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The Fake Assignment: Fake Sources & Fake Works Cited Page.


Fake Assignments? What?

Yes, it's true. I have an idea. *gasp* What it entails is this = Basically, putting citations together is like a dissecting an alien for
students. Maybe some would do better at the dissection, especially if the alien's brains look like the frogs we played with in high
school Biology. Anyhow, it's a foreign freakin' concept to everyone but me, or so it seems. I think, and I assume, that students really
DO know and COULD know how to maneuver these suckers if they had the pieces in front of them. They are sometimes too lazy
*double gasp* to look for the pieces. So, what if the pieces came from their own heads AND they got to be CREATIVE with the
pieces? Hmmm... It might work, and it might blow up at me, but I'm going to try *drum roll please* having the students create
Fake Sources and, therefore, Fake Works Cited Pages. Yes. All related, of course, to their P2 Topics (in both classes - English 110 &
English 120 - maybe?).

PART 1 – Fake Sources and a Fake Works Cited Page.

The assignment would require students to create 10 Fake Sources*:
1- An article of some kind (journal, magazine, newspaper).
2- A book.
3- A web site.
4- A web page within a web site.
5- Dictionary definition.
6- Personal interview.
7- TV show.
8- Movie.
9- Email message.
10- Map or Chart.

Point Breakdown:
3pts per correct source citation creation (30pts) + 5pts for placing it all alphabetical = 35pts.
*And I'll hand out an MLA/APA guide for this assignment too, but they can always use the “interwebs.”
Sample: Based on the topic of shoes.

Works Cited

Heel, Joyce. Personal Interview. 03 Feb 2011. [Personal Interview.]

History of Shoes. 05 Jan 2011. National Museum of Shoes Foundation. 22 Feb 11. [Web Site.]
House, Doll. Cinderella’s Fall From Grace: Why Shoe Size Matters. New York: Pretty Image Publishing,
2009. [Book.]
House, Doll. “Shoe Histories.” E-mail to the Author. 23 Feb 11. [Email message.]
Sex and The City 5. Dir. Sarah Jessica Parker. Perf. Blake Lively, Jennifer Aniston, and Betty White. Plan
B Distribution, 2012. DVD. Plan Z Distribution, 2012. [Movie.]
“Shoe Lust.” Fashion Slang Dictionary. 5th Ed. Los Angeles: Stuff Publishing, 2005. [Dictionary
“The Day He Stole My Shoes.” Shoes Make Her Drool. Host Alisa Priebe and Robin Christianson.
Fox Network. FOX, Fargo. 12 Feb 11. [TV Show.]
Woman, Glam. “The Future of the Wedge.” How Shoes Are Made. 01 May 05. National Museum of
Shoes Foundation. 07 Feb 11. [Webpage within a Web Site.]
Woman, Glam. The Rise and Fall of Heel Heights. Chart. National Museum of Shoes Foundation, 2005.
Wood, Tiger. “I Love Golf Shoes.” Golf Weekly. 03 Jan 2010: 34-5. [Article.]

PART 2 – Parenthetical Citations of the Fake Sources.

The assignment would require students to create 10 Fake Parenthetical Citations for each of their 10 Fake

Point Breakdown:
2pts per correct parenthetical citation creation (20pts).

A Small Sample:
No one knows exactly when the first heel was made or worn (History of Shoes). According to Doll House’s
book, the approximate year was 1915, but “no is certain, and it’s not likely that a woman was the creator;
therefore, what type of man back then would claim to develop this type of shoe” (99).

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