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Initial public offering services


From pre-launch advisement to post-IPO activities, we

will be your partner every step of the way.

Whether you are taking Computershare understands the IPO process, and we work with our clients to make
sure every step is completed on time. We have established and documented detailed
your company public or procedures to help ensure a smooth conversion to a publicly traded company.
have already registered for As the premier provider of investor and corporate action services, Computershare also
an IPO, you will need the offers you expert guidance after your IPO. With one of the broadest service offering in
the transfer agent industry, we have a proven ability to meet the needs of an extremely
right partner to manage diverse client base: our 2,700 issuer clients include 46 percent of the Fortune 500 as
your shareholder-servicing well as 1,000 small-cap companies, Within that client list are hundreds of companies
that have trusted us with their IPOs here in the US and around the world.
Partners for your success
Computershare offers a total IPO solution. From pre-launch advisement to post-IPO
activities, we will be your partner every step of the way. We will:

> Establish existing and new shareholder master files and coordinate share issuances
and stock certificate requirements
> Serve as escrow and custodial agent for your selling shareholders
> Implement and issue shares via the Direct Registration System (DRS) as required for
all new issues and/or electronically through DTC’s FAST system
> Provide certification for the issuance of IPO shares as well as for total outstanding
share balances
> Participate in the closing call to release shares and credit the underwriter’s account
> Handle exchange of any existing, privately placed shares to the new publicly traded
> Handle any corporate actions (secondary offerings, reverse splits, etc.)
> Consult on any other requirements
> Provide comprehensive post-IPO transfer agent services

Upon selection as your transfer agent, Computershare will assign an IPO and closing
specialist, dedicated to your company, and a client service team. This client team will
assist in the IPO closing, coordinate any issues that may arise on share issuance, and
will manage your account day to day going forward. Through the client services team,
Computershare offers you personalized service and our commitment to help you
achieve a successful IPO.

We also supply our clients with our detailed IPO Handbook, which has been designed
to provide an understanding of the major steps of the IPO process and the materials
related to these steps.

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implementation process
Computershare works with you every step of the way.

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Consult with Determine Complete Convert any pre- Complete Exchange, Issue shares and Engage in
and advise whether to use appointment IPO shareholder documentation escrow or sell close IPO transfer agent
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their attorneys QuickCert™ on-
and their demand stock
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assure success

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selection of prior to IPO documents to closing to closing
Computershare received the day
as transfer agent following pricing

QuickCert™ on-demand Leading-edge services

certificates Computershare also offers several leading-edge services that are available to all our
clients and are especially beneficial to new public companies. We help ensure your
Integrated, smooth entry into the world of investor management by providing cost-efficient
perforated Tamper- services that complement our stock transfer capabilities.
address resistant Matrix
information toner printing QuickCert™ print-on-demand stock certificates
If you choose to issue stock certificates, Computershare’s QuickCert stock certificates
provide more security than engraved certificates, and you can print them only as
needed — giving you utmost production flexibility. Most importantly, you eliminate the
cost of storage and inventory and reduce your printing costs. Computershare pioneered
the use of print-on-demand certificates and is the only transfer agent to receive
approval for their use from the NYSE and is accepted for use with all major North
American exchanges.

Complete suite of annual meeting services

Through Georgeson, a Computershare company, and through Computershare
Communication Services, we provide a customizable portfolio of annual meeting
services, allowing you to select the meeting components that are most important to
your company.
Microprinting Exclusive Chemically
watermark reactive International currency exchange
and paper Computershare’s currency exchange service lets shareholders select from 75 foreign
fluorescent currencies in which they want to receive their dividend, sale or corporate action
fibers payments, as well as whether they would like their payment by electronic funds transfer
or by check.

About Computershare Investor Services

Computershare Investor Services provides comprehensive, best-in-class transfer agent
services for more than 2,700 public corporations and closed-end funds, and their 17
million active shareholder accounts. Our innovative solutions drive efficiency and
increase accuracy.

Computershare is a global market leader in transfer agency, employee equity plans,
proxy solicitation, stakeholder communications, and other diversified financial and
governance services. Many of the world’s leading organizations use Computershare’s
services to help maximize the value of relationships with their investors, employees,
creditors, members and customers.

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