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-1Janine Anson


June 11 2009

Romeo and Juliet

Forbidden love

The death of romeo and juliet. My daughters

death on her second wedding night. Who to blame for

her untimely death in Verona. Well I will tell you

but first I would like to inform you that, I am the

mother of the deceased juliet, I am lady capulet. I

have a very wealthy and powerful family, but we

have a major problem with one family, the

montagues. I put the blame on lord capulet and lord


I blame the lords mainly because the fued

between my family and theres was mostly between the

lords. The lords faught over absolutely nothing, no

one remembers what started the fued. Price esculus

even discussed the fued with both of them. He said

the fues will stop! And if he catches them fighting

one more time they will both be tortured and

killed. Then he said the fued puts a curse on both

houses. So if the lords would have stoped fighting.

The children would not have to hide there

marrigeand we wouldn’t be in this mess.

They only hid there marrige because of this

fued and we wouldn’t be excepting of there choice.

Know if we didn’t have this family fued they would

have been able to come out and told us, so we could

have helped romeo from being banished. My daughter

said to romeo “Deny thy father and refuse thy name

or if thou wilt not be but sworn my love and ill no

longer be capulet”. She would rather be with romeo

then be a part of my family.

Then my husband that retched man tried to fight

with montague how dumb is he?, he id putting his

family in jeopardy over something so utterly

stupid. I told him to not fight with him I said

“Thou shalt not stir one foot to seek a foe” but

does he listen?? No he keeps this fued going.

And then after the death of tybelt, my husband

forced juliet to except Paris’s hand in marrage. I

told her that I would not talk to her father

because I knew he wouldn’t pos-pon her wedding. My

husband pushed our daughter to unhappiness. He said

if she does not marry paris he would kick her out

on the streats to beg, starve, and die.

Now that I have put the blame in its rightful

place on both capulet and monatague. I say to bring

the peace to Verona, that fued between both

families is over. The statues of romeo and juliet

stands forever in Verona stands forever.

Symbolizing the lords and ladys sorrow and the love

and faithfulness of the fair juliet and romeo

theses stautes are only a small price to pay for my

husband to be the blame. In sorrow af juliet and

her romeo.