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Family day at sea -30 jan 2011

Sailing for the first time on INS tabar at Arabian sea with friends and family of satish verma

One day before (Yesterday) I went to Navy Nagar, for the (an) early morning trip on INS Tabar.
We were schedule for sailing (sail) from morning 7 am (700 hrs) to evening 5(1700 hrs). Lot of
people of (at) navy nagar come (came) on this day along with (their) friends and family and the
total number of people sailing on INS tabar was approximately 700. Along with INS tabar, there
were other ships sailing with us and they where INS Virat, INS 72, INS 52 and so on.

It was my first journey of sailing (Sail) so I was very excited to take the ride and was eagerly
waiting for the ship to sail in the deep water of Arabian Sea. As soon the ship left the harbor, I
was very happy and anxious for the rest of the journey but it was not like the way I thought. In
the initial period I went inside the INS Tabar exploring the ship and it was so beautiful with the
dead weight tone of 4035 tons. The ship is built with lot of arms and ammunitions on. We saw
the operations & navigation room from where all the navigation decision are taken by the
navigation officer on the details which they get from RADAR of the ship, we also saw the mess
(the rest room of the cadets) it was one of the smallest room which I saw in my life and further to
that I learned that 14 cadets sleep in the area of 200 sq mts. Which is again a more difficult task
for the cadets? We seen the galley where food is prepared for sailors, also there is a small well
equipped hospital and a canteen on the ship. Although taking picture on the ship was not
allowed, but we took some picture after taking permission and was enjoying my day.

As we getting out of harbor we saw different vessel which were around the Arabian sea, we saw
a Hyundai container ship, wreck of MCS Chitra which was sunk a month back, lot of feeder vsl
and Indian Naval ship which are also part in this exercise.

When we were entering into the deep sea ship speed was increased and its traveling at 30 Knots,
soon my head started spinning and I was feeling as if I was drunk, lot of guest who came were
facing the problem of disgorgement as they are not use to such sailing. We found the sea was
very roaring and it was very difficult for the sailors to perform the activities, I heard from the
sailors that sea gets even more dangerous, but we could see only the sea little more then the
normal level.

Further in the deep sea we saw the ships performing lot of activates for the guest and the family
members of sailors. We seen the refueling of ships while traveling in the deep water of Arabian
sea, while watching this activity it look to be easy but a small mistake can lead to a big disaster
as both the ships came dangerously close to each other while traveling at a great speed. We had
seen a submarine which is submerge in to the deep Arabian sea.

After that we saw air show performed by the naval pilots, we saw a life saving exercise where a
choppers saves life of a sailor by rescuing him from deep sea. We also saw the fighter planes
flying across in a formation, these fighter planes and choppers are takeoff from INS Virat which
is a aircraft carrier and also one of the biggest war ship of Indian naval fleet.
When we were returning home we found the sea was very clam during the afternoon and it gave
captain an opportunity to increase the speed of the ship and make us reach as early as possible.
While returning we see the coordination between the ships, they are moving towards harbor in a
parallel formation. There were 5 ships in both the rows they were running in the horizontal line,
this shows the Indian navy discipline and works as a team.

Around 3 o clock in the after noon I was very relaxed and again started enjoying the beautiful sea
and the ship. While returning we were very disappointed that the journey is about to over. Our
ship got anchored at 4 30 in the evening at the port and we came out at 5 o clock from the ship.

This was one of the most memorable journey of my life and it was wonderful learning
experience for me.