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Español 051 Otoño 2010

Profesora: Marthe Russell

Oficina: Waterman 501
Teléfono: 656-4996
Correo electrónico:
Horas de oficina: Mondays and Wednesdays 10:30-11:15, and by appointment

Texto: Punto y aparte, 4th ed. Foerster and Lambright.

Online Learning Center at

Course Description:

Spanish 051 is a course designed to provide a communicative learning experience that works to expand
students' ability to interact with others successfully in Spanish. To achieve these goals, we will devote
approximately half of our time to grammar and vocabulary review, and the other half to activities that
are geared toward helping students develop the all-important ability to make use of Spanish in their
own lives, both inside and outside the classroom, through the development of successful reading,
writing, speaking, and listening comprehension skills.

Course Objectives:

The course's principle goals include development of the following abilities:

• Express personal opinions and ideas in spoken Spanish
• Write short essays expressing and explaining a point of view
• Summarize the main topics or themes of short texts/videos in Spanish
• Develop greater cultural awareness of Spanish-speaking countries/communities
• Increase mastery of Spanish grammar structures
• Broaden Spanish vocabulary

Grade Components:

Exams 20%
Oral Exam 10%
Quizzes 15%
Compositions 15%
Participation/Attendance 15%
Final presentation 15%
Homework and Journals 10%
Total 100%
Exams and Quizzes:
The midterm exam will cover the material in Chapters 1-3. The final exam will cover Units 4-6. Quizzes
confirm comprehension of the materials in each chapter as the semester progresses.

Oral Exam:
Throughout the semester, you will be working on your oral Spanish skills every day in class. Your oral
proficiency will also be formally assessed at midterm. For the oral exam you will be asked to carry out a
conversation with a classmate (your grade will be based on your performance only). This will take about
5 minutes per pair. Specific information pertaining to the oral exam will be distributed as the date

There are 3 compositions to be turned in during the course of the semester, at least one of which will be
done as an in-class essay. Specific criteria and expectations will be distributed in class well before the
first composition is due. After the assignments are graded and returned, students will revise and correct
their errors for an additional grade. Late work will be marked down one grade per day.

Homework and Journals:

Assignments from the online learning center and weekly journals will comprise the majority of
homework. These assignments must be completed and submitted on the day they are listed in the
syllabus. The journals will be your opportunity to casually write about anything you choose…and a topic
will always be provided in case you need some inspiration. You will be graded and receive feedback
primarily based on the content of your journal entries. These will be submitted each week through the
journal tool on Blackboard. There are 12 journals assigned for the semester, but your grade will only be
based on 10 of these. In other words, you can choose to skip this assignment twice during the semester
if you are too busy with other obligations.

Other homework (grammar exercises, short response, paragraphs on assigned topics, etc.) will be
announced in class. Homework will not be graded if turned in after the assigned due date.

Final presentation:
These will be done in pairs, focusing on a Spanish-speaking country or region you would like to learn
more about. There will be various activities relating to this project over the course of the semester. At
the end of the semester, each group will do a PowerPoint presentation about their topic. This will be
turned in (via attachment or CD) along with a list of reference materials used. The grade on the final
project will take into account all of the above activities.

For obvious reasons it is extremely important to come to class prepared and to participate actively in
class activities; failure to do so will result in a poor participation grade. Talking as much in Spanish as
possible and volunteering often will ensure full participation points. You are allowed to miss 3
unexcused days of class. However, more than 3 unexcused absences will lower your final grade. Be sure
to notify the instructor ahead of time in the event of an excused absence (e.g., for religious or medical
reasons). Furthermore, students should note that tardiness will not be tolerated, as it causes a huge
disruption for everyone in the class. Therefore, every 3 times that a student arrives 5 minutes late to
class, an unexcused absence will be noted on that student’s attendance record.
Grading Scale:

97-100% = A+
93-96.9% = A
90-92.9% = A-
87-89.9% = B+
83-86.9% = B
80-82.9% = B-
77-79.9% = C+
73-76.9% = C
70-72.9% = C-
67-69.9% = D+
63-66.9% = D
60-62.9% = D-
Below 60% = F


It is plagiarism to present another's ideas or words as your own. If you have questions when preparing a
composition or other graded assignment, please ask the professor. Do not have someone else correct
your writing for you before turning it in for a grade. Plagiarism is a very serious academic offense, and
can result in a failing grade or worse.


If you need medical or other accommodation in order to maximize your learning experience at UVM,
please contact the ACCESS Office (A-170 Living/Learning).