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Air Polution
Nowadays air pollutions in Indonesia are increasing. It increase very fast if
compared with previous years. Air pollutions caused many bad effects. It can caused
death, and it is not healthy for our lungs. In facts many people have been died because of
this problem,the air polution caused damage to our lungs. And now this phenomenon is
become the important topic to be solve for all people on the earth. It's not only scientist’s
or professor's problem, it is our problem. I agree to save our Indonesia from this
problem. We must release Indonesia from this haunted gas!!.If we are not prevent this
thing right now. If we not save our Indonesia now!, no doubt that our children will
become the next victim of our behavior.
Try to remind Indonesia a few years ago.Yes,the air is cleaner and fresher than
today. The gas emissions that verticals produce is increasing moth by month. Illegal
logging is increasing, it caused the country suffers a great loss, and it also produce
pollutions on the air. Factories is increasing too, try to compare the amount of factories in
2000 and 2008.It is very different right?. In 2008 there are many factories. In fact air
pollutions are also give us great effect in Indonesia’s economical sector.
Air pollution is perhaps Indonesia's
most severe environmental problem.
According to an official at the World Bank
office in Jakarta, "air pollution imposes
costs of at least $400 million on the
Indonesian economy every year." It also
has very a serious impact on public health.
For example, inflammation of the
respiratory tract, which is directly linked
to air quality, was one of the problem that
caused dead in Indonesia.
Motor vehicles are one of the
sources of air pollution in Indonesia.
Between 1995 and 2001,according to the
EIA (Energy Information Administration)
the number of vehicles in Indonesia grew
from 12 million to almost 21 million.
Many of these vehicles are motorcycles or cars, which not fulfill the requirement for
clean gases emmisions(not used filter). Moreover, almost no motor vehicles in Indonesia
use good gasoline. And it makes the these vertchichles leading to unhealthily high
concentrations of carbon emissions.
Forest fires also produce air pollutions in Indonesia. Often these fires result from
illegal logging of Indonesia's forests. Acording to EIA during 1997 and 1998, the fires
were especially severe or happened. Nearly 10 million hectares burned, producing a haze
that impacted all of Southeast Asia..
Indonesia's industrial sector, which contains chemical, petroleum, coal, plastic and
rubber products, and food industries, also is a significant polluter. In order to reduce the
pollutions that happened at that time, the government did some move. The Blue Sky
Program is one of the event that was initiated by the Ministry of Environment in 1992 to
improve air quality in Indonesia's five largest cities: Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang,
Surabaya, and Medan. The Blue Sky
To reduce the air pollutions in Indonesia or to solve this problem, we must start
from ourself.We must begin with try to use public transportations, we must reduce to use
our own transportation, because the amount of transportations (cars,motorcycles,taxi,etc)
in Indonesia is very high. It may caused the enviroment getting worst and dirty because
of the gas emmisions.The governments must be increase the security quality. In order to
protect the forests from illegal logging, the security must be discipline and not take
money from the victims. If the security don’t care about our nation, what will Indonesia
become in the future??.Factories in Indonesia should use filter to, because it can reduce
the gas emissions. Reduce gas emissions is the same as save our Indonesia from air
After we change ourselves then we can change others. To change people we
should not force them. Because they will follow our attitudes inderectly,if they care of
our enviroment.Let’s start our move! with GACI or (Green and Clear Indonesia), our
environments will be cleaner. Do our best!.