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January - February 2011 Simona Caba Afrika Wa Yesu – Inhaminga, Mozambique

heart. I know that the

Dearest family and friends, situation is still fragile but
we continue to trust God for
In Inhaminga on saturdays we are teaching the youth on His will in Mariano’s life.
“Heroes of the Faith”: about amazing men and women that The church is growing. It
surrendered everything they had and gave themselves to be needs one living testimony
spent for God’s Kingdom. All they wanted were souls for in a community to bring
Jesus. People like George Muller, Charles Studd, Jim Elliot many people in God’s
and many others that changed the history of many forsaken Kingdom. Every Sunday we
tribes and nations. Their sacrifices and joy in giving and have at least 3 new people
surrender makes me humble and brings back the passion and coming to Jesus. Other men are coming: one testimony attracts
vision I had when first I decided to lay down my life for Jesus. other testimonies and our little church is growing. Praise God!
“He is no fool, who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he
cannot lose” said Jim Elliot, missionary among the Auca Project “Alegria” – “Joy”
Indians – Ecuador. It is happening! God is calling us to be a joy and a blessing for
This is what we want to transmit to this generation that is rising the community. It is terrible to see people in suffering, dying
up in Mozambique. If they will hear this call, receive a new in the hospitals without any dignity; to see orphans and old
vision and go to fulfill this with passion they will change the people neglected. I believe that the church can take a stand for
world for Jesus, preparing the church for His coming back. this people before God and the nation.
As a team we want to get more involved in hospitals, prisons,
Bible School for kids in need, for widows and old people. The hospital in
It is the beginning of a new term and we have around 60 Inhaminga has 2 sections that require more help: one for men
students this year. Majority are young men. Many of them are and one for women. People dying with AIDS and tuberculoses
coming from the places where we had Youth Conferences last are lying down in beds with no assistance and in great misery;
year. The greatest news is that we have 5 women this year in many of them have relatives that live far away or they have no
the class. Two are from our youth group: Maria and Tina. relatives at all. The women usually already lost their husbands
What a great step in their lives and what an opportunity. These and children. We want to be there for them, to bring joy in that
2 girls will marry (in the right way) 2 young men full of the place, to pray and believe God for healing, to wash them and
Holy Spirit, so we will see 2 beautiful families formed in a give them back their dignity. We already have a good
godly way relationship with the personal from the hospital, so we have an
My vision for this year is to establish leaders for Youth open door. The hardest part is to find someone in the church
Ministry in Inhaminga and all over Mozambique. I want to see ready to do this sensitive work. But for sure these special men
them finding their place in God’s heart and in His church. I see and women of God are there, we pray that God will give us
how many have knowledge but few have passion for and about discernment.
God’s Kingdom. Few have a fire that will consume them, that Just a month
will make them to never give up on God. Passion that makes ago we found
our hearts living flames for Him! one special
family that
Massandza Wa Yesu
The church in Massandza is growing in spite of not having an
needed help.
established leader these days. Some young men are standing
The father was
strong and they continue the work there. Mariano, the man that
getting very
received Jesus last year is still in the church; his life continues
sick so they
to be a testimony in the community. He was one of the men
moved recently
with 2 wives. We don’t ask these men to leave the second wife,
to Inhaminga
but we advice to seek God and ask Him for a miracle. The new
to be closer to
women he brought in his house left him in the beginning of last
the hospital.
year; she went to her family to participate at some traditional
Sadly he died,
ceremony. She was gone for few months and now when she
living 6 kids
came back, he had a good reason to tell her family that she
and their very young mom alone in an unknown place with
cannot come back to his house. He decided to support her and
nothing. When we met them I was impressed by their joy in
their 2 children financially and build a house for her close to
spite of their hard situation. The children are all small and tiny,
her parents . It was his decision also to come to the Bible
each one looking 4 years younger than their own age. Next day
School this year. We are praying for him and we believe that
there is a way always in God if we really seek His ways and
when we came with clothes, shoes and school bags they were dancing with joy. Not only that but they came to stay
all so grateful, they never lost their faith. also: morning and afternoon we had teaching for both
Quilimane adults and children. The location is beautiful, is big and is
Quilimane is a city and a port to the Indian Ocean; it is a giving lots of space for all kinds of ministry happening in
place where the people in general already heard the Word the same time. At the end of the day we were ready to
of God at least once through few missionaries and
churches that were established through the years there.
Life is more expansive, so the men usually are trying to
find jobs and the youth are busy studying and living their
lives with everything a city can offer to them. The 2
leaders: Manuel and Danilo together with their families
are very committed: one giving temporary - part of his
plot for the church building and the other giving up on
school and his little business in order to be there for the
people all day long. They are amazing men of God, very
humble with the desire to see a change in their city. But it show Jesus film there. People were getting excited, the
needs a strong team, full of life, ideas and courage to rise equipment was set, the generator started to run, the
up a church in that place. There are children there that projector lighted up but the IPod refused to turn on (even
came to our meetings every afternoon but it was hard to just few hours ago it showed that was fully charged). It
find even one person with the desire to sacrifice and learn was hard to tell the people that will not work this time
to minister to them. On Saturday around 10 young people and they need to go home (by the way I learned that I will
came for the first time to the church. The actual location never take with me just one film reader). We have to go
and the small building are limiting the vision for the back one night and show the film as I promised that day.
church to grow and explode in this city. The land and a Ethiopian refugees
proper construction are very expensive, though. But that As many African countries are going through war, terrible
doesn’t mean that we are limited. With some small corruption and famine, Mozambique is facing what their
physical changes and a renewed strategy for the church, neighbor nations were facing years ago: a multitude of
and of course with some help we can see a church refugees from Somalia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan, Congo and
growing strong in that place. other countries are trying to find a shelter in the southern part
of Africa. Unfortunately Mozambique wasn’t ready for this so
the refugees are facing sometimes worse condition as they had
at home. In January we had a group of Ethiopians caught by
the police while they were hiding in the deep forest. As the
news came to us, we went to see how we can help them
bringing food, blankets, water and medicine. They were
christians and in the middle of such a hard time God gave them
peace. We thank God for giving us the opportunity to serve
them for the time they were here.
I know that you are praying for us so this time I want to be
more specific bringing to you our needs and requests knowing
that when we agree together on something on earth it is done
We showed one night Jesus film in a place where actually also in heaven.
there is no church and Manuel has been going there Please pray: for healing of so many children and adults
already winning some people for Jesus. It has been affected by AIDS; for wisdom and strategies for the church in
raining lately there and every hut looked like a little island this nation to take part and help in this area; for spiritual cover
surrounded by water, frogs and mosquitoes. Good that I over us and the leaders that God is rising up in this nation; for
am learning how to swim in case that I would be closed in more harvesters among the muslims; for guidance and
anointing in all the trips we are making this year; the least is a
after the rain in one of these huts☺. Because of the rain
personal one - for a miracle regarding transportation. My old
and the water accumulated around the houses the little
car is often broken – I need to sell it and buy another one
kids couldn’t get out of their homes not for going to proper for these roads.
school or to some of our meetings. We desire that God’s will be done; His kingdom come and we
One day we were able to go to Nicoadala (30 km from the surrender all our desires and requests to Him.
city) to visit the new church there. Many adults and Together for His glory,
children were waiting for us at the church singing and Simona Caba

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