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Adobe Certified
Attention Adobe software experts: Certification
by Adobe is available to help you gain official
recognition for your Adobe product expertise.
Become Adobe certified and start reaping the
What is an Adobe Certified Expert? For ACIs that operate as an independent
An Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) is business, you are also eligible to:
a person who has demonstrated
• Receive access to KnowledgeAdvisors
proficiency with one or more Adobe
Metrics-that-Matter™ (MTM) online
software products. ACE is recognised as
course evaluation system
a worldwide standard of excellence in
Adobe software knowledge. To become • Receive a free listing in the Adobe
an ACE, you must pass one or more Partner Finder
product-specific proficiency exams and
• Gain access to Adobe global sales tools
agree to the ACE terms and conditions.
Value of Certification
What is an Adobe Certified Professional?
Adobe Certified Professionals (ACP) Becoming Adobe certified gives you
set themselves apart from other a powerful way to communicate your
IT professionals. They consistently skills to the world. Whether you are
demonstrate expertise with Adobe a consultant, instructor, job seeker or
products and platforms, and add value employee, Adobe certification is a strong
to colleagues, managers and their own validation of your knowledge.
As an individual, an Adobe Certified
What is an Adobe Certified Instructor? credential allows you to:
An Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI)
• Leverage the power of the Adobe
is an Adobe Certified Expert or
brand and resources
Adobe Certified Professional who
has taken his or her skills to the next • Differentiate yourself or your business
level, and provides instruction on
• Get your CV noticed
Adobe products. In order to become
an ACI, you must show you have an • Get the inside track on Adobe’s
instructor qualification (a teaching latest offerings
credential, passed the CompTIA CTT+,
As a business, use the Adobe Certified
or equivalent), and have passed one or
credential as a benchmark so you can:
more product exams.
• Find the right person for the job
By becoming an ACI, you will receive
additional promotional and product • Quickly assess candidate skill level
benefits that allow you to promote
• Invest in, and promote, your most
your training services and prepare
promising employees
your Adobe course content. As an ACI,
you can:

• Receive pre-release software for

products on which you have current

• Get educational pricing on Adobe

products, books and training materials
• Gain permission to use the Adobe
Certified logo and Adobe trademarks in
advertising materials
Choose a certification Exam information
There are two types of certification Master certification: Recognises your Adobe certification exams are
from Adobe: Adobe Certified Expert or skills in the Adobe product suites. To administered by Pearson VUE and
Adobe Certified Professional. Choose become certified as a Master, you must Thomson Prometric, independent third-
the one that’s right for you. pass the exam for each of the products party testing companies. The exams are
in the suite. computer-delivered, closed-book tests
1. Adobe Certified Expert consisting of 60 to 90 multiple-choice
Three levels of certification: 2. Adobe Certified Professional questions. Each exam takes one to two
One level of certification. hours to complete, and results are given
Single product certification:
Single product certification: to you at the testing centre immediately
Recognises your proficiency in a single
Recognises your proficiency in a single after you finish.
Adobe product. To qualify as an ACE,
you must pass one product-specific Adobe product. The certification exam fee is EUR 135,
exam. and exam registration is easy. To
A current list of product exams and
register online or to find a Pearson VUE
 Specialist certification: Recognises requirements can be found at
registration location, visit
your proficiency in a specific To register online
medium: print, Web or video. To ace_certify.html.
or to find a registration location to
become certified as a Specialist, register online for Thomson Prometric,
you must pass the exams on the visit
required products listed below.
Preparing for exams
P ri n t W eb V ide o
S pecia l ist S pecia l ist S pecia l ist The keys to preparing for a certification
Adobe InDesign®  exam are experience with the product
Adobe GoLive® or Macromedia Dreamweaver  and studying using the following
Adobe Acrobat® Professional Print Production  

Adobe Photoshop®    • Adobe product User Guides

Adobe Illustrator®  
• Adobe Press books
Adobe Premiere® 
• Adobe Authorised Training Centres
Adobe After Effects® 
(find the AATC nearest you through
ACE Specialist certification the Adobe Partner Finder online at
Specialists must pass all required () exams and any one elective () within any given certification
track. Note: Exam requirements are subject to change. Please go to partnerfinder/tp/
support/certification/ace_certify.html for the latest requirements.
• Adobe online training at

• Tutorials and materials from Total

Training at

• Other training resources online at

ACE and ACP certification for current
and previous versions of the product are
For More Information
valid until 90 days after a new version of
Please visit the Adobe Certified
home page for more information at the exam is published. ACI certification is valid on current product version only
and expires 90 days after a new exam
version is published. Adobe will e-mail
you with the details about new exams
Adobe helps people create, manage and deliver the as well as a reminder of when your
highest quality digital content in the world.
Better by Adobe.™ certification is due for renewal.

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