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application Apply here for this job
Marta has found a website with Email address
hotel job vacancies. As part of the
online application, she has to Cover letter
write a covering letter and send Write your cover letter in the Apply Online box below. When you are ready,
herCV. click on the Apply Online button.

1 Read Marta's letter. Which of the

Dear Hotelwork4U
following points has she included?
Iam writing to applyforthe job of hotel receptionist, reference
1 age Malt04-:10-07.
2 education and qualifications
As you will see from my CV,although I am relatively young, I have already
3 email address
got basic experience in jobs related to the hotel sector. In particular, I
4 interests would like to point out the front office experience Igained through my
5 language skills work placement in a hotel reception in Lugo, the city where I study. I also
6 marital status did a three-month summer jobin France, where Iworked with adults and
7 personality teenagers as an entertainer. Because of this, Ithink that my
8 work experience communication and organizational skills are good.

2 How does Marta begin and close My mother tongue is Spanish, but! have been studying English for ten
years now, first at secondary school, and now at the EscuelaUniversitaria
her letter?
deTurismo,where I am in myfinalyear.1 am confident that !can carry out
3 Look at Marta's Cv. a!lmyduties in English, and Ialso speak good French.

1 Where does she study? Iam a positive, energetic person with an open nature. Ienjoy being with
c1ientsand holidaymakers,and Ithink it isfairto say that Iam hard-
2 Where does she live when she is
working and adaptable.! have been abroad several times, so I am not
not studying?
worried about working and living abroad. I regularly go walking, and!
3 What relevant skills and job enjoy sports activities in general.
experience does Marta have? Iam available for interview at anytime after February 2S.
4 Why does she put the most Yours sincerely
recent qualifications and
Marta Elena Gutierrez Alvarez
experience first?

4 Compare Marta's letter with her CV Post your CV at and enable the Hotelwork4U option.
cv. How has she adapted the letter Your CVwi11 then be sent to us automatically when you press the Apply
to the job she is seeking? Online button below.

5 Prepare your own CV

using Marta's as a
model. Skills Required:

6 Read the job advert Language requirements:

and write a letter English - Very good Any other languages
applying for the job. French - Good an advantage
Germa n - Good
Description: Hotel entertainment work in
Greece between April and October. Working Aerobic or sports instructor skills a real
with kids, helping hotel guests to have fun, advantage. Proven a bility to work with kids
organizing the sports and activities
Education required: Minimum = GCSE'A'
programme ... Are you a hard worker?Then
level or local equivalent. Tourism
we are waiting for you and will train you
qualification preferable.
before you sta rt with TopAn imation.
Experience required: None essential, but
Salary:€450 - €7S0 / month depending on
all relevant experience an advantage.
Term address (until 30/06/20-) 0 Home address 0 If you live away from home,
give both your term-time and
Avda Ram6n y Cajal, 53, 6A Santa Rufino,12,3B
your permanent address.
27011, Lugo, 5pain 33396, Gij6n, Spain

Tel (+34) 663 246 357 Email f) Your nationality will help to
Nationality Spanish (EU citizen) f) clarify your work permit
status. You are not obliged to
Fina I year tau rism management student with good IT,orga n izationa I,a nd
give other personal details
customer skills, seeking a front office career with an international hotel group. II such as age or marital status.

2005-2008 Escuela Universitaria De Turismo D, Lugo, Spain

II Offer a short profile of
yourself. Use positive language
Diploma en Turismo (Eq uiva lent to UK H N D Tau rism and say what you are looking
Management) 0 for.
Expected grade: Pass with merit II
I.E.S Cienfuego D D Do not translate the names of
places, companies, or
Bachillerato (Equivalentto UK GCSE 'A'-level).
institutions into English.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 0 Do not translate qualifications

into English. Give an
Summer 2004 Residence les Dunes du Medoc, Sou lac, France equivalent ifthis is
Enterta inment work with ad u Its a nd teenagers. Occasiona lIy appropriate.
did reception duties. Learned to deal with face-to-face customer
situations. m II If you are still studying, give
December 2003 Hotella Muralla Romana, lugo, Spain grades so far, or an expected
Work placement. Reception duties including taking telephone final grade.
reservations, check-in, check-out, a nd group bookings.

Summer 2003 Viajes Atenas, Gij6n, Spain

D Give education details from
most recent to least.
Travel agency sales and ticketing and holiday sales. Developed
basic sales technique and customer care skills.
m Give details ofthe duties and
responsibilities you had in jobs
or work placement.
IT Savia-Amadeus - course in IT skills for travel agency sales &
ticketing III
Microsoft Office - competent in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
III Indicate the skills and
knowledge you gained on
Spanish - native language courses you followed.

English - upper-intermediate written and spoken.

Cambridge ESOLCAE. II!] II!] Indicate any second language
qualifications you have.
French - upper-intermediate spoken.

INTERESTS m m Your interests tell your

Travel I enjoy discovering new places and cultures. I have travelled employer what type of person
widely in Spain. I have been tothe UKtwice and to France. you are. People who travel are
often adventurous and
Sport Mountaineering independent.
REFERENCES (Email correspondence in English welcome) ill
The Principal The Manager
m Offer two references - an
academic one from your centre
E. U. de Turismo, Lugo Residence Les Dunes du of study and a professional
Medoc, Sou lac du Mer reference from work
Email: escuela@ Email: merignacp@les placement or a previous job.

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