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Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool

(TPOT) Summary

Name: Teacher A Observer: : ___________MS & RL____________

Center Name : Mary Go Round South Pointe

Date: : Fall

Summary of TPOT Observations

• Strengths

#9 Transitions
#10 Engaging in Supportive Conversations
#11 Promoting Children’s engagement
#13 Providing Directions
#15 Teaching social skills and emotional competencies
#16 Teaching children to express emotions
#17 Teaching Problem Solving
#18. Supporting children with persistent problem behavior
#19 Supporting children with persistent problem behavior
#21 Involving Families in addressing problem behavior
#22 Building collaborative teaming relationships with other adults.

• Emerging Skills
#14 Using strategies to respond to problem behavior
#15 Teaching social skills and emotional behavior

•Professional Development needs

#8 Schedules and routines
#3 The classroom is arranged such that there are no large, wide open spaces where children
could run

TPOT Items/Indicators Next Steps Person(s) Dates

(List items indicating emerging responsible initiated/complete
skills or professional
development needs)
#8 Schedules and Pull out some of morning circle Teacher A, 10/26 - January
Routines activities and later during 2nd Melissa
Watch for children’s
Do Math and Literacy in small
group and pull in motor
activities to break up circle
10/26 - January
#9 Transitions Have children engaged (even
those waiting for next activity) Teacher A
as children transition to line up Assistant
have Assistant A doing a finger Joe
play. Melissa
Read Transitions Book
Give clear expectation of
transition prior to and during
transition. Be specific and may
include visuals. 10/26 - January

Reflect and Review Involve children in discussion

about problems that occurred Erin
and how they were solved. Melissa
Reflect in small group and
large group.