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Battlecruiser - Game - StarCraft II

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These massive, heavily armored
combat ships are virtual flying
fortresses, built to keep the
peace and dominate the space
lanes of the Koprulu sector.
Bristling laser batteries and thick
neosteel armor make these
imposing vessels some of the
most powerful in Terran space.
As such, many commanders use Battlecruisers as their
headquarters during extended campaigns. Research
has led to the development of alternative weapon and
defense upgrades, including the dreaded Yamato



Race: Terran Producer: Starport Upgrades:

Life: 550 Hotkey: B
Energy: 200 Requires: Tech Lab, Fusion Core
Armor: 3 (+6) Cost: 400 300
Movement:Very Slow Supply: 6
Attributes: Armored - Mechanical - Build time: 90 Ability:
Massive[3/1/2011 1:33:40 PM]

Battlecruiser - Game - StarCraft II


Capital ship that can attack air and ground targets.

This vessel can absorb and dish out large amounts of punishment. Use
it to draw enemy fire while your ground troops move in for the kill, or

to break into well-defended islands.

Use their Yamato Cannon to take out enemy defensive structures or
Thor Mutalisk Carrier
key targets, and clear a path for your smaller units. Six Battlecruisers
armed with this weapon can take out a command structure in one shot.
Follow them with SCVs set to auto-repair to increase their longevity.
Their movement speed is slow, so be sure to either protect them well
or field so many that the enemy has no chance of stopping them.
When attacking ground units, if terrain allows, position your
Viking Corruptor Void Ray
Battlecruisers above obstacles or cliffs to deny the enemy the chance to



WEAPON REFIT: Enables Battlecruisers to use the Yamato Cannon.

BEHEMOTH REACTOR: Increases the starting energy of Battlecruisers by 25.


VS Terran

Get a sizable force of Vikings and focus fire. Watch out for the enemy’s
own anti-air units or ground support.

Engage with a very large force of Stimpacked Marines with Medivac

support. Focus fire is crucial.

VS Zerg

Attack with a large number of Corruptors and focus fire the cruisers.

Spawn Hydralisks and research the Grooved Spines upgrade. Try to fight
them in the open.[3/1/2011 1:33:40 PM]

Battlecruiser - Game - StarCraft II

VS Protoss

Engage Battlecruisers with Void Rays.

Surround the vessels with a very large force of Stalkers with Blink.
Use the High Templar Feedback ability to drain energy from a Battlecruiser

and deal damage at the same time.


SCV Marine Marauder Reaper Ghost Hellion Siege Tank Thor

Viking Medivac Raven Banshee Battlecruiser

Comments (385)


JetfirePrime 19 hours, 18 minutes ago

You guys I got awesome news! The newest patch made Battlecruisers move faster than colossus and carriers so when it comes to being

the fastest massive unit the battlecruiser is the fastest of all the slow moving units though not faster than phoenixes and hellions it is still

fast enough to yamato an escaping unit. Still weak to anti bc units like vikings.

ThePreator 2 days, 16 hours ago

imagine: you are doing 2V2 you are Terran and Protoss the Terran build 10 battlecruisers and the Protoss build a mothership and 20 Void

rays the mothership for stelthing everything and attack from one side whatever team you are against you will win (whew!!!!!!!) ;)

ThePreator 5 days, 14 hours ago[3/1/2011 1:33:40 PM]

Battlecruiser - Game - StarCraft II

don't use them very much

JetfirePrime 5 days, 21 hours ago

Corruptors are a better way to handle those Battlecruisers due to self heal, they take low damage against the BC's AA lasers(BC's AA

attack is 6 while corruptors have an armor of 2) and they got corruption.

Void rays need time to charge up their beams and will do good as long as they got shields.

Vikings however needs to destroy them before they get within the BC's weapon range or when outnumbered against those cruisers they

must hit them move out of their weapons range and then hit em again and run until they go down.

JetfirePrime 6 days, 13 hours ago

If I were to be one unit from SC1 that unit would be the Hyperion. The Hyperion did not get hit by Zerg Devourers, Scouts, Carriers,

Wraiths or Goliaths. IN SCII the Hyperion did not get hit by Wraiths, Vikings, Goliaths, Corruptors, Mutalisks, Void Rays, Scouts or even

anything that hits air.

LibertyPrime 4 days, 23 hours ago

@JetfirePrime: it got hit by mutas

JetfirePrime 4 days, 13 hours ago

@LibertyPrime: Yeah but it did "NOT GET SHOT DOWN".

Mohandar 2/21/11 12:31 AM

Lol, the old battlecruiser's laser battery was like a little mini-yamato. Glad to see that they gave it multiple lasers.

Clpizzapan 2/20/11 3:45 AM


Boneman 2/14/11 12:10 AM

above in the flight manual area they suggest following battlecruiser with scv set to auto repair. How do u set an scv to auto repair? i

never figured that out that would be a valuable lesson. thank you!

TerranMan 2/14/11 1:01 AM

@Boneman: It's simple, really. Just click on the SCV and mouse over the repair command, then right click it. A pair of little

bubbly things will start circling around the command button. This means this command has been set to autocast and that

SCV will now repair all friendly mech units.

It took me a while to find out how to do this, too.[3/1/2011 1:33:40 PM]

Battlecruiser - Game - StarCraft II

JetfirePrime 2/11/11 10:20 PM

Love these cruisers but I only use them if the enemy is using thors to thor my vikings or when I need to yamato a


Scarecrow 2/11/11 9:02 AM

I love my Battle Cruisers. They are just fun to watch when they destroy an enemy base.

thebigone 2/1/11 6:29 PM

i love these things yet i cant use them...

Ginta 2/3/11 4:23 PM

@thebigone: build a fusion core

GSDfanX 2/16/11 3:05 PM

rush battlecrusiers!!!

although that will take a while to build...

build lots-o-starports!


JetfirePrime 19 hours, 41 minutes ago

@GSDfanX: rush battlecruisers is impossible due to Zergling rushes and worst marine rushes.

xeres 2/1/11 5:56 AM

is it just me or are stalkers really effective against battlecruisers with blink

Alex 2/2/11 2:00 AM

@xeres: Stalkers are effective aganist everything with blink.

Doncroft 2/10/11 4:32 AM

@JetfirePrime: No.

Hakutsuru 1/30/11 7:12 AM

I'm playing with my friend. he sends two siege tanks into my base to get pwned, starts wailing that that was his whole army. next thing

I know I get a base full of battlecruisers! EPIC FAIL[3/1/2011 1:33:40 PM]

Battlecruiser - Game - StarCraft II

dragonork 1/28/11 3:01 AM

they are ok units but vikings are much much more effective

DarkLord 1/27/11 3:57 AM

Because Battlecruisers SUCK!

GSDfanX 2/16/11 3:06 PM

your dead to me...


Ironspider 2/16/11 5:59 PM

@DarkLord: Oh, yeah, 16 thousand missiles launching at the enemy is horrible.

spymaster 1/26/11 5:37 AM

ah the mother of the terran.... it sure is deadly against larger units

legofighter 1/24/11 12:32 AM

I think it needs to be faster

Conquerer 1/26/11 1:07 AM

@legofighter: you have obviously never been attacked by one... or twelve

spymaster 1/26/11 5:38 AM

@Conquerer: lol yeah hehe that is sooooo right

Makuta 1/30/11 1:23 AM

@legofighter: or 37 but i think you get the idea if these things were any faster than my poor phoenix carriers would get

outrunned and slaughtered=(

Travin 1/19/11 12:40 AM

LOL I love the way that a marine could stand on a battlecruiser and use it as a hover board! but i would rather have more realistic scale

BC's. <(^.^<) <(^.^)> (>^.^)> KURBEE DANCE XD[3/1/2011 1:33:40 PM]

Battlecruiser - Game - StarCraft II

ppham 6 days, 11 hours ago

@Travin: dude if the battlecruieser was scale it would take up the whole screen :D

SLIME 1/16/11 4:02 PM

How'd u counter mass cruisers for Terran the only thing is Thor spam and I'm sick o thors

Gtiga 1/18/11 9:42 PM

@SLIME: mass vikings, or mass marines with stims and some medivacs. and while I haven't tried it personally using the

ravens point defense turret would probably help too. The best defense however is to harass them early on before they can

build up a fleet.

also Thors aren't a good idea because they make easy targets for the Yamato.

Cohax 1/19/11 5:44 AM

@SLIME: Only with mass vikings will do very well, you have to "hit and run", use to your favor the speed of your vikings

(and range), againste the poor range and movement speed of battle cruicer, just dont engage them, hit and dont be hitted,

and you will be fine

ConradOrvile 1/13/11 6:38 AM

Soviet Communist Battle Cruiser Commander FTW.

masternoob 1/30/11 3:24 PM

@ConradOrvile: HE SHVALL KILL U

Froopermoop 1/13/11 4:31 AM

Does anyone know a decent Zerg counter against mass battlecruisers? I tried a corruptor/hydra combo and it didnt quite do the trick....

he had like 20 of them so there wasn't much i could do... I know i,m doing something wrong, I just want to know if theres a better way

to do this.

stickyshooZ 1/16/11 11:03 AM

@Froopermoop: Neural Parasite, corruptors (in conjunction with the corruption spell), hydras. Big capital ships are units that

are begging for Infestors with Neural Parasite.

Cohax 1/19/11 5:41 AM

@Froopermoop: Got a upgrade armor, with his fast (but weak) attack, with high armor will absorve most of the damage

done, i think a focused fire with corruptors that have a good armor and hydras, infestor could do terrbile damage if u use

neural parasite and their yamato guns against them[3/1/2011 1:33:40 PM]

Battlecruiser - Game - StarCraft II

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