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Sport and Fitness Sport and Fitness

CYQ Gym Instruction - Level 2 CYQ Personal Trainer - Level 3

This course takes place at the
Kingsland Skills Institute
This qualification is a combination DAY Monday Monday Mon/Thurs Mon/Thurs All applicants must attend an It is made up of five units: DAY Tues & Thurs

Campus, Houghton Regis.

of theory and practical work, interview and must already have • Client Lifestyle and Fitness
incorporating anatomy, physiology DATE 29/09/08 02/03/09 29/09/08 02/03/09 a Level 2 qualification in Gym Assessment DATE 30/09/08
and practical Gym Instruction. Instruction, but this can be taken • Advanced Gym Instruction
TIME 0930-1630 0930-1630 0930-1630 0930-1630 TIME 0930-1500
There is an external paper and alongside the Personal Trainer • Nutrition and weight management
an internal practical assessment. WEEKS 15 15 15 15 qualification. This qualification is (+ Registration and Certificate WEEKS 30
Applicants must be at least recognised by the Register of Costs)
16 years old. FEE £320 £320 £320 £320 FEE £650
Exercise Professionals. Applicants • Training in different environments

This course takes place at the

DISCOUNTED £150 £150 £150 £150 must be at least 17 years old. • Business and Marketing Skills. DISCOUNTED £250

Kingsland Skills Institute


Campus, Houghton Regis. CODE 26241 D08KA 26241 D08KB 26241 E08KA 26241 E08KB CODE 26246 D18KA

CYQ Health Related Exercise for Children - Level 2 CYQ Sports Conditioning NEW CYQ Fitness Training for
- Level 3 Independent Older Adult - Level 3
This course takes place at the
Kingsland Skills Institute
This course will focus on how to DAY Saturday

Campus, Houghton Regis.

prepare and instruct children's
DATE 04/10/08 Students will learn how to analyse DAY Monday This qualification focuses on safe DAY Friday
fitness sessions, using a range of
sporting actions, prepare progressive exercise for older adults, taking into
equipment. It will consist of both
TIME 0930-1515 drills and activities for Sports DATE 20/04/09 account the physiological changes DATE 03/10/08
theoretical and practical units,

Sport and Fitness, Massage Therapy

Participants and plan a variety of that take place as a person ages.
including anatomy and physiology. WEEKS 10 TIME 0930-1230 TIME 0930-1245
sports-specific conditioning sessions. There is an internal practical
Assessment methods will include
FEE £195 Applicants must hold a Level 3 WEEKS 10 assessment, case study and external WEEKS 25
an external theory paper and a
Exercise and Fitness qualification. paper. Applicants must hold a
practical session that will be DISCOUNTED £90 FEE £130 FEE £195
This course takes place at the
Personal Trainer qualification.
assessed separately. FEE
Kingsland Skills Institute This course takes place at the
Sport and Fitness

Campus, Houghton Regis. Kingsland Skills Institute


CODE 26243 D08KA Campus, Houghton Regis. CODE 26247 D18KA

VTCT Diploma - Anatomy & Physiology - Level 3

CYQ Pre and Post-Natal Activity - Level 3
You will gain theoretical knowledge VTCT registration fee is £15 DAY Wednesday Wednesday

This course takes place at the

and understanding of Anatomy and

This course takes place at the

Students will learn how to teach safe
Kingsland Skills Institute
Physiology, to enable you to progress DATE 01/10/08 14/01/09 DAY Wednesday

Kingsland Skills Institute

exercise to ante and post-natal
Campus, Houghton Regis.
onto further studies eg: Body
TIME 0930-1245 1815-2130
Campus, Houghton Regis.
women and will study the DATE 01/10/08
Massage, Reflexology and Health
and Fitness. You do not need any physiological and psychological
WEEKS 15 15 TIME 0930-1245
formal qualifications or prior benefits of exercising during
experience to take the course. FEE £195 £195 pregnancy. Students will study the WEEKS 10
changes that take place at the
DISCOUNTED £90 £90 FEE £130
different stages of pregnancy, and
how to adjust exercise as pregnancy DISCOUNTED £61
CODE 26250 D08KA 26250 E08KA progresses. FEE

There will be an internal practical CODE 26248 D08KA

VTCT Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy - Level 3

assessment, case study and external
paper. Applicants must hold a
Personal Trainer qualification.

You will acquire theoretical and VTCT registration fee is £15 DAY Saturday

This course takes place at the

practical knowledge of body

Kingsland Skills Institute

massage, enabling you to apply DATE 04/10/08

Campus, Houghton Regis.

techniques effectively and safely.
TIME 0930-1515
You will also study specific massage
techniques for sports participants. WEEKS 15
Elements of first aid are also covered.
You will need a Certificate in Swedish FEE £295
Body Massage to enrol onto this DISCOUNTED £145
course. FEE

CODE 26240 D08KA

68 0845 3552525 0845 3552525 69