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Lord Tennyson’s line “To follow knowledge like a sinking star, beyond the utmost bound
of human thought” has been my guiding line. From childhood, I believed that even if a
subject is miles away from the reach of our contemplation, it can be conquered much
through research and knowledge. The discovery in science and technology that has
revolutionized medicine and improved our standard of living has fascinated me and
generated a profound interest in the field of life Sciences and biotechnology.

I was introduced to the field of science when I was in my higher secondary school. I was
intrigued with the way science affected everyday life with its innumerable discoveries.
This curiosity made me to read sci-fi novels, magazines, journals and to learn more about
cloning, robotics etc. & how this could influence our way of life in future.

Single minded focus and relentless hard work along with continuous effort landed me as
a student of Bachelor of technology in Biotechnology in “Dr. DY Patil Biotechnology &
Bioinformatics institute”, one of the finest research institutes for Biotechnology. The
college is renowned for its infrastructure and faculty members. During my term, I was
introduced to an array of courses like Molecular & Cell Biology, Stem Cell,
Microbiology, Plant and Mammalian physiology and Cell Signaling. I also took part in
various symposia and conferences in and out of the college on research topics such as
“Stem Cells”, “Molecular Diagnostics” & “Cell Biology”.

Apart from this, practical work is an essential part of our course work. Performing many
practical like DNA/RNA isolation, mutagenesis and GFP- cloning in bacteria led me to
appreciate the intricate relation formed by Molecular Biology and the other branches of
biotechnology like Recombinant DNA technology, Molecular Biology, Industrial
Biotechnology, Cell Biology and Microbiology. This has also helped me realize that
Molecular Biology stands at the core of all other branches of biotechnology.

Starting from a mediocre score, I worked onto becoming one of the top ten students in
class. I led a group on the project titled “Computer Aided Drug Designing for Anti-
Tumor Drug Target - CDK 2” and on another project titled “Conversion of Stem Cells
into Cardiomyocytes”. I have presented papers on “Computer Aided Drug Design for
Anti-Tumor Drug Agent CDK2” & “Therapeutic Effect of Adult Stem Cells”, which
were selected and presented at International and National conferences. During my course
I even worked for “The Syntax System” as a technical writer writing on topics like
Health care and Marine life.

While I was exploring many facets of biotechnology during my under graduation, I was
fascinated the most from the fact that cells in the embryo and bone marrow can heal
diseases like Parkinson and Alzheimer. The potential of Stem Cell Therapy to cure
diseased cells caught my interest majorly and I undertook reading and secondary research
on this subject. As I completed secondary research, I realized that my specific interest lay
in exploiting stem cell as a possible cure for cancer.
My academic inclination took me to an engineering degree in life Science, which helped
me gain research grounding and an analytical bent of mind. A master’s program would
help me leverage my experiences & propel me towards a rewarding research career.
Manchester University being one of the finest graduate schools in the world for Masters
Studies in Biological Science and is an attractive proposition for me with its excellent
international teaching and student fraternity.

I am eager to pursue my Master’s in your reputed institution to benefit from your

contemporary curriculum. With the guidance of outstanding faculty, state of the art
facilities and an academic environment that fosters ambition to excel, I will surely
emerge from the Master’s Program well prepared to succeed in a challenging career.
Thus, my choice of universities has been made very carefully, keeping in mind my
technical field of interest and the numerous opportunities it would help me develop
further. I am also looking forward to participating in various research activities during my
study period. I am confident that my interest and commitment to this subject will enable
me to excel in the program.

I would be highly grateful to the admission committee if they consider my application

and grant me an opportunity to pursue post graduate studies. I am determined to justify
my selection with perseverance towards training myself through the master by research
program in Biological Science and proceed further on to a PhD in Stem Cell Biology. I
intend to work on innovative field and develop solutions pertaining to unanswered
queries especially in the field of Oncology by using Molecular Biotechnology and Stem
Cell Therapy to treat oncological disorders.