marketing research
t h a t y o u d o n ’t s e e , i n t h e p l a c e s t h a t y o u d o n ’t v i s i t i n y o u r s h i n i n g c i t y. curity and shame. Many of the women in the firm Research and Markets.
- - M a r i o M . C u o m o , 19 8 4 D e m o c r a t i c c o n v e n t i o n k e y n o t e a d d r e s s film feel diseased because they don’t know that With the release of “Orgasm Inc.,” Canner
their lack of steady, instant orgasms is actually hopes to start a greater conversation in America
W h ile I f u lly suppor t the c onc ept of Me dic a id refor m, I fe a r some of the dire ct ions we m ig ht
take. I find k inship in the words of the elder Cuomo, who understood, at least, that we need to quite usual. But pharmaceutical companies, about the growing influence of the pharmaceu-
hold out our hands to help others. the film argues, hope to profit by recasting the tical industry. The film is opening in New York,
B u t t h e y a r e o f l i t t l e c o m f o r t i n l o o k i n g a t w h e r e w e a r e t o d a y i n 2 011. I w o n d e r w h o i s norm into a medical dysfunction. Chicago and Coral Gables, Fl., in February,
spe a k i ng for those i n ne e d. “Basically, if you can define a disorder in a and in Los Angeles in March.
F o r t h e p o o r w h o n e e d h e a l t h c a r e – i n a s t a t e b u d g e t t h a t ’s f o c u s e d a l m o s t e n t i r e l y, a n d really broad way, then you are going to have a In addition, Canner is traveling on a col-
c o l d l y, o n t h e h a r s h r e a l i t i e s o f a d d r e s s i n g t h e s t a t e ’s m a s s i v e b u d g e t d e f i c i t – w h o s p e a k s f o r
lot more people fall into that category,” Canner lege tour and speaking against the treat-
For f ra il older adu lts who ne e d home c a re a nd housi ng - - who spe a k s for them? said, referring to newly created names for com- ment of female sexual dysfunction with
F o r t h e t h o u s a n d s o f p e r s o n s l i v i n g w i t h H I V / A I D S – t h e p o o r, b l a c k s a n d H i s p a n i c s , a n d mon problems, like restless leg syndrome or potentially harmful drugs, such as Intrinsa.
m i nor it y women liv i ng i n c om mu n it ies w ith few ser v ic es – who spe a k s for them? social anxiety disorder for shyness. Although banned by the U.S. Food and Drug
Ye s , N e w Yo r k s t a t e n e e d s a l a r g e d o s a g e o f f i s c a l r e s p o n s i b i l i t y, a n d , t o h i s c r e d i t , G o v e r n o r A main figure in “Orgasm Inc.” is Leonore Administration, Intrinsa was made available in
Cuomo is intent on getting us there. Tiefer, a professor of psychiatry at both New Europe in 2007 for “post-menopausal women
But we need to be careful.
York University School of Medicine and Albert with diagnosed sexual problems,” according to
We s h o u l d d o a l l w e c a n t o a v o i d d e n y i n g c a r e a n d s e r v i c e s t o p e o p l e s i m p l y b e c a u s e t h e y
a r e p o o r. Einstein College of Medicine. Tiefer organized the Daily Mail.
If we do not f ind a way to achieve f inancial stabilit y in this state while at the same time the New View Campaign (N.V.C.), which seeks Canner is desperately searching for a vaca-
preser v ing v ital ser v ices that the poor need – especially frail elderly and persons liv ing w ith H I V/ to “expose the deceptions and consequences of tion from 11 difficult years of production, but
A IDS – then what have we really accomplished? industry involvement in sex research, profes- it may still be awhile before “Orgasm Inc.”
( M s . D eV i t o i s p r e s i d e n t a n d c h i e f e x e c u t i v e o f f i c e r o f n o t - f o r - p r o f i t V i l l a g e C a r e , w h i c h sional sex.” Although Tiefer said skepticism of can be seen throughout the country, allowing
s e r v e s s o m e 12 , 0 0 0 p e r s o n s a n n u a l l y i n c o m m u n i t y - b a s e d a n d r e s i d e n t i a l c a r e p r o g r a m s f o r o l d e r pharmaceutical companies is high in the United Canner some fleeting freedom from the film
adults and those living with HI V/A IDS .) States, she also recognizes the trouble Canner she has invested so much of her efforts in.
Februar y 10 - 16, 2011 21


Birdland’s “Cast Party” heads to Town Hall
Host Caruso’s a swingin’ cat, a sly fox and one bad mother
A Benefit for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Thursday, February 17, 8pm
At Town Hall (123 W. 43rd St. btw. Sixth Ave. & Broadway)
For tickets ($25, $50, $75): or call 800-982-
Visit and

Put on your Sunday best, lay down a modest cover charge
and step through the doors of Birdland Jazz Club on any
given Monday night — and it’s as if you’ve set the Wayback
Machine for a lost era when well-dressed guys and gals sat
at candlelit tables mere steps from household names who’d
belt out standards between the amiable patter of a much-
loved host.
That host is Jim Caruso — and that Monday night destina-
tion event for Broadway babies, journeyman jazz musicians,
cabaret veterans and chummy regulars is “Jim Caruso’s Cast
Party.” Now in its eighth year, the popular music-themed
open mic is a sweet-natured yet occasionally catty throwback
to the days of kitchen sink Vaudeville, when a beefy roster of
performers would get just a few short minutes to wow you.
Most of the time during any given night’s three-plus
hours, the folks who make it onto the Birdland stage deliver.
But a few do mange to fall flat (usually because the mate-
rial doesn’t suit the room or their interpretive abilities).
When that happens, Caruso just winks and smiles and keeps Photo by Bill Westmoreland
shoveling coal into his runaway train — schmoozing with Swing time: Caruso’s CD shines.
the band about an unrelated and often surreal topic, then
brining up the next act. only pine momentarily for outside help. And girl, the boy just added Hinton Battle, the Tony winner. Karen Ziemba,
A few months ago, shortly after Oprah gave away clearly needs it. In addition to his hosting duties, Caruso who won the Tony for “Contact,” is singing an Andrew Gerle
those cars to her audience, Caruso turned the notion of does all of the PR outreach for “Cast Party” and promotes song, because so much of what we do is about new com-
ego cloaked in generosity into a scathing running joke that the “Broadway at Birdland” series. There he goes again, posers.” Invoking his frequent collaborator, the great Billy
didn’t wear out its welcome despite the fact that he trotted doing unto others what somebody should be doing unto him. Stritch, Caruso says, “Billy will be at the piano. Neither of
out subtle variations of the same basic zinger way into the Such altruism — it makes you sick! us plan to talk about what we’re going to say, so our casual
wee hours. Even when he’s cutting you down, Caruso never Caruso’s pom poms and cabaret cheers will be out in full take on hosting will help keep the freshness and improv
strays too far from the “Cast Party” mission of lifting per- force on February 17. That’s when “Cast Party” moves to quality alive.”
formers up and making sure the audience knows his shtick is Town Hall for one night only — for an amped up evening Circling back around, Caruso adds, “I want to make it
all in the service of good, (mostly) clean cabaret fun. It’s that that will have cabaret and Broadway fans worked up into a clear that Billy will be at the piano and I’ll have my ‘Cast
polite safety net that keeps audiences and performers coming complete and total tizzy. Here’s a partial list of who’s on the Party Symphony Orchestra’ as we call it.” That means Billy
back week after week. Despite being the frequent recipient bill: The legendary Liza Minnelli (whose 2008 show “Liza’s Stritch (musical director), bass player Steve Doyle and
of coveted air kisses from the likes of Liza and Chita and at the Palace” marked the Broadway debut of Caruso). drummer Daniel Glass.
any number of special guests in attendance, Caruso retains a Broadway icon Chita Rivera. Country music superstar Sprinkled throughout the starry night will be a few
genuine aura of gee-gosh wonder which lets you know he’s as Larry Gatlin. Lucie Arnaz. Marilyn Maye. Tony nominee selections from Caruso’s new CD. “Jim Caruso: The Swing
thrilled to be here as you are. It’s a thing to see. Christopher Sieber. Tony nominee Sally Mayes. Jazz singer Set” is a 13-track collection (12 of which are first-time
Chelsea Now recently had a long, dishy phone conversa- Hilary Kole. R&B tenor William Blake. Nightlife Award- covers for the singer). Only one tune, “If I Only Had A
tion with Caruso. It began with a mutual pity party during winning jazz violinist Aaron Weinstein. Klea Blackhurst (star Brain,” is from the Caruso repertoire. A parallel world
which we was firmly established that both this intrepid of the new IFC Comedy Series “The Onion News Network”). away from the silly/stupid scarecrow version you know
cabaret reporter and his interview subject were basically Composer Andrew Gerle — and Countess Luann de Lesseps from “The Wizard of Oz,” this take is downbeat, with only
decent, driven men who worked themselves like show ponies (from “Housewives of New York City”). the slightest lemon twist of hope. It’s a melancholy punch
without the benefit of schemingly ambitious yet competent Although the lineup is heavy on star power, Caruso says it to the gut full of doomed “if only” moments punctuated
interns. While this humble scribe speculated he’d gladly deal won’t stray too far from the Birdland formula — then quickly by Warren Vaché’s sad coronet and slow licks from iconic
with an “All About Eve” scenario in exchange for somebody adds, “I’m doing something with the Mark Stuart Dance
who didn’t mind making copies, Caruso allowed himself to Theatre. It’s going to be a full-on production number. We Continued on page 23
22 Februar y 10 - 16, 2011

Hot property in the Baltics lands at La MaMa

State violence collides with secret violence against loved ones
THEATER SOLDIER 1 (voice only): We know
that you know the whereabouts of
Written by Sofi Oksanen SOLDIER 2 (voice only): You have
such a charming daughter.
English translation by Eva Buchwald
Directed by Zishan Ugurlu ALIIDE: We said we didn’t know
anything about Hans….
Presented by Actors Without Borders
February 10-20 SOLDIER 2 (voice only): What’s
your daughter’s name?…The girl’s
At La MaMa E.T.C. (74-A East 4th St.) almost a woman….
For tickets, call 212-475-7710
And that’s where the nightmare begins.
It’s all in the skillful telling, old Aliide
BY JERRY TALLMER talking about the days of — remembering the
Aliide speaks. She is a weather-worn days of — young Aliide, a woman who will
woman of 70, looking back on when she survive in the face of anything, at the cost
was a girl of 20 in this same house in what of anything and anybody. All this in a jolting
was then Soviet-occupied Estonia. Her lover, piece of theater that’s by a young woman who
Hans, in those days of her youth — her sister herself has hit the ripe old age of 33.
Ingel’s husband, an Estonian who’d fought Her name is Sofi Oksanen. She was
the Russians and lost — is still asleep in his born in Finland to a Finnish father and an
hideaway in the basement behind a heavy Estonian mother. Her play is called “Purge”
chest of drawers, when the Stalinist security (“Puhdistus”), and it’s a very hot prop-
thugs come looking for him. erty indeed in the Baltic countries of Eastern
Europe and elsewhere abroad. Its author
ALIIDE: Hans didn’t even wake up liked it so much — was so fascinated by its
when they came to get us, agreed to go characters, who wouldn’t leave her alone —
Photo by Kirsten Kay Thoen
quietly. We didn’t want him to know. that she then further explored it as a novel,
We’d been woken by the dogs barking which in itself has turned into a best-seller. Maren Bush with Peter Franzén.
even before they came to the door and Some share of play and novel, comes out of
we knew exactly what it meant. By the the memories of Oksanen’s Estonian grand- “Instead of a conscious and naturalistic You did the right thing. You did your
time they knocked we were standing in mother. set,” Ugurlu said over some blueberry pan- duty. You acted as a progressive, social-
the kitchen all ready to go. This I learn from another remarkable cakes last week, “I’m trying for a set that ly aware person should act. That’s a
It was our first time and they took young-minded woman, Zishan Ugurlu — is both conscious and subconscious — the noble thing. Your driving force is your
us straight to headquarters — to the the Turkish-born director of the English- landscape of Aliide’s body and soul.” devotion to your community, to your
Town Hall. Me, Ingel and Linda [the language version of this play (translated by And some body and soul this is. The Motherland. That’s admirable. You are
10-year-old]. There was a young boy Eva Buchwald) that runs February 10-20 at Aliide of “Purge,” I hazarded, has much in guided by natural class instinct. That’s
with them, a boy from the village. the late Ellen Stewart’s La MaMa E.T.C. common with Bertolt Brecht’s eternal survi- what I first admired in you. The very
He couldn’t look at us. We’d been La MaMa regulars will surely remember vor, Mother Courage. first time I saw you at the party meet-
in the same school. In the cellar of actress Ugurlu from her 2004 performance “Why yes!” exclaimed Ugurlu, who per- ing. I sensed at once, there’s something
the Town Hall there were two naked as Helen of Troy in Andre Serban’s staging haps had been too busy to think of that. special about that girl!…Finally when
lamps [light bulbs] hanging from the of “The Trojan Women.” Well, now she is She sees Aliide also as a Medea-like figure, I saw you sitting in the corner, reading
ceiling. A soldier was eating bread not only the director of “Purge” and of the “living on the edge; at the last moment your Lenin — you looked like a picture
and drinking vodka. Knocking back Actors Without Borders resident company she betrays everything and everybody, her or a painting — I could tell you had
his glass. Wiping his mouth on his that’s staging it, but also the set designer husband, her sister, her granddaughter. At what it takes to rise above the class you
sleeve the way the Russians do. He and the person who persuaded Oksanen to one point she becomes a sandwich in bed were born into….
offered us some. We declined. have the play come to New York. between her husband, Martin, and her lover,
Hans, her sister’s husband. Stop! Stop! Can’t someone please stop
“It’s like a thriller,” said the director. him? I’d betray the crashing bore myself, if
“Like a Hitchcock movie.” She took a breath only to stop him. Of course I’d have to marry
before saying, “I love this play for the issues him first.
155 1st Avenue at East 10th St. it deals with — sex, politics, and power.” Fortunately for this production, the role
Reservations/Info 212-254-1109 Buy Tickets Online at
Also as it happens, rape, torture murder, of Martin is being carried by the distin-
STARRY MESSENGER HELP ME JUMP OVER and other such Stalinist and non-Stalinist guished Finnish movie actor Peter Franzén.
Written by IRA HAUPTMAN THE SNOW pleasantries. The Aliide — old Aliide — is Jillian Lindig.
Directed by SUSAN EINHORN Written & Directed by BINA SHARIF “Torture,” said Ugurlu. “Everybody does Young Aliide is Maren Bush. Grant Neale
Thurs - Sun, February 10 - 27 it on one level or another. We do violence is Hans.
Thurs - Sun, Jan 27 - Feb 13
Thu-Sat at 8pm, Sun at 3pm against our loved ones on an almost uncon- Ugurlu says she owes everything to Ellen
Thu-Sat 8pm, Sun 3pm $15/tdf scious level. And then the violence of the Stewart for bringing her here seven years
All Seats $10/tdf
state collides with the secret violence against ago, giving her a place to live, work to do,
THE FISH CATCHER Love N’ Courage loved ones. The discourse of Aliide’s hus- getting her a Green Card.
EXPERIMENT A Benefit for TNC’s Emerging band Martin is almost like the discourse of The English of this young artist from
Written & Directed by Playwrights Program Stalin. ‘You are my comrade.’ ‘You are my Istanbul is not only quite good but quite
EUGENIA MACER-STORY Monday, February 28th
At The National Arts Club Motherland.’” colorful.
Thurs - Sun, February 10 - 20 15 Gramercy Park South “That too is thanks to Ellen,” says
Thu-Sat at 8pm, Sun at 3pm $12 6:30pm Tickets $125 MARTIN: All right, all right, Aliide. Ugurlu.
Februar y 10 - 16, 2011 23

Family Series 2010/11


BMCC Tribeca PAC & Theatreworks U.S.A. present

Click, Clack, Moo

Sunday, February 13 at 3 PM

A hilariously “moo-ving” new musical about compromise,

based on the award-winning book by Doreen Cronin and
Betsy Lewin. Ages 3 & Up. $25

Enjoy $14 tickets as a 10Club Member

Become a 10Club Member & Get 10 Tickets for Just $140! Use them all at
once or spread out over many family events during the 2010-11 season.
Members also receive discounts from participating local merchants.
Call 212-220-1460 for more information or
Photo by Bill Westmoreland 9LVLWWKH%R[2I¿FH located on the campus of the BMCC
199 Chambers St., NYC.
Sublime collaborators Billy Stritch (L) and Jim Caruso (R). Order single tickets online:

Jim Caruso
Konikoff (trumpet). Not familiar names?
Continued from page 21 Google them and you’ll be sufficiently
superstar jazz guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli. High praise from the CD’s vocalist goes
Fans know the man can pick at a furious to Aaron Weinstein — the 24-year-old who
pace — but here, like Caruso, his restraint served as musical director, played violin and
packs an unexpected wallop. created the musical arrangements (which
Asked what’s up with this very unusual have an inspired purity that’s both sparse
interpretation, Caruso traces its origins to and complex). Caruso says the concept for
an early failure: “I auditioned for the role the CD has been percolating for quite some
of the Scarecrow once, but I didn’t get it. time. Crediting its success to a sound cre-
It went to a local hairdresser/makeup art- ated by Weinstein, Caruso notes, “It’s all
ist. So the anger and sadness of not getting in the arrangements. Aaron is a genius. He
that role stayed with me. I was telling Billy has an incredible capacity to interpret these
this pathetic story, and he said ‘you need to songs. All the musicians would come in and
sing that song.’ And I said I couldn’t just say how gorgeous the charts were. These
stand there and sing it, so he started play- are guys who are in the studio every day
ing these hip, jazzy, contemplative chords. playing for someone. They see it all, and the
It refreshed the song for me and took it to fact that they were fainting at the arraign-
a whole other place.” ments was just beautiful.”
Don’t get the wrong idea from that It’s at this point that Caruso goes back
“Brain” origins anecdote. “The Swing into that gee-wiz mode that shoots out
Set” is full of upbeat, irony-free covers of him like happy ectoplasm when he’s
(including “Avalon” with Hillary Kole hosting “Cast Party.” He’s clearly tapping
and Stritch; “Gotta Be This or That” into that golden era of popular music,
with Michael Feinstein; and “The Doodlin’ when collaboration came not in the form
Song” with Stephanie J. Black). Solo of a few distant studio musicians, but
Caruso numbers include the snarky “I’m massive ensembles of backup singers, cho-
So Happy,” the not too saccharine sweet rus boys and multi-member orchestras.
“Pick Yourself Up,” and an affectionately Finding strength in numbers suits him just
rendered “Manhattan.” fine. “I’ve always been lucky to surround
In addition to Vaché and Pizzarelli, myself with brilliant talent,” says Caruso
other musicians lending their talents to — who grew up watching variety shows
the Caruso cause include Harry Allen and wanting to be an Osmond brother.
(tenor saxophone), Tedd Firth (piano), He’s achieved that dream in a roundabout
Steve Doyle (bass), Jon Burr (bass), but very satisfying way, creating on the
Warren Odes (drums), Kristy Norter (sax- stage and off a Mormon-sized family of
ophones), Dave Trigg (trumpet) and Ross friends who became collaborators.
24 Februar y 10 - 16, 2011

Far beyond flowers and candy

Things to do with your love

Photo by Carrie Leonard

Stolen Chair’s “Victorian Valentine’s Day Party” takes you back…way back.


If you’re a true romantic, and lucky enough to be in love,
every day is Valentine’s Day — so good for you. But if you’re
not the type to wear your heart on your sleeve by gifting that
significant other with grand and frequent gestures, pulling out
all the stops for this annual articulation of love is a no-brainer.
This year, in addition to lavishing them with the usual flow-
ers and candy, think about employing some of these unique
options. In the end, the effort you take just might equal the
love you make. As for our single readers: Suck it up and
let your coupled friends have their day in the sun — and
remember, there’s no shame in sending flowers to your-
self. We all deserve love!


Tonight you’re gonna party like it’s 1865 — and maybe
make love sweet love when once you’ve ripped the corset
or bodice or top hat off your smartly-dressed date or lover
or forbidden paramour. Theater company Stolen Chair has
crafted a celebration with some serious Downtown bite.
Their “Victorian Valentine’s Day Party” (suitable for couples
as well as singles) encourages you to come in costume, try
Victorian-themed drink specials and have your fortunes told
by a master of Regina Victoria tarot. Proceeds from the
event (including those generated from a silent auction) will
help fund Stolen Chair’s 14th original work — “Cut Paste
Corset Perfect” — a site-specific play inspired by the art of
Victorian photocollage (premieres in mid-June). Sun., Feb.
13, 7-9pm at the Dove Parlour (228 Thompson St. btw. W.
3rd & Bleecker). $10 admission does not include drinks. For
info, visit


RIPPED PAPER Photo by Paul B. Goode
Buglisi Dance Theatre’s got the love bug this week, and Buglisi Dance Theatre’s latest takes its inspiration from
they’re looking to spread it around — by way of a world love letters.
premiere piece. Artistic Director Jacqulyn Buglisi’s “Letters

Find it in the archives of Love on Ripped Paper” was inspired by the many forms
of love expressed on the written page (romantic love, love of
Expressionistic and highly theatrical, Buglisi’s dancers are
accompanied by an original score by Daniel Brewbaker
country, love of self). The choreography is stamped with the (whose works have been performed by the likes of Yo-Yo influence of letters from Pliny to Calpurnia; Queen Victoria
to Prince Albert; Napoleon to Josephine; and Zelda to Scott. Continued on page 25
Februar y 10 - 16, 2011 25


Most people know 80-year-old Jonathan
Winters from his Maudie Frickert character
— whose frequent appearances on Laugh-In
gave the show a surreal bite that its political
content couldn’t begin to match. Despite
being idolized by comedians (and given his
due as an early recipient of The Mark Twain
Prize for Humor), Winters doesn’t enjoy the
icon status of others from his golden era
of performing. Perhaps that’s because his
cerebral, improvisational, eccentric riffs are
somewhat impenetrable on the first viewing.
So many cogs and gears are firing before his
mouth opens, Winters’ comedy often comes
across as the work of a truly, deeply mad
That hint of insanity is brought out into
the light of day in the new documentary
“Certifiably Jonathan.” Between various tes- Photo by Eddie Chen
timonials to his utterly unique comic chops, H.T. Chen & Dancers, in the Lantern Festival Celebration.
we see how Winters (a gifted painter) dreams
of having his paintings hang in the Museum
of Modern Art. After failed exhibitions in
Photo © Certifiably Jonathan LLC

Crazy insane, or crazy clever…or a little

Beverly Hills and Las Vegas, he’s about to bit of both? There’s more to celebrate than the fact that the days are getting longer. The H.T.
give up. Then in walk the filmmakers, who Chen & Dancers’ “Lantern Festival Celebration” will lighten your mind and spirit by
hunt down an influential art critic who him on the road to Oz are Sarah Silverman, providing food for thought (plus refreshments for the physical body). Appropriate for
believes Winters is “the missing link between Howie Mandel, Nora Dunn, Ryan Stiles, the whole family, the dances will range from the long-unseen romantic duet “Nocturne”
Miro and Dali” and convinces the Museum Gary Owens and others. Running time: 1:20. to H.T. Chen’s “Big Brother” (performed by long-time Company dancer Renouard Gee)
of Modern Art to give him a show if he Opens Fri., Feb. 11, at the Quad Cinema (34 to the Chinese Lion Dance-inspired “Heart of Grace.” Also scheduled to be performed is
paints three new paintings. Many great artists W.13th St. btw. Fifth & Sixth). For screening “Warriors of Light” — a piece from Chinese Opera, which concerns the journey towards
thrive on deadlines, but some become para- times, call 212-255-2243 or visit quadcin- enlightenment. So brave the tail end of winter and get to know (or rediscover) what the
lyzed by the imposed quest to produce great Filmmakers Jim Pasternak and Chen Dance Center has been doing right — and doing very well — since 1988. Thurs.
work. When his favorite painting is stolen, Richard Marshall will be present for a Q&A through Fri., Feb. 17-19. Pre-show activities at 7pm, show at 7:30pm. At the Chen Dance
Winters loses his comic and artistic mojo, session following the 7:40pm shows on Feb. Center (70 Mulberry St., corner of Mulberry & Bayard). For tickets ($15; $10 for stu-
then goes on a quest to get it back. Helping 11 and 12. dents/seniors), call 212-349-0126. Seating is limited; reservations required.

Far beyond flowers and candy

St. btw. Lafayette & Bowery). Tickets are dancing ballroom. From 7pm to 9pm, couples
Continued from page 24 $25 ($20 for students/seniors, $15 for MHM will fuse at the hip to the jazzy, festive rhythms
members). Reservations required. Call 212- inspired by the traditional Argentinean style.
Ma and the St. Luke’s Chamber Orchestra). 777-1089 or visit A group instructor will provide tango lessons
Completing this tribute to classic gestures endar. from 6pm to 7pm for those looking to brush
of love: “Requiem” — a sensual work of up on their footwork. FREE. Mon., Feb. 14.
Buglisi’s inspired by the 17th century Italian FREE TANGO LESSONS & DANCING At the World Financial Center Winter Garden
painter Artemisia Gentileschi (who used her Return those tickets to Buenos Aires and (220 Vesey St.). For info, call 212-945-0505
brushes to express herself as an independent save yourself a trip to the airport. Arts World or visit Also visit
woman). Feb. 15-20 (Tues./Wed., 7:30pm; Financial Center has a better way to get a con- Got plans for the eve-
Thurs./Fri., 8pm; Sat., 2pm & 8pm; Sun., sensual pat-down — courtesy of free tango les- ning? Get a little afternoon delight with “The
7:30pm). A “Dance Chat” talk follows the sons and dancing the night away to the sounds Winter Garden Milonga: Free Lunchtime Tango
Feb. 16 performance. At The Joyce Theater of the Hector Del Curto Tango Orchestra at the Performances and Lessons” — from 12-2pm on
(175 Eighth Ave. at 19th St.). For Tickets Winter Garden. The 10-musician ensemble will Feb. 14 (same address and contact info as the
($10-$39), call 212-242-0800 or visit joyce. transform the glass-vaulted atrium into a grand evening event).
Photo by Bergino
org. Also visit
Get to first base and beyond with this
BERGINO BASEBALL CLUBHOUSE unique gift. See “Bergino.”
It’ll soon be spring — when a young man’s
fancy turns to thoughts of love…and baseball. mid-19th-century — offers an authentic fro-
Down two birds with one very memorable zen-in-time glimpse into the customs, morals
stone when you surprise the one you love and mindset of old New York. Their “Love
with this unique, decorative and functional in the Parlors” Valentine’s Day concert rec-
love-themed baseball. This handmade baseball reates the 19th-century tradition of “salon
is only $20 (includes a gift box and turf base music” with vocal chamber works performed
stand). Available for purchase at the Bergino in an intimate parlor setting. The composi-
Baseball Clubhouse (67 E. 11th St., in the tions, which address themes of love in all
landmarked Cast Iron Building). For info, call of its triumphs and failings, were chosen
212-226-7150 or visit from repertoire written between 1801-1900.
The Bond Street Euterpean Singing Society
LOVE IN THE PARLORS: A (MHM’s arts group in residence since 2004)
VALENTINE IN CONCERT provides the vocal talent. Mon., Feb.14, at
The Merchant’s House Museum — NYC’s 7pm (snow date Thurs., Feb. 17). At the
only family home preserved intact from the Merchant’s House Museum (29 E. Fourth
26 Februar y 10 - 16, 2011

MENT LLC. STREET REALTY LLC. LLC. EAST LLC. LLC. Authority filed with Secy. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy.
Articles of Organization filed
Appl. For Auth. filed w/Secy. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. Authority filed with Secy. with Secretary of State of Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on of State of NY (SSNY) on
Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on of State of NY (SSNY) on of State of NY (SSNY) on 01/04/11. Office location: NY
of State of N.Y. (SSNY) on NewYork (SSNY) on 11/22/10. 10/21/10. Office location:
of State of NY (SSNY) on 10/8/10. Office location: NY 11/18/10. Office location: NY 1/28/10. Office location: NY County. LP formed in Dela-
12/10/10. Office location: NY Office location: NY County. NY Co. SSNY designated
12/08/10. Office location: County. LLC formed in Dela- County. SSNY designated as County. LLC formed in Dela- County. SSNY designated as ware (DE) on 01/03/11. Princ.
ware (DE) on 8/5/10. SSNY ware (DE) on 09/28/10. SSNY SSNY has been designated agent of LLC upon whom office of LP: c/o Reunion Hos- as agent of LLC upon whom
NY County. Princ. office of agent of LLC upon whom
designated as agent for ser- designated as agent of LLC as an agent upon whom pro- process against it may be pitality Trust, Inc., 1370 Ave. process against it may be
LLC: c/o Peter Glazman, US process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail
vice of process. SSNY shall upon whom process against cess against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail pro- of the Americas, 28th Fl., NY,
Pack Courier Service, 350 served. SSNY shall mail pro- cess to: The LLC, 62 W. 47th process to: The LLC, 110
mail process to: 875 Ave. it may be served. SSNY shall served. The address to which NY 10019. SSNY designated
Fifth Ave., Ste. 4714, NY, NY of Americas #501, NY, NY cess to: Bldg Management St., Ste. 802, NY, NY 10036. Third Ave., Apt. 21C, NY, NY
mail process to c/o Eisenberg SSNY shall mail a copy of as agent of LP upon whom
10118. SSNY designated as 10001. DE address of LLC: Co., Inc., 417 5th Ave, 4th Fl, Purpose: any lawful activity. process against it may be
Tanchum & Levy, 675 Third any process against the LLC 10003. Purpose: any lawful
160 Greentree Dr. #101, NY, NY 10016. Purpose: any Ave, Ste. 2900, NY, NY 10017. Vil 1/13-2/17/11 served. SSNY shall mail pro-
agent of LLC upon whom is to: Ammara Y, LLC, 350 activities.
Dover, DE 19904. Cert. of lawful activity. DE addr. of LLC: Corporation cess to Corporation Service
process against it may be East 79th Street, #41A, New Vil 1/20-2/24/11
Form. filed with DE Secy. of Vil 1/6-2/10/11 Service Co., 2711 Centerville NOTICE OF QUALIFI- Co., 80 State St., Albany, NY
served. SSNY shall mail pro- State, 401 Federal St. Ste. 4, York NY 10075. Purpose: To
Rd., Ste. 400, Wilmington, DE CATION OF GORDON 12207-2543. Name and addr.
cess to the LLC at the addr. of Dover, DE 19904. Purpose: NOTICE OF QUALIFICA- engage in any lawful act or BROTHERS GROUP, LLC. of each general partner are NOTICE OF FORMATION
19808. Arts. of Org. filed with
its princ. office. Purpose: Any any lawful activity. TION OF CE EASTERN DE Secy. of State, 401 Federal activity. available from SSNY. DE OF MP HUTCH, LLC.
Authority filed with NY Dept.
lawful activity. Vil 1/6-2/10/11 PARKWAY, LLC. St., Ste. 4, Dover, DE 19901. Vil 1/13-2/17/11 of State on 11/26/2010. Office addr. of LP: 2711 Centerville Arts. of Org. filed with Secy.
Vil 1/6-2/10/11 Authority filed with Secy. Purpose: Any lawful activity. location: NY County. LLC Rd., Ste. 400, Wilmington, DE of State of N.Y. (SSNY) on
NOTICE OF FORMATION of State of N.Y. (SSNY) on Vil 1/13-2/17/11 1661 FIRST AVE LLC, formed in DE on 1/4/1998. 19808. Arts. of Org. filed with 12/21/10. Office location: NY
OF PEOPLE ARCHITECTS 12/9/10. Office location: NY NY Sec. of State designated Secy. of the State of DE, Corp. County. SSNY designated as
NOTICE OF FORMATION a domestic Limited Liability Dept., Loockerman & Federal
GROUP LLC. County. LLC formed in Dela- NOTICE OF FORMATION agent of LLC upon whom agent of LLC upon whom
OF URIU LLC. Company (LLC), filed with Sts., Dover, DE 19901. Pur-
OF 306 WEST 97TH Art. of Org. filed w/Secy. ware (DE) on 12/6/10. SSNY process against it may be process against it may be
the Sec of State of NY on served and shall mail pro- pose: Any lawful activity.
MCLEAN EQUITIES LLC. Of State of NY (SSNY) on designated as agent of LLC Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. served. SSNY shall mail pro-
12/15/10. Office location: NY of State of NY (SSNY) on 12/1/10. NY Office location: cess to: 101 Huntington Ave., Vil 1/20-2/24/11
Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. upon whom process against cess to: The LLC, 545 5th
County. SSNY designated as 12/13/10. Office location: New York County. SSNY is 10th Fl., Boston, MA 02199.
of State of NY (SSNY) on it may be served. SSNY shall Ave., Ste. 600, NY, NY 10017.
agent for service of process. NY Co. SSNY designated designated as agent upon DE address of LLC: c/o The NOTICE OF FORMATION
mail process to: c/o The Purpose: any lawful activity.
12/16/10. Office location: NY SSNY shall mail process to: as agent of LLC upon whom whom process against the Corporation Trust Co., 1209 OF D2A2 INVESTMENT
Cheshire Group, LLC, 826 Orange St., Wilmington, DE Vil 1/20-2/24/11
County. Princ. office and 79 Sullivan St. #5C, NY, NY process against it may be LLC may be served. SSNY GROUP, LLC.
Broadway, 11th Fl., NY, NY 19801. Cert. of Form. filed
regd. agent of LLC: Robert 10012. Purpose: Any lawful served. SSNY shall mail shall mail a copy of any pro- Arts. of Org. filed with Secy.
10003. DE address of LLC: with DE Sec. of State, 401
activity. process to: The LLC, 1556 cess against the LLC served of State of NY (SSNY) on NAME OF FOR. LLC:
Kantor, 55 Fifth Ave., 15th Fl., Vil 1/6-2/10/11 2711 Centerville Rd., Ste. Federal St., Dover, DE 19901.
Third Ave., #201C, NY, NY upon him/her to The LLC, 01/03/11. Office location: NY HEDGEFORUM OZF, LLC.
NY, NY 10003-4398. SSNY 400, Wilmington, DE 19808. Purpose: any lawful activity.
10128. Purpose: any lawful c/o Mr. Vincent Ventura, 1586 County. Princ. office of LLC:
designated as agent of LLC Arts. of Org. filed with DE Vil 1/13-2/17/11 App. for Auth. filed NY Dept.
NOTICE OF FORMATION activities. First Ave., NY, NY 10028. 17 E. 82nd St., NY, NY 10028.
upon whom process against Secy. of State, Townsend Vil 1/13-2/17/11 of State: 11/19/10. Jurisd. and
OF THE MANHATTAN SSNY designated as agent
Bldg., Dover, DE 19901. Pur- General Purposes. NOTICE OF QUALIFICA- date of org.: DE 11/15/10.
it may be served. SSNY shall HIGH BROW, LLC. of LLC upon whom process
pose: any and all lawful act Vil 1/13-2/17/11 TION OF VIII/H2 - 1414 against it may be served. Cty off. loc.: NY Cty. Sec. of
mail process to the LLC at the Art. of Org. filed w/Secy. NOTICE OF FORMATION
or activity. HOLDINGS, L.L.C. SSNY shall mail process to State designated as agent
addr. of its princ. office. Pur- of State of NY (SSNY) on OF HOWARD P. MAGA-
Vil 1/6-2/10/11 NOTICE OF FORMATION Authority filed with NY the LLC at the addr. of its of foreign LLC upon whom
9/22/10. Office location: NY LIFF, LLC
pose: Any lawful activity. OF CIVIC GW LLC. Dept. of State on 12/20/10. princ. office. Purpose: Any process against it may be
County. SSNY designated as Articles of Organization
Vil 1/6-2/10/11 agent for service of process. NOTICE OF FORMATION Office location: NY County. lawful activity. served. The Sec. of State
filed with Secretary of State Arts. of Org. filed with Secy.
SSNY shall mail process to: WANDERING MINSTREL Princ. bus. addr.: 591 W. Put- Vil 1/20-2/24/11 shall mail copy of process
of New York (SSNY) on of State of NY (SSNY) on
325 W.38 St. #705, NY, NY LLC nam Ave., Greenwich, CT to: c/o Citi Private Advisory,
NOTICE OF FORMATION 12/02/10. Office location: 12/3/10. Office location: NY
10018. Purpose: Any lawful 06830. LLC formed in DE on NOTICE OF FORMATION
OF AVENUE OF THE art. of org. filed Secy. of State NY County. SSNY has been County. SSNY designated as LLC, 666 5th Ave., Fl. 12B,
activity. 12/15/10. NY Sec. of State OF WHAT MOVES YOU?
AMERICAS DEVELOP- NY (SSNY) 10/25/10. Off. loc. designated as an agent upon agent of LLC upon whom designated agent of LLC NY, NY 10103. Addr. of LLC
Vil 1/6-2/10/11 in NY Co. SSNY designated whom process against the LLC.
process against it may be upon whom process against in DE is: National Corporate
MENT COMPANY LLC. LLC may be served. The Arts. of Org. was filed with
as agent of LLC upon whom it may be served and shall Research, Ltd., 615 S. Dupont
Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. FRAN & SAL’S ARTI- address to which SSNY shall served. SSNY shall mail pro- SSNY on 6/9/10. Office loca-
process may be served. mail process to: c/o CT Cor- Hwy., Dover, DE 19901 Auth.
CHOKE ON MACDOU- SSNY shall mail copy of pro- mail a copy of any process cess to: c/o Civic Builders, tion: NewYork County. SSNY
of State of NY (SSNY) on poration System, 111 8th officer in DE where Cert. of
GAL, LLC. cess to: David Kaminsky & against the LLC is to: The 304 Hudson St., 3rd Fl., NY, designated as agent of LLC
12/17/10. Office location: NY Ave., NY, NY 10011, regd. Form. filed: DE Sec. of State,
Articles of Organization were Assoc, 325 Broadway # 504, LLC, 138 Shadow Lake Road, NY 10013. Purpose: any law- agent upon whom process whom process against may
County. SSNY designated filed with the Secretary of Ridgefield, CT 06877. Pur- ful activity. be served. SSNY shall mail Townsend Bldg., Dover, DE
NY, NY 10007. Purpose: Any may be served. DE addr. of 19901. Purpose: any lawful
as agent of LLC upon whom State of New York (SSNY) pose: To engage in any law- Vil 1/13-2/17/11 process to: c/o The LLC, 301
lawful purpose, managed by LLC: 1209 Orange St., Wilm-
process against it may be on 12/23/10. Office location: ful act or activity. Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, activity.
members. ington, DE 19801. Cert. of
served. SSNY shall mail New York County. SSNY has Vil 1/13-2/17/11 Form. filed with DE Secy. #11A, New York, NY 10017. Vil 1/20-2/24/11
Vil 1/13-2/17/11 NOTICE OF QUALIFICA- Purpose: all lawful activities.
process to c/o Rosenberg been designated as agent of of State, Townsend Bldg.,
the LLC upon whom process TION OF GI TENANT LLC. Vil 1/20-2/24/11
& Estis, P.C., Attn: Michael NOTICE OF FORMATION Dover, DE 19901. Purpose: NOTICE OF QUALIFICA-
against it may be served. NOTICE OF FORMATION OF EPISODE 80 LLC Authority filed with Secy. any lawful activity
E. Lefkowitz, Esq., 733 Third TION OF JLP DEFENSIVE
SSNY shall mail a copy of OF GATE GLOBAL, LLC. of State of NY (SSNY) on Vil 1/13-2/17/11 NOTICE OF QUALIFICA-
Articles of Organization filed TION OF ADVECT CAPI- CREDIT FUND LP.
Ave., NY, NY 10017. Purpose: process to the LLC, 325 East Arts of Org filed with the 12/13/10. Office location: NY
with Secretary of State of TAL, LLC. Authority filed with Secy.
Any lawful activity. 14th Street, Apartments 3 Secy of State of New York County. LLC formed in Dela- NOTICE OF QUALIFICA-
NewYork (SSNY) on 09/24/10 of State of NY (SSNY) on
Vil 1/6-2/10/11 & 4, New York, New York (SSNY) on 5/6/10. Office TION OF EULAV SECURI- Authority filed with Secy.
Office location: NY County. ware (DE) on 11/16/10. SSNY
10003. Purpose: For any law- location:NY County. SSNY TIES LLC. of State of NY (SSNY) on 12/15/10. Office location: NY
ful purpose. SSNY has been designated designated as agent of LLC
has been designated as an as an agent upon whom pro- 01/06/11. Office location: NY County. LP formed in Dela-
LENDY DEMETRIUS LLC Vil 1/6-2/10/11 upon whom process against Authority filed with NY Dept.
agent upon whom process cess against the LLC may be of State on 12/23/10. Office County. LLC formed in Dela- ware (DE) on 12/13/10. SSNY
it may be served. SSNY shall ware (DE) on 12/16/10. Princ.
Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. may be served and shall mail served. The address to which location: NY County. LLC designated as agent of LP
NOTICE OF FORMATION mail process to princ. bus. office of LLC: c/o Advect
of State (SSNY) 12/13/2010. a copy of any process to the SSNY shall mail a copy of formed in DE on 12/20/10. upon whom process against
OF BEYOND ARCH, LLC loc.: c/o GxG Management Group, LLC, 405 Lexington
Office in NY Co. SSNY principal business address: any process against the LLC NY Sec. of State designated it may be served. SSNY shall
Articles of Organization is to: The LLC, 74 Perry Street LLC – Series A, 540 Madison Ave., 26th Fl., NY, NY 10174.
1212 6th Ave, Ste 803 NY,NY agent of LLC upon whom mail process to: 420 Lexing-
design. Agent of LLC upon filed with Secretary of State Ave., Ste. 21A, NY, NY 10022. SSNY designated as agent
10036. Purpose: any lawful #4F NY NY 10014. Purpose: process against it may be ton Ave., Ste. 2225, NY, NY
whom process may be of New York (SSNY) on To engage in any lawful act DE address of LLC: Delaware served and shall mail pro- of LLC upon whom process
act. against it may be served. 10170. DE address of LP: Stel-
served. SSNY shall mail copy 12/09/10. Office location: NY Vil 1/13-2/17/11 or activity. Corporate Services Inc., 1220 cess to the principal business
SSNY shall mail process to lar Corporate Services LLC,
of process to The LLC 545 W County. SSNY has been des- Vil 1/13-2/17/11 N. Market St., Ste. 850, Wilm- addr.: Value Line, Inc., 220 E.
ignated as an agent upon the LLC at the addr. of its 3500 South DuPont Hwy.,
148 St, 4B NY, NY 10031. Pur- ington, DE 19801. Cert. of 42nd St., NY, NY 10017, Attn:
whom process against the NOTICE OF QUALIFICA- Howard Brecher, Esq. Regd. princ. office. DE addr. of LLC: Dover, DE 19901. Name/
pose: Any lawful activity. TION OF LION ARC CAPI- SOHO 2108 LLC Form. filed with DE Secy. of c/o Corporation Service Co., address of each genl. ptr.
LLC may be served. The agent upon whom process
Vil 1/6-2/10/11 TAL LLC. Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. State, 401 Federal St., Ste. 2711 Centerville Rd., Ste. 400, available from SSNY. Cert.
address to which SSNY shall may be served: CT Corpora-
mail a copy of any process of State (SSNY) 12/16/2010. 4, Dover, DE 19901. Purpose: Wilmington, DE 19808. Arts. of LP filed with DE Secy. of
Authority filed with Secy. tion System, 111 8th Ave.,
against the LLC is to: Beyond Office in NY Co. SSNY any lawful purposes permit- NY, NY 10011. DE addr. of of Org. filed with DE Secy. State, 401 Federal St., Ste.
Arch LLC, 45 Overlook Ter- design. Agent of LLC upon ted by applicable law. LLC: 1209 Orange St., Wilm- of State, DE Div. of Corps.,
12/21/10. Office location: 4, Dover, DE 19901. Purpose:
OF MANHATTAN MADE race 6F, New York, NY 10033. whom process may be Vil 1/13-2/17/11 ington, DE 19801. Cert. of 401 Federal St., Dover, DE
NY County. LLC formed in served. SSNY shall mail copy any lawful activity.
ENTERPRISES LLC Purpose: To engage in any Form. filed with DE Sec. of 19901-3639. Purpose: Any
Delaware (DE) on 11/06/07. of process to Jajan, PLLC 110 lawful activity. Vil 1/20-2/24/11
Articles of Organization lawful act or activity. NOTICE OF FORMATION State, 401 Federal St., Dover,
Princ. office of LLC: 499 Park Wall St, 11th Floor NY, NY Vil 1/20-2/24/11
Vil 1/6-2/10/11 DE 19901. Purpose: any law-
filed with Secretary of State Ave., 10th Fl., NY, NY 10022. 10005. Purpose: Any lawful OF PROCIBO, LLC. NOTICE OF FORMATION
ful activity.
of New York (SSNY) on SSNY designated as agent activity. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. OF GT OPERATING COM-
09/28/10. Office location: of LLC upon whom process Vil 1/13-2/17/11 of State of N.Y. (SSNY) on PANY LLC.
against it may be served. 12/22/10. Office location:
NY County. SSNY has been COMPANY, LLC. NOTICE OF FORMATION Arts of Org filed with the Arts. of Org. filed with Secy.
SSNY shall mail process to BLUE HILL DESIGN STU- New York County. SSNY des-
designated as an agent upon Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. OF SPECIAL INSPEC- Secy of State of NY(SSNY) of State of N.Y. (SSNY) on
Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & DIO, LLC
whom process against the of State of NY (SSNY) on ignated as agent of LLC upon TIONS OF NYC, LLC. on 12/23/10. Office loca- 12/14/10. Office location:
Mosle, LLP, Attn: William L.
11/23/10. Office location: NY Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. whom process against it may Arts of Org filed with the tion: NY County. SSNY New York County. SSNY
LLC may be served. The Bricker, Jr., 101 Park Ave., NY,
County. SSNY designated as of State (SSNY) 12/22/2010. be served. SSNY shall mail Secy of State of NY(SSNY) designated as agent of LLC designated as agent of LLC
address to which SSNY shall NY 10178. DE addr. of LLC: Office in NY Co. SSNY upon whom process may
agent of LLC upon whom process to: c/o United Cor- on 11/22/10. Office location: upon whom process against
mail a copy of any process process against it may be 2711 Centerville Rd., Ste. 400, design. Agent of LLC upon NY County. SSNY designated be served. SSNY shall mail
Wilmington, DE 19808. Arts. porate Services, Inc., 10 Bank it may be served. SSNY shall
against the LLC is to: Manhat- served. SSNY shall mail pro- whom process may be as agent of LLC upon whom process against the LLC
of Org. filed with Secy. of St., Ste. 560, White Plains, mail process to: The LLC, c/o
tan Made Enterprises LLC, cess to: c/o United Corporate served. SSNY shall mail copy process may be served. is to: EurekaFacts LLC, 451
Services, Inc., 10 Bank St., State, DE, Jeffrey W. Bullock, of process to The LLC 315 NY 10606, registered agent Hungerford Dr, #515, Rock- Union Square Hospitality,
501 Fifth Ave., New York, NY SSNY shall mail process to:
Ste. 560, White Plains, NY 401 Federal St., #3, Dover, DE West End Ave Apt 3B NY, NY upon whom process may be The LLC, 118 West 18th St., ville, MD 20850. Purpose: To 24-32 Union Square E., 6th
10017. Purpose: To engage 10606. Purpose: any lawful 19901-3639. Purpose: Any 10023. Purpose: Any lawful served. Purpose: any lawful New York, NY 10011. Pur- engage in any lawful act or Fl., NY, NY 10003. Purpose:
in any lawful act or activity. activity. lawful activity. activity. activity. pose: Any lawful activity. activity. any lawful activity.
Vil 1/6-2/10/11 Vil 1/6-2/10/11 Vil 1/13-2/17/11 Vil 1/13-2/17/11 Vil 1/13-2/17/11 Vil 1/20-2/24/11 Vil 1/20-2/24/11 Vil 1/20-2/24/11
Februar y 10 - 16, 2011 27

INGS COMPANY LLC. PARTNERS LLC. LP, LLC RESIDENTIAL LLC. that a license, #TBA has been that a license, no. 1251383, Authority filed with Secy.
Authority filed with NY Dept. Auth. filed Sec’y of State Articles of Organization Authority filed with Secy. applied for by Pub 138 Inc. has been applied for by of State of NY (SSNY) on
Authority filed with Secy. of State on 12/15/10. Office of State of NY (SSNY) on L&D Hospitality Manage-
(SSNY) 12/1/10. Office loc.: filed with Secretary of State d/b/a Local 138 to sell beer, 01/20/11. Office location: NY
of State of NY (SSNY) on location: NY County. LLC of New York (SSNY) on 1/6/11. Office location: NY wine and liquor at retail in a ment LLC dba Kings Club
12/24/10. Fictitious name in formed in DE on 4/30/10. NY County. LP org. in DE to sell beer, wine and liquor County. LLC formed in Dela-
11/17/10. Office location: County. LLC formed in Dela- restaurant. For on premises
NY Sec. of State designated 11/30/10. SSNY desig. as ware (DE) on 4/15/08. SSNY at retail under the Alcoholic ware (DE) on 12/31/10. SSNY
NY State: Design Holdings NY County. SSNY has been consumption under the ABC
agent of LLC upon whom agent of LP upon whom designated as an agent upon designated as agent of LLC Beverage Control Law, at a designated as agent of LLC
Company (Delaware) LLC. process against it may be law at 138 Ludlow Street NY, restaurant located at 5 King
process against it may be whom process against the upon whom process against upon whom process against
Office location: NY County. served and shall mail pro- NY 10002. St., New York, NY 10012, for
served. SSNY shall mail LLC may be served. The it may be served. SSNY shall it may be served. SSNY shall
LLC formed in Delaware (DE) cess to: c/o CT Corporation Vil 2/3-2/10/11 on-premises consumption.
copy of proc. to Attn: Brett address to which SSNY shall mail process to: c/o National mail process to the LLC,
on 12/21/10. SSNY desig- System, 111 8th Ave., NY, mail a copy of any process Registered Agents, Inc., 875 Vil 2/3-2/10/11 11811 N. Tatum Blvd., Ste.
NY 10011, regd. agent upon Barakett, 767 Fifth Ave., Fl. NOTICE IS HEREBY
nated as agent of LLC upon 12A, NY, NY 10153. DE off. against the LLC is to: The Ave. of the Americas, Ste. 3083, Phoenix, AZ 85028.
whom process may be 501, NY, NY 10001. Principal GIVEN NOTICE OF FORMATION
whom process against it may served. DE addr. of LLC: c/o addr.: CSC, 2711 Centerville LLC, United State Corpora- DE addr. of LLC: Corporation
tion Agents, Inc., Suite 202 office address: 224 E. 52nd, that a license, #TBA has been OF CENTRAL PARK
be served. SSNY shall mail The Corporation Trust Co., Rd., Wilmington, DE 19808. CYCLING LLC. Service Co., 2711 Centerville
7014 13th Avenue, Brook- #PH, NY, NY 10022. Address applied for by Artichoke Mac- Rd., Ste. 400, Wilmington,
process to: c/o CPCP I Man- 1209 Orange St., Wilming- Cert. of LP on file: SSDE, Art. of Org. filed w/Secy.
ton, DE 19801. Cert. of Form. lyn, NY 11228. Purpose: To to be maintained in DE: Dougal, LLC to sell beer only
agement LLC, 1350 Avenue Townsend Bldg., Dover, DE 16192 Coastal Hwy, Lewes, of State of NY (SSNY) on DE 19808. Arts. of Org. filed
filed with DE Sec. of State, engage in any lawful act or at retail in a restaurant. For
of the Americas, 3rd Fl., NY, 19901. Name/addr. of each DE 19958. Arts of Org. filed 11/19/10. Office location: NY with DE Secy. of State, Div. of
401 Federal St., Dover, DE activity. on premises consumption
NY 10019, Attn: R. Adam gen. ptr. avail. at SSNY. Purp.: Vil 1/27-3/3/11 with DE Secy. Of State, 401 under the ABC law at 111 County. SSNY designated as Corps., 401 Federal St., Ste.
19901. Purpose: any lawful agent for service of process. 4, Dover, DE 19901. Purpose:
Smith. DE address of LLC: activity. any lawful activities. Federal St., Ste. 4, Dover, DE MacDougal Street (South
19901. Purpose: any lawful Store) NY, NY 10012. SSNY shall mail process to: Any lawful activity.
2711 Centerville Rd., Ste. Vil 1/20-2/24/11 1/27-3/3/11 NOTICE OF FORMATION 33 Gold St. #612A, New York,
OF BECOME YOUR activities. Vil 2/3-2/10/11 Vil 2/3-3/10/11
400, Wilmington, DE 19808. Vil 1/27-3/3/11 NY 10038. Purpose: Any law-
Arts. of Org. filed with DE NOTICE IS HEREBY GREATNESS, LLC. ful activity.
GIVEN Arts. of Org. was filed with NOTICE IS HEREBY Vil 2/3-3/10/11 NOTICE OF FORMATION
Secy. of State, Townsend GREEN 28W44 MEZZ NOTICE OF QUALIFICA-
that a license, #TBA has SSNY on 11/10/10. Office GIVEN OF MDG BENEFIT SOLU-
Bldg., Dover, DE 19901. Pur- LLC, TION OF EAST RIDGE
been applied for by Maxi- location: New York County. that a license, #TBA has NOTICE OF FORMATION TIONS, LLC
pose: any and all lawful act mopino Café 1 LLC & Trust Auth. filed Sec’y of State SSNY designated as agent of PROPERTIES LLC.
been applied for by Barraza OF LANE MAURER LLC. Articles of Organization filed
or activity. 3 Hospitality LLC to sell Beer, (SSNY) 11/12/10. Office loc.: LLC whom process against Authority filed with Secy. Foods Inc. d/b/a Taqueria
of State of NY (SSNY) on Art. of Org. filed w/Secy. with Secretary of State of
Vil 1/20-2/24/11 wine and liquor at retail in a NY County. LLC org. in DE may be served. SSNY shall Lower East Side to sell beer, of State of NY (SSNY) on
restaurant. For on premises 1/6/11. Office location: NY New York (SSNY) on 11/29/
11/10/10. SSNY desig. as mail process to: c/o United wine and liquor at retail in a 11/23/10. Office location: NY
consumption under the ABC States Corporation Agents, County. LLC formed in Dela- 2010. Office location: NY
NAME OF FOR. LLC: agent of LLC upon whom restaurant. For on premises County. SSNY designated as County. SSNY has been des-
law at 604 6th Avenue aka Inc., 7014 13th Ave. #202, ware (DE) on 10/8/10. SSNY agent for service of process.
HEDGEFORUM ROC, 68-70 West 13th Street NY, process against it may be designated as agent of LLC consumption under the ABC ignated as an agent upon
Brooklyn, NY 11228. Pur- law at 198B Orchard Street SSNY shall mail process to:
NY 10011. served. SSNY shall mail copy upon whom process against whom process against the
LLC. pose: all lawful activities. NY, NY 10002. 7014 13 Ave. #202, Brooklyn,
Vil 1/27-2/3/11 of proc. to NRAI, 875 Ave of Vil 1/27-3/3/11 it may be served. SSNY shall NY 11228. Purpose: Any law- LLC may be served. The
App. for Auth. filed NY Dept. the Americas, NY, NY 10001, mail process to: c/o The LLC, Vil 2/3-2/10/11
ful activity. address to which SSNY shall
of State 8/24/10. Jurisd. and NOTICE IS HEREBY the Reg. Agt. upon whom NOTICE OF FORMATION PO Box 64, Waccabuc, NY Vil 2/3-3/10/11 mail a copy of any process
date of org.: DE 8/4/10. Cty GIVEN proc. may be served. DE OF CSRSL LLC 10597, Attn: Kevin J. Boyle. NOTICE IS HEREBY against the LLC is to: MDG
off. loc.: NY Cty. Sec. of State that a license, #TBA has been off. addr.: 160 Greentree Dr., DE address of LLC: c/o Unit- GIVEN NOTICE OF FORMATION
Articles of Organization ed Corporate Services, Inc., Benefit Solutions, LLC, 1575
designated as agent of for- applied for by Hot Talk LLC Ste. 101, Dover, DE 19904. filed with Secretary of State that a license, #TBA has been OF 537 MUSIC LLC. Boston Post Road, Guil-
d/b/a Horses to sell beer and 874 Walker Road, Dover, DE applied for by Ottoman’s LLC
eign LLC upon whom process Cert. of Form. on file: SSDE, of New York (SSNY) on 19904. Arts. of Org. filed with Art. of Org. filed w/Secy. ford, CT 06437. Purpose: To
wine at retail in a restaurant. 12/23/10. Office location: d/b/a Peri Wine Bar to sell of State of NY (SSNY) on
against it may be served. The For on premises consump- Townsend Bldg., Dover, DE DE Secy. of State, PO Box engage in any lawful act or
19901. Purp.: any lawful NY County. SSNY has been beer and wine at retail in a 11/8/10. Office location: NY activity.
Sec. of State shall mail copy tion under the ABC law at 898, Dover, DE 19903. Pur-
activities. designated as an agent upon restaurant. For on premises County. SSNY designated as
of process to: c/o Citigroup 168 Elizabeth Street NY, NY pose: any lawful activity. agent for service of process. Vil 2/3-3/10/11
whom process against the consumption under the ABC
Alternative Investments LLC, 10012. 1/27-3/3/11 Vil 1/27-3/3/11 SSNY shall mail process to:
LLC may be served. The law at 181 Essex Street NY,
Vil 1/27-2/3/11 7014 13 Ave. #202, Brooklyn, INDOCHINE CAFÉ, LLC,
55 E. 59th St., 10th Fl., NY, address to which SSNY shall NY 10009.
NY 10022. Addr. of LLC in NOTICE OF QUALIFICA- mail a copy of any process NOTICE OF FORMATION Vil 2/3-2/10/11 NY 11228. Purpose: Any law-
TION OF RELATED DIS- against the LLC is to: The ful activity.
DE is: National Corporate AIA HOLDINGS I LLC, TO, LLC. Vil 2/3-3/10/11 on 01/12/11. Off. Loc.: NY
Research, Ltd., 615 S. Dupont TRESSED OPPORTUNITY LLC, 6 East 43rd Street; New NOTICE IS HEREBY County, SSNY designated as
Auth. filed Sec’y of State York, NY 10017. Purpose: Arts. of Org. filed with NY
Hwy., Dover, DE 19901 Auth. (SSNY) 12/16/10. Office loc.: FUND I GP, L.P. GIVEN agent of LLC upon whom
To engage in any lawful act Dept. of State on 12/7/10. NOTICE OF MND, LLC
officer in DE where Cert. of NY County. LLC org. in DE Authority filed with Secy. or activity. Office location: NY County. that a license, #TBA has been process against it may be
filed with the Secy. of State
Form. filed: DE Sec. of State, 12/15/10. SSNY desig. as of State of NY (SSNY) on Vil 1/27-3/3/11 Princ. bus. addr.: 232 Bleeck- applied for by VSC Operat- of NY (SSNY) on JANU- served. SSNY shall mail
agent of LLC upon whom 01/11/11. Office location: NY er St., NY, NY. Sec. of State ing Company d/b/a Union ARY 07, 2011. Office location: a copy of process to: The
Townsend Bldg., Dover, DE process against it may be County. LP formed in Dela- designated as agent of LLC Square Cafe to sell beer, New York County. SSNY des- LLC, 70 Little West St., New
19901. Purpose: any lawful served. SSNY shall mail NOTICE OF FORMATION
ware (DE) on 06/01/10. Princ. upon whom process against wine and liquor at retail in a ignated as agent of LLC upon York, NY 10004. Purpose to
activity. copy of proc. to Attn: Averell INTERJEWEL REALTY
office of LP: 60 Columbus it may be served and shall restaurant. For on premises whom process against it may engage in any lawful act.
Vil 1/20-2/24/11 H. Mortimer, 375 Park Ave., LLC
mail process to: Corporation consumption under the ABC be served. SSNY shall mail Vil 2/3-3/10/11
32nd Fl., NY, NY 10152. DE Circle, NY, NY 10023. SSNY art. of org. filed Secy. of State Service Co., 80 State St., law at 19-21 East 16th Street process to: Barton Barton &
off. addr.: CSC, 2711 Cen- designated as agent of LP NY (SSNY) 11/18/10. Off. Albany, NY 12207. Purpose: NY, NY 10003. Plotkin LLP, 420 Lexington
NOTICE OF FORMATION terville Rd., Wilmington, upon whom process against loc. in New York Co. SSNY Avenue, 18th Floor, New PUBLIC NOTICE
any lawful activity. Vil 2/3-2/10/11
OF 160 FIFTH LEASE DE 19808. Cert. of Form. on it may be served. SSNY shall designated as agent of LLC Vil 1/27-3/3/11 York, New York. Purpose: any Notice is hereby given, pur-
PARTNERS LLC. file: SSDE, Townsend Bldg., upon whom process may be lawful activity.
mail process to c/o Corpo- NOTICE IS HEREBY suant to law, that the NYC
Dover, DE 19901. Purp.: any served. SSNY shall mail copy Vil 2/3-3/10/11
Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. lawful activities. ration Service Co., 80 State NOTICE OF FORMATION GIVEN Dept. of Consumer Affairs
of process to: c/o Mitchell
of State of N.Y. (SSNY) on Vil 1/27-3/3/11 St., Albany, NY 12207-2543, OF MADISON/PUTNAM that a license, #TBA has been will hold a Public Hearing
J. Devack, PLLC, 90 Merrick DREW DOGGETT PHO-
11/18/10. Office location: NY regd. agent upon whom DEVELOPER LLC. on Wednesday, February 16,
AVe, Ste 500, E. Meadow, NY applied for by GT Operating TOGRAPHY, LLC
County. SSNY designated as NOTICE OF QUAL. OF and at which process may 11554. Purpose: Any lawful Arts. of Org. filed with NY Company d/b/a Gramercy 2011 at 2:00 p.m., at 66 John
ZLPI HOLDINGS, LLC, be served. Name and addr. Dept. of State on 3/2/10. Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. Street, 11th floor, on a peti-
agent of LLC upon whom purpose, managed by man- Tavern to sell beer, wine and of State (SSNY) 12/21/2010.
Auth. filed Sec’y of State of each general partner are agers. Office location: NY County. liquor at retail in a restaurant. tion from Radiante LLC, to
process against it may be (SSNY) 11/12/10. Office loc.: Sec. of State designated Office in NY Co. SSNY
available from SSNY. Arts. of Vil 1/27-3/3/11 For on premises consump- design. Agent of LLC upon continue to, maintain, and
served. SSNY shall mail pro- NY County. LLC org. in DE agent of LLC upon whom
Org. filed with Secy. of State tion under the ABC law at whom process may be operate an unenclosed side-
cess to: RFR Holding LLC, 11/1/10. SSNY desig. as process against it may be
of DE, John G. Townsend NOTICE OF FORMATION 42 East 20th Street NY, NY served. SSNY shall mail copy walk at 131 Duane Street,
390 Park Ave., New York, NY agent of LLC upon whom served and shall mail pro-
process against it may be Bldg., Federal and Duke of SYZYGY ADVISORS, LLC 10003. of process to The LLC 261 in the Borough of Manhat-
10022, Attn: Tom Lavin. Pur- cess to the principal business West 28th Street #3A New
served. SSNY shall mail copy York Sts., Dover, DE 19910. art. of org. filed Secy. of addr.: c/o CPC Resources, Vil 2/3-2/10/11 tan, for a term of two years.
pose: any lawful activity. of proc. to Attn: Stuart Zim- State NY (SSNY) 7/9/10. Off. York, NY 10001. Purpose: Request for a copy of the
Purpose: Any lawful activity. Inc., 28 E. 28th St., 9th Fl., Any lawful activity.
Vil 1/20-2/24/11 mer, 535 Madison Ave., 6th Vil 1/27-3/3/11 loc. in New York Co. SSNY NY, NY 10016. Purpose: any NOTICE IS HEREBY proposed revocable consent
Fl., NY, NY 10022. DE off. designated as agent of LLC Vil 2/3-3/10/11
lawful activity. GIVEN may be addressed to Dept. of
addr.: CSC, 2711 Centerville upon whom process may be Vil 1/27-3/3/11 that a license, no. 1250800, Consumer Affairs, 42 Broad-
TION OF CUMBERLAND has been applied for by KIGS way, New York, NY 10004
Cert. of Form. on file: SSDE, TION OF ELLERY HOLD- of process to: c/o Frederic Articles of Org. filed NY Sec.
Townsend Bldg., Dover, DE NOTICE OF QUALIFI- 508, LLC dba The Albert Hall Attn: Foil Officer
EAT LLC. INGS LLC. A. Nelson III, 325 W 76 St, of State (SSNY) 12/2/2009.
19901. Purp.: any lawful CATION OF TERROIR to sell beer, wine and liquor Office in NY Co. SSNY Vil 2/3-2/10/11
Authority filed with NY Dept. Authority filed with Secy. NY, NY 10023. Purpose: Any GLOBAL, LLC. at retail under the Alcoholic
activities. lawful purpose, managed by design. Agent of LLC upon
of State on 1/6/11. Office loca- Vil 1/27-3/3/11 of State of NY (SSNY) on Authority filed with NY Dept. Beverage Control Law, at whom process may be NOTICE OF FORMATION
tion: NY County. LLC formed 01/12/11. Office location: NY of State on 1/10/11. Office a restaurant located at 508 served. SSNY shall mail OF 360 EAST 88TH ST.
Vil 1/27-3/3/11
in DE on 1/5/11. NY Sec. of NOTICE OF QUAL. OF County. LLC formed in Dela- location: NY County. Princ. 9th Avenue, New York, NY copy of process to Kriss & 26C LLC
PACIFIC GATE ASIA, LLC, ware (DE) on 11/18/10. SSNY bus. addr.: 412 E. 12th St., 10018, for on-premises con- Feuerstein LLP C/O Kenneth
State designated agent of NOTICE OF FORMATION Articles of Organization
designated as agent of LLC NY, NY 10009. LLC formed sumption. P. Horowitz 360 Lexington
LLC upon whom process Auth. filed Sec’y of State OF THOTH HOLDINGS filed with Secretary of State
(SSNY) 8/10/10. Office loc.: upon whom process against in DE on 1/6/11. NY Sec. of Vil 2/3-2/10/11 Ave, 12th FL NY, NY 10017.
against it may be served and CO LLC. State designated agent of Purpose: Any lawful activity. of New York (SSNY) on
NY County. LLC org. in DE it may be served. SSNY shall 12/14/10. Office location: NY
shall mail process to: c/o CT Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. LLC upon whom process NOTICE IS HEREBY Vil 2/3-3/10/11
8/9/10. SSNY desig. as agent mail process to c/o Corpora-
Corporation System, 111 8th of LLC upon whom process of State of NY (SSNY) on against it may be served and GIVEN County. SSNY has been des-
tion Service Co., 80 State St., 1/11/11. Office location: NY shall mail process to: c/o CT MGCM I GP LLC ignated as an agent upon
Ave., NY, NY 10011, regd. against it may be served. that a license, no. 1250601,
SSNY shall mail copy of Albany, NY 12207-2543. DE Co. SSNY designated as Corporation System, 111 8th Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. whom process against the
agent upon whom process agent of LLC upon whom Ave., NY, NY 10011, regd. has been applied for by
proc. to Attn: Jeremy Reifer, addr. of LLC: 2711 Centerville of State (SSNY) 12/17/2010. LLC may be served. The
may be served. DE addr. of Rd., Ste. 400, Wilmington, DE process against it may be agent upon whom process Gravy New York LLC dba
1350 Ave of the Americas, Office in NY Co. SSNY address to which SSNY shall
LLC: 1209 Orange St., Wilm- 4th Fl., NY, NY 10019. DE off. served. SSNY shall mail may be served. DE addr. of Gravy to sell beer, wine and design. Agent of LLC upon
19808. Arts. of Org. filed with mail a copy of any process
ington, DE 19801. Cert. of addr.: CSC, 2711 Centerville process to: c/o CPCP I Man- LLC: 1209 Orange St., Wilm- liquor at retail under the whom process may be
Secy. of State of DE, Div. of Alcoholic Beverage Control against the LLC is to: 360 East
Form. filed with DE Sec. of Rd., Wilmington, DE 19808. agement LLC, 1350 Ave. of ington, DE 19801. Cert. of served. SSNY shall mail copy
Corps., John G. Townsend the Americas, 3rd Fl., NY, NY Law, at a restaurant located 88th St. 26C LLC, 8 Madonia
State, 401 Federal St., Dover, Cert. of Form. on file: SSDE, Form. filed with DE Sec. of of process to The LLC 38
Townsend Bldg., Dover, DE Bldg., 401 Federal St., Ste. 4, 10019, Attn: R. Adam Smith. State, 401 Federal St., Dover, at 32 East 21st St., New York, E 61st Street New York, NY Court, Manhasset, NY 11030.
DE 19901. Purpose: any law- 19901. Purp.: any lawful Dover, DE 19901. Purpose: Purpose: any lawful activi- DE 19901. Purpose: all lawful NY 10010, for on-premises 10065. Purpose: Any lawful Purpose: To engage in any
ful activity. activities. Any lawful activity. ties. purposes. consumption. activity. lawful act or activity.
Vil 1/20-2/24/11 Vil 1/27-3/3/11 Vil 1/27-3/3/11 Vil 1/27-3/3/11 Vil 1/27-3/3/11 Vil 2/3-2/10/11 Vil 2/3-3/10/11 Vil 2/3-3/10/11
28 Februar y 10 - 16, 2011

that license number 1250939 HOLDINGS, LLC. art. of org. filed Secy. of
Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. license number 1251081 has
has been applied for by the Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. Authority filed with NY Dept. State NY (SSNY) 11/5/10. Off. 434 LESSEE, LLC.
of State of NY (SSNY) on been applied for by the under- ER LLC.
of State of NY (SSNY) on of State on 1/11/11. Office
undersigned to sell liquor at location: NY County. Princ. 01/24/11. Office location: NY loc. in New York Co. SSNY Authority filed with NY Dept.
4/5/04. Office location: NY signed to sell liquor retail in a
retail in a restaurant under bus. addr.: 1185 Ave of the County. Princ. office of LLC: designated as agent of LLC Authority filed with Secy.
the Alcoholic Beverage County. SSNY designated as restaurant under the Alco- of State on 1/19/11. Office
Americas, 30th Fl., NY, NY 29 W. 36th St., NY, NY 10018. upon whom process may
agent of LLC upon whom holic Beverage Control Law of State of NY (SSNY) on
Control Law at 174 Bleecker 10035. LLC formed in DE on be served. SSNY shall mail location: NY County. Princ.
process against it may be SSNY designated as agent
Street, First Floor and Base- 1/10/11. NY Sec. of State des- copy of process to: c/o With- at 316 Columbus Avenue, 1/20/11. Office location: NY
served. SSNY shall mail pro- ignated agent of LLC upon of LLC upon whom process bus. addr.: 667 Madison Ave.,
ment, New York, N.Y. 10012 cess to: The LLC, Attn: James ers Bergman LLP, 157 Church New York, N.Y. 10023 for on-
whom process against it may against it may be served. County. LLC formed in Dela-
for on-premises consump- Dolan, 135 W. 27th St., 6th Fl., St, 19th Fl, New Haven, CT premises consumption. PAP- 23rd Fl., NY, NY 10065. LLC
be served and shall mail pro- SSNY shall mail process to
tion. CMB Restaurant Group, NY, NY 10001. Purpose: any cess to: c/o National Regis- 06510. Purpose: Any lawful PARDELLA REST CORP d/b/a formed in DE on 11/12/10.
Corporation Service Co., 80 ware (DE) on 1/18/11. SSNY
LLC d/b/a The Mussel Pot lawful activity. tered Agents, Inc. (NRAI), 875 purpose.
State St., Albany, NY 12207- PAPPARDELLA NY Sec. of State designated
Vil 2/3-2/10/11 Vil 2/3-3/10/11 Ave. of the Americas, Ste. Vil 2/10-3/17/11 designated as agent of LLC
2543. Purpose: Any lawful Vil 2/10-2/17/11
501, NY, NY 10001. DE addr. agent of LLC upon whom
NOTICE IS HEREBY NOTICE OF FORMATION of LLC: c/o NRAI, 160 Green- activity. upon whom process against
tree Dr., Ste. 101, Dover, DE FARMERSWEB LLC process against it may be
19904. Cert. of Form. filed Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. it may be served. SSNY shall
that license number 1251196 LLC. OF 308-340 WEST 49TH served and shall mail pro-
with DE Sec. of State, 401 of State (SSNY) 12/29/2010.
has been applied for by the Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. Federal St., Dover, DE 19901. NOTICE OF QUALIFICA- STREET, LLC mail process to: c/o Bldg. cess to: c/o Corporation Ser-
Office in NY Co. SSNY
undersigned to sell liquor at of State of N.Y. (SSNY) on Purpose: any lawful activity. TION OF GP & GM CAPI-
9/16/10. Office location: NY design. Agent of LLC upon amended to CSAI LLC. Arts. Management Co., Inc., 417 vice Co., 80 State St., Albany,
retail in a restaurant under Vil 2/3-3/10/11 TAL, LLC.
County. SSNY designated as whom process may be of Org. filed with Secy. of
the Alcoholic Beverage Authority filed with Secy. served. SSNY shall mail copy Fifth Ave., 4th Fl., NY, NY NY 12207. DE addr. of LLC:
agent of LLC upon whom NOTICE IS HEREBY State of NY (SSNY) on
Control Law at 529 Hudson of State of NY (SSNY) on of process to Dave Ross 10 2711 Centerville Rd., Ste. 400,
process against it may be GIVEN 11/8/01. Office location: NY 10016. DE address of LLC: c/o
Street, New York, N.Y. 10014 served. SSNY shall mail pro- 01/26/11. Office location: NY W 15th St Apt 815 New York,
for on-premises consump- that a Liquor License (# Pend- County. SSNY designated as Wilmington, DE 19808. Cert.
cess to: c/o Mitchell Holdings ing) has been applied for by County. LLC formed in Dela- NY 10011. Purpose: Any law- United Corporate Services,
tion. RF HUDSON (DE) LLC LLC, 41 E. 60th St., 6th Fl., agent of LLC upon whom of Form. filed with DE Sec. of
B&R SORRENTO CORP., ware (DE) on 01/21/11. Princ. ful activity.
d/b/a RedFarm NY, NY 10022. Purpose: any dba La Nonna, to sell, liquor, Vil 2/10-3/17/11 process against it may be Inc., 874 Walker Rd., Ste. C,
office of LLC: Attn: Raphael State, 401 Federal St., Dover,
Vil 2/3-2/10/11 lawful activity. under the Alcoholic Beverage served. SSNY shall mail pro-
Rabin-Havt, 509 W. 110th Dover, DE 19904. Arts. of Org.
Vil 2/3-3/10/11 Control Law at 134 Mulberry cess to princ. bus. loc.: The DE 19901. Purpose: all lawful
Street, New York City, NY for St., 4E, NY, NY 10025. SSNY NOTICE OF FORMATION
NOTICE OF FORMATION LLC, 6 Grace Avenue, Great filed with DE Secy. of State, purposes.
on-premises consumption. designated as agent of LLC OF FROGS CONSULT-
Vil 2/10-2/17/11 upon whom process against ING LLC. Neck, NY 11021. Purpose: Townsend Bldg., Dover, DE Vil 2/10-3/17/11
Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. OF BBSC NEW YORK
CITY, LLC. it may be served. SSNY shall Art. of Org. filed w/Secy. any lawful activity.
of State of NY (SSNY) on LUCKY 128 MOTT LLC mail process to the LLC at the 19901. Purpose: any lawful
Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on Vil 2/10-3/17/11
12/29/10. Office location: NY Art. Of Org. Filed Sec. Of
of State of N.Y. (SSNY) on addr. of its princ. office. DE 11/12/10. Office location: NY activity. NOTICE OF QUALIFICA-
County. SSNY designated as State of NY 01/12/2011. Off.
6/11/10. Office location: New addr. of LLC: c/o Corporation County. SSNY designated as
agent of LLC upon whom Loc.: New York Co. SSNY NOTICE OF QUALIFICA- TION OF SERVCO LLC.
York County. SSNY desig- Service Co., 2711 Centerville agent for service of process. Vil 2/10-3/17/11
process against it may be designated as agent upon TION OF BBH REAL
nated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it Rd., Ste. 400, Wilmington, SSNY shall mail process to: Authority filed with NY Dept.
served. SSNY shall mail pro- whom process against it may ESTATE INCOME SERIES
may be served. SSNY to mail DE 19808. Arts. of Org. filed 165 Christopher St. #5D, NY,
cess to: c/o Katten Muchin be served. SSNY shall mail FUND II, L.P. of State on 1/13/11. NYS ficti-
copy of process to THE LLC, with Secy. of State of DE, 401 NY 10014. Purpose: Any law-
Rosenman LLP, 575 Madison process to: The LLC, 31 Jane NOTICE OF FORMATION
139 Centre Street, Suite PH# Federal St., Ste. 4, Dover, DE ful activity. Authority filed with Secy. tious name: ServCo (NY) LLC.
Ave., NY, NY 10022, Attn: Street, Apt 2C, New York, NY 138, New York, NY 10013.
19901. Purpose: Any lawful Vil 2/10-3/17/11 of State of NY (SSNY) on OF LION EQUITIES L.L.C. Office location: NY County.
Melissa Singer Bernard, Esq. 10014. Purpose: any lawful Purpose: Any lawful act or
Purpose: any lawful activity. activity. activity. activity. 12/15/10. Office location: NY
Arts. of Org. filed with NY LLC formed in DE on 7/14/09.
Vil 2/3-3/10/11 Vil 2/3-3/10/11 Vil 2/10-3/17/11 Vil 2/10-3/17/11 NOTICE OF FORMATION County. LP formed in Dela-
OF STRATEGIC PHYSI- ware (DE) on 12/6/10. SSNY Dept. of State on 2/18/10. NY Sec. of State designated
CAL THERAPY, PLLC agent of LLC upon whom
designated as agent of LP
Office location: NY County.

Articles of Organization upon whom process against process against it may be
filed with Secretary of State Sec. of State designated as
it may be served. SSNY shall
of New York (SSNY) on served and shall mail pro-
01/14/2011. Office location: mail process to: c/o Brown agent of LLC upon whom

CAREER Brothers Harriman & Co., 140 cess to: 645 Fifth Ave., NY,
Queens County. SSNY has
been designated as an agent Broadway, NY, NY 10005. DE process against it may be NY 10022. DE address of LLC:
upon whom process against address of LP: c/o National served and shall mail pro- c/o Corporation Service Co.,
the LLC may be served. The Corporate Research, Ltd., 615
Community Media, which publishes the award-winning weekly newspapers address to which SSNY shall South DuPont Hwy., Dover, cess to the principal business 2711 Centerville Rd., Ste. 400,

Gay City News, The Villager, Downtown Express, Chelsea Now, and a senior-focused mail a copy of any process DE 19901. Name/address of Wilmington, DE 19808. Cert.
addr.: c/o DeGaetano & Carr,
newspaper Thrive NYC and their very popular corresponding websites, seeks outstanding and against the LLC is to: Strate- of Form. filed with DE Sec. of
each genl. ptr. available from
gic Physical Therapy PLLC, 488 Madison Ave., NY, NY
self-confident advertising sales pros. 84-54 250th Street, Belle-
SSNY. Cert. of LP filed with State, 401 Federal St., Dover,
rose, NY 11426. Purpose: To DE Secy. of State, 401 Federal 10022. Purpose: any lawful
DE 19901. Purpose: any law-
engage in any lawful act or St., Ste. 4, Dover, DE 19901.
You: articulate, never give up, persuasive, ready activity. Purpose: any lawful activity.
activity. ful activity.
with a message, smart, road warrior, organized, Vil 2/10-3/17/11 Vil 2/10-3/17/11 Vil 2/10-3/17/11 Vil 2/10-3/17/11
energetic, a graduate of an accredited 4-year college or
university (preferred, but), and have previous advertising
or related sales experience (newspaper advertising sales
experience is a plus). You should have a general under-
standing of selling display advertising, creating sales
proposals, using Excel and Word, selling on rate cards,
and communicating demographic data research to make
your sale. Knowledge of contact management software is
Need to place a legal
You: are a team player, enjoy working in a diverse
environment, able to meet and exceed $$ goals, fearless...
ready to make tons of cold calls both in person and on
ad for your business?
the phone, and prospect everywhere and everything for
new advertisers. Skilled in getting past the gate keepers
and onto the decision makers. Your composure, oral, and
written presentation skills should be excellent.
Call 646-452-2471
Salary + commission, vacation/benefits. Please send your resume
Jason Sherwood / Senior Marketing Consultant
and tell us why you would be a great fit for our company.
Februar y 10 - 16, 2011 29

2011 Bonus
From The Villager
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a FREE gift subscription
Photos by J.B. Nicholas
From news to gossip  'T]`# eSSYaPgQVSQY]`Q`SRWbQO`R
Monday, CNN anchorman and reporter
PAPARAZZO DIARY Anderson Cooper was back in New York,
stopping in at CNN headquarters at the
Time Warner Building. While on assignment in Egypt, he and his crew had been 1VO`US[g(IKDWaOIK;1IK/[SfIK2WaQ]dS`
attacked in Tahrir Square by supporters of President Mubarak. He was to appear on
Monday evening’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” to tell his story. Paparazzo Diary got a rise 1O`R6]ZRS`¸aAWU\Obc`S(MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
out of the usually steely-eyed Cooper with the crack, “F--- Mubarak!” Earlier in the day,
Blake Lively, below, of “Gossip Girl,” and Leighton Meester were filming on location in MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
the East Village at Veselka restaurant, at Second Ave. and Ninth St. 1=;>:3B31@327B1/@2<C;03@


USb acPaQ`W^bW]\aT]`bVS^`WQS]T]\S


30 Februar y 10 - 16, 2011


DEADLINE WEDNESDAY 5:00 PM MAIL 145 SIXTH AVENUE NEW YORK, NY 10013 TEL 646-452-2485 FAX 212-229-2790


French Riviera, Charming
Townhouse. Location: le Bar WARWICK, NEW YORK     

sur Loup (10 Kms Grasse, 
25 Kms Nice), France.
&RPPHUFLDO/RDQ Non-invasive dentistry for kids!
Breathtaking views, 2 BM, 2 Baths, LR, • Lifestyle Change
DR, EIK. $1250/wk. Turn key furnished. &RPSHWLWLYH5DWH&'V
• Established High
Photos at
(941) 363-0925 Business /RZ0LQLPXP%DODQFHIRU
Fully Furnished.WIFI, Cabled, 60 mi N
Charming 4 BR Home
kids stay safe,
of NYC,260 yr old house on Appalachian %UDQFKHV
Trail, nr Fahnestock Pk. Wkend Rental, 45 miles NYC • $895,000 &DQDO6WUHHW1HZ<RUN  healthy and smart
Caretakers on Property.  $YHQXH%URRNO\Q 
$300 per weekend 0DLQ6WUHHW)OXVKLQJ 
845-986-7979 Brokers Welcome
Call 413-687-1937 0RQGD\±)ULGD\   DP±SP
0HPEHURI%($*URXS Dr. Lewis Gross, D.D.S. | Tribeca, New York | Tribeca, New York
Top to Bottom Apartment Cleaning Wall Women Painting & Plastering
Clean apartment= Peace of mind Over 25 yrs experience. Located in Chel-
Studio $50 1 Bdrm $60 2 Bdrm $70 sea area. Excellent References. ANNOUNCEMENT PRINTING
Ken 917-548-9195 Free estimate Lithomatic Business
Call 212-675-0631 or 917-273-770 Forms, Inc.
OFFICE SPACE Established 1971
COMMERCIAL SPACE Be KIND to New service - Shredding of your
personal papers.
Penn Station Office Space SOHO - Manufacturing space.
Ideal for service, industrial. Ground yourself Continuous Business forms,
Snap-a-part Forms, Laser Forms &
Workstations - Ideal for small
floor 5.750 sq ft plus basement
$70/sf Call 212-944-7979
and Checks for all systems. Offset form,
4-Color Post Cards. Announcements,
firms (1-5 persons). Share Be Kind to others Envelopes, Letterheads &
conference rooms, copier, fax, TUTOR Business Cards, Xeroxing, Bindery &
Mailing Services on site
kitchen and receptionist w/ Creative Minds' Tutoring

architectural firm in a loft

Pre-Kindergarten to Adults
All subjects/levels, educational
— June G Tel: 212-255-6700
Fax: 212-242-5963
233 West 18th Street, NYC 10011
nannies, developmental
building. Open view of skyline. therapies, itinerant teaching,
(Next Door to the Chelsea Post Office)

Semi-private work areas. early intervention & party planning.

Call Elizabeth @ 718/812-1910

Call 212-273-9888 FURNITURE REPAIR

ask for either Jeff X204 or Larry X203

Furniture Refinished
polished & repaired. Hand rubbed finish
Need to place a legal
if desired in your home. Antiques
Repairs, upgrades, installations,
restored. Over 45 years exp.
Free estimates.
Call Alex
ad for your business?
troubleshooting, instruction, 1-800-376-6757
custom-built PCs and consulting. Cell: 917-837-4012
Older PCs serviced
Call 646-452-2471
www. Jason Sherwood / Senior Marketing Consultant
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The story of the man who rode with ‘South St. Annie’
Continued from page 19

More than 50 years later, in a personal communication

in 1998, Gloria tells of that trip to Alaska, and of her long
friendship with Fred Fleck, which survived well after they
had divorced:
“We bicycled for nearly three months across the U.S. — up
to Canada — the Yukon Territory, White Horse, and 3,000
miles of Alcan Highway. The American Army built that high-
way in the wilderness in 9 months during the 2nd World War.
“When twilight would fall we would put up a small
nylon tent by the side of the road. Fred would recite poems
from the ‘Leaves of Grass’ and ‘The Waking’ by Theodore
Roethke and also read from Gibran’s ‘The Prophet.’ It was a
happy and exciting time.
“Finally, we rolled into Fairbanks, 2nd largest city in
Alaska. Only two streets were paved. It was truly the ‘last
frontier’ in 1947. Fred went on to enroll in the University of
Alaska, high on a hill, where he spent his free time skiing.
“He traded in our trusty bicycles for a small room in John
and Lotti Pace’s house. The house must have been at least
150 years old. You had to be brave to get out in the minus 10
degrees weather to use the ‘outhouse.’ There was no modern
plumbing. Another feature of that warm, loving home was
an old fashioned wood stove in the kitchen. We enjoyed
many a delicious meal with the Pace family.
Gloria and Fred on the Alcan Highway in Canada during their cross-country ride.

he succeeded in persecuting the school to the point of get-

The 1950’s saw him working in ting himself kicked out. While he was suing Columbia over
his dismissal, Dan Wolf and I were planning to launch the
Alaska as a school maintenance Village Voice. Fred was our first employee.”
The first issue of the Village Voice, Vol. 1, No. 1, carried
man in an Eskimo village and as as its lead story, “Village Trucker Sues Columbia,” which
told of Fred Fleck’s battle with Columbia:
a tugboat cook. “A 36-year-old Village trucker, expelled from the New
York School of Social Work of Columbia University in
March, claims that his expulsion was improper and is suing
the University for $50,000. Papers in the suit were served
“Fred and I have kept in touch throughout the years. He Monday.
has helped me from time to time in family matters and I am “Frederick Fleck of Christopher Street was expelled
proud and glad he is still in my life.” from the school on March 23rd of this year — the day after
The years following that trip to Alaska with Gloria, Fred a signed editorial critical of the school’s training methods
traveled a fair bit, working and living in various places — from appeared in a student publication of which he was editor.
New York City, to the Alaskan tundra, to Arizona. From 1948 Fleck claims — and the school’s spokesmen deny — that he
to 1953, he worked with Ed Fancher as a trucker in New York was expelled because of his editorial criticism. …”
City, while attending the New School for Social Research. He In 1956, while living in Greenwich Village, Fred met and
worked as a school maintenance man in an Eskimo village in married Judith Parke White, daughter of Margaret Marshall
Kasigluk, Alaska, from 1951 to 1952. In the summers of 1951 to and Hal Saunders White. Fred and Judy drove across the
1953, he worked as an Alaska tugboat cook on the Kuskokwim country to Short Creek, Arizona/Utah (Short Creek spanned
River, and as a longshoreman. During 1951 to 1953, Fred also both sides of the border between the states) in the summer
worked as a social worker in Arizona, in Holbrook and on the of 1956. In this polygamist village, Fred worked as a social
White River Apache Indian Reservation. worker and a teacher. Across the next decade, he continued
Ed Fancher recounts this period in Fred’s life in a per- to work as a school teacher in six different school districts
sonal communication in 1998, when friends and family in the four corners of Arizona, including such places as Ft.
Fred Fleck at age 91.
contributed to a book of memories, to be presented to Fred Huachuca, Naco, Douglas and Chinle. From 1965 through
on his 80th birthday: 1966, Fred studied at the University of Arizona in Tucson, house in Granada Hills, Cal., where he spent the last two
“When Fred returned from that Alaska adventure he receiving an M.A. in education. years of his life. Over the years, the memories that remained
went to Fordham where he finished his B.A. and then to the In 1966, Fred and his family moved to Southern California, the most vivid, and which stood out the most, were those of
New School for Social Research, for his M.A. in psychology. where he remained until his death. Fred worked as a reading that bicycle trip to Alaska and the time he had spent in the
We were both living on the $150 a month from the G.I. Bill specialist at Ontario High School until 1985, when he retired 10th Mountain Division.
of Rights, so we needed a little extra income. I had a 1937 to take care of his son, who had A.L.S. Frederick Samuel Fleck outlived at least three of his four
Plymouth pickup truck at the time, so Fred and I started the After moving to Southern California, where Fred and his wives — Gloria, Judy and Ethel — and one child, Daniel.
Fancher and Fleck Trucking Company, shortened to F & F family had somewhat “settled,” they continued to travel dur- Fred is survived by his sisters, Sophie and Adele; his children,
Trucking, to supplement our income. We did light moving ing the summers — across the country and to Mexico — for Barbara, Annie, Catherine, Mika, Carol and David; and his
in the Village mostly, but much of our business seemed to the next couple of decades. In the 1990’s, in his 70’s and grandchildren, Nicolas, Ellie, Nathan, Zoe, Elliot and Ian.
be moving 18-year-old girls from their families in Brooklyn 80’s, with his children grown, Fred maintained his pattern of On Sat., Jan. 22, 2011, a funeral service was held for Fred
or Queens to Village tenements where they could become traveling to visit family and friends — crossing the country Fleck in Granada Hills. At this service — which was held in the
‘liberated’ and Bohemian. to New York, driving to Mexico and traveling to Europe. home he had lived in for the last part of his life — Fred’s long,
“By 1955, after further adventures in Alaska, Arizona, Living independently until he was 87, Fred then moved to an adventurous and well-lived life was celebrated, as was his passion
etc., Fred returned to New York and became a student at apartment four blocks from his son’s house, where the fam- for life, and his extraordinary and deep commitment to family
the School of Social Work of Columbia University, where ily could help care for him. At 90, Fred moved into his son’s and friends. He will be missed by many.
32 Februar y 10 - 16, 2011

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