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FAIRIES At the bottom of my garden under the Apple Tree there is Fish pond about 6 feet long and 5 feet wide, in it are several Gold Fish and several Roach, their Silver bodies and Red fins make a pretty picture. Last week J purchased some Water Lily Plants,they are in flower nor, large white flowers with yellow centres, and large green leaves, There is also a large Frog in that pond I have seen him sitting on one of the leaves but when I approach him he dives in the water and just disappears, I wish he would stay because I am quite friendly toward hin. Last night in the Moonlight I saw 5 Fairies flitting from flower to flower, and T am sure Y heard singing, Lonight J am going to place my cassette recorder down there hoping it will record something. 2 PART ONE "Hi Tom ! Do you believe in Fairies ?! ‘Nope [' Tom is married with two kids, he has a low paid job , broke most of the time,bank balance NIL. ‘Hello Henry, do you believe in Fairies 7 ‘Neh’ Henry is a garage mechanic, single no girl because he can't afford one, bank balance again NIL,in fact I believe he owes money to several men ! ‘Hello Harry, haven't seen you around lately tell me do you believe in Fairies 7! ‘No so don't go asking damn fool questions’ ! Well can you lend me a couple of Quid ?° ‘No I would if I could but to tell truth 1 am skint meself.' Bank balance NIL. Was at the club the other night asked about a dozen blokes the same question,none of them believed in Fairies,and the funny thing is , all of them are short of money. Met young Dorothy ( Well she is about 19 years,and ‘that is young to me,) she was coming home from work, ' Hi there Dot: do you believe in Fairies,?' she thought about then, ‘Yes I think so, yes I'm sure there are Fairies the country’ ' Good, now tell, me, how do find things these days,you know, is money short or’ ‘Good lord no I have quite a bit put bye!’ Wondered how Susan was getting on,asked her Do you believe in Fairies ? No hesitation ‘Of course I do, seen them lots of times in the Summer ' ' Bye the way Sue, I may need some cash shortly to swing a deal could you lend me a bit of cash ?' ‘Sure how much will you be needing ?' Old Walt: Carver must have a bit of cash tucked away, ‘Hi Walt: Do you believe in Fairies ' ‘Now that's a damn funny question, don't rightly know but I used to see them when I was fishing in yon river but aint seen none lately but reckon I do believe in "em"'. Yes old Walt is a rich man,owns his house and a few other nice Properties in the village. And what about old Sam another old timer ‘Hey Sam,how goes it, tell me do you believe if Fairies 2 ' He thinks for a while then taking his Pipe from his mouth he says , ‘Nope, they aint no. such things,Tis all rubbish I tell thee, just so much rubbish ,' bank balance never had one and never had a Penny to spare.