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the Quality Register

Registration Card
Please refer to Guidance Note on reverse before completion
Please complete clearly and in full. This card is copied to likely employers Age Married

Surname Prenames Sex M F Single

Business Name (if any)
Address Children M Separated

Town Postcode Employee Partner

County tel:
mob: fax: Self Employed Student
personal e-mail:
Part-time Unemployed
3 Months
LANGUAGES In which INDUSTRY/SECTOR are you most experienced


PRESENT/LAST EMPLOYMENT/CONTRACT N4 Reason for wishing to move or

Employer Industry Need for more contracts
Turnover No. of people on your site Salary/Rate
Job Title Benefits No. of your staff
Summery of previous employment/significant contract - latest first
From To Company Turnover Industry Position/Title End Salary

Other INDUSTRIES in which you have had experience TECHNICAL (non Quality) SKILLS you have acquired
(e.g. Electronics, Steel, Aircraft, etc.) (e.g. Metallurgy, Chemistry, Apprenticeship, etc.)
1) 4) 1) 4)
2) 5) 2) 5)
3) 6) N5
3) 6) N6

Circle any of the following in which you have practical experience: Quality skills:- SPC. Six Sigma. FMEA. Quality Circles.
Team Working. JIT. Cell Manufacturing. DOE. Taguchi. Poka-Yoke. Kaizen. QFD. Quality Plans. TQM. AQAP. Q1. QS9000.
CAA. CAA Signatory. Benchmarking. Lead Assessor. Internal Audit. Vendor Audit. IRCA. NAMAS. Metrology. AQL.
TickIT. GMP. HACCP. EFQM. Process Mapping. Process Evaluation/Analysis. Performance Measurement.
Enter any Others:- N7

Associated Skills:- IIP. CE Marketing. EU Directives. Products Liability. Environment. Hazard & Risks. Health & Safety. Statistics
PC Usage. Microsoft Office
Are you willing to relocate YES/NO. If yes state areas you would consider
1st Choice 2nd Choice 3rd Choice
N8 If NO state how far you would commute
AUTHORISATION Please circulate my personal details to potential employers Give details of any previous
with the exception of the following companies registrations/contracts with us!

Signature ……………………………………………………. Date …………………..

Registration Card Guidance Notes

In your own interest please read these notes carefully before you begin to complete the Card.

The purpose of the Registration Card is to provide a single sheet summary of your working life and to highlight
your specific individual skills and abilities. The Card should summarise the information in your CV enabling
potential employers through the common format to easily identify your appeal. A clean and concise summary
which will photocopy well is important.

The following points relate to specific parts of the Registration Card overleaf

N1 - Please complete/tick the appropriate spaces/boxes.

N2 - Seeks a guide to the urgency of your need to relocate

N3 - Try to indicate the Industry/Sector to which you have most to offer and in which you would prefer
to work again.

N4 - Please indicate which is appropriate - present or last employment or contract.

N5 - Enter the industries in which you are most experienced to give an indication of the breadth of
your background. Try to avoid generalisations like "manufacturing" and "engineering".

N6 - It will help if you can identify any technical skills you have developed or acquired whether
academic or "on the job" or both.

N7 - As everyone on the Quality Register is involved in "quality" in some form or another it is

important that you indicate any other particular experiences, abilities and skills you are able to

N8 - The more specific you can make any preference you have for an alternative location the better -
so avoid the "North" or the "South-East".

N9 - List the names of companies from whom you wish to be excluded.

Your personal CV is extremely important. It enables you to sell yourself through its content and layout. It is
essential that your CV adequately details your education, family, working experience and leisure interests. Try to
ensure that your CV details the industrial sector, the product range and the size in terms of numbers of people
and turnover of each company that you have worked with; these details together with your job titles give strength
to the importance of each position and your overall experience.

the Quality Register

Quality Management Appointments Ltd

Tanyard, Calver Road, Baslow, Derbyshire. DE45 1RR
tel: 01246 582113 fax: 01246 583530 e-mail: