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Issue: February 2011 News RoundUp

News RoundUp UN Continues to Support Flood-Stricken People in Sri Lanka

COLOMBO – The United Nations continues to support the
» UN Continues to Support
Government of Sri Lanka to help over a million flood-
Flood-Stricken People in
affected people. More than 350,000 people in 11 districts
Sri Lanka
are displaced across hundreds of temporary relocation
centres, with thousands of houses destroyed in full or part.
» New Video on the
Controversial The waters have damaged over 200,000 acres of
Reproductive Health Bill agricultural lands.
in the Philippines
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Latest Videos
New Video on Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines
Family planning is widely practised in Asia, but it remains
controversial in the Philippines. The Congress there is
debating a bill that would make contraceptives available to
people who can't afford them. The Catholic Church opposes
Addressing Gender- the measure. Supporters say it would save lives and give
Based Violence in poor women more options.
Viet Nam
Violence against women
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is becoming a serious
global issue, including in
Viet Nam.

New Publications

Sex Ratio at Birth in South East Asia, UNFPA in Asia and the
with a Focus on Viet Nam Pacific
Surviving Nature's An Annotated Bibliography Designed to Guide Because Everyone Counts
Fury: A Woman's Further Policy Research
Story This publication This brochure
Maritess Gural delivered summarizes a selection provides a brief
her baby under unsafe of articles from several introduction of
conditions in the wake of countries in Asia in UNFPA in Asia
killer typhoon Ondoy in relation to the changing and the Pacific
late 2009. trends in Sex Ratio at and its priorities
Birth. to support the
attainment of
the eight MDGs.

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Responding to
Violence Against
Women in the
Civil society groups in
the Philippines are
engaging men to prevent
gender-based abuses.
Follow Us Mapping Regional, Sub-Regional Review of Maternal Health
and National Youth Networks Policies/Strategies From a
Across Asia Reproductive Rights Perspective
The State of Youth Networking for Focus in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India,
Sexual and Reproductive Health Across Indonesia, Lao PDR, Nepal, Pakistan,
21 Asian Countries Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon
Islands and Timor-Leste
This mapping is This paper
aimed to support reviews the
UNFPA in extent to which
understanding relevant
networks of young maternal health
people working laws, policies
with Sexual and and strategies
Reproductive are in place in 11
Health issues. Asia-Pacific

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