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BRd 2


Absentees (see Missing Persons - Chpt 40)

Accidental death or injury general, 5302
injury on duty: reports, 5303
inquests abroad, J5308
inquests in England, Wales and N. Ireland, J5305
inquiries into deaths in Scotland, J5306
medical expenses abroad (EC), 5309
medical reports on deaths, 5301
road traffic accidents: inquests, 5307
sudden deaths, 5304
Accidents and serious defects C-in-C’s responsibility (see Commanders-in-Chief)
aircraft accidents (see Aviation)
Accommodation (see Messing and accommodation)
Aircraft (see Aviation)
Aircraft control grades (see Operations room personnel)
Air Director (see Operations room personnel)
Air Engineer Officer; instructions to, 1101
Alcohol abuse (see Discipline and conduct)
‘Alert’, the (see Military honours)
Anchors and cables, etc. (see Boatswain’s duties)
Animals (see Quarantine and animals)
And Air Warfare Officer (see Operations room personnel)
Assistance to outside organizations: indemnities (see Indemnities)
Aviation action by CO after report of aircraft accident Or forced binding, 4409
aircraft being ferried, 4405
Aircraft Salvage (see salvage special services)
civil flying; use of MOD airfields, 4412
Custom and health regulations, 4407
general, 4401
guarding landed aircraft, 4406
maintenance of aircraft, 4403
parachute descents, 4413
passenger flights (Passenger flights)
reporting of aircraft accidents, 4408
rescue services, 4402
training areas, 4404
use of privately owned aircraft
for air displays, J4410
for journeys, J4411
Aviation officers Air Traffic Control personnel, 2405
Aircraft Control room Officer (ACRO) 2421
Aircraft Controller Helicopters 2418 See 2606
Commander (Air) afloat 2401

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

Commander (Air) ashore 2402

Duty Lt-Cdr (Flying) and Officer in Charge of Night Flying, 2408e
Flight Commander of a ship’s flight, 2416
Flight Deck Officer in CVS, 2409
Flight Deck Officers in ships carrying helicopter flights, 2417
Force Commander 2410
Lt-Cdr (flying) afloat 2406
Lt-Cdr (Flying) ashore 2407
Lt-Cdr(Operations)afloat 2403
Lt-Cdr(Operation) ashore 2404
Special Duties List Officers (P),(O) and (AV): general duties, 2422
Squadron Air or Helicopter Warfare Instructor, 2414
Squadron Commander or Flight Commander, 2411
Squadron Electronic Warfare Instructor 2415
Squadron senior observer, 2413
Squadron senior pilot 2412
Station Fire Officer, 2420
Survival Officer, 2419
Badges and Mottoes-Ships’ and Establishments Chap 88
Bail (see Civil power; Legal advice and proceedings)
Bands (see Service bands)
Bankruptcy (see Discipline and conduct)
Bar, messes, etc.
authorization, 8011
clubs in Service establishments: insurance, 8020
licensing requirements, 8012
sale of beer, wines and spirits: senior ratings’ messes in HM ships, 8014
sale of beer, wines and spirits to LEP ratings and canteen staff, 8017
sale of beer, wines and spirits to UK canteen staff, 8016
sale of beer to junior ratings in KM ships, 8015
sale of liquor, 8013
Birthday Honours List (see Decorations)
Births, deaths, marriages, registration of banns of marriage in HIVI ships at sea, 6121-
births/deaths: civil
registration in UK, J6104
births/deaths/marriages; civil registration abroad, J6105
births/deaths outside UK local registration, J6107
burial in UK following death in ship or aircraft, J6108
deaths on PAI passenger aircraft outside UK, J6106
marriage abroad, J6103
court-martial ceremonial, 9143
dressing ship, 0321, 9140
practice of other Common wealth navies, 9141
flag discs, 9174

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

flags for salutes from foreign authorities, 9146

Flags in boats, aircraft or cars (see Flags), J9172, 9180,) J9181
flags on motor cars, J9181
flags to be flown on shot; 9148
half-masting J9139
hoisting and hauling down, 9136
hoisting national colours, 9155
Joint Service units and establishments, J9151
Launches, commissioning ceremonies, 9142
lowering flags, 9138
manner of wearing, 9133
merchant ships, 9156
Queen’s Colour and White ensign, 9131
RAF and Army ensigns, 9135
Red ensign, 9154
RM limits embarked, 9137
saluting British authorities’ flags hoisted, 9144
saluting foreign authorities’ flags hoisted, 9145
single Service establishments, J9152
Star plates on vehicles, J9182
Unified Headquarters, J9149
wearing by ships in commission, 9132
wearing improper colours, 9157
Combined Services parades: order of march (see Military Honours)
absence or sickness of Captain, 0336
Administration definitions, 0393
authority when wrecked or lost, 0345
Chief of the Boat, Coxswain and Submarine Coxswain, 0363
definitions (types) 0331
degree of: definitions, 0392
general, 0391
Flag Officers, 0321
Flag Officer’s flag and broad pennant, 0325
military, 0332
officers borne additional for special service, 0339
officers borne for passage, 0341
officers lent or borne additional (not for special service), 0340
order of; 0335
presiding officers at assemblages, 0344
Reserve officers, 0343
retired officers required to serve, 0342
Royal Marines: corresponding rank, 0381
order of command, 0373
sea, 0333

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

senior officer proceeding to another ship, 0326

special 0334
status of pensioners and Royal Fleet reservists (see Pensioners)
unified, 0701
absence, 0710
accidents and serious defects investigations, 0706
appointment to (see Rank)
change or modifications to ships’ equipment, 0723
commission of ships, 0735
expiration of appointment 0708
fuel economy, 0733
general duties, 0707
general responsibility, 0703
inspection of RM detachments 0728
instructions relating to shore establishments:
acquisition, disposal and management of land and buildings, 0756
C-in-C’s authority over, at home, 0752
civilian employment arrangements, 0755
inspections, 0754
naval establishments abroad, 0751
security in UK, 0753
works, repairs and shore machinery, 0757
works services, land and property, J0758
Marine Service craft, 0736
MOD moorings, 0737
musters and inspections, 0727
notification of exercises, 0721
personal and senior staff officers, 0711-0714
repairs, defects and docking responsibilities, 0725
reporting, 0705
responsibilities of senior officers present, 0729
Royal Yachts, 0726
senior officers at Sea, 0731
ships and aircraft not to be sent beyond station, 0722
ships on special duties, 0730
speed of ships, 0732
stores responsibilities, 0724
towing operations by MOD, 0738
war diaries, 0709
war organization, 0704
Commanding Officer or Executive Officer authority, 0337
Commanding Officer, instruction to: general Captain’s rounds, 0823
education, 0825
fleet, station and port orders, 0821

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

marriage in UK, J6102

marriages in naval chapels, 6151
naval and P.M chapels licensed or registered for marriage, 6161-6164
Notice of marriage in KM ships at sea, 6130-6139
records in ship’s Log, 6109
Boards of inquiry (civilian witnesses) 5707
convening, 5701
duties and powers 5703
examination of witnesses, 5704
inter-Service representation, 5708
notes for guidance, 5722
procedure, 5721
selection of members, 5702
report, 5705
use of records for disciplinary purposes, 5706
Boats, flags displayed in, etc. (see Flags)
Boatswain duties, 3401-3407
Broadcasts; official information (see Official information)
Business activities & Private Interests
acceptance of business appointments after leaving Services, J8407
business appointments and off duty employment, J8402 (see also Discipline and
Criminal Offences, J8410
Directorship & Partnership, J8413
during leave or off duty hours, J8403
further information J8414
general, J8401
insurance covering civil employment, J8405
investments, J8412
payment for broadcasting, lecturing or writing for publication, J8406
Principles J8411
Retired or Reserve Officer; J8408
Sport and Financial Incentives J Annex 84B
terminal leave employment, J3404
Private Interests, J8409
Cabins (see Messing and accommodation)
Canteens (see Welfare Committee, etc.)
Calls, official (see Military honours)
Captain’s sickness or absence (see Command)
Casualty Procedures
Death overseas, 5103
Immediate reports, 5102
Major ship/shore, 5104
Post casualty action, 5106
procedures, 5105

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

reporting, 5101
CCA Controller (see Operations Room personnel)
Censures 3804
Ceremonial occasions,
precedence on (see Rank) Chaplain’s rank (see Rank)
appointment and status, J1602
duties, 1603
general instructions to J1601
chaplains assistants, 1604
protection in war, 1606
support and lay workers, 1605
Chaplaincy services (see Religion and Chaplaincy services)
Chief of the Boat responsibilities (see Masters at Arms, etc.)
Chief of Fleet support outline responsibilities, 0206
Chief of Naval Staff, 0203 Assist. CNS, 0207
Chief Petty Officers: duties and privileges (see Warrant Officers, etc.)
Children and Vulnerable People appeal, 6506
definitions, 6502
disclosure certificate, 6504
disclosure policy, 6504
general, 6501
nominations 6505
record keeping, 6507
Civil authorities, aid to (see Military aid to the civil authorities)
Civil power
arrest by, 3901
bail, 3904
bearing of men in civil custody, 3908
consequences of conviction, 3906
expenses, 3905
Formal Police Cautions, 3910
report of arrest, 3902
trial by civil power, 3903
Young Offenders’ Institution, 3907
Geneva Conventions: provision of ID cards and armlets (see Geneva Conventions)
jurisdiction of QRRN (see Jurisdiction)
Claims (see Compensation and claims)
Clubs in Service establishments, insurance (see Bars, etc.)
Collisions and other navigational incidents
general, 4501
immediate action after, with MOD property, 4504
immediate action after, with non MOD property, 4502, 4503
response, 4506

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

signalled report, 4505

written report, 4507
incidents involving non MOD parties, 4508
Incidents involving leased warships 4509
Amphibious Warfare flag, 9150
at Sunset, 9313
Blue ensign, 9153
Boats’ ensigns, 9171
Commonwealth vessels of war, 9134
condominium territories, 9147
inspection of books/records, 0824
reportng proceedings, 0822
resettlement, J0826
service in same establishment as near relative, 0827
testimonials, J0828
Commanding Officer Instructions to: new construction ships and submarines
standing by responsibilities, 0896
Commanding Officer,
instructions to: organization communal duties, 0845
divisions, 0842
first aid training, 0851
general duties, 0244
health precautions, 0849
libertymen, 0848
posting sentries, 0852
promulgation of orders, 0846
PT and sport, 0850
religious observance, 0843
scheme of complement, 0841
Watch, Station and Quarter Bill, 0847
Working parties, 0853
Commanding Officer,
instructions to: sea command action information organization, 0208
Captain’s orders, 0805
charge of ship, 0803
definition of terms, 0809
exercise of sea command, 0801
loss of ship, 0807
powers of delegation, 0802
stability & structure of ship, 0806
submarines with SMOG, 0810
succession to command, 0804
Commanding Officer, instructions to: ship upkeep, maintenance and repair
completion report; 0894

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

contract acceptance, 0893

dockyard work, 0892
upkeep, 0891
Commanding Officer,
Logistics officer Checks and controls, 0866
non-public funds, 0864
payments under Captain’s authority, 0862
persons authorized to pay/receive money, 0863
public money, 0861
stores, 0865
Logistics officer
Checks and controls, 0866
Commanding Officer,
instructions to; weapons and weapon systems
ammunition expenditure, 0883
drills, exercises, tests, 0824
naval magazine and explosive regulations, 0882
precautions, 0886
readiness for war, 0881
weapon defects, 0885
Commands, unified, 0701
Commercial sponsorship adventure training, J8306
advertisements, J8302
charitable activities, J8304
contracts, J8311
corporate image, J8312
defence sake, J8309
general, J8301
Service bands, J8305
Service displays, J8307
sponsorship, J8303-J8304
trade exhibitions, etc., J8308
tobacco companies, J8310
Commissions, 0302
personal staff (see Commander-in-Chief)
rank (see Rank)
Commonwealth and Foreign awards (see Decorations)
Commonwealth naval forces; relative rank (see Rank)
Commonwealth, Governers-General, Heads of Republic, etc. (see Military Honours)
Commonwealth & foreign relations
Assistance Commonwealth citizens and foreign
nationals, 7207
carriage of nuclear weapons in warships, 7217
coercion of British ships, 7211

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

communications with, 7202

drug interdiction, 7218
Foreign Enlistment Act 1870, 7215
foreign vessels, 7216
joint action with Commonwealth and foreign warships, 7206
landing armed man, 7204
nationals and authorities, 7201
neutrality, 7209
piratical acts, 7205
protection of British ships, 7208
protection of British nationals abroad, 7203
respect of territorial limits, 7210
rupture of diplomatic relations, 7213
unrecognised entities and regimes, 7212
visits to firms abroad by serving officers/MOD officials, 7214
Communications Officer and Communications Officer (S/M) (see Signals Communications
Communication & crypto security 2240
Compensation and claims assessment, 5907
collision: claims, 5929
common law claims, general, J5926
common law/maritime claims, general, J5921
conditions, 5904
damage to naval static property, 5931
damage to fishing gear, 5932
fines and court costs, 5962
foreign counties, 5941
general, 5901, J5926
gunnery/missile firing incidents, 5930
inadmissible claims, 5905
insurance, 5902
investigation, 5906
items for which payable, 5903
maritime claims:
division of responsibility, J5923
general, 5928
mutual waiver, J5922
reporting, J5924
writs and summonses, J5925
matters incidental to foreign countries, 5961
NATO claims arrangements, 5943
NATO countries, on and off duty, 5942
off-duty claims, J5927 in foreign countries, 5944
oil spillage, 5930
recovery of payments, 5963

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

separation from kit, 5909

submission of claims, 5908
unsettled off-duty claims, 5945
verification, 5946
Complaints, Representations (see Chp 42)
Composition of naval Service and jurisdiction of QRRN composition, 0101-0111
civilians, 0125
naval and marine reserve forces, 0123
naval pensioners, 0124
RM 0122
RN, QARNNS, 0121
Compulsory Drug Testing, J3626
Conduct and discipline (see Discipline)
Controller of the Navy: outline responsibilities, 0205
Counting of service (see Definitions and counting of service)
Court Administration Officer, 3633
Court-Martial, 3632
Court mourning (see Funeral honours)
command (see Command) responsibilities (see Master-at-Arms, etc.)
Coxswain (SIM): command (see Command)
Crews saving, 0361
aircraft, 6306
arrival from foreign port, 6305
assistance to Customs officers, 6302
conveyance of packages, 6304
detailed regulations, 6310
examination, 6307
Gangway Wine Book, 6309
postal arrangements, 6308
regulations, 6301
trafficking, 6303
Data protection: Data Protection Act, 1924, J7101-J7102
Death (see Chps 51, 53)
Death registration (see Births, deaths, marriages)
Debts (see Discipline and conduct)
Deceased personnel: disposal of decorations (see Decorations)
absentees and deserters, J7422
civil awards for gallantry, J7410
Commonwealth and foreign awards, J7411
custody, J7415
deceased personnel, J7421

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

forfeiture and restoration, J7423

gallantry awards and
operational awards, J7403
loss and replacement, J7418
medals for meritorious service and long service, J7405
New Year Honours List and Sovereign’s Birthday Honours List, J7404
orders, decorations and medals: general, J7402
packages containing medals, J7414
personnel seat to hospital, J7419
personnel of unsound mind, J7420
presentation of insignia for orders, decorations and medals, J7407
regulations concerning acceptance and wearing of foreign decorations and medals, or
those of Commonwealth countries of which The Queen is not Head of State, Annex
recording on personal documents, J7413
responsibility for loss during affixing by tailors, J7317
Royal Humane Society awards, J7409
travelling on change of station, J7416
uniform, J7401
war medals and clasps, J7406
wearing of orders, decorations, medals and ribbons, J7408
wearing of civil, Commonwealth and foreign medals, J7412
Defects, repairs and 4ocking; C-in-C’s responsibilities, 0725
Defence Staff: distribution of duties, J0201
Defence Press and Broadcasting Committee (see Official information)
Definitions and counting of service, 8701
acting rank, 8710
categorisation of activities An87A
civil employment, 8707
duty status, 8721
foreign Commonwealth
government employment, 8708
Governor-General’s personnel, staff, etc., 8709
in warships at sea, 8702
medical and dental officers, 8706
officers affected, 8712
service, 8703
service for promotion, 8705
unemployed and half-pay, 8711
unpaid leave, 8713
Demolitions Officer (see Explosives, officers responsible for)
Dental Officer (see Medical Officer)
relative ranks (see Ranks)
Dental treatment (see Medical)
Deployment of under 18 years old, 0829

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

Deserters and absentees:

disposal of decorations (see Decorations)
Deserters and absentees (see Chpt 40)
Discipline and conduct alcohol misuse, 3624
Appeals Against Summary. Trial, 3628
Articles of War, 3601
bankruptcy, J3617
conflicting orders, 3604
compulsory drug testing, 3626
court administration officer, 3633
courts-martial members, 3632
criminal and disciplinary investigations, 3603
debts and financial irresponsibility, 3616
drug abuse, 3625
entertainment of officers by ratings, 3605
entertainment of ratings by officers, 3608
Extremist Organisations, 3607
found property, J3614
gambling., J3619
Losses and Write Off J3613
maintenance of good order, 3602
moneylending, J3618
payments from’ Government sources, J3610
private debts, 3615
private firearms, J3627
purchase of Government material, 3611
sales of surplus material, J3612
Search-Premises and Belongings, 3629
subscriptions and presents, J3609
superiors, 3603
tradesmen on board, 3620
trafficking, 3621
unnecessary expenses, fraud, etc., 3608
use of dockyard labour, 3622
vehicles in naval establishments, 3623
Dismantling of equipment (see Engineer Officer)
Disposal and Reserve Ships, 4902
Diving Officer, 2701
Diving Supervisor, 2702
Divisional officers: divisional system, 1801
Dress (see Decorations)
Drug abuse (see Chapt 36)
Duty status (see counting of service)
Duties of WOs and other rates, Chap 35
Education and resettlement assistant., 3102

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

B and R Officer, 3101

responsibilities, J7601
Effects, disposal of pay and deceased POWs/internees 5527
invalided for insanity, 5523
general, 5511
missing personnel, 5524
releasePOWS/Internees 5526
Release of reserved missing persons 5525
Electoral re Chpt 67
absent voting, J6707
eligible personnel, J6702
E.U. citizens, J6708
privacy, J6706
procedures, J6710, J6711
registration, J6701, J6703-6705
voting by proxy, J6707
parliamentary, European Parliament and Local Government elections, J67A
Electronic Warfare Officer
responsibilities, 2230-2232
Engineer Officer absence of, 1006
Chief Staff Officer (Engineering), 1001
ACSO(E), 1002
Fleet Waterfront Squadron 1004
Supt to CFM, 1003
seeking professional advice, 1007
staff, general responsibilities of, 1005 (see also
Engineering department, head of, MEO; WEO) 1041
system engineer, 1097
Engineering department, head of, 1016
dismantling of equipment 1028
engineering work of warfare branch ratings, 1027
explosives and armament stores, 1023
fleet establishments, 1032
maintenance and repair, 1020
organization of department, 1018
other departments
requirements, 1021
pollution, 1031
professional advice, 1007, 1030
records and reports, 1024
relief, 1026
responsibilities for work done by dockyards, etc., 1025
standards, 1022
supplementary instructions stores accounting, 1029, 1017
training, 1019

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

Entertainment of ratings by officers (see Discipline and conduct)

Establishment Security Officer: duties, 2901
Equality and Diversity, 4221
Complaints procedure, 4223
Discrimination, 4222
Executive Officer authority (see Commanding Officer or Executive Officer authority)
Executive Officer
administrative organization (see also Explosives), 0903
departmental responsibilities, 0907
discipline and routines, 0904
general responsibilities, 0901
operational organization, 0902
seaman ratngs in complement, 0906
training, 0905
Executive Officer (S/M)
administrative organization, 0924
departmental responsibilities, 0927
discipline and routines, 0925
general responsibilities, 0921
operations, 0922
operational organization, 0923
training, 0926
Executive Officer (NAS)
administrative organisation, 0929
departmental responsibilities, 0932
discipline and routines, 0930
general responsibilities, 0928
training, 0931
Experience, use of official (see Official information)
Explosives, officers and ratings responsible for; introduction, 2501
Air Weapon Logistics Officer, 2811
Authorised Representative 2807
custody of small arms 2809
Delegated Officer, 2804
Demolitions Officer, 2810
Duty Officer, 2812
Executive Officer, 2802
Explosives Responsible
Officer, 2803, 2813
Logistics officer 2808
Officer of Quarters, 2806
Specialist User Officer, 2805
Explosives and armament stores (see Engineer Officer)
Extraneous services
advance payments, 8513

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

basis of charge against non-Exchequer customers, 8505

completeness of charges, 8506
departmental accounting instructions, 8502
Exchequer and non-Exchequer customers, 8503
film and TV companies and other media, 8530
general, 8501
gifts, 8522
indemnifying the Crown, 8512
international courtesies, 8532
invoicing, 5514
list of accounting
instructions, 8541
loan of Service personnel, 8526
loan and hiring of stores, 8527
material losses, 5528
military aid, 8531
minor services, 8533
NATO exercises, 8525
requests for repayment services, 8511
saving life and associated medical treatment, 8523
sea training organizations, 8529
ships in distress, 8524
terms of repayment business, 8504
waiving or reducing charges, 8521
Fighter Controllers (see Operations room personnel)
Film and TV companies, assistance to (see Extraneous services)
Finance see Resources and finance)
Firearms and Firearms Act, 1968, J. Annex 363
private (see Discipline and conduct)
Fire fighting by RN and PM personnel (see Military aid to the civil authorities)
First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff) outline responsibilities, 0203
Flag Officers
command (see Command)
personal staff (see Cs-in-C: personal and sailor staff)
Flag rank, promotion to (see Rank)
boats ensign, 9171
Admiralty Board, J9172
Chief of staff, 9175
flag discs to be displayed, 9174
General Officers and Brigadiers, Royal Marines, 9179
member of court martial, 9178
Officer of the Guard, 9177
Queen’s Harbour Master, 9176

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

Colours (see Colours) Flag Officer’s and broad pennant (see Command)
motor cars, J9181
motor cars: star plates, J9182
naval aircraft, 9180
standards and distinguishing flags (see Standards)
Flights, passenger (see Passenger flights)
Fly-pasts, ceremonial (see Military honours)
Foreign and Commonwealth relations (see Commonwealth, etc)
Foreign awards (see Decorations)
Foreign national anthem (see Service bands)
Foreign port visits (see Chapter 93)
Foreign Sovereigns, Presidents of Republics, etc. (see Military honours)
Frauds (see Resources and finance)
Freedom of cities, etc. (see Military honours)
Fuelling (see Engineer Officer)
Funeral honours
bearers, J9512, J9513
ceremonial wreaths, 9527
composition of parties, 9503
Court mourning, J9519
draping of drums and Colours, J9514
dressing the coffin, J9515
general, 9501
Knights of the Garter, J9510
London, J9511
Military Funerals, J9507, J9508
minute guns, J9517
mourning, J9519
bands, J9522
dress, J9523
guidelines, J9521
Royal, J9519
Private mourning, J9525
QARNNS, 9502
Remembrance, J9524 J9526
Armistice Day, J9524
Burial at Sea, 9529
Ceremonial wreaths, 9527
Commital of Ashes, 9530
memorials, J9526
Remembrance Sunday, J9525
Royal and VIP, J9506
Salutes to be fired, J9516
service mourning, J9508
Service Personnel, other J9509

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

Gallantry, civil awards for (see Decorations)

Gambling (see Discipline and conduct)
GEMS, contact list Annex 89B
GEMS, MOD and Armed Forces Suggestion Scheme, 8906
Geneva Conventions, provision of ID cards and armlets, 4701
F Ident 189, 4712
F Ident 106 and Red Cross arrmlet, 4731-4732
F Ident 107 and armlet 4751-4767
F Ident 108, 4781
Pamphlet AFZ 13662, 4711
POWs, J4786
Red Cross Armlets, 4760
Stocks 4713
Governor-General, Governor: definitions (see Chap 92)
Guards of honour (see Chap 92)
guards, hours, 9315
Gun salutes
British Authorities, 9415
Commonwealth and foreign festivals, 9413
Commonwealth naval officers, 9412
customary in Commonwealth countries, 9414
Flag Officers and Commodores, 9420
foreign Flag Officers and Commodores, 9422
foreign Head of Stare, visiting, 9408
general regulations, 9403
in higher rank, 9403
in presence of superior authority, 9419
limitation of rank, 9416
national, 9406
not authorized, 9405
order of Royal salutes, 9409
personal salutes to foreigners, 9424
recognized governments, 9404
return, to merchant ships, 9425
Royal, 9407
Royal anniversaries, 9411
Royal Salutes at foreign ports, 9410
Royal Salutes not returned, 9412
scale for foreign Flag Officers, 9423
ships authorized, 9401
shore batteries, 9402
Helicopter Controllers (see Operations room personnel), 2606
Homer (see Operations room personnel)
Honorary Admirals of the Fleet and Admirals (see Military honours)
Hydrographic, Meteorological and Oceanographic Officer

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

Absence of X(HM) officer 1974

Briefing & forecast 1972
Continuous review 1973
Introduction 1969
Purpose and accountability, 1970
provision of information to non-service authorities, 1975
Tasks, 1971
Identity cards RN (Form S.1511), 7801
adventurous training expeditions, J6007
forms, Annex 60A
general, J6001
passengers in Service transport, J6002
Service assistance to outside organizations, J6009
Service participation in non-Service events (air displays, etc.), J6008
testing of commercial equipment5 J6005
use of MOD property by media, J6006
use of Service facilities, J6004
Visitors To Service establishments, etc., J6003
Information or experience, use of official (see Official information)
Injury (see Accidental death or injury)
Inquest (see Accidental death or injury)
Inquiry, boards of (see Boards of inquiry
Inspections without arms (see Military honours)
Instructions to various officers (see under Commanders-in.-Chief; Commanding Officer;
Executive Officer, etc.)
Inventions and patents awards from Herbert Lott Naval Trusts Fund, 8907
by Crown employees, 8902
GEMS Staff Suggestion Scheme, 8906
inventions and note taking, 8904
inventions and patents, 8901
members of public 8908
patenting, 8903
use of inventions, 8905
Joint Service units: disposal of deserters (see Deserters and absentees)
Jurisdiction of QRRN (see Composition of naval Service)
duty with civilian organizations 3704
in colonial territories, J3707
in UK, J3706
MOD Police, 3702
personnel lent to merchant ships, RFAs, etc., 3705
RAF stations, 3701
Sea Transport Officers, 3703
Jury Service, Chapter 64

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

Law of armed conflict, J4787

Leading Ratings: duties and privileges (see Warrant Officers)
Legal advice and proceedings affidavits J5815
attendance of personnel at civil courts, J5808
bail abroad, J5813
certification of costs abroad, J5816
civil proceedings, J5803
common law claims, J5804
criminal proceedings, J5805
Employment Tribunals, J5818
evidence, J5810
individuals private affairs,
inquests, 5312
instituted on MOD behalf; J5807
legal aid, J5817
legal advice, J5802, J5814
legal advisers, J5801
legal proceedings against MOD, J5806
requests for information for, J5811
witness evidence, J5810
writs, summonses, etc., J5809
Licensing: bars, messes, etc. (see Bars)
Life saving and associated medical treatments (see Extraneous services)
Liquor sales, etc. (see Bars)
Logistics duties of CO’s (see Commanding officer instructions)
Logistic Officer
Absence or incapacity 1209
Admirals & Commodore’s Secretary 1216
Base logistic officer 1216
Cash & Pay responsibilities 1204
Catering 1205
catering duties without LO in Logistics charge 1214
change of, 1208
Command and Fleet logistics Officer, 1201
control and general responsibilities, 1202
death or removal, 1210
Imprest Holder, 1211
Logistics Officer, 1204
NAAFI Canteen Service, 1207
Staff Logistics Officers 1211
Store accounting & storekeeping 1206
Store duties without LO 1215
Logistics staff 1211
Logistics Officer (cash) 1211
Logistics duties in ships rendering accounts through parent ship or base 1213

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

Support issues 1203

Unit logistics officer 1202
Logging of officers misconduct (see Misconduct of officers)
Losses and special payments (see Resources & Finance)
Machinery trials (see Engineer Officer)
Maintenance, ship (see Commanding Officer, instructions to: ship upkeep)
Major ship disaster (see Casualties)
Major shore disaster (see Casualties)
Marine Engineer Officer (see M130)
Marine Services craft; C-in-C’s responsibilities, 0736
Marks of respect, table of (see Military honours)
Marriages, registration of (see Births, deaths, marriages)
Married quarters (see Messing and accommodation)
Master at Aims, Chief of the Boat and Coxswain:
responsibilities 3421-3434
Medals (see Decorations)
forfeiture (see Deserters and absentees)
attention and hospital treatment abroad, 7716
attention and treatment in UK, 7715
canteen staff: medics (dental examination treatment, 7713
dental treatment 7717
discharge to hospital or sick quarters, 7713
discharge of patients from hospital, 7714
disclosure of patient
information, 7705
first aid, 7703
information to relatives, 7707
malingering, 7712
organization for action, 7702
patients incapable of communicating with next-of-kin, 7708
personnel protection in war, 7704
psychological support, 7719
refusal of dental treatment, 7710
refusal of vaccination, 7711
refusal of treatment or examination, 7709
regulations, 7701
report of injury or death, 7706
Medical Officers clothing, 1513
communicable diseases, 1505
Daily Sick Book, 1504
Dental Officers:
general, 1551
in action, 1553
registration as dental

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

practitioner, 1552
examination of persons suspected of offences, 1514
general, medical officers, 1501
general health of ship, 1506
health lectures, 1510
local medical services, 1507
medical/dental documents, 1503
medical evidence at courts martial, 1515
Medical Officers of Health, 1516
medical stores, 1505
Officer in Medical Charge (when no MO borne), 1531
Daily Sick Book, 1504, 1532
medical stores, 1533
no Dental Officer borne, 1535
no medical branch rating borne, 1534
psychiatric illness, 1509
QA.RNNS officers:
Nursing Officers, 1572
Nursing Officers in RN
establishment; 1573
status, 1571, 0102, 0121
registration as medical
practitioner., 1502
relative rank (see Rank)
supervision of food, 1511
water supplies, 1512
MBO (surface ships)
charge in separate compartment, 1049
classification of power/speed, 1053
complements, 1051
danger of damage or waste, 1045
duties, 1041
fuelling, 1054
machinery trials, 1046
of the Watch, 1048
propulsion controls, etc., 1044
ratings’ watches, 1052
requisitioned or hired merchant ship, 1050
station, 1042
watertight integrity, 1043
danger of damage or waste, 1065
fuelling, 1064
general duties, 1061
getting under way and manoeuvring, 1063

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

machinery trials, 1066

nuclear submarines, 1068
operational requirements, 1070
responsibility for systems and equipment, 1069
training, 1067
watertight integrity, 1062
Merchant vessels, assistance to, 0734
Messing and accommodation: officers
advances to messes, 8107
balance sheets and audits, 8113
Captain’s table, 8102
cabin allocation, 8131
closing of bars, etc., 8106
conduct of officers’ mess, 8104
extra messing charges, 8108
mess president and committee, 8105
miscellaneous instructions, 8114
flag Officer’s table, 8101
official residences and MQ’s employment of aliens, 8183
financial arrangements, 8181
garage accommodation, 8184
observance of regulations, 8182
payment of mess bills, 8111
private accommodation
permission to live in, 8191
ship’s company entertaining, 8148
general, 8142
meal hours, 8145
messmen, 8143
provision for, 8141
victualilng, 8144
watchkeepers, 8146
WO, CPO, PG’s messes, 8147
Visitors and passengers entertainment, 8161
fleet Entertainment Funds, 8162
wardroom, 8103
wine accounts, 8112
wine bill limit, 8109
wine, etc., sales restrictions on, 8110
Military aid to the civil authorities
definition, J4801
disaster overseas, J4804, 4841
local defence and internal security in overseas territories, 4871-4872
MACSI) and MACC, J4803
military aid to civil power, J4802

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

naval assistance to police, 4806

overseas disasters, 4841–4858
routine situations, 4805
Military command (see Command)
Military honours
at departure as well as reception, 9217
boat passing with Governor-General, etc., 9223
boats with flag discs displayed, 9222
Captains, 9216
ceremonial fly-pasts, 9235
ceremony at Colours and sunset, 9313
combined Service parades: order of march, J9312
Commonwealth and foreign authorities (official visits), 9303
Commonwealth and foreign naval offices (official visits), 9302
Commonwealth Naval Boards, 9213
Commonwealth precedence, J9310
Commonwealth Prime Ministers and foreign heads of government, 9210
compliments by guards and sentries, J9230
compliments in special cases, J9233
consular authorities (official visits), 9305
consular precedence, J9311
definition of Governor-General, Governor, etc., 9306
exchange of official visits with Army and RAF officers, 9308
exchange of official visits with The Queen’s representatives, J3907
foreign Governors-General, etc., 9211
foreign Sovereign, etc., 9208
Freedom of cities, etc., 9236
Governors-General, Heads of Commonwealth republics, etc., 9209
guard of honour, J9228
gun salutes (see Gun salutes)
HM Army and Air force vessels, 9226
HM diplomatic officers (official visits), 9304
Honorary Admirals of the fleet and Admirals, 9214
honours and salutes to Royal Family, J9229
hours for guards arid bands. 9315
inspections without arms, 9232
Loyal and official toasts, 9327
marks of respect, table of, 9201
musical salutes and airs, 9205
National Anthem, 9204
National Day of Remembrance, 9237, 9466
National salutes
Navy, Army, Air force, reciprocal honours, 9219
officers of flag rank and Commodores, 9215
officers of non-military services, 9212

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

officers (Retired List), 9220

order of visits, 9309
parading of guards at colours, 9314
piping the side, 9203
proceeding on board other than by boat, 9218
relaxation of honours, 9225
Remembrance Day, J9316
Royal personage passing by boat, 9221
salutes, 9231, 9406
salutes in boats, 9227
salutes in the air J9234
The ‘Alert’, 9202
The Queen and Royal Family, 9206
two ships passing, 9224
visits to foreign ports, 9301
Minesweeping floats and multiplanes, salvage of (see Salvage)
Mines, salvage of (see Salvage) Mine Warfare and Clearance Diving Officer
duties, 1942
general, 1941
material, 1943
training, 1944
Minute guns (see Funeral honours)
Misconduct of officers arrest, 3801
censure, 3804
court martial admin. actions, 3802
logging, 3805
misconduct, negligence, 3803
reports, 3503
Missing Persons apprehension of, 4002
arrest by naval warrant, 4006
arrest without naval warrant. 4007
certificate of arrest, 4008
definition, 4001
dispensing with trial, 4013
disposal, J40A
expenses of Army and RAF escorts, 4014
false confession, 4012
forfeitures, 4016
identification of, 4010
Joint Service units: disposal, J4019
mark ‘RUN’, 4004
monetary charges, 4015
on sailing, 4003
punishment of, 4011
recovery abroad, 4009

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

removal of ‘K’ by Admiralty Board, 4018

restoration of medals, 4017
voluntary surrender, 4005
Warrant for Arrest signal, J40B+C
Moneylending (see Discipline and conduct)
Moorings, MOD, 0737
Motor cars, flags on (see flags)
Mourning, Service (see Funeral honours; Service bands)
Musters and inspection by C- in-C, 0727
National anthems (see Military honours; Service bands)
National Day of Remembrance, J9316
NATO codes for military personnel (see Rank)
Naval aircraft, flags on (see Flags)
Naval band service (see Service bands)
Naval Information Officer (see Public Relations Officer)
Naval Member for Logistics, 0206
Naval shore wireless stations (see Signal Communications Officer; duties)
Navigational incidences (see Collisions)
Navigating Officer and S/M Navigating Officer
authority, 1924
delegation of tasks, 1925
general, 1921
navigation manuals, 1926
purpose/accountability, 1922
tasks, 1923
Naval Service, 0202
New construction ships and submarines (see Commanding Officer, instruction to; new
New Year Honours List (see Decorations)
Non-public funds (see Welfare Committee, etc.)
Officer of the Watch accountability and purpose, 3001
authority, 3005, 0338
responsibilities in harbour, 3004
responsibilities at sea, 3003
tasks, 3002
Officer Commanding Royal Marines (OCRM) (see Royal Marines)
Administrative Censor; 3804
Arrest, 3801
borne additional for special service; charge or command (see Command)
borne additional net for special service: command (see Command)
borne for passage: command (see Command)
misconduct and negligence (Chp 38)
Reserve: command (see Command)
Official information and experience, use of

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

applicability, J6802
broadcasts and press interviews, J6805
Defence Press and Broadcasting Committee J6809
disclosure (see Security) general, J6801
Internet us; J6810
MPs, etc., disclosure of information J6808
outside seminars and study conferences, J6806
press announcements, J6804
principles, J6803
public speaking, J68A
questionnaires, J6807
writing for publication, J68A
Official residences and MQ ‘s (see Messing and accommodation)
Official Secrets Act (see Security)
Official visits, precedence and ceremonies, 9301
Oil pollution; assistance to civil authorities (see Military aid to the civil authorities)
Operations Officer
administration, 1968
definition, 1961
general duties, 1962
laison with weapon engineering department 1966
operational aspects, 1963
operations and exercises, 1965
safety of explosives, 1964
training, 1967
Operations room personnel
Air Director, 2603
Aircraft control grades, 2605
Anti Air Warfare Officer, 2602
CCA Controller, 2608
Fighter Controllers, 2604
Helicopter controllers, 2606
Homer, 2607
Operations Room Supervisor, 2601
Order of command (see Command)
Orders, decorations and medals see Decorations)
Organization (see Commanding Officer, instructions to: organization)
Parliamentary enquiries and correspondence, J6901-J6902
Parliamentary candidate (see Political activities)
Passenger flights
Commonwealth and foreign personnel in British Service aircraft, or British Service
personnel in Commonwealth or foreign Service aircraft, J4456
Commonwealth and foreign Service personnel in British Service aircraft, 4458
civilians, J4455
general, J4451

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

members of Cadet Forces, J4453

members of regular Services and Auxiliary Services and Reserves, J4452
members of Royal Observer Corps, J4454
non-passenger flights for Commonwealth and foreign personnel in British Service
aircraft, or British Service personnel in Commonwealth or foreign Service aircraft,
Passengers and visitors: entertainers) etc., (see Messing and accomodation)
Patents (see Inventions and patents)
Pensioners and Royal Fleet Reservists, status of, 0362
Petty Officers: duties and privileges (see Warrant Officers)
Photographic Officer fleet, command or staff, instructions to, 2501-2502
Physical Training and Sports Officers, instructions to, 2101-2102
Piping the side (see Military honours)
Police, aid to (see Military aid to the civil authorities)
Political activities and parliamentary candidature candidates in local government elections,
general, J6601
parliamentary candidate, J6604
political activities in Service establishments, J6602
release of parliamentary candidates, J6605
Service facilities and speakers, J6603
Trade Unions, J6607
Pratique (see Quarantine)
ceremonial occasions (see Rank)
Commonwealth (see Military honours)
consular service (see Official visits)
Preservation and Disposal List Vessels
Appropriate authority, 4903
disposal list vessels, 4902
disposal and reserve ships organisation, 4904
preparation and acceptance, 4905
preservation, 4901
Security, 4906
Press announcements, use of official information in (see Official information)
Principal Warfare Officer duties, 1902
operations, administration, training, 1904
responsibility, 1901
special duties regarding ship’s safety, 1903
Prisoners of war (see Geneva Convention)
Prisoners of war and internees; casualty reporting (see Casualties: war proceedure)
Prize money (see Salvage)
Promotion to Flag rank (see Rank)
Property found (see Discipline and conduct)
Provision of ID cards (Geneva Convention) (see Geneva Convention)

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

Public Relations Officers candidates in local government elections, J6606

incidents liable to cause parliamentary or press comment, J3303
Naval Corporate Communications organization, 3304
parliamentary candidature, J6604
public relations, general, J3301
release of parliamentary candidates, J6605
Service facilities and speakers, J6603
visits by press representatives, J3302
officers, duties of (see Medical Officer)
relative rank (see Rank)
CITES control, 6206
importation of animals into UK, 6205, J6217
pratique, 6203
regulations, 6201
sanitary documents, 6204
signals, 6202
Service animals: CO’s
responsibilities, J6211
Service domestic animals and livestock, J6216
Queen, The, and Royal Family (see Military honours)
Race Relations Act, 1976 (see Representation and complaints)
acting, temporary and honorary, 0374
Chaplains, 0304
Commodore, 0323
Commander-in-Chief, 0323
Commonwealth naval force: relative rank, 0306
corresponding rank and command (see Command)
Medical and Dental officers: relative rank, 0303
NATO codes for military personnel, Annex 3A
precedence on ceremonial occasions, 0303
promotion to flag rank, 0322
relative rank, 0301
retired officers, 0305
Royal Marines; relative and corresponding rank, 0371
women’s Services, 0307
Regulating duties; responsibility and authority (see Masters-at-Arms)
Religion and Chaplaincy services
change of religious denomination, 7502
conduct of Public Worship; denominational, 7507
conduct of Public Worship: interdenominational, 7508
conduct of Public Worship: special occasions, 7509
general, J7501

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

Jewish faith, 7504

observance of holy days, 7506
other faiths, 7505
provision of churches, 7511
record of denomination, 7503
religious instruction, 7510
Remembrance, J9524-9530
Repair, ship (see Commanding Officer, instructions to: ship upkeep)
Repayment business and services (see Extraneous services)
Representations and complaints J4204, 4207, 4224
Discrimination, 4222
Equal Opportunities complaints procedure 4223
general, 4205
Employment Tribunal, 4204, J5818
Opportunities Policy Statement, 4221
representations, 4203
scope of procedures, 4201
substance, 4202
Rescue services (see Aviation)
Reserve officers, command (see Command)
Resettlement (see Education and resettlement)
Resources and finance
Accounting officer 0508
bibliography, 0515
Defence Appropriation Account, 0505
Estimates, 0503
expenditure, 0502
losses and special payments, 0506
notification of frauds, 0507
Paymaster General, 0504
source of income, 0501
Retired officers, relative rank (sace Rank)
Retired officers required to serve: command (see Command)
Review of Summary Findings and Awards, 3628
Rifle clubs, J Annex 36B
Rigging (see Boatswain’s duties)
Royal Family (see Military honours)
Royal Fleet Reservists: status (see Pensioners)
Royal Humane Society awards (see Decorations)
Royal Marines detachments: C-in-C’s inspections, 0728
Royal Marines relative rank (see Rank)
Royal Marines
acting, temporary and honorary rank (see Rank)
command (see Command) order of command (see Command)
Royal Marines, Officer Commanding

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

accommodation and weapon/equipment stowage, 1409

duties, 1402
equipment, 1405
military training, 1407
pre-embarkation/joining training, 1406
reports, 1403
responsibilities, 1401
ships for which RM provide seagoing detachment, 1404
tasks/duties of RM detachment in CVS or frigate, 1405
Yeomen of the Guard, 1410
Yeomen Warders (see, J1411 Yeomen of the Guard)
Royal Marines band service and volunteer bands
advance in review order, 9721
allocation of KM bands, 9701
allocation of performer’s portion, 9753
band instruments, 9731-9734
command, 9702
co-ordination of engagements, 9704
costs, 9744
dance bands, 9747
distribution of fees, 9752
engagement categories, 9741, 9751
exceptions, 9750
fee paying, 9751
general salute, 9723
inspections, 9712
massed bands, 9722
messes, 9745, 9746
role, 9705
security, 9711
Service bands, 9724
title of band, 9703
transport, 9749
volunteer bands, 9761-9762
Volunteer Band Instructor primary duties, 9763
Royal Yachts; C-in-C’s responsibilities, 0726
flags hoisted when saluting British authorities (see Colours)
flags hoisted when saluting foreign authorities (see Colours:military Honour’s)
Gun Salutes, Chapt 94
National, 9406
Royal, 9407
Salvage and special services abandonment, 4679
aid to ships in danger, 4641
aircraft, 4622

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

articles found, 4661

awards from Receivers of Wreck, 4662
detention of ships abroad, 4647
distribution of awards, 4608, 4648
enforcement of claims, 4646
expenditure on, 4606
general, 4621
general guidance on operations, 4624
HM ship in distress, 4631
legal expenses, 4603
mines, 4676
minesweeping floats and multiplanes, 4675
money received for, 4607
payment for, 4673
prize money, 4601
prosecution of personal claims, 4645
Receiver of Wreck, 4623
recovered articles renamed, 4672
recovery of stores by contract, 4671
reports to MOD, 4605, 4644
rewards to civilians after aircraft crashes, 4678
right to claim, 4643
salvage claims, 4604
ships agent. 4602
sleeve and flag targets, 4677
terms of service, 4642
torpedo salvage, 4674
Sanitary documents (see Quarantine)
Sea command (see Command; Commanding Officer, instructions to: sea command)
Sea Cadet Corps: definition of duty, 5601
Seaman officers
Hydrographic, Meteorological and Oceanographic Officers (see Hydrographic
Meteorological, Oceanographic Officers)
Mine Warfare and Clearance Diving Officer (see Mine Warfare and Clearance Diving
Navigating Officer (see Navigating Officer and S/M Navigating Officer)
Operations Officer (see Operations Officer)
Principal Warfare Officer (see Principal Warfare Officer)
Search - Premises and Belongings, 3629
Second Sea Lord: outline responsibilities, 0204
Security disclosure of official information, J7005
disclosure of official information to courts (see Legal advice and proceedings), J7010
general, J7001
nationality, J7011
official documents, J7007

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

Official Secrets Acts, J7003

police and civil authority reports, J7009
responsibility, J7002
restrictions on use of official documents, J7006
travel restrictions, J7004
Unit Security Officer (see Chapter 29)
visitors, J7008
Seminars and study
Conferences outside; use of official information (see Official information)
Senior officer proceeding to another ship (see Command)
Service bands
definitions, J9611-J9613
categories, J9623-J9622
controversial music, J9643
duty nature, J9622
foreign national anthem, J9644
massed bands, J9641
National Anthem J9645
restrictions, J9621
trumpet and bugle calls, J9642
general, J9601-J9603
RM Band Service (Chapter 97)
Volunteer Band (Chapter 97)
Service funds, 8071-8076
Service mounting (see Funeral honours; Service bands)
Service personnel, loan of (see Extraneous services)
Services rendered in NATO exercises (see Extraneous services)
Servicing crews (see Crews)
Shore establishments, C-in-C’s instructions relating to (see Commanders-in-Chief)
Ship’s agent, 0733 (see also Salvage)
badges and mottoes (see Chap 88)
in distress; charges (see Salvage)
fighting equipment, changes or modification to, 0723
new construction (see Commanding Officer, instructions to: new construction)
on special duties: C-in-C’s responsibilities, 0731
speed of; C-in-C’s responsibilities, 0732
upkeep, maintenance and repair (see Commanding Officer, instructions to: ship
Signal Communications Officer 2201-2208
Administration 2203
duties, 2202
message handling, 2208
security officer 2240

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

Signal Communications Officer (S/M):

duties5 2220-2225,
responsibilities, 2223
Electronic warfare officer 2230-2232
Sleeve or flag targets, salvage of (see Salvage)
Sound reproduction and TV equipment (see Engineer Officer)
Special command (see Command)
Sponsorship Chapt 83
Sport and Financial Incentives (See Business Activities)
Standards, flags and colours Admiralty Board, 9104
alternative positions and hoisting, 9115
Colours (see Colours)
Commodore, Royal Fleet Auxiliary, 9114
Flag Officers and Commodores, 9106
flags and pennants displaced, 9110
flags half-masted, 9111
foreign Heads of State5 9103
Hon. Officers in HM Fleet, 9107
masthead pennant, 9109
Joint Commanders, 9113
Naval Boards,
Commonwealth, 9105
NATO flag, 9118
North Sea pennant 9119
other authorities, 9112
Queen’s Harbourmaster, 9117
paying off pennant, 9120
personal, J9102
senior officer’s pennant, 9108
squadron command pennant, 9116
The Sovereign, J9101
United Nations flag; 9121
Stores, C-in-C’s responsibilities for, 0724
Submarine officers
Officer of the watch in dived Submarine, 2321-2323
Submarines new construction (see Commanding Officer, instructions to: new construction)
Tactics and Sonar Officer 2301-2305
Summary Appeal Court, 3632
Summonses (see Legal advice and proceedings)
Tailoring (see Boot repairs, tailoring, etc.)
TV and film companies, etc., assistance to (see Extraneous services)
TV licences in HM Ships and shore establishments, Chap 90
Toasts, Loyal and official, 9317
Torpedoes, salvage of (see Salvage)

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

Towing operations by MOD (see Commanders-in-chief)

Tradesmen on board (see Discipline and conduct)
Trading, private, in Fleet shore establishments, 8201
Trafficking (see Discipline and conduct)
Travel restrictions (see Security)
Unified commands (see Command)
Uniform and dress: general, 7401
Unit Security Officer duties, 2901
Vehicles, use of (see Discipline and conduct)
Visitors and passengers, entertainment of, etc. (see Messing and accommodation)
security (see Security)
Visits, official (see Chapter 93)
Vulnerable People (see Children)
War diaries: C-in-C’s responsibility, 0709
War organization: C-in-Cs responsibility, 0704
Warrant Officers, CPOs, POs and Leading Ratings: duties and privileges, 3501-3502
Watch, Officer of the (see Officer of the Watch)
Watertight integrity (see Engineering Officer)
Weapon Engineer Officer (see WEO)
Weapons and weapons systems (see Commanding Officer, instruction to: weapons)
Weather decks (see Boatswain’s duties)
Welfare Committee, Canteens and non-public funds
authorization of bars, 8011
canteens and bars: self-run system, 8051-8052
clubs in Service
establishments, 8020
licensing requirements, 8012
liquor, sale in bars, 8013
liquor, sale in messes, 8014,
junior 8015
non-public funds:
conduct of service funds, 8072
Duties 8073
general, 8071
inspection of accounts, 8074
on paying-off, 8075
Trustee, J8076
regulations, 8001
WEO (surface ships) general duties, 1081
shared responsibilities, 1083
specific duties, 1082
station, 1084
WEO (S/M) administration, 1095
explosives and safety, 1092
general duties, 1091

November 2007 Edition
BRd 2

training 1094
watertight integrity, 1093
weapon practice, 1096
Wills (see Effects) Chap 55
Women’s Services: relative rank (see rank)
Working with Children appeals, 6506
cadets, 6504
copying of cert, 6508
definitions, 6502
policy, 6504
short term loan, 6504
Works services, land and property (see Commanders-in-Chief)
Wreaths, ceremonial (see Funeral honours)
Writs (see Legal advice and proceedings)
Yeoman of the Guard and Yeoman Warders of the Tower of London, 1410-1411 and
Annex 14A
Young Officer’s Training Officer, Chapter 32
Form E190, 3207
general, 3201
guidance, 3208
reports, 3206
Task 3202
Task Book, 3204
training programme, 3203
training Record, 3205
training guidance 3208

November 2007 Edition