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“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.

Respected chief guest Mr. Thirumoorthi Rangasamy from Cognizant

Technology Solutions ,Coimbatore, Honourable Secretary Thiru
S.D.Chandra Sekar, Admirable Principle Dr.V.Ramamoorthi,
Respected Academic Dean Prof.P.Jayachandran, Respected
Placement Dean Prof. Dean L.M.Palanivelu, Respected convener
Dr.M.Srinivasan HOD EEE, Respected Treasurer M/s Mangai AP
ECE, Respected HOD’s Of All the departments, Respected Teaching
and Non-Teaching staffs, Respected Juries, Respected delegates,
Admirable Participants from various Colleges, Present Media People,
and My Dearest Friends, My Heartiest greetings to one and all present

On this bright morning we the students of Velalar College

Of Engineering and Technology feel honoured as we conduct our 7th
National Level Students Technical Symposium.

Every year in the month of September the college is abuzz

with lots of activities in all the departments. Each and Every student
and staff put our heart and soul into making the symposium an
unforgettable event for all the people who have taken a long way here.
Each year our symposium is getting better which helps us make more

A team of tech fest takes up different tastes and we co-

ordinate among ourselves to get the work done. We have taken more
than a month’s preparation to be the best today.
The highlight of every symposium paper presentation is
conducted with still more fervor.

Here is a detail of all the papers that we have received.

Our college has sent about 750 posters to various parts of

our country like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Punjab,
Maharashtra, Pondicherry,we have received a total of 73 papers, 726
papers from Tamilnadu, 12 papers from other states.

Well, Bionikx-Association of Bio Medical Engineering, we

have received a total of 19 papers, We have selected 10 papers in
them. Our area include Bio medical signal processing, Bio telemetry,
Bio –metrics, Bio instrumentation, Robotics & Neural Networks. We
are going to conduct BrainBusters & Spot events.

Magnomopus-Association of computer science

Engineering, we have received a total of 280 papers. In this 4 papers
are from other states, and 276 papers from Tamilnadu. A total of 11
papers are selected, 9 from Tamilnadu and 2 from other states. Our
area for paper presentation include Mobile,Grid, Cloud, Pervasavi
soft, Parallel, Green Computing, Security, Data Warehousing and
Data mining, Image processing, Expert Systems. Our events include
Quiz and Spot events.

Cineria- Association of Electronics and Communication

Engineering, we have received a total of 127 papers,125 from
Tamilnadu & 2 from other states. We have selected 9 papers from
Tamilnadu and 1 from the other state. Our area include signal
processing, wireless communication, Embedded systems, Antenna
Design, Wi-fi, MEMS, Nano & Touch screen Technology, GPS and
Radar Applicationss, Satellite communication, Ad-hoc Networks and
Optical communication. Our events include Electro Quiz and
Entertainment Plus.

Emerflux- Association of Electrical and Electronics

Engineering, under the banner named Curio, we have received a total
of 79 papers, 78 paper from Tamilnadu and 1 from other state. We
have selected 10 papers from Tamilnadu and 1 from other state. We
have selected 10 papers from Tamilnadu and from Other ststes. Our
events are final destination and Evolution. Our area includes VLSI
design, Electric Circuits, Power System, Control Systems, FACTS,
HVDC Systems.

Infoauxano-Association of Information Technology, we

received a total of 78 papers. Papers 73 from Tamilnadu and 5 from
other state. We have selected 10 papers from Tamilnadu and 2 papers
from other states. Our area includes Green computing, Distributed
Systems, Cloud Computing, Mobile Operating Systems, Knowledge
and Data Engineering and Information Securation. Our events include
Network Gaming and Spot Events.

Comrade –Association of MCA, we have received a total of

155 papers. We have selected 10 papers in them. Our area includes
Cloud Computing, Recent trends in IT, Data mining & Networking,
Artificial Intelligence,. Our events include Quiz and Word Hunt.
We have also provided accommodation to our delegates who
have travelled for to come and attend our Symposium. We have also
given travelling allowance to all the people who are going to present
their papers today.

I on behalf of all the students and staff of my college Welcome

you all once again and hope that you enjoy this day as much as well
enjoy conducting it for u.