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Accuracy in prediction:

Every system has its own delineation. High level of accuracy of

prediction with consistency is the ornament of a successful
astrologer which depends upon the experience, practice, and
analytical mind of astrologer, planetary configuration present in
the chart of astrologer, blessings of Guru Ji and divine help
besides which system astrologer is following.
It is truth that K.P or some other system of astrology has been
borrowed from traditional astrology but on other hand itis also
a truth that a borrower may be great than the bank. A
student may be great than his / her master who has taught
him/her as the destiny prevails over all.
But this miracle is exceptionally seen. They are propounder of
their theory who could do so. However, first of all knowledge of
traditional astrology in-depth is must for every astrologer else
he/she will solely depend upon any type of software
or ephemeris what he gets. He/she must know what is right or
wrong and why? One thing is also correct that sometimes
great master have also faced failure while making correct
predictions and they should be given due regards in such
situations for their work done which is our base today and
none should think otherwise as against the glory of such
great masters of any system. In any case astrologer should
not be blind follower of any system nor he/she should
hav e sk ept iv e mind nor s hould be pr ej udic ed with
his / her prev ious thoughts. One must always cultivate
his /her astrological knowledge to make c orrec t
predic tio n with c onsis tenc y els e his/ her k no wledg e
is of no av ail.
Fo r a K. P ast rologer t o cast a c hart of a nat iv e birt h
t im e of nativ e m us t be correct or he/she must know to
rectify birth time up to second as he/she has to analyse t he
relev ant c us ps up to s ub s ub lev el and it is bett er if
it is further verified with timing of life event. Sub sub lord of a
cusp lord and significators are the decisive factor to make
accurate prediction. What you have mentioned
ab o ut ac c ur ac y o f p r edi c t i on wi t h c ons is t e n c y m

o r e t h a n t h a t o f 9 0 % i s hyperbolic though I
personally extol K.P for its accuracy and easiness which
may be evaluated by my predictions though some are
envious of it and make t a u n t t o w h i c h I i g n o r e a n d
l ik e t o s h ut t h ei r m o ut h wi t h re al it y wh at i s
expect ed f rom an as trol oge r i. e. c orrec t predic tion
wit h K.P tools and wit h consistency. The subject of
astrology is very vast .But need of present day is to put
correct analysis regarding BTR, Education, Job-business,
marriage, divorce, reunion with s pous e, birth of bab y,
dis ease and c ure , purchas e of Flat o r Vehic le,
finance, affairs, gain in lottery, loan, theft and recovery, success
in examination, going abroad , transfer , spiritual life
, health ,longevity & death are common and mostly asked
question which are often answered though there are
uncountable topics which are suggested in traditional astrology
to judge the every moment in the entire life of any native and
astrologer. Knowledge of Significators of various cusps
are the very basic thing in K.P regarding which some
members of other schools boast in their own language as if he
has got command over all the houses to make correct
prediction which
isnev er seen publically. W ith abov e findings I c an
s ay t hat mak ing c orrec t prediction with K.P tools is
easy than that of any other system.
With thanks & regards,
Dhirendra Nath Misra