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Clean Freak- your smartness, our Pride

Compiled By: Grishma Chedda

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The word “laundry” means the removal of stains, washing and finishing (ironing and
finishing) storage of all types of clothes and articles
Reasons for laundering clothes
1. To remove perspiration which if not removed may damage the garment.
2. To remove dirt and grease which may discolour the garment or cause them to
3. Launder clothes for hygienic purposes. Dirty clothes may carry germs which
bring about diseases e.g. skin diseases.
4. Well laundered clothes maintain their color better
5. Garment which are frequently and properly laundered last longer because
perspiration is not given time to damage fibers.
6. Laundered and well ironed clothes stay clean for a longer period as dust does not
stick on the smooth surfaces.
7. By ironing clothes, insects and germs which get on to the clothes as they dry are
8. To give clothes good a shape and to make them look as new as possible.

The process of laundry ensures the care of clothes and other items made of textile fibers
of different types. For efficiency in laundry work, the basic equipment apparatus and
appropriate cleaning aids are essential. Equipment and aids have continually been
developed to make laundry work easier and more enjoyable. Despite the presence of this
equipment, there is needed to understand the properties of the fabrics in common use to
facilitate the choice of methods for the general care of clothes.

Clean Freak is a concept of Cleaning Services available to individuals and

families, including dry cleaning and laundry. Clean Touch intends to offer affordable
"luxury" cleaning to all. Quality is made available to everybody. Clean Freak is the best
service provider. The core business is the cleaning of clothes. Our professional team is
taking care of each item with a great respect. Removal of the spots, small repairs, high
quality finishing are some of the features that make Clean Freak different.

Situation Analysis

Clean Freak service is entering its first year as a start-up business. The idea has been well
received and marketing will be critical to the success of the business. Clean Freak offers a
clean, convenient laundry facility for those that do their own laundry, as well as those in
need of optional services. It will lure customers in with excellent customer service,
membership and discount facility, a pick and drop service of clothes.

Market Summary

We have captured good information about the market and know a fair amount about the
target customers. To determine the actual demand for the service a market research
survey. We see many people are interested and have great demand for the offering we are
going to deliver through our laundry service. The services are given by other companies
are not as good as people demand. The facilities offered to customers like picking the
clothes from home and deliver it back to homes as well as optional services such as full
service washing, alteration of clothes and 24 hours clean box service, very affordable
prices and also guarantee of usage of very good washing material are highly admired
from the respondents. CF’s market information will be used to better understand who is
served, their specific needs, and how CF can better communicate with them.
Market Trend

The market trends are

• Now a day’s people become more conscious about their dressing and they want
their self more prominent due to their clean and shining clothes.
• Media has also performing a very clear role in the dressing sensitivity of the
• Now the large numbers of people are doing jobs and they are professional so their
executive environment demands that they should dress up mannerly.
• Technology has driven down the costs of equipment that offer technological
• Using technology reduces the dependence on human labor.
7 P’S of Services Marketing




Product and Services:

• Dealing with all type of laundry works and cleaning

Types of wash:

• Dry cleaning
• Wet cleaning
• Dyeing
• Hand Wash
• Machine Wash
• Wash to Instructions
Other Services:
• Repairing
• Ironing
• Starch

Have :

• Machine wash and Steam iron.

• Washing all types of clothes.


• Morning 6.00 am to evening 11.00pm.

Delivery services and and timings:

• Free Pick-up and drop service.

Normal wash:

• Maximum 6hours

Urgent wash:

• Within 2 hours or free, with a premium of rupees 100 per order that is urgent
apart from the regular costs are applicable.

USP Of Our Service

• Easy to Use Scheduling System and Services
• Incredible Convenience
• FREE Pick-up & Delivery
• Monthly Cost-Saving Specials
• Guaranteed Reliability
• Newsletters with Tips on Fabric Care
• Dry Cleaning

Incase of the pick up and delivery service, we plan to have a pick up from the houses of
all the customers from 12 in the afternoon to 2 in the evening. We will set up a small box
on each floor where our customers are located and provide them with a laundry bag, in
which they can put their clothes and put it inside the box. Our person will collect the bags
and take it to our location where we will carry on the process. He bags will reach back to
the customers between 6-8 in the evening.
We will provide a different colored bag in case the person wants to get the product dry
cleaned or dyed or repaired. In that case we will contact the customer to ask him or her
for the color, which she can choose from the color chart that we will be providing to them

Hand Washing

Free Pick up and

Washing Delivery

Cleaning Repair

Another advantage of our service is that the people who are working or the students, they
can make the best use of it. As they are very busy with their work and studies they often
find it difficult to give and take clothes. But in this case we have overcome this problem
and will be able o service this need of theirs.
Other ‘Branded’ Laundry
“Clean Freak” plans Services

Clean Freak Services will have Need at least 300 sq. ft store No Retail outlet – Trust
a set up of around 500 sq feet at front with high rentals becomes as issue, as
strategic locations in Pune : customer doesn’t know
 Low Rental No ability to move it customer where to go if there is a

 Good Reach demand not as per delay/ misplacement of

expectations. clothes.

2-6 hours delivery time due

Completely Self-contained 2-3 days for delivery due to
booth Centralized Laundry washing
Clothes collected and
The washing, drying and ironingThe laundry collected is sent to
washed centrally.
facilities are all provided, thus a centralized place involving
making it completely self- logistics costs and delay.
sufficient while still having a
very small footprint.

No guarantees Cheap detergents and

As the centralized cleaning non-potable water used.
High-quality washing and water. facility is used, there is no Further, the dhobis beat
We use high-quality detergents guarantee on the kind of the clothes which damage
such as Ariel for all the washing detergents & water used and them further.
and potable water used is for cleaning conditions. Thus,
washing. The customers can see exposing customers to
the washing & ingredients being
used, thus building trust on the
potential hygiene risks.
quality of wash.

Not required
They use river water or
Set up in an area where there is No such technology
any available type of
ample of water supply.

Drying facility in-built the Sun-drying in unhygienic

No such facility.
which gives 100% drying. places
1. Double-digit growth for the first three years.
2. Reduce overhead by 3% per year.
3. Holding spending, as a percentage of revenues, at a steady level.

The cost for the various types of clothes is as under : MEN RATES WOMEN RATES

1 Suit(3pcs) 230 Duppatta(cotton) 15

2 Suit(2pcs) 200 Duppatta(silky) 25
3 Coat 100 Duppatta(kamdar) 20
4 Jackets 90 Shawl 50
5 Leather Jackets 150 Lehenga(banarsi/kamdar) 130
Leather Jackets(with
6 polish) 300 Saree 150
7 Trouser/Pants 25 Ghagra(banarsi/kamdar) 125
8 Shirt(cotton) 25 Blouse(silk) 30
9 Shirt(silk) 30 Shalwar suit(cotton) 35
10 Shirt(linen) 35 Shalwar suit(silky) 60
11 Over coat 100 Shalwar suit(kamdar) 50
12 Tie 25
13 Track suit(2 pcs.) 60
14 Sherwani 175
15 Waist coat 60
16 Handkerchief 5
17 Under garments(per piece) 10

Curtains rates
short 70
medium 135
large 175 Linens Rates

1 Blanket(double) 250
2 Blanket(single) 175
3 Bed sheet(double) 40
4 Bed sheet(single) 25
5 Bed cover 45
6 Quilt(double) 140
7 Quilt(single) 160
8 Table cloth(large) 20
9 Table cloth(small) 30
10 Napkin 10
11 Pillow cover 10
12 Sofa cover 40
13 Car seat cover 40
14 Towel 10

Carpets(Rs./Sq.ft) 3.5
Children(up to 12 years) half

Finance is the back bone of every business. There is no business without the finance and
usage of finance in efficiently manners is also very important because this is the thing if
we do not use properly we are just flop. So keeping this into our mind we planned our
usage of resources very carefully and also got help from some experts to tell us the right
allocation of our resources. On the other hand on the basis of our cost we set our prices
and service fee so this section is planned very carefully so that we can also fulfill the
target of profit we want to get back from our precious investment.

In fee determination the following factors playing important role.

• Building Rent
• Furnishing of Shops
• Machine Cost
• Maintenance Cost
• Gas & Electricity
• Laundry Supplies
• Delivery and Collection Expenses
• Packing Expenses
• Staff expenses / Salary

These are the major Price determinants.

The Initial Investment is as under :
Initial Investment
Particulars No. Cost/unit Total
Monthly rent of place in
pune(advance) 5 20000 100000
Machinery cost 15 100000 1500000
Bikes(on installment) 5 5000 25000
Furnishing 5 20000 100000
Security Deposit 5 70000 350000
TOTAL 2535000

Our working capital requirement will be as explained under :-

Working Capital

Particulars No. Cost/unit Total

Maintainence cost of
machine 15 1500 22500
Electricity bills 5 20000 100000
Bikes Installment 5 1500 7500
Fuel charges 5 700 3500
Packing of clothes 5 5000 25000
Staff salaries 20 3000 60000
Rent/month 5 20000 100000
Cleaning material 5 10000 50000
Water charges 5 5000 25000

TOTAL 66700 393500

Cost/shop 78700

Our expected revenues would be on daily basis :

No. of
Particulars pieces Cost/piece Total
Saree 3 150 450
Suit(3pcs) 2 230 460
Suit(2pcs) 2 200 400
Shirt(cotton) 15 25 375
Shirt(silk) 6 30 180
Shirt(linen) 14 35 490
Trouser/Pants 20 25 500
suit(cotton) 4 35 140
Track suit(2 pcs.) 3 60 180
suit(silky) 3 60 180

Total 3355
Thus we get following data on monthly and yearly basis :
Minimum expected
revenue/day/shop 3355

Minimum expected
revenue/month/shop 100650

Total revenue/month 503250

Yearly revenue 6039000


Our Profit and Loss for the year would be as follows :

Sales 6039000
Less: Variable cost 4722000
Contribution 1317000
Less: Fixed cost 507000
PBT 810000
PAT @ 70% 567000
We assume a growth rate of 5% on yearly basis.
We have researched the market for "door2door personal laundry services" and the results
leave no doubt about the market opportunities. There is a growing demographic
population of students and working people with so much to do and so little time. Their
activity-based life style leaves less time for household chores. A reliable door to door, no
hassle service is a very welcome and valuable option. In fact, a convenient delivery and
collection service, for laundry and dry cleaning, has never been made available to these
"on-the move" high potential customers. We have decided to launch our services in Pune,
where we have targeted certain locations (Aundh, Pimple Saudagar, Wakad, Magarpatta,
Koregaon Park, Chinchwad) which are industrial and educational hub. Apart from these
locations, our target destinations would also be IIMs , IITs and other campuses where
colleges offer residential programs. We selected these areas very carefully so that we can
cover this huge populated city and get maximum market can share through easy access to
our customers. Here we are planning to have tie ups with the institutions where we will
have an automated machines of CLEAN FREAK in the space allotted to us in the campus
wherein we will be working in two shifts i.e. at noon and around 6.00p.m. The students
will be informed that our employees would be coming twice in a day and they are
supposed to drop their dirty clothes in the laundry bag kept near the machine. The clothes
given at noon will be returned in the evening at 6.00 pm and the clothes given in the
evening will be returned next day in the afternoon.

In this case we need to consider our target market, when we go for advertising and sales
The different advertising tools we will be using in this case are:

• Print media: Inserts in the news paper. All the people we are targeting will be
reading news papers and thus this advertisement as news paper inserts will really
help us in creating awareness about the product.
• Banners: We are also using banners for advertisement because it has
low price and can make attentive our services on the roads
and squares. The banners we are using having a size of 3
meter x 6 meter each.

• Hoardings: We will make use of hoardings around the corporate offices and
around residential areas. We will also make it a point to have a hoarding around
colleges like symbiosis, where a large number of students stay in hostels.
• Radio: We will have announcements on the radio about our product being
1. We will have 3 slots in the morning from Monday to Saturdays.
2. We will also have evening slots in the evening whenthe office hours get
over and the college too is done. That will be from around 5.00 pm to 8.00
pm. We will have 3 slots during that period too.

• Pamphlets: We will also distribute pamphlets to the homes,

offices and the hostels of the universities and also some privates’ hostels. Through
this source we can easily show the benefit and create awareness about our very
advance and beneficiary service. For this purpose we will hire some people and
make it sure
that they are delivering pamphlets to the exect locations.

We will also be using sales promotion to increase turnover:

Bulk Discount:
• Discount:
1. Sales above rupees Rs 500 we will offer a discount of 5% on the total amount.
2. Sales above rupees Rs 1000 , we will offer a discount of 8 %.

• Free Coupons: We will be distributing coupons in malls and near offices, college in
order to make people try out our service

Promorional budget for each year

Particulars Amount in Rs
Pamphlets 25,000.00
Out Door Media 160,000.00
Banners 100,000.00
Radio 1,50,000
Sales promotion 25,000
Total 460000





Doing Good’ – enabling sustainable livelihoods:

We believe in the ensuring that all our employees share in the growth of our company –
we ensure that our employees see the clear benefits of working with CLEAN FREAK
Laundry Services. These benefits include:
(a) Skill development – Most of the front-end staff that we recruit are under-skilled/ un-
skilled, having minimal/ no formal education or training. On joining, we give 7-days
training to each of them which includes both operational training on process for good
quality washing and personal grooming, communication, customer marketing. So at the
end of the training, the person has the skills to work in a more professional manner.
(b) Financial security – There is a direct correlation between business performance and
employee’s salary, our front-end staff salaries have no ceiling - higher the business, more
is their monthly salary
(c) Personal – each of our front-end staff is provided with Personal accident insurance
cover free of cost, also they will get motorbikes so that they can travel in relative comfort
to & from their place of work


Promoting from within – ‘from operator to manager’

Along with the benefits we also actively look to promote from within our organization.
The aim is to reward our best performers with higher responsibility and salaries. Further,
this also gives the front-end staff the confidence that unlike in other organizations, at
CLEAN FREAK laundry Services, they have an opportunity to become ‘managers’ and
that there’s no glass ceiling in the organization.
Our employee will be initially appointed as the operator who will be provided training of
7 days which includes both operational training on process for good quality washing and
personal grooming, communication, customer marketing. Because of this training they
will be able to work in a more professional manner.
After having the complete knowledge about the operational part, we will send them for
on-field job. The only purpose of sending the employees for on-field job is customer
building and customer retention. Customer building and customer retention is possible
only when the employees start building rapport with the customers and customer start
developing trust on the employees. The customers are rest assured that they are giving
their clothes in the safe hand and that the employee wouldn’t lose or damage their
Operational work and customer building is not the end of the employees’ growth in our
organization. He will be promoted as the area manager to oversee different locations in
the vicinity and will also be given increment in the salary. So from an operator, he will
now become a manager, who handles and teaches other people on how to run the
business and will set an example for other operators.
The employees will be working in two shifts i.e. one from 6.00 am to 2.30pm and other
from 2.30 pm to 11.00 pm. There will be two shifts because we are working for around
17 hrs.
All the employees won’t be given holiday on the same day because we cannot keep our
organization close for the entire day, so all the employees will be given different days as
weekly off.
Customer in a service sector attempt to take cues about the service providers capabilities
and the quality of service offered from physical evidence. Physical Evidence is the
material part of a service. Strictly speaking there are no physical attribute, so consumer
tends to rely on material cues. The major elements of physical evidence includes the
physical environment, the modes and content of communication, service personnel the
tangible elements accompany the service and the brand. There are many examples of
physical evidence.

Packaging: It is the way how we pack our ironed clothes and give it to the customers. All
the heavy clothes would be packed with paper between each fold so that the ironing
doesn’t get spoiled.
Paper work: Monthly bills will be provided to our creditors and also the account of the
same will be maintained. For one time customers, individual bills will be given. Different
brochures have been published so as to acquire new customers.
Uniform: Our employees will be given two pairs of uniforms each year. According to the
policy of our organization, each employee has to wear the uniform during the working
Furnishing: We operate in clean surroundings. We keep our premises free of dust, dirt or
any other materials that may sully the clients' clothes. We also do not allow smoking so
that the items retain its fragrance from the wash.
Line of Interaction
The Service Process of Laundry Services:

• The process begins with the customer placing the service request, over the phone,
for the collection of the linen from his residence. Here the details about the
customer are recorded and queries, if any, are attended to by the Executive.

• Based on the service request, the van arrives at the customer’s residence & the
delivery boy visits the house. This is the first face – to – face with the customer.

• The delivery boy now collects the linen by tagging the garments & placing them
in the collection bags. He also gives the customer an acknowledgement receipt.

• These collection bags are then brought to the laundry where the actual process

o First, the clothes are sorted based on parameters like colour i.e. whites,
light – coloured & dark – coloured.

o Treatment is applied on the areas with stains/ dirt (such as collars)

o The linen is then soaked in water along with the detergent. The duration is
usually 30 minutes to 1 hour.

o This is followed by washing of the linen in a high-performance washing


o They are then placed in the dryer for 45 to 60 mins

o They are then taken out and some those not needing ironing are folded are
the rest of the linen is sent for ironing.

o Lastly, the linen is packed in plastic bags and are then ready for delivery

• The Invoice is prepared and sent to the customer along with the delivery of the
• The process ends with the delivery of the linen to the customer and the collection
of payment from them.

We at CLEAN FREAK laundry services make sure that the customers items are treated in
the best way possible. We consider client satisfaction and trust as one of our most
important motives.
We give our customers surety that once they hand over the clothes to our employees, they
are in the safe hands and won’t hamper the quality of their clothes. Maintaining the
quality of the clothes is what we believe in along with timely delivery of the clothes to
the customers.
One of the things that give us competitive advantage over others is delivering the clothes
to our customers at their convenience. Being pick and drop providing services, we
usually drop clothes at a fixed time but there are certain customers who are working till
late in the evening so as per their convenience we will go and drop their clothes at
specified time.
Our USP being ON TIME delivery and delivering WITHIN 120 minutes for the clothes
needed on an URGENT basis, we assure the customers to deliver it before time without
giving up the safety and quality factor.

Quality is one of the concerns the customer has while handling over their clothes to the
service provider. But at CLEAN FREAK , there is no need for the customers to worry
about the quality of their clothes. Quality is given due importance at CLEAN FREAK.
At CLEAN FREAK we believe in following things:
Preserving fabric quality. We classify the different items that the the customers give us
so that each are washed in its proper setting. For example, silks are washed differently
from lyocells. This kind of handling is necessary to ensure that all the items are kept in
good condition. It is also a very good method to make sure that fabrics will last longer
and look its best.
Proper handling of items. Laundry services with good standards operate in clean
surroundings. We keep our premises free of dust, dirt or any other materials that may
sully the clients' clothes. We also do not allow smoking so that the items retain its
fragrance from the wash. Additionally, quality laundry service is done by trained
personnel who take all the necessary steps to care of the clients' items.
Be efficient and timely. Time translates to resources, and the sooner the items are
returned to the clients the better. A good launderette can perform its washing services at a
minimum of three hours per visit. We do the job as soon as possible for the convenience
of the client and also to get more jobs done, a mark of a serious business. We provide
same-day collection and return services to even bulky items like rugs and carpets.
Competitive rates. All clients want services that are worth what they are paying. Some
launderettes may offer services at a cheap price but have a shoddy output. But on the
other hand, high price may not always mean quality service. So what the customers
would like to look for is a launderette that gives quality service at the minimum price and
we at CLEAN FREAK believe in providing quality service at minimum price.

• Free pick up and delivery
• Better accountability
• Reliability
• Quick Service
• Service timings from 6 am- 11pm, 9 pm being the last call being taken.
• Hygiene
• Use of quality products

• Cost a little higher as compare to the dhobis.
• We have no walk-in services available
• We are new entrants in the field and do not have a brand name to back us.

• We have a lot of scope for expanision as we are starting off only with Pune, we
can target all the metros and other tier two cities.
• We can have a walk in facility at our store.
• In case of the self service concept we can have a pick up and drop for the students
• The concept of pick up and delivery will soon be copied by the other laundries.