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I. Objective
• To establish and reinforce in the minds of the general public and the target publics
that PAGCOR is a credible contributor to projects that fight poverty and build a
strong nation. Thus, for PAGCOR to contribute more, the public should have an open
mind in the necessary steps to make PAGCOR a world-class gaming firm.

II. Strategy
a) To project to interested and potential PAGCOR investors that the policy and social
environment for PAGCOR projects and expansion are favorable through positive
communication and advocacy.
b) To form front groups of supporters and beneficiaries (past, present, and potential)
that will create a groundswell of support and goodwill for PAGCOR. Their testimonial
will drive the communication initiative to:
• Prepare the target publics to support PAGCOR’s initiatives and expansion; and
• Counter those that oppose PAGCOR’s operations and future plans.
c) To employ awareness, information, and advocacy programs that will create the
widespread perception that PAGCOR is a credible contributor to projects that fight
poverty and build a strong nation based on the President’s 10-Point Agenda and 8-
Point Foreign Policy. PAGCOR should be projected as a partner of the President and
the people in fighting poverty. Kakampi ng Mamamayang Pilipino (KaKaMPi). Thus,
the major theme is: PAGCOR, Kakampi Mo!

III. Tactics
A. Target Publics
• Prospective Foreign Investors in PAGCOR projects;
• The General Public
• The legislative branch and other regulatory agencies
• The Media
• Oppositors (The Church, Conservative groups, NGOs); and
• Prospective Tourists and Casino customers

B. Core Messages for Editorial Slants

• PAGCOR’s gameplan: purge poverty for prosperity. PAGCOR believes that one
way to ensure nation building is by eradicating poverty. PAGCOR, through its various
livelihood programs and community development projects, helps achieve this goal.
• Charity begins at PAGCOR. Not all Filipinos know that the biggest charitable
institution in the country is PAGCOR. It is the government’s biggest source of funds
for community-related projects. That is why it works doubly hard in maintaining its
operations and continuously seeks ways to improve its services.
• Luring tourists to Asia’s friendliest casino. The Philippines has what it takes to
compete with its Asian counterparts like Macau and Malaysia when it comes to
casino operations. In fact, there is a distinct advantage that the country can use in
order to beat Asian competition: the friendly Filipino people servicing Casino Filipino.
• Taking chances for a win-win situation. Everybody wins at Bagong Nayong
Pilipino. Patrons do not realize that they become instrumental in nation building and!/genegregorio

poverty alleviation the minute they step inside the world-class entertainment facility.
Every centavo that they shell out goes to a significant civic project. While they take
chances at the games for sheer pleasure, beneficiaries of PAGCOR’s projects are
already winning.
* Methods to bring the core messages across can be divided into Publicity, Public
Affairs, Issues Management and Government Affairs.

C. PR Communication Plan

I. Awareness Phase: PAGCOR the Helpful (Oct. 2004 – Nov. 2004)

• This phase is generally concerned with making the publics aware of the good that
PAGCOR has done for its beneficiaries in the areas of nation building and
community service. This phase defines what PAGCOR is.

• Initiate a “Kapihan sa Maynila”-type of forum on a monthly basis with media men,
PAGCOR representative and sectors that have been helped by PAGCOR such as
athletes, local government officials of areas hosting PAGCOR casinos, NGOs who
have benefited from PAGCOR donations and other front groups.
• Column feeds to influential columnists and opinion-editorial sections of major papers

Public Affairs
• Hold a “Parangal ng Pagcor” event where sectors who have made good use of
PAGCOR’s contributions will be honored/recognized. Event can be institutionalized
ala Metrobank Foundation’s Outstanding Teachers, etc.
• Holding of peaceful rallies by PAGCOR supporters in Congress, Senate or the
Church expressing advocacy and support for PAGCOR

Issues Management
• Fax/email campaign from front groups expressing gratitude and support for
PAGCOR’s projects to government officials, the media, NGOs and the Church
• Radio and TV call-ins to programs focusing on the issue
• Address appropriate and late-breaking PR issues for the period

Government Affairs
• Advocate for text gaming in order to help break-up gambling syndicates preying on
grade school and high school students in private schools

***Start reinforcing/ amplifying positive PAGCOR factors listed, suggested core

messages, and Awareness phase messages.

II. Information Phase: PAGCOR the Credible (Dec. 2004 – Feb. 2005)!/genegregorio

• This phase is generally concerned with informing the publics about the profitability of
PAGCOR and how it helps the nation by allocating its revenue to various
government agencies and programs. This phase stresses on PAGCOR’s credibility

• Invite members of the media for a familiarization tour of PAGCOR/Casino Filipino
premises/facilities. Media people can be given tokens and encouraged to play in the
slot machines and other fun games. Objective is to give media people a first hand
experience of the fun and enjoyment one can derive from playing in Casino Filipino.
This will also showcase the facilities and gaming equipment in PAGCOR casinos.
• Column feeds to selected columnists
• Ads in tri-media, as well as guestings in various media forums and roundtables.
• Press releases of PAGCOR/PAGCOR-sponsored events

Public Affairs
• Hold Christmas events that benefit constituents of local governments hosting
PAGCOR casinos using the theme: PAGCOR, Kakampi mo! The front groups
sustain their message of gratitude and support for PAGCOR in a Yuletide spirit

Issues Management
• Address appropriate and late-breaking PR issues for the period.

***Sustain reinforcement/ amplification of previous Awareness Phase, positive PAGCOR

factors listed, and suggested core messages. The general message is that PAGCOR is
a credible partner of the government and the nation because its earnings go to where
they should: for the upliftment of Filipino lives.

III. Advocacy Phase: PAGCOR should Expand (March 2005 – Sept. 2005)

• This phase is generally concerned with making the publics aware of the way forward
for PAGCOR in order for it to contribute more good, to be more competitive and
more profitable among its regional competitors, and to be world-class. This phase
advocates what PAGCOR should be to fulfill its future potential.

• Recent reports cited the continuing drop of foreign direct investments (FDIs) at a
high annual average of 34 percent. India and Vietnam have now overtaken the
Philippines in attracting FDIs, with China attracting more and more Japanese
investors. PAGCOR can help avert this continuing slide through its billion-dollar
Entertainment City/theme park project because it is meant to be a self-contained city
that can:
a. Attract investors through various development concepts:
entertainment/gaming complex; family-oriented entertainment complex;
residential/business complex with facilities such as shopping, gas station.
Provide direct job opportunities for Filipinos who will be hired for the various
establishments in the Entertainment City complex
b. Provide indirect job opportunities for other businesses dealing with the
establishments such as delivery truck drivers, suppliers, etc.!/genegregorio

c. Beef up local and foreign tourism. Foreign tourists have another choice
destination courtesy of PAGCOR’s Entertainment City complex. They can
enjoy the casino and the entertainment that will be provided by
artists/performers. On the other hand, Filipinos do not have to go to Macau,
Hong Kong, Japan or other Asian countries because the attractions that they
are looking for are found inside the PAGCOR Entertainment City complex.
Theme: In the PAGCOR Entertainment City complex, there is something
for everyone.

• The editorial direction is for PAGCOR and its allies in the media and the front
foundations to advocate to the target publics, especially the legislative branch – the
importance of renewing PAGCOR’s franchise through column feeds/ straight news/
special reports/ features/ lifestyle/ ads in tri-media, as well as guestings in various
media forums and roundtables.
• Emphasize to media the two points in the President’s 8-Point Foreign Policy that
PAGCOR can help realize, namely:
1. A country as beautiful as the Philippines can benefit most quickly from international
tourism; and
2. The country’s economic growth will continue to require a lot of direct foreign
investments. The message is: The future of the Asian casino industry is bright.
However, this fast-developing industry is so competitive so innovations are needed
to give PAGCOR a competitive edge over its rivals from Macau, Malaysia, South
Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan. All these countries have derived
immense economic benefits from legalized gaming. PAGCOR can parlay the “Asia’s
Friendliest” reputation of Casino Filipino and Filipinos in general to its advantage.
This can be done through:
• Column feeds;
• Straight news;
• Special reports;
• Features; and
• Interviews in the local tri-media and regional TV news including CNN. Guestings in
various media forums and roundtables are essential.
• Feature on personalities involved in the developments such as architects or
designers. Slants can be personality profile, straight or business news, lifestyle, both
in print and broadcast media.

Public Affairs
• Front groups to resume mobilization of peaceful rallies in Congress, the Senate, and
the Church to advocate for the renewing of PAGCOR’s franchise
• Conduct mall tours with activities such as photo essays/photo exhibits on PAGCOR’s
role in nation building

Issues Management
• Address appropriate and late-breaking PR issues for the period.!/genegregorio

***Sustain reinforcement/ amplification of previous Information Phase messages,

positive PAGCOR factors listed, and suggested core messages. Launch Advocacy
Phase messages.
***Agency review