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Baby Likes to:

Here You Are! • Suck, sleep and enjoy basic

• Listen to repeated soft sounds.
omething new and • Stare at movement and light.

• Be held and rocked.
wonderful has happened • Lift head when lying on her
to you: You’re probably stomach.
feeling happy, excited,
elated, and yes, just a Give Your Baby:
little frightened at the thought of • Head support when lifting or
caring for the brand new baby in holding her.
your home and the responsibility • The sound of your voice
of being a parent. talking and singing.
Don’t feel alone. We’ve just • Light patterns from a lamp.
described what is probably a • Your arms.
universal reaction to parenthood.
During this first month you’re
going to be concerned with many stimulate it. Most research Growing Child will also help
things. Most of them will be new suggests there are lots of things you learn what you can provide
situations for you, such as adjust- parents can do to help their child for your child so that he or she
ing to Baby's schedules. develop mentally, physically, and might develop mentally, physi-
But after some of the excite- emotionally. cally and emotionally to his or
ment has died down, you’re going This is the purpose of Grow- her fullest potential.
to have a lot of questions about ing Child: To emphasize the A special note for those of you
the proper growth and develop- importance of development and who have other children: Learn-
ment of your child. to provide you with information ing about development is not
Today there’s a great deal of to help you learn about your restricted to a first child. This
research being done on infant baby and about yourselves as information is just as important
development and how to help parents. for your second or third child.■

The Newborn
agazines for parents- A newborn’s skin is often red developed.

M to-be should publish

pictures of newborns
more often to better
prepare new parents
for the shock of seeing their baby
and scaling and her little nose is
often misshapen or flat. It also
may be difficult to see her eyes
as they’re often tightly closed.
Baby’s head accounts for
Learning head control will be
one of the major tasks that Baby
will accomplish during the next
few months.
From now on the brain will
for the first time. about one quarter of her size. continue to develop, and the rest
One mother told her husband Although this makes her look a of the body will catch up.
in the delivery room, “Oh, honey, little odd, it’s a result of normal The typical pattern of develop-
he’s beautiful, but we’ll really have head and brain development. ment is from the head downward
to love him hard because he’s so It is important during the first to the rest of the body, and from
homely!” few months to provide support the center of the body to the
She was right. A new life is for the baby’s head while hold- extremities (the fingers, for
beautiful, but newborns are not ing or feeding her, since the
the light pink, round babies muscles which perform this CONTINUED ON PAGE 6

smiling from the magazine pages. function have not yet fully
Baby’s Birth Certificate
e sure to get a birth the local health department or and for a fee. There is almost

certificate for your
baby. It is legal proof
of the date of your
child’s birth and
registrar of births.
If you have not selected a
name for the baby before you
leave the hospital, be sure to add
it to the official record later.
always a charge for a second
copy, so keep your baby’s
certificate in a safe place.

Throughout life, she will need If the baby is born at home, A birth certificate is legal proof of
this proof of identity. It may be the midwife or doctor (or the the date of a child’s birth and
required when a child enters parent if no one assists at the citizenship.
school, requests a driver’s license, birth) is required by law to report
goes to work. the birth to the local authorities.
It may be needed to prove her You will be officially notified If you don’t receive notice of
right to vote, to marry, to draw when the record of your baby’s the proper registration in a few
Social Security benefits, to hold birth is on file. Some states send a weeks, check on it. Call the
office, inherit property, or obtain copy of the registration. hospital or local health depart-
a passport to travel in foreign If any of the information is ment. Or write to your state
countries. wrong, be sure to get it corrected health department, which is
If the baby is born in a immediately. usually located in the state
hospital, the staff will see that the In some states, the birth capital.■
necessary information is sent to certificate is sent only on request

The Old-Fashioned Rocking Chair

as there a rocking circulation in the legs. Later the ability to interpret

W chair in your
Do you remem-
ber one of the
old-fashioned kind with comfort-
As you rock, the easy to and
fro movement stimulates the
balance and position sensors
deep in Baby’s inner ears.
As she lies in the curve of her
these sensations will help her
develop and maintain the balance
she will need as she learns to
stand and walk.
So, we say...“long live the old-
able arms and a high back to rest parent’s arm, she feels the fashioned rocking chair, symbol
your head against? movement. of love and learning.”■
Rocking chairs are good for When she is lifted and held
anyone, but they seem to have upright with her head on your
been made especially for parents shoulder, she feels movement in
and babies. a different direction.
By holding your baby, rocking If you lay her across your
and talking gently to her, you knees on her tummy, she be-
communicate love, warmth and comes aware of still a different
security in ways that even a kind of movement.
newborn baby understands. With each change of position,
Rocking chairs are wonderfully Baby experiences the rocking
comfortable and relaxing for motion in slightly different ways.
parent and child, and doctors tell But always her nearness to her
us that gentle rocking improves parent provides warmth and
security as a background for her
growing awareness of changing
Rocking chairs are good for positions and of movement in
anyone, but they seem to different directions.
have been made especially From these experiences, an
for parents and babies. infant learns how to interpret and
to use the sensations produced in
her balance centers.

Your Baby’s Intelligence
xperts in child develop- orphanage were given intelli- Clearly, this study shows the

E ment know that the

right kind of experi-
ences in infancy and
the early childhood
years can increase a child’s
gence tests. The differences were
amazing: all the children at the
orphanage showed a decrease in
IQ ranging from 8 to 45 points.
Twenty-one years later, all the
importance of early learning
experiences for development of
intelligence and for general
independent functioning in the
intelligence, and there are many children in both groups were
scientific studies which support located and the differences in
this idea. their life situations were startling.
Heredity is not the only
There also are many studies of Of the 13 transferred to the
factor which determines
identical twins reared in different school for the mentally retarded,
homes. In general, these studies all were self-supporting. Of the
in early life also plays an
showed that the twin who had the group that remained in the
important part.
best kind of early experiences had orphanage, one died in an
a higher intelligence than the twin institution for the retarded, and
who had poor early experiences. five were still in institutions.
These tests are important, since The differences in education A school for retarded children
identical twins come from the between the two groups is just is not the best place for giving
same cell, which means their as startling. For the transfer these early learning experiences,
heredity is identical—they have group, the median grade com- but even in this setting, the older
the same genes. pleted (midway between highest retarded girls who played with
Heredity therefore is not the and lowest) was the 12th grade, the children seem to have given
only factor which determines or graduation. Four completed the kind of stimulation that made
intelligence. Experience in early one or more years of college, tremendous differences in the
life also plays an important part. with one boy receiving a children’s later abilities.
In 1939 there was what experts bachelor’s degree from a large This is what Growing Child is
call a “classic study.” The results state university. For the group of all about—to help you give your
are rather startling, and further 12 who remained at the orphan- infant the early experiences that
support the idea of early experi- age, half did not complete the can have an important influence
ences. third grade, and none of them on intelligence and independent
The study, by H.M. Skeels and went to high school. functioning.■
H.B.Dye, tells about 13 infants and
young children between the ages
of 7 months and 30 months who
were transferred from an orphan-
age to a school for mentally
retarded children.
Baby Seating
After the transfer, these children t’s now the law in all 50 contact the National Highway

were placed in a ward with some states that children must Traffic Safety Administration
older and brighter girls, who be properly restrained hotline (800-424-9393).
started playing with them during while riding in automo- Or write to the American
most of the time they were awake. biles. Academy of Pediatrics, Division
Just by playing with these babies, It isn’t a pleasant fact, but of Public Education, 141 North-
the older girls provided many 1,500 babies and children under west Point Boulevard, P.O. Box
more experiences and much more the age of five are killed every 927, Elk Grove Village, Illinois,
stimulation than was provided for year in auto accidents, and 60007, for an updated list of
the children left behind in the another 60,000 are injured. In infant/child safety seats.
orphanage. addition to fatalities, a major In many communities, hospi-
After the new arrivals had been concern is permanent brain tals or civic organizations also
in the ward for some time, the damage which could have been have a rental program for car
people making the study gave a prevented by a proper child seats.
second intelligence test. All 13 restraint seat. A car seat can be a real
children showed gains in IQ There are many excellent car lifesaver, so be sure to buckle up
ranging from 7 to 58 points. seats for children that meet or your baby—and yourself too.
As a check on these results, 12 exceed federal specifications. To Make every ride a safe ride for
children who stayed behind at the obtain up-to-date information, you and your child.■

Breast Feeding
oth professionals and Some mothers breastfeed however, that breast milk quality

B parents have been

known to become
emotional on the breast
versus bottle issue. This
controversy is unnecessary
during their pregnancy leave and
then change to a combination of
breast and bottle (using formula
or breast milk) after they return to
is dependent upon the mother's
good health and adequate diet.
Whatever the mother eats or
drinks shows up in some form in
the breast milk and, at times, may
because the choice is extremely This combination offers some affect the infant's behavior.
personal—the choice of mother hidden advantages since it allows This is particularly true of
and father. the father, grandparents, and medications, so a pediatrician
There is no question that sometimes older siblings the should be consulted before any
breast feeding is the most natural opportunity to experience those of these products are used.
and beneficial type of feeding for special feelings involved with Finally, certain infants such as
the average, full-term infant, but it feeding a young infant. those born prematurely can still
must be kept in mind that there Also on the positive side, it is be breastfed, but they may
are many factors which affect the important to know that breast require supplementation with
decision on how to best feed the milk is a remarkably stable and formula or certain vitamins and
new baby. adjustable (according to the minerals such as iron.
These include the baby's size baby's demands) food supply LaLeche League, an interna-
and maturity and the mother’s that contains some special disease tional organization, provides
physical condition, occupation, fighters called antibodies. support, advice and a wealth of
and home situation. These are not absolutely information about nursing. There
Many mothers work full-time necessary for good infant health, are chapters in many cities, large
outside the home, so there will but they do add a little extra and small, in the U.S.
be times when they will not be protection for some babies who Check the phone book white
able to be present when the baby might lack adequate resistance to pages for the chapter nearest you,
feeds. However, this does not some diseases. or contact the national office at
mean they cannot breastfeed. It must be kept in mind, Franklin Park, Illinois 60131.■

Bottle Feeding
f you choose to bottle- formula, extra water and nipples ing. If you’re pressed for time, let

I feed your new baby, you

will have several choices
to make. The first is the
type of formula. Most
formulas are available in ready-to-
at the same time using a stove-
top sterilizer.
The same thing can be accom-
plished by using boiled water to
mix with the concentrate or
grandmother or an older sibling
or a helper take a turn.
There is some relationship
between bottle feeding and
extreme infant weight gain. This
use, concentrate, and powder. powdered formula and sterilizing is usually due to overfeeding, so
Ready-to-use in bottles is the bottles and nipples separately. here are some guidelines to
usually reserved for hospital use, Much has been written about follow.
but is extremely convenient when the relationship of feeding and As a general rule, babies take
travelling or visiting. mothering—especially in the case three to four ounces per feeding
Concentrate is formula that of mothers who breastfeed. While during the first month.
must be mixed with water. It is much of this is certainly true, you Following that, add one ounce
usually the most economical. can make bottle feeding as enjoy- per month of age until the baby
Powdered formula is most able and rewarding as breastfeed- takes eight ounces at five to
useful as a supplement to breast ing by following some simple seven months of age.
feeding when only an occasional rules: Baby’s development of good
bottle is needed. 1. Always hold the baby when speech and attractive teeth begins
Formula preparation and you feed him. as soon as he is born. The tongue
sterilization is really quite easy. 2. Talk and coo to him while and mouth muscles so necessary
The simplest method is to mix the feeding, pressing him close to for good speech must be stimu-
formula and pour it into the you.
bottles. Then sterilize the bottles, 3. Take your time with feed- CONTINUED ON PAGE 6

How to Communicate
With Your Child’s Doctor
ommunication is not
Checklist for Calling the Doctor
C a one-way street. The
doctor needs your
help to better serve
your needs.
When your child becomes ill,
___ Fever which rises or returns
after the second day.
Be prepared before calling
your doctor:
___ Take child’s temperature.
the doctor is aware that you are ___ Unusual physical behavior
___ Know the specific symptoms.
worried and nervous, but to help (Does he appear sick?).
Examples are:
you she must have some idea
what you are thinking, and she ___ Cold associated with ___ Fever
must have facts so she can earache, hoarseness of voice, ___ Runny nose
determine how quickly she must shortness of breath. ___ Headache
see the child. ___ Nasal congestion
The first place to start is with ___ Stomach ache with vomiting ___ Cough
the doctor’s receptionist. Get to and /or diarrhea. ___ Earache or ear
know her. She knows the doctor’s drainage
routine and can guide the mes- ___ Severe headache. ___ Sore throat
sage. ___ Abdominal or other
___ Sprain with swelling. pain
___ Swollen glands
___ Head injuries. ___ Rash
___ Sore eyes
___ Swallowed something ___ Vomiting
thought to be poisonous. ___ Diarrhea
___ Constipation
___ Deep cuts that might need ___ Changes in urination
stitches. ___ Changes in sleep
___ Broken bones.
___ Know the name, address and
telephone number of your
In the case of swallowing
When calling the doctor:
One of the keys to saving ___ State your name and your
yourself and the doctor much time ___ Call the nearest poison child’s name.
and stress is to clearly state your center immediately.
child’s needs. Many times your ___ Give your telephone number
questions can be answered ___ Locate the container with in case you’re cut off.
quickly by the receptionist or a the substance the child swal-
nurse. lowed. State reason for calling:
Second, when you describe
your child’s problem over the ___ DO NOT follow directions ___ This is an emergency (leg
telephone, be prepared to answer on the container label until broken, deep cut, swallowed
questions. A checklist follows confirmed by the poison center. poison).
which gives you an idea of the Antidote instructions may be
information needed. inaccurate. ___ My child has the following
You should come to the symptoms (list them). I'd like to
telephone prepared with this ___ Keep syrup of ipecac on see the doctor as soon as pos-
information. hand (out of reach of children). sible.
When talking to the doctor,
make your concern very clear. If ___ Keep the address and ___ I would like to make an
you’re upset, don’t be afraid to tell telephone number of the poison appointment for a physical
her.■ center near your telephone. examination of my child.■

Dear Growing Child:

“A great big ‘thanks’ for all the

example). As an illustration, in a lated and exercised long before
very short time Baby will learn to the baby is ready to talk. many valuable things our family
watch things. Basic muscle training starts
Her eyes do see from the with sucking. At birth, sucking is
beginning, but she is attracted by a reflex which is provoked by has learned from Growing Child
sharply contrasted or colored hunger, or by being stroked
objects that are close to her. around the mouth. and Growing Parent issues.
When you lean over the crib If the bottle nipple is too long,
or hold Baby close to you, she it reaches far back into the After teaching first grade for two
does see your features. And she infant’s small mouth. The milk
will continue to use her eyes to then flows directly into his throat, years and then having a precious
explore the world long before and there is no opportunity for
she can use her entire body to any muscle exercise.
investigate her surroundings. If the bottle nipple is the baby girl of our own, I found your
Right now, Baby may move correct size but has too many
her arms a little but the fists are holes (or holes that are too big), newsletters thoroughly beneficial
usually clenched tightly and the the baby gets too much milk, and
movement is jerky. in self-defense he either spits up, and interesting. I’d read them as
Later she will develop better lets the surplus spill out the sides
control of her arms and bat at of his mouth, or chokes.
soon as they arrived, and my
things. Still later she will be able To prevent himself from
to use her fingers to try to grasp choking, he thrusts his tongue
objects. forward and squeezes the nipple husband did too. They are the
This is another example of between the tip of his tongue and
development from the center of the upper gum, then he swallows. perfect length for reading in
the body outward (from the The abnormal combination of
whole arm to the fingers). tongue thrust and swallowing between naps.”
If you allow Baby to grip your may become a habit and later
finger, you’ll be surprised at the when the child talks, he may Alice H.
strength of the grasp. lisp.■ San Diego, CA
Undoubtedly someone has
provided a new rattle for Baby to
play with. Don’t be surprised that
Baby won’t take it in her hand.
Her fists are usually clenched
tight during the first few weeks.
If you unlock her clenched fist Contributing Authors
by unfolding the little fingers,
Baby will grasp the rattle placed Phil Bach, O.D., Ph.D.
high in her hand—but only for a Miriam Bender, Ph.D.
moment. Then she’ll drop it and Joseph Braga, Ed.D.
show no more awareness of its Laurie Braga, Ph.D.
existence. George Early, Ph.D.
Don’t be surprised if you see Liam Grimley, Ph.D.
Baby startle at a loud noise, an Robert Hannemann, M.D., F.A.A.P.
abrupt change in position or a jolt Sylvia Kottler, M.S.
to the crib. Bill Peterson, Ph.D.
It’s perfectly normal for her to
startle at any sudden change in Next Month
environment—this is a reflex Growing Child issues are
babies are born with. They prefer printed on recycled paper with
slow movements rather than soy-based inks. ■ How Can I Tell If My
sudden ones. Telephone: 1-800-927-7289 Baby Is Okay?
© 2000 Dunn & Hargitt, Inc. Talk To Your Baby
You may need to hold her for ■
22 North Second Street-P.O.Box 620
a minute or two after she startles Lafayette, Indiana 47902-0620
■ The Reasons for Growing
and cries to reassure her that Child
everything is okay now.■