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Contact No.: 91-9868457657
Present Address: Plot No.-34-A/420, Laxmi vihar, Burari, Delhi, 110084 (India)

Seeking challenging assignments in product and process development/ quality
control with an organization of repute
8 years of experience in new product and process development, quality control of
polymeric systems. Skilled in new product development and existing product
improvement. Expertise and hand on experience in compounding and formulating
rubber and Polyolefin product compositions, adhesives, composite, waste utilization,
synthesis of monomers (Polythiol, HEMA), Casting of lenses, waste utilization,
trouble shootings of product & process, conceptualization of ideas, proposal writing
and research project execution. Two patents, 2 Intl. Paper, 4 paper presentation in
National & Intl. Seminar and 2 poster presentation to my credit.
Strong organizer, motivator and team player with successful track record in
directing from original concept through implementation to developed and modified
the product.
Polymer Compounding and Processing:
 Rubber Compounding using two roll mill, Banburry mixer for side wall
compound of tire
 Cast polymerization of high refractive index plastics (Polythiourethane),
polycarbonate modification)
 Kneader, extruder and Two roll mill for compounding and master batch of
 Compression moulding for composite preparation
 Water based adhesive formulation and optimization using ball mill,
 Synthesis of high refractive index monomer (Polythiol)
 Synthesis of 2-hydroxy ethyl methacrylate (HEMA) monomer using
indigenous raw material
 Analysis of thermal properties by DSC, TGA, Heat distortion temperature,
Vicat softening point and Melt flow index.
 Rheological properties such as Mooney viscosity, scorch time, crosslink
density of rubber compounds.
 Spectroscopic analysis of samples by FT-IR and UV-spectrophotometer.
 Physio-mechanical properties of polymer such as hardness, density, water
absorption, tensile strength, flexural strength, Izod impact, Dart Impact,
compressive strength, peel strength, Cut growth resistance using de Matia
Flexing Tester, fatigue life of rubbery compound etc.
 Emulsion stability, shelf life of adhesive, ozone resistance, accelerated aging
test of various rubbery and plastic products
 Chemical identification and reverse engineering of various plastic products
Working in Shriram Institute for Industrial Research (A Unit of Shriram
Scientific and Research Foundation), Delhi, from March 2001 to till date as Research
Planning and execution of following research projects:
 Development of water based adhesive for tire retreading
 Optimization process for the synthesis for novel polythiol.
 Casting of high refractive Index lenses
 Development of acrylate based daily wear and extended wear contact lens.
 Development of flame retardant jute composites using Euphorbia latex
 Development of process for process engineered fuel using poly olefinic
plastic waste
 Process development for non-recyclable plastics (Multilayer pouches) for
useful applications such as park benches, desks, chair etc.
 Process development for the degradable composites using renewable
resources such as Euphorbia latex and natural fibers
 Process development for health & hygiene products such as Sanitary
napkin& diapers form textile waste
 Process development radiation resistant PVC based formulations for strategic
 Development and process optimization of X- ray resistant lead free
Developed product has been appreciated by national and international industries in
the area of optical lens, napkins and composites. Sanitary napkin project got INSME
award (Internatinal network for small and medium scale enterprises) at Barcelona
in 2005.Water based adhesive and napkin have been commercialized. Four papers
in national and international conference, two papers in national and international
journals, two Indian patents have been credited to my account.

Modi Rubber Limited, Modipuram, Meerut from July 1999 to January 2000
Project Trainee
Role: Requirement in fulfillment of the degree of Master of Engineering.
Developed side wall compound with excellent cut growth resistance and fatigue life
and ozone resistance without using antioxidant and anti ozonant.


 Indian patent (DEL/ 587/2002) “An adhesive composition for tyre repair
and retreading."
 Patent appl. No. 597/DEL/2005 on “ A process for producing absorbent
cores from textile waste.”
 Poster presentation on “process optimization of high refractive index
novel polythiols” during Indo-German Workshop at Rajkot in Oct. 4 - 5, 2002.
 Poster presentation on “An ecofriendly aqueous adhesive during
International Conference “Plastic & Environment – opportunity and
challenges” in Feb.24 - 25, 2003 at India International Center, Delhi
 Paper presentation on “Development of Eco- friendly composites from
renewable resources” during National seminar on “Diversified uses of Jute
and allied fiber crops “at Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, Kolkata in Jan.
8-9 , 2004.
 Paper presentation on “Technology for manufacture of low cost napkins”
during seminar on sustainable development – Utthan-2005 on Feb. 18-20, 2005
at Lingaya’s Institute of Management & Technology, Faridabad, India.
 Paper presentation on “Herbo-Metallic preparation-Opportunity and
Challenges” during National consultation seminar on 3-4 March INSA,
New Delhi.
 Paper presentation on “ Use of Euphorbia latex in polyester Jute
composites” during inetrnational conference MACRO 2006 at Pune, India On
18-20 December 2006.
 Amit kumar , A. Mohan, R. K. Diwan and R. K. Khandal “Studies on coagulum
modified polyester jute composites”, J. Polym., Mat. ( Accepted)
 Amit kumar , A. Mohan, R. K. Diwan and R. K. Khandal, “Studies on flame
retardant and mechanical properties of coagulum modified jute
composites”. J. Polym. Mat., (Communicated)
2008 Ph. D. from GGSIP University, Delhi (Thesis to be submitted)
2000 M.E. (Polymer Technology), from Delhi College of Engineering, University of
Delhi with dist (79.75%).
1996 M.Sc. (Inorganic Chemistry) form Patna University with 68.38%.
• GATE-98 (Percentile 89.02)
• CSIR (NET) – 2001
Date of Birth: 23 Feb. 1973
Permanent Address: Plot No.-34-A, Khasra No. 420, Laxmi Vihar, Burari,
Delhi, India, 110084
Languages Known: English and Hindi
Marital Status: Married