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12: Empires in East Asia - 600 to 1350 CE Purpose: Along with class lessons and activities, this assignment will help us address this essential question: How did the development of kingdoms and empires in East Asia help spread religions, culture, trade, and technological innovations? Given: Use the World History: Patterns of Interaction (POI) textbook to complete the assignment below. Each part (A, B, C,...) should be completed as a single/ separate assignment. Each requires a separate heading on separate sheets of paper. Be sure to write complete sentences when sentences are called for. Task: A. Tang & Sung China Read from page 320 to 327. On page 327... Terms & Names: *Tang Taizong MAIN IDEAS: 3. How did the Tang Dynasty benefit from the accomplishments of the Sui? 4. What steps did the Tang take to restore Chinas bureaucracy? RECOGNIZING EFFECTS What impact did improvements in transportation have on Tang and Sung China? *Wu Zhao *Movable Type *Gentry

B. The Mongol Conquests Read pages 330 - 334. Terms & Names: *Pastoralist MAIN IDEAS: 3. In what ways did steppe nomads and the people of neighboring settled societies interact? 4. Why was terror an important weapon for Genghis Khan? 5. What happened to the Mongol Empire in the years after Genghis Khans death? MAKING INFERENCES What characteristics of their culture do you think contributed to the Mongols military success? Explain your response. *Clan *Genghis Khan *Pax Mongolica

C. The Mongol Empire Read pages 335 - 338.

Terms & Names: *Kublai Khan MAIN IDEAS: 3. Why did the Mongols employ foreigners rather than Chinese in high government offices? 4. How did Europeans view Marco Polos account of his time in China? 5. What happened to the Yuan Dynasty after Kublai Khans death? RECOGNIZING EFFECTS What impact did the Mongol Peace have on interaction between East and West? *Marco Polo

D. Feudal Powers in Japan Read pages 339 - 343. Terms & Names: *Shinto MAIN IDEAS: 3. Why were Japanese missions to Tang China so important? 4. What was life like in the Heian court? 5. What purpose did the samurai serve? FORMING AND SUPPORTING OPINIONS The Japanese selectively borrowed from Chinese culture. Use information from the text to support this statement. EVALUATING COURSES OF ACTION Why do you think the shoguns chose to rule through puppet emperors rather than simply seizing the imperial throne themselves? *Samurai *Bushido *Shogun

E. Kingdoms of Southeast Asia and Korea Read pages 344 - 347. Terms & Names: *Khmer Empire MAIN IDEAS: 3. On what was Khmer prosperity based? 5. Why are there two sides to the development of Korean culture? RECOGNIZING EFFECTS How did geography influence the history and culture of Southeast Asia and of Korea? Illustrate your answer with examples. *Angkor Wat *Koryu Dynasty