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Format - Course outline (2010-11)

MBA (Capital Markets) ( Name of the course )
School of Business Management, NMIMS
Essentials of HRM (Name of Program): 2010-2011
Trimester III
Instructor: Satyabhama Chaganty

Email Id: Extn no. ---------------------------


Goals :
To provide the future managers with inputs with a view to:
1. enhance the appreciation of the Human Resources function
2. understand the role of HR manager and the role of the Human Resources department in an
3. understand the various sub-systems of HR and their significance


Evaluation Criteria: (4 Evaluation components compulsory. Mid-Term Exam compulsory for FT prog)

Class Participation and Case Discussion 10 %

Planned Test / Quiz 10 %
Mid Term Test 20%
Group / Individual Project / Assignment / 10 %
End Term Examination 50 %
Total 100%

Session Details: 1-20 (for 90 minutes sessions) / 1-10 ( For 3 hrs sessions)

Contents/ Pedagogy / Cases / Chapter wise reading / Essential Reading

Session Topic To Be Covered

on (date)
Introduction to the topic (Chapter 1) 06 January 2011
HR Planning (Chapter 2 and 3) 20 January 2011
2 Case: Becton Dickinson (C): Human Resource Function

Case: Monongahela Mittens Manufacturing

Recruitment and Selection (Chapter 4) 27 January 2011

Ready, D.A., Hill, L.A. and Conger, J.A. (2008) ‘Winning the
Race for Talent in Emerging Markets’ HBR, Nov. 2008
Maurer, SD and Liu, Y. (2007) Effective e-Recruitment
Websites: Insights for Managers from Marketers, Business
Horizons (2007) 50
Recruitment and Selection (Continued) (Chapter 5) 03 February 2011

4 Bower, JL, Cappelli, P., Hamori, M. And Ciampa, D. (2007). ‘So

you want to be the CEO?’ HBR, November, 2007
Session Topic To Be Covered
on (date)
Case: Developing a Multinational Selection System

Performance Management (Chapter 7) 10 February 2011

Case: A Day in the Life of Alex Sander: Driving in the Fast Lane
at Landon Care Products

Case: Firm-wide 360 Degree Evaluation at Morgan Stanley

Performance Management (contd) (Chapter 6) 17 February 2011

Pre-Read: Bhatnagar, J., Puri, R. and Jha, HM (2004)

‘Managing Innovative Strategic HRM: The Balanced Scorecard
Performance System at ITC Hotels’ South Asian Journal of
Management, 11(4), pp. 94-108

Case: Taj Group

Case: Leadership Development at Goldman Sachs

Training and Development (Chapter 4) 24 February 2011

7 Pre-Read: Hacket, P (1997) Introduction to Training.

Hyderabad: University Press/Orient Longman, pp. 20-52

Succession Planning (Chapter 2 and 8) 03 March 2011

CEO Within: Why Inside Outsiders are key to Succession

8 Planning
Succession Planning: Surviving the Next Generation

Compensation and Benefits (Chapter 9 and 10) 10 March 2011

Blau and Boal (1987) Conceptualizing how job involvement and

9 organizational commitment affect turnover and absenteeism,
Academy of Management Review, 12 (2) pp 288 - 300

International HRM (Chapters 3 and 12) 17 March 2011

Case: Asian Paints Ltd.: international Architecture

Case: Infosys A: Strategic HRM
Text Book References:

# Human Resources Management – A South Asian perspective by Snell, Bohlander and Vohra
# Dave Ulrich, Competencies of HR Professionals

Internet References: pedagogy

Case book references:

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