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Agency Finds Niche In Hispanic Market

Ready for Business
There are a few
By Michael Cosenza things to keep in
With over 15 years experience in advertising and mar- mind if you’re look-
keting Wendy Armijo has been best described as accom- ing to advance in
plished, driven and successful. Starting out as a story teller your career or start
and writer early in her career, she quickly honed in on her a new one.
creative ability to write commercial copy for her clients. Dana Fabbri
Working in many different segments of the marketing in- was gracious
dustry such as Promotions Management, Public Relations enough to
and Radio and Television Sales, she quickly discovered provide us with
that there was a tremendous need for a full service His- some helpful tips to
panic Marketing Agency. In 1999, she founded Milan Ad- pass on to you.
vertising & Promotions in an effort to fulfill that need and
assist business owners in targeting and reaching the lu-
crative and ever increasing Hispanic market. In 2002, she Staying
joined forces with her current business partner Herman
Lopez, renaming the business and establishing the current Sharp ©

advertising agency, A & L Marketing & Advertising. Their 1. It’s important to know the market
bilingual ad agency provides artistic creative for televi- you intend to be in. Do your research
sion, radio and print mediums, public relations represen- and talk to owners of businesses similar
tation and a cost efficient media buying service. As the to the one you’re wanting to go into.
only agency in Kern County that owns their own in-house
2. Get involved! “Networking is key,”
production suite and studio they provide fast commer-
Fabbri says.
cial production turn-around. For more information go to or visit 3. Know your resources. Fabbri rec-
ommends talking with not only the Small Business Development Center,
the Chamber of Commerce, but most
importantly, the American Business
Nandakumar Ravi, M.D. Woman’s Association.
Board Certified in Digestive, Liver, & Nutritional Diseases 4. Create a solid business plan and
be willing to revise. Included is your
Special Services Include:
cash flow, financing, and legal issues.
• Colonoscopy • Endoscopy • Video
Keep fine-combing your plan as your
Capsule Endoscopy • ERCP • Cancer
progress to ensure you’re completely
Screening • Esophageal pH & Motility
Study • Treatment of Liver Diseases up-to-date. But don’t get discouraged
• Ambulatory Endoscopy Center if you need to make adjustments along
the way—that’s part of the plan.
9870 Brimhall Rd. #100 - Bakersfield, CA 93312
(661) 588-8725 Fax (661) 588-8749 5. Find your capital. “This is hard right
20041 Hwy 202, Valley Blvd, Unit 3, Tehachapi, CA 93561 now because banks aren’t looking to do
(661) 822-0377 Fax (661) 588-8749 too much loaning,” Fabbri notes. But
w w w. b a ke r s f i e l d g i . c o m you need to have your nuts and bolts in
order before you approach anyone—so
come prepared and find other sources
for start-up funds.
Owning a home of your own is still 6. Keep a current resume. You just
“The Great American Dream” never know when something might
jump out at you.
• New Construction • Land
7. Go on an interview every year.
• Resale • Commercial Finally, Fabbri offers a personal tip.
• Investment Properties “Each year, I try to go on at least one
job interview. It’s a way of keeping
Mary Cruz your interviewing skills up—though
I have no intention of ever taking it.”
335-7600 Of course, Fabbri adds, laughing,

don’t forget to let your current
Located at: 4500 California Avenue, Bakersfield, CA 93309
boss know what you’re up to.
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