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we have EXCHDC, MYEX1

Configuration for EXCHDC

Primary DNS:

Install DNS server: when it prompts to insert the disk

1. click on CD and capture ISO -> F:\Win2k3

After w have the DNS installed:

Created a forward lookup zone: EXCHANGE.COM / also create a reverse look up zone
with network id 10.10.10
-> Add the host record in the forward lookup zone.
-> dont give the name and just type the IP addrses of the maching which youwould
promot to DC. which is, also selct teh option to have the PTR Creat
-> verify whether do we have this host record added by doing a refresh in the fo
rward lookup zone ( and also inthe reverse lokup zone whch startswi
-> create another host record with the hostname : EXCHDC with IP Address: 10.10.
10.10 and also select the PTR creation option -> checked.

launch nslookup :
give the ip:
give the domain name:
give the Fuly qualified domain of the domain controller:

after we hve this completeD:

prmote the EXCHDC as a domain controller for a new domain which is (EXCHANGE.COM
launch DCPROMO from the RUN prompt:
slect the options:
create a new domain controller domain.
when it asks to enter a domain name/Zone name gvve the name as EXCHANGE.COM
after we have the exchdc promoted as a DC for domain (,
login using the administrator. make sure that we login into the domain by clicin
g on the options on the logon screen and we should have the "EXCHANgE" listed on
the log on screen.
afer we logon to the doamin :
open the active directory users and computer ->
create a new organzation unit by right clicking on ->
give the name: tirupatiusers.
crete another Organization unit -> chennaiusers
create anotehr OU -> Hyderabadusers.

-> then righ clitk on the OU by OU(for all the 3 OU's) we hve craeted and create
a user and provide a new passowrd

2.we have another machine MYEX1 withthe host name:
add the machine to the domain / make it a member server / join the machine to th
e domain:
procedure: right click on mycomputer.-> click on computr name: gthe place where
we have the Domain . selcet that ->
give the domain name as
-> then when it prompts for the user name / password while the domain join proce
enter the user name as the administrator wiht the password wipro@123
3. after we have the MYEX1 joined to the domain (EXCHANGE.COM)
logon with adminstrator first and make sure whether are we logging in to the dom
ain .
to make sure about this -> click on options and we should have domain "exchange"
shown there.

then after we are able to login with the adminstraotr log off and then try to lo
gin with any other user thaat we have created in the OU's that were creatd.
-> we need to use the user account to login that we have created in the tirupati
users "OU", or chennai users "OU" or Hydrabaduser out/

=> also make sure to remember the user for which we have selected the option "us
er has to change the password on firt logon" while creating the user account.
login with the account and see whteer did it ask to reset the pasword on the fir
st successful logon.