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c  m?

x  Activates men bar options

m? SH
x DEE E Delete selection
m? Windows program key combinations immediately, withot moving the item to
m? 6 6 6opy the ecycle in
m? 6  6t m? A EN E Open the properties for the
m? 6  Paste selected object
m? 6  Undo m? 6  Undo the last command
m? 6   old m? 6 A Select all the items in the crrent
m? 6 U Underline window
m? 6 

talic m? A6 SPA6E Switch to the parent folder
m? x  Starts Windows Help m? SH
x click6lose btton xor folders, close
m? x ename object the crrent folder pls all parent folders
m? x xind all files m? o copy a file Press and hold down the 6 
m? x Selects the Go o A Different xolder box key while yo drag the file to another
and moves down the entries in the box (if folder.
the toolbar is active in Windows Explorer) m? o create a shortct Press and hold down
m? x efreshes the crrent window. 6 SH
x while yo drag a file to the
m? x Moves among panes in Windows desktop or a folder.
m? Windows ogoM Minimize all m? ES6 Eqivalent to clicking
m? SH
x Windows ogoM Undo minimize all the 6ancel btton
m? A  Move to the next control in the dialog m? SH
x right click Displays a shortct men
box containing alternative commands
m? SH
x  A  Move to the previos control in m? SH
x doble click ns the alternate
the dialog box defalt command (the second item on the
m? SPA6E A
f the crrent control is a men)
btton, this clicks the btton.
f the crrent m? A doble click Displays properties
control is a check box, this toggles the check m? SH
x DEE E Deletes an item immediately
f the crrent control is an option, this withot placing it in the ecycle in
selects the option. m? 6 Shiftx
m? EN E Eqivalent to clicking the selected
btton (the btton with the otline)


n the Mail Merge task pane, click etters. his will allow yo to send letters to a grop of people and
personalize the reslts of the letter that each person receives.
m? 6lick Next Starting docment.
m? 6lick Use an existing list.
n the Use an existing list section, click rowse.
n the Select Data Sorce dialog box, select the file that contains the variable information that yo want to
se, and then click Open.
m? 6lick O to retrn to the main docment.
m? 6lick Edit ecipient ist
m? Save the docment
 (nmerical wheel calclator) world͛s first
 adding machine

  Original mechanical compting device    (jacqard weaving loom) first
significant se of binary atomation
 general prpose compter that  
 converting or transforming data into
can add, sbtract, mltiply and divide more meaningfl form

       (the first programmer) (  displays information
sggested abbage to se pnch cards in his engine
c &  programs that take control on the
 (Herman Hollerith) P6 on start-p by managing, maintaining, and
pnch card tablation controlling compter resorces

   Atanasoff se an electric medim w/ 

&  designed to perform specific
vacm tbes, base  nmbering system and personal, bsiness, scientific processing tasks
memory and logic cirvits
 c  monitors and controls all
 !" Howard Aiken first electromechanical inpt/otpt and processing activities
 text editing program w/c allows
#Electronic Nmerical
ntegrator And the ser to type, compose and correct manscripts
6ompter sed vacm tbes to do its calclation w/o the need to retype when errors changed

$#% Universal Atomatic 6ompter first general  

)  offers modern improvements
prpose compter for commercial se in creating, editing, and sing of financial models
and graphical representations
    xather of echnology

¦ &  physical components of the compter

c&  programs that rn the compter

  &  all the people who ses the compter

'  norganized raw materials w/c can be made p

of words, nmbers, images or sond

processed data

smallest nit of data

 8 bits

   device that accepts information and

maniplates it

c set of elements or components that operate


    set of hardware and software

 gathering and captring raw data