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Manheim Township Republican Committee

Position Endorsement Sought

Personal Data

1. Name - Albert Binklev Kline

2. Address-
3. Date of Birth-July 18,1942
4. Telephone - :
5. Business Address - None, 1am retired.
6. Business Telephone -" "
7. Email Address -
8. Length oftime a Manheim Township Resident - About 41 years, I moved here in
the spring of 1969. 17 years in Grandview Heights and 24 years in Northbrook

Business and Professional Experience

1. As noted above, I am now retired after 47 years as a Professional Land Surveyor

with two employers. First with the old Huth Engineers, (28 years), started in 1961
as an entry level survey helper and left as the Director of Land Surveying. In 1989,
as the result of the sale of the Company I joined Herbert, Rowland & Grubic as a
Regional Survey Manager and retired in 2008 as Vice President & Principal in
Charge of Land Surveying.

I believe that it is a positive that for my entire time at Huth, they were the
Manheim Township Engineer, so I was involved in numerous public
improvement projects over the years and I am very familiar with Manheim

Herbert, Rowland & Grubic is a similar firm providing Municipal services for
about 120 Townships and Communities across Pennsylvania through 7 Regional
Offices. We also worked for some County Governments, Authorities and the
Federal Government.

All of this gives me a strong foundation in the area of property issues, roadway
projects, utility issues and various types of Land Development Projects.

2. I no longer belong to any Professional Associations, although I used to be a member

of the Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors.

3. I have testified as an expert witness a number of times and still have a case due to
come up in 20 II, oddly enough relating to municipal streets in a Berks County
case. I have never been involved with other business activities, as the one I was in
took up enough of my time.

4. As to Professional experiences, I have in the past been a speaker at meetings of the

Lancaster Land Title Association, taught a session on Easements and Rights of Way
at a Penn State Extension class and spoken at a number of luncheons and dinners at
various organizations of survey related subjects.

Family Information

1. I am married, 46 years as of September to the same women.

2. My spouse's name is R. Glee Kling

3. We had two daughters, and now have five grandchildren. Our Daughters ages
are 36 andl39. They both live in Manheim Township and both went through
the Manheim Township School system. My grandchildren are also in the


1. I graduated from Lancaster's McCaskey High School in 1960, I briefly attended

College, but had to drop out for financial reasons - I have no College Degree, I
am self-taught Pennsylvania allows for an individual to sit for the Professional
Surveyor Examination if they have 10 years of experience. I passed the exam on
the first try and obtained my professional license in that manner, this was in 1972.

Military Experience

I never served in the military.

Community Service

1. I am an active member of Lancaster Lodge #43 of the Free and Accepted Masons
of Pennsylvania, having served as the Master ofthe Lodge in 1999 & 2000. I am
also a Trustee, Chairman of the Education Committee and a member of the Board
of the Lancaster Masonic Center. I am also a member of Scottish rite bodies and
the Zembo Shrine.
I am also a life Member of the National Rifle Association and member of Ducks

2. My other Community activities include being a volunteer for the Lancaster

County Office of the Aging and a Member of the Grandview United Methodist

Political Background

1. I have been a member of the Republican Party for 47 years, casting my first ballot
in a presidential election for Barry Goldwater.

2. I fully intend to support the Republican Party and the Endorsed Candidates in the
Primary and General Election.

3. I can assist in financing a Campaign, depending upon cost. As a newcomer I

don't know what the cost of a Township Campaign is, if we are talking a couple
thousand, fine, if we are talking $50,000, no I won't put up that much. I never
expected to run for any office and agreed to this solely as a public service as I
have no ego, ax to grind or hidden agenda, therefore Iwill not invest a large sum
trying to be elected.

4. I have no other Political Activities.


1. I believe that the position of Township Commissioner requires a person who is

mature, honest, fair minded and knowledgeable, a person of strong enough
character to be a lone vote and who cannot be intimidated into a course of action
not in the Townships best interest; Ibelieve that the Township's best interest is
the primary obligation of a Commissioner. Also, as a retired person I am
sympatric with the concerns and problems of seniors.

2. I feel that I can contribute because of my background in Municipal Engineering

services over a 47 year career both in Manheim Township and in numerous
others. Ibelieve that Iam a difficult guy to kid as to what may be required for a
specific civil improvement or land development project. My dealings with the
general public, with which I have a lot of experience from my 25 years of field
experience, dealing mostly with unhappy/upset people, can only be a plus. I have
represented clients before the Manheim Township Commissioners and the
Planning Commission often enough to understand how challenging that job can
I believe that my career history in starting at the bottom and working my way up
to an executive ownership position in a Fortune 500 Engineering frrm as a Land
surveyor should speak to my ability to learn, plan, make correct decisions, and
deal with a varied group of people to obtain a successful outcome. It should also
speak to my honesty and strength of character, that's really what I bring to the

3. I believe that I can devote sufficient time to the job, although through the day I
have a couple obligations which I will mention under Additional Information.
But as a retired individual I should have the time, although I do not view this as a
full time position.

Additional Information

1. I do not believe that my resume is relevant in this situation, although I can submit
one if required. I touched on the highlights in my responses above.

2. It might appear that I am not very active in the community and that would be true.
My involvement is somewhat hindered because I provide Grandfather Care to 3 of
my young grandsons who lost their father in an automobile accident over two
years ago. As my daughter works full time I do the preschool pick up, the
afterschool ferry around and generally am available to them when mom isn't. My
wife has some health problems which limit her mobility so I am called upon in
that area as well. So when you add it all up, I don't feel I have a lot of time for
organizations, and I don't join things just for the sake of joining.

The Commissioner Position requirements because of a less rigid time schedule,

except for the public meetings, should allow me to function in the position and
make a contribution to the community.

Respectfully Submitted

Albert B. Kling