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While the instincts of not merely survival, but racial,
religious, ideological, cultural, economic and political
supremacy are natural and understandable; they are
undoubtedly the obstacles in individual and global
blossoming. The rabid propaganda and the
indiscriminate violence for one’s racial, religious,
ideological, cultural, economic and political supremacy
are counterproductive and self defeating.

But this statement is not new. It is written and spoken by

almost every alternate person.

But the question is how to evolve ourselves out of our

basal instincts and free ourselves from the shackles of

We have to realize that our devotion and dedication to

our religions is marred by our basal, barbaric, fanatic
and frantic efforts to convert others to our religions. In
fact by imposing certain way of life and code of conduct
on others, we are insulting the spirit of our religions and
the motto of global welfare of our religions.

We have to admit and confess to ourselves that

conversions per se; whether by force, deceit or
temptation are nothing but promotion and/or imposition
of our pettiness, superficiality, whims, fancies, names and

Furthermore; the conversion (whether by force,

temptations or deceit) to certain names, titles, certain
dress, certain arbitrary rules and regulations; is the
greatest insult to an individual and greatest violence
against his/her freedom.

Let us therefore; as world citizens abstain from

conversions and oppose them; morally, legally and in
possible way at individual and global levels.

Let us wake up from our slumber and revitalize

ourselves from the inertia and lethargy to realize that we
are blessed to rededicate to the true spirit of our religions
and participate (and hence right from now; must
participate) in the real and most urgent expedition of
conquering our basal nature.

But this is merely a beginning.

The success in rededicating to the motto and spirit of our

religions and conquering our basal nature ensues when
we begin NAMASMARAN, as per our beliefs and
traditions. It is the simplest and universal way to
individual and global blossoming.

Practicing, preaching, writing, publishing, broadcasting,

sponsoring, talking, sharing; in fact; doing whatever we
can to promote NAMASMARAN (and other activities
and programs in respective fields conducive to
NAMASMARAN and self realization) ensures and
ensues individual and global blossoming the motto and
spirit of all religions.