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King Pharaoh Musa Musa Khan Vs Goddess Of The Sea

Challenges The Goddess of the Sea?

(Download From Malaysia Today Website) By: ‘DEEP THROAT’ Of SABAH Transalated On Free Verse By: HAMURABI

Musa Khan Vs Goddess Of The Sea

King Pharaoh Musa

Challenges The Goddess of the Sea?
(Download From Malaysia Today Website) By: ‘DEEP THROAT’ Of SABAH Transalated On Free Verse By: HAMURABI

“Musa Khan Al-Pushtuni

Wal-Ringgiti now begins
to act like Pharaoh
Namrud who challenged
God, smug with jealousy,
vengeful and proud.”

PROPHET Abraham a.s. bravery in destroying

idols during the Babylonian Empire and Prophet
Moses a.s. skills in confronting the Pharaoh have
overwhelmed Musa Khan Al-Pushtuni to become
the Pharaoh himself and challenged Ma Tzu
(Goddess Of The Sea).

Musa Khan was proposed, supported, empo-

wered and named as successor under the Chief
Ministership rotation system (Merry Go Round) by
Datuk Chong Kah Kiat (Tan Sri) akin to a monkey
blessed with wealth (a Malay proverb). As a result of Chong Kah Kiat’s outspokenness in
pointing out the damage done on the Coral reefs at
Musa is driving ’a car without a driving license’ Sipadan Island by the contractor, who have
and have placed the laws into his own hands to attained international accolade when appointed by
acquire for himself all the wealth and take every the Ministry of Finance, whose minister is Musa
opportunity for his own gains. Just like the ape Khan himself, Chong therefore had become the tar-
given with ripens bananas who easily forgot the get of vengeful act by “the son of Pakistan” who
Tarzan that have all along care for him will devour belong to the Pushtun tribe.
the entire “banana.”
Unknowingly to everyone, Musa Khan directed
Not content with the wealth that have been du- the State Secretary, who has no locus-standi to
biously taken, Musa Khan Al-Pushtuni Wal-Ringgiti issue a stoppage order to the construction of the
now begins to act like Pharaoh Namrud who Ma Tzu Statue Development Project accompanying
challenged God, smug with jealousy, vengeful and it with a “childish” reasoning, saying its locality is in
proud. the vicinity of the Asy-Syakirin Mosque.

Musa Khan Vs Goddess Of The Sea

STOPPED…This Project has been stopped for six Maybe Musa Khan never read the Al-Quran and
months, but Chong Kah Kiat patiently waits until he is ignorance about religion, thus the ‘satanic’ order
felt challenged. Maybe Musa Khan want Chong to was issued and ‘Hamman (the Counselor) Musta-
built a statue of himself (Musa) just like the statue fa’ was forced to obey the orders of the King Pha-
of Tunku Abdul Rahman located in front of Wisma raoh Musa Khan without fail.
Kewangan building in Sembulan?
The Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of
Local Government and Housing, Sabah, Datuk
Ujang Sulani wrote the letter ref: KKT & P: (S)
The project itself is built upon a piece of property 200-1/15/0 (39) dated 06 June 2006 under the
belonging to the Kudat Thean Hon Charitable order of the Sabah Chief Minister which was given
Foundation which is chaired by Chong Kah Kiat in memo and oral form by the Public Relation
without a single cents coming from the government. Secretary in The Chief Minister’s Office to the
Commissioner, Kudat Town Board to order the
There has never been any case anywhere in the developer to immediately stop the construction of
democratic world where a government has interfe- the said statue until and ‘consent’ have been given
red in the religion of other people except the go- by Musa Khan Alpushtuni.
vernment of the Pharaoh Musa Khan Al-Pushtuni.
This situation shows as if Musa Khan kidnap
Freedom of religion has been well accepted har- the Ma Tzu Statue ala Abu Sayyaf at Sipadan and
moniously in Malaysia in line with the Word of Allah asking for ‘ransom’ to “keep quite” and not be too
in the surah Al-Kafirun (La Kum Di Nu Kum Waliya- nosy just because Pak Lah have received remarks
din) “To us our religion, to you your religion”. from outside saying Sipadan is badly destroyed and
forcing Musa Khan to point fingers at Chong.

Musa Khan Vs Goddess Of The Sea

“ ….. however such

withdrawal makes no
sense as its is tantamount
to issuing a marriage
certificate to a couple
and later dissolving it
after six months

RESORT…When Completed, this Buddhist Statue

will complement the tourism package due to its
Nevertheless, the said contractor refused to heed proximity to the Marina Resort, Golf Club and Sea
the said orders and further forced ’Hamman’ K.Y. Port. This picture was taken at the site where the
Mustafa to issued a letter reference JKM (S) 100- Buddhist Statue will be erected.
41/60 dated 23 June 2006 to the Commis-sioner,
Kudat Town Board saying that the “State Govern-
ment” have taken a firm stand and that the cons-
truction of the statue must ceased immediately. After the project have been going on for six months
and is almost 90% completed (excluding the statue
Along these lines, Malaysia Today is not poin- itself which is ready-made), suddenly the Kudat
ting fingers at any party/ies as both parties must Town Board directed the project to be stop-ped at
rationally find the best ways and means to solve once after Musa Khan asked two persons who
this problem as this involved racial harmony in the were residing in Kota Kinabalu namely, Haji Harun
state which have been their culture for generation, Zainal Abidin and a Pakistani by the name of
respecting each others’ religion as was practiced by Mohd Murtaza Haji Amirdad to submit an
their ancestors. objection barely two week after Chong made a
public disclosure of damage done on the coral reefs
There exist certain element of irony which is at Sipadan.
surprising to everyone as to how the Kudat Town
Board was able to approve the development plan of Murtaza Khan was angry at Chong for not ap-
the project as its board/council members are com- proving his application to be the Kudat People
prised of various groups including from UMNO, only Development Leader (PKR), and uses this opportu-
later to halt the project “without any valid reason”? nity to discredit Chong by using the Ma Tzu case.

Even though the Kudat Town Board have the Not content with giving orders and pressures,
right to withdraw its approval without any valid Musa Khan “further inflict damage to Chong Kah
reason, however such withdrawal makes no sense Kiat” by using the foot thumbs nail of the State
as its is tantamount to issuing a marriage certificate Mufti, Sahibus Samahah Datuk Haji Ahmad
to a couple and later dissolving it after six months Alawi to clean Chong Kah Kiats nose as a pre-
pregnant. condition to renew his contract as the State Mufti.

Musa Khan Vs Goddess Of The Sea

ORDER…Letter of instruction from the State

secretary to stop the said project.

Musa Khan Vs Goddess Of The Sea

As a faithful Buddhist, Chong is of the opinion that

the government should not interfere with how he
keep his religion by telling God what ought to be
worship, where to worship, how to worship God and
where to construct and built temples or statues.

“I hold to the principles of defending rights to

religious freedom as guaranteed by the Federal
Constitution,” Chong said when asked about his
resignation as Deputy Chief Minister and State
Cabinet Minister of Sabah.

Chong said he had no problem with the National

Front Government, but as man of principles he has
to opposed the ignorance and atrocious of Musa
Khan why interfered with the management of his

“The Malaysia Government allows devotees to

build places of worship in the city areas, why would
the Ma Tzu Statue become the victim? Even the
Islamic Government in Kelantan did not object to
the construction of three Buddhist Statues, why
then would this so called multi-racial National Front
government not do likewise?” explained Chong who
regretted why Musa Khan directed his vengeance
towards Ma Tzu.

INJUSTICE...Minister of Local Government and The irony behind this episode is, has the go-
Housing also playact with Datuk Ujang Sulani vernment ever considered the objection by other
asking him to write to the Kudat Town Board. religious body before they built any mosque next to
their places of worship, to the extend that the sound
of the ‘azan’ disturb their sleep or while their
children are at study?
This situation has caused Chong to feel angry and
challenged because the Mufti has interfered with But when building Temple or Statue in honor of
the religion of his ancestors which is guaran-teed the religion of their forefathers, these followers of
by Federal Constitution, 20 Points and the Al- other religions are ‘preached’ and ‘counseled’ at
Quran itself. great length to the extend of touching sensitive
issues such as race and religions.
Chong tried to calm himself and met the Prime
Minister to discuss the issue, however Pak Lah Malaysia Today is not interested in divulging
asked to be given some time to resolve the issue in issues that are open, instead we will reveals what is
the best possible manner, but Pak Lah’s Islamic hidden within this whole episode.
Hadhari Promise is a promise “to keep quite
and to see what will happen.” Unknowingly, Former Deputy Chief Minister and
Cabinet Member, Datuk Tham Nyip Shen sud-
However, Musa Khan was adamant until Chong denly lifted his voice sky-high condemning Chong
is forced to resign his ministerial post in defense of Kah Kiat.
his principles.

Musa Khan Vs Goddess Of The Sea

C4…The death of Altantuya because of C4. This Why would Yong be mad when Chong Kah Kiat
C4 picture had been used as basis to stop the was appointed as the Deputy Chief Minister, just
project. The Asy-Syakirin Mosque seen from its because he was hoping that the post should have
side. (But only one shaft (row) for every prayer been given to Raymond Tan Shu Khiah which
except on Friday. Where are Kudat Muslim who caused Tham Nyip Shen to withdraw from being a
one lazy to pray and yet disturb other religion?) candidate, and why would Au Kam Wah who is still
young replace Tham?

Maybe the people of Sabah didn’t know that

Are there any feeling of vengefulness left over in Tham Nyip Shen’s father, Datuk Tham Koon Siong,
him that have caused him to be taken out from the the ‘Dragon Head’ and Musa Khan’s proxies, who
Cabinet and replaced by Au Kam Wah to the have ‘taken for himself’ the piece of land belonging
extend that he conspire to defeat the LDP candi- to SRJK Yuk Yin, Keningau after he was falsely
date, Lau Ngan Siew in the Sandakan Parliamen- appointed as Trustees and have changed the term
tary Constituency? of the land lease in constructing shop lots by Sri
Padasa Sdn.Bhd., a company owned by Liew
Is it possible that Yong Teck Lee is the main Kuat Kiong, who is also the crony of Musa Khan.
player behind this episode by asking Harun Zainal
Abidin and Murtaza to submit the objection as the Is Tham Nyip Shen planning to
ultimate highlight resulting from the case of Salleh
Tun said resigning as Chief Minister of Sabah, also rob the two-acre plot for Ma
the Sipadan and Pandanan kidnapping issue, Tzu just as what his father did for
FMU issues and Chong Kah Kiat’s resignation his own benefits?

Musa Khan Vs Goddess Of The Sea

A survey by Malaysia Today at the Ma Tzu

location discovered that it is located far from the
Asy-Syakirin Mosque and the reason given by
K.Y.Mustafa is smack of deceit and full of

According to Mr. Teh (a lawyer), legal action can

taken against Musa Khan and K.Y. Mustafa based
on Section 2(1) and Section 2 (2) Ordinance 22
(Essential Powers) Emergency, 1970 which is
punishable by jail sentence of 6 years, the same as
what was given the former Deputy Prime Minister,
Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for using his position for
self interest.

“They ought to be investigated for instigating

religious sentiment as this is very dangerous.” Mr.
The added who requested the intervention of Pak
Lah so that this issue can be resolved peaceably.

Meanwhile, PAS Youth Chief, Mr. Sallehudin

Ayob when contacted by Malaysia Today said that
this scenario proves that the National Front Go-
vernment has made a mockery of the Federal
Constitution which guarantees freedom of religion
and maintain racial harmony.

“This is the form and style of the BN govern-

ment. They say one thing and do a different thing.
They are the one that instigate religious conflict and
have fail to solve this issues amicably based on STANDING…The statue of the ’Standing Buddha’
consensus among the BN partners,” Sallehuddin, the latest and tallest in Malaysia at 118.42 feet
who is also the PAS Member of Parliament for located at Kampung Balai, Bachok, Kelantan, a
Kubang Kerian said. predominantly Malay village.

According to Salehuddin, in the Surah Al-

Baqarah, Allah has said clearly in the ’La Iqra
Fiddin’ verse that says, there should be no force However, Sallehudin is hopeful that the BN Govern-
in religion. ment withdraws its stoppage order for the sake of
racial harmony and religious freedom which has
“The Kelantan PAS Government clearly imple- been practiced.
ment an Islamic Government, and we are guaran-
teeing a freedom of religion which is being hindered “This has proven that the BN Government is
by the BN Government who claim to be Islamic. We cruel and that people of other religions are treated
allowed the Buddhist to construct Bud- like third class citizen. Because of that, the Bud-
dhist Statue because that is what their religion dhist community in Kelantan are supporting
wants, we have no right to forbid them,” Sal- us,” Sallehuddin said who also urged Chong and
lehudin further said as he takes the Sabah BN Musa to find ways to resolved this issue.
Government to task for not understanding the laws
of Islam.

Musa Khan Vs Goddess Of The Sea

SLEEPING…The Sleeping Buddha which is the

largest and longest in Malaysia at 10.6 meter in
“Is Musa attempting to replace
height and 40.9 meter in length situated at Kam- God? This is not fair. Why would
pung Jambu, tumpat Kelantan, a Malay village in he disturb God and our belief? If
he is not capable of safeguarding
racial harmony and religious free-
During the seating of Parliament recently, while dom, he should resign. This is
debating on the speech of the Seri Paduka Baginda
Yang Dipertuan Agong, Sallehuddin criticize the
very embarrassing," Hiew said who
also insist that Chong should go ahead with the
ACA (Anti-Corruption Agency) and the Police De-
construction of the said statue.
partment who are late in taking action even though
official report have been lodged on the allegation of
According to Hiew, all devotees of the Buddhist
misconduct, corruption, and sex scandal by Musa
religion are fully backing Chong and ask Chong to
Khan. Datuk Ronald Kiandee, The Beluran Member
ignore the wild orders given by the State Secretary
of Parliament is the only one that stood up in
asking to stop the project.
defense of Musa Khan.
Hiew draws attention to Chapter 3 of the
Whole another Buddhist devotee, Dr Hiew King
Federal Constitution which says, “Islam is the
Chew, regrets that not only the BN government
official religion of the Federation, but other reli-
failed to develop Sabah, but also fail to guaran-
gion can be practiced peacefully and harmo-
tee human rights and have done injustice to
niously anywhere in the Federation.”
followers of other religions.

Musa Khan Vs Goddess Of The Sea

“Who has the power to stop any project that is SAD…Chong Kah Kiat with a his friend taking a
being built on its own land? This is not govern- photo session at the location of the Ma Tzu Statue
ment’s land or project. Only the court have the which is 90 % completed but was stopped imme-
power. If you want to stop this project, get a court diately by order from Musa Khan.
order first. How can you abuse your power. This is
a corruption case. So just go on ahead. No use
talking too much,” urge Hiew who is also the
Sabah DAP Chairman.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman of the Human

Rights Commission, Tan Sri Simon Sipaun,
(Picture) said Article 18 of the Universal Declara-
tion of Human Rights approved by the United Na-
tions since December 10, 1948 provides guarantee
to every person that is borne to practice the tea-
ching of their own religion.

“I have seen in many places here in Malaysia

and in Indonesia where places of worship have
been built without facing any difficulties and I can’t
see why the Sabah State Government should?”
Tan Sri Simon said who also asked all quarters to
respect Human Rights bestowed to every borne
person as it can not be withdrawn by any govern-
ment anywhere in the world.

Musa Khan Vs Goddess Of The Sea

“This is like pulling

out a muscle thread
from the eye to be
used as thread to sew
clothes that he will
wear himself”….

Many people interviewed by Malaysia Today sees

the action of Musa Khan as extreme and disturbing
the religion of other people and if left unchecked
will kindled racial sentiment and leads to a prolong
racial conflict.

From a one thousand respondent, Malaysia

Today discover that 80 per cent are condemning
Musa for ordering a stop to the construction, 16 per
cent supporting while 4 percent refused to give

These respondent are selected among those

from 21 years of age and above which include
government officers, social activist, lawyers and so FATHER…The statue of The Father of Indepen-
forth. dence, Tunku Abdul Rahman Al-Haj in front of
Wisma Kewangan (Musa’s Office) just 100 meters
“This is like pulling out a muscle thread from the from the Sabah State Mosque.
eye to be used as thread to sew clothes that he will
wear himself” said Jimmy Wong, a social activist
who urge Musa not to interfere in the religion of

Jimmy give an ultimatum to Musa to imme-
diately withdraw his order to stop the said projects
or be embarrassed by a mass hunger strike to be
stage in front of the Asy-Syakirin Mosque or at
the Buddha Status site itself to draw in
international support!

Musa Khan Vs Goddess Of The Sea

…400 pieces
of the statue
’Goddess of
The Sea’ made
form stone
granite which
are imported
from China
kept in 21
containers at
the Kota
Kinabalu port,
because it cant
be erected.

Musa Khan Vs Goddess Of The Sea

SITTING…The statue of the ’Sitting Buddha,’ the

largest in Malaysia at 98.4 feet in height at Wat
Matchimmaram, in Kampung Jong Bakar, Tumpat,
a Malays village in Kelantan.

MURUGAN….The statue of ’Lord Murugan,’130

feet in height located at the entrance of Batu Cave,
Kuala Lumpur. (Top)

HARMONY …The Kampung Air Mosque in Kudat

which is within hailing distance, or about 100
meters from the Town Temple in Kudat. (Right)

going to disturb the
Ar-Rasyidin Mosque
which is 600 meters
away? Would not the
Muslim be proud
because tourist will be
able to look at the Asy-
Syakirin Mosque from
the temple of Ma Tzu?

Musa Khan Vs Goddess Of The Sea

FAR…Location between the Ma Tzu site (X) is quite far, which is 600 meter and is not seen because it was covered
except in this picture taken from above which was taken last year before the constriction commence.

SIDE BY SIDE…The Lutong Mosque side by side NEAR…The Darul Ikhwan Mosque located just 10
with the Anglican Church, The Parish Of Good meters from the Muara tebas temple in Sarawak.
Shepherd proving religious freedom in Sarawak.

Musa Khan Vs Goddess Of The Sea

STRATEGIC…The location of the said statue marked (X)strategically seen from the Kudat Golb Club.

PAGODA…The Pagoda Temple of the Taoist religion which is the tallest in Sabah at 108 feet and only a
distance of 300 meters from each other in the Tuaran Town.

Musa Khan Vs Goddess Of The Sea

Panoramic view at Simpang Mengayau

after development. Plenty of ‘apple
polisher’ are asking Chong to move
the Ma Tzu statue to here?

“The Malaysia Government allows devotees

to build places of worship in the city areas,
why would the Ma Tzu Statue become the
victim? Even the Islamic Government in
Kelantan did not object to the construction
of three Buddhist Statues, why then would
this so called multi-racial National Front
government not do likewise?”

“Article 18 of the Universal Declara tion

of Human Rights approved by the United
Nations since December 10, 1948 provides
guarantee to every person that is borne
to practice the teaching of their own
Tan Sri Simon Sipaun (SUHAKAM)

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