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Project Officer (Energy)

India Resident Mission, South Asia Department

Job Purpose:
To provide technical and operational support in project processing and implementation in
the renewable energy sector. The position covers (i) direct administration of delegated
renewable energy sector projects and technical assistance projects; (ii) assistance in
administration of non-delegated renewable energy sector projects; (iii) assistance in overall
monitoring of the status and performance of the ADB's Indian portfolio (delegated and non-
delegated projects in the renewable energy sector); and (iv) undertaking sector work,
including in the areas of programming, processing and analysis.
Expected Outcomes:
Project Administration

Administers implementation of assigned projects in the renewable energy sector by

undertaking regular review missions, monitoring progress, actively identifying issues and
taking actions to address them; following up on contract awards and disbursement
performance; and providing advice to executing agencies (EAs) on ADB guidelines on
procurement, recruitment of consultants, preparation of bid documents, etc., and helps to
resolve problems. This includes reviewing and providing comments on draft bidding
documents and bid evaluation reports to ensure compliance with ADB policies. Explains
ADB's Anti-Corruption Policy to executing agencies and assists in ensuring ADB projects are
implemented with a sufficient degree of oversight and transparency to deter fraudulent acts.
Monitors compliance with loan covenants including loan covenants related to sector reform
and ADB safeguard policies. Prepares the necessary back to office reports and takes
necessary follow up actions.

Project Processing

Participates in ADB's processing missions for renewable energy sector projects and provides
inputs on technical matters such as design criteria, cost estimates, preparation of
procurement plan and other procurement related matters, project implementation
arrangements and project implementation schedule. Provides sector information, as
required, follow up issues for fact-finding, appraisal, negotiation and Board presentation;
and provide support for carrying out policy dialogue with the government on sector and
institutional issues. Prepares relevant sections of the RRP and supporting documents.


Participates in consultation and programming missions. Provides support to country

programming missions by participating in discussion with state governments, line ministries
and EAs on proposed assistance in the renewable energy sector, and follows up on
outstanding issues with concerned ministries and EAs. Provides assistance in the
preparation of background notes for the proposed lending and non-lending program in the
renewable energy sector and for Country Partnership Strategy.

Thematic, Analytical and Sector Work

Contributes to renewable energy sector work in the field by conducting assigned renewable
energy sector research, updating information on latest developments in renewable energy
sources, analyzing renewable energy sector issues; and preparing reports on the subjects.
Maintains close relationships with relevant Government agencies and Headquarters staff.
Participates in conferences, seminars, workshops related to renewable energy sector.

Portfolio Management

Assists in maintaining India Resident Mission's (INRM's) Management Information System

(MIS) on portfolio performance on the basis of ADB's Loan Financial Information System
(LFIS) generated and other relevant reports, and maintains accurate data on current status
of implementation progress of ongoing projects. Prepares in consultation with the EAs, the
yearly contract award and disbursement targets and monitors the achievement of those
targets. Monitors and coordinates with the EAs, the timely submission of monthly/ quarterly
progress reports, audited project accounts and financial statements, and withdrawal
applications. Participates in Tripartite Portfolio Review Meetings (TPRM) and prepares
background and issue papers for TPRMs. Participates in Country Portfolio Review Mission
and provides inputs for monitoring overall performance of ADB's renewable energy sector
portfolio, including inputs for pre- and post-mission documentation.

Technical Assistance

Administers the implementation of assigned TAs by: undertaking consultant recruitment and
monitoring implementation progress, providing guidance to the TA consultants, providing
written comments on TA consultants' deliverables and reports; and liaising with the
executing agency and participating in tripartite discussions with the government.


Prepares Project Completion Reports and TA Completion Reports as assigned.

Contributes to policy dialogue in the renewable energy sector with government officials in
the context of project and TAs processing and administration. Actively disseminates
information on ADB's renewable energy sector interventions and programs to development
stakeholders and the public.Performs any other duties, as needed and reflected in the
incumbent's workplan.

Educational Requirements:
Bachelor's degree in engineering, social sciences, environmental sciences from a reputed
institution; a relevant master's degree will be an advantage
Relevant Experience And Other Requirements:
Work experience
- At least 5 years of experience in the area of analysis, policy formulation, planning, project
development and/or management/implementation of renewable energy sector projects.
Familiarity with institutional development, restructuring and sector reforms in the renewable
energy sector.
- Experience and knowledge of various stages of the project cycle (project
planning/feasibility analysis/detailed design/project implementation/construction
supervision/contract management).

Technical knowledge
- Sound knowledge of renewable energy sector policies and developments in renewable
- Familiarity with energy sector agencies and institutions at central, state and local levels,
as well as the consulting services and contracting industry.
- Familiarity with their policies and procedures of multilateral development institutions in
procurement and project implementation and their policies related to the renewable energy
- Effective report writing and English communication skills.
- Strong conceptual skills and ability to identify issues and appropriate actions at the field
office level.
- Proficiency in word processing and spreadsheets software and information technology.
- Familiarity with the recent policies in transport sector.
- Familiarity with local languages and institutions.

People and supervisory skills

- Should have strong client focus and high level of commitment to results
- Able to guide Administrative Staff (AS) to facilitate work planning, delivery and quality
- Able to work collaboratively with teams as a constructive team member.
- Strong oral and written communications skills.

Core Competencies:
Application of Technical Knowledge and Skills

• Applies updated advancements in own knowledge area to relevant tasks

• Applies knowledge and practical skills to independently perform some complex tasks
• Conveys the need to use updated project approaches

Client Orientation

• Delivers Divisional contributions across a variety of products and services to meet

the needs of different clients
• Proposes options to clients that may better meet their needs than current
• Defines and delivers to agreed standards with clients

Achieving Results and Problem Solving

• Conducts detailed research and analysis to determine appropriate methods for

addressing the causes of issues
• Self-monitors achievement of results according to work plans
• Identifies different stakeholder needs and desired outcomes when planning for
• Independently solves problems and makes recommendations

Working Together

• Maintains collaborative relationships within the Department

• Works effectively with diverse colleagues in own and other Divisions and
• Flexibly alters positions and adjusts previously stated points of view to support the
group consensus
• Follows through on team priorities in the absence of a team leader
Communication and Knowledge Sharing

• Checks with audience's level of understanding and awareness of required follow up

• Consistently seeks and addresses feedback on own performance
• Creates knowledge products endorsed for wider distribution
• Independently amends and clarifies messages and documents

Innovation and Change

• Actively supports work improvement and/or organizational change by work and deed
• Develops and adopts change plans to support Division initiatives on which one works
• Considers current and future client needs in proposing ideas
• Vocalizes early support for change
• Recommends inputs to new policies, systems and processes in immediate work area

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