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Mars in the Twelve Houses

This is where your assertiveness and power will lie. But, depending which house
all this extra force of power, anger and assertiveness lies can cause problems f
or you.
First House: People here are likely to appear very strong, muscular as well as a
ctually being very strong. They tend to be very assertive, dominant and very sel
f confident.
Second House: The people with Mars in the second house are strongly driven by we
alth and earning, yet, they also have a strong passion for spending money. They
are not afraid to take risks with their money if they see any possible money mak
ing ideas. This can lead to gambling and being conned into the fraud get rich qu
ick schemes.
Third House: Mars in the third house denotes quick thinkers, although they tend
to jump to conclusions. They are direct yet sharp speakers and tend to get into
a lot of arguments especially with family members. They tend to rush life; they
even drive fast and are impatient for things such as traffic. They are very good
in arguments and debates if the debate teams are small but if it s very large deb
ate teams then they tend to hide behind their own wall of shyness.
Fourth House: They tend to do things themselves rather then getting people to do
things for them. They are very strong people and the strength stays with them e
ven through old age.
Fifth House: These people are athletic and impulsive. They tend to have an activ
e and somewhat aggressive sex drive. Although, they love competition and to comp
ete they tend to be bad losers. They seek adventure, take risks and are active i
n sports.
Sixth House: These are hard and energetic workers with no tolerance for laziness
. They tend to have an aggressive side to others in the work place who don t do th
eir share, this can lead to problems and dislike from co-workers. They are perfe
Seventh House: They are likely to marry at a young age or too soon into a relati
onship with no thinking about it; this can lead to problems. They tend to be ver
y aggressive and intimate in relationships and like to gain popularity.
Eighth House: Here people tend to be good at investigating things; they tend to
be suited to jobs in law, medicine and finance. They have a very active sex driv
Ninth House: The Mars ninth house placement in your chart shows an active intere
st in travel, outdoor sports and religious or philosophical causes.
Tenth House: People with Mars in the tenth house have a strong need for status.
They like to be in full power and have great leadership potential.
Eleventh House: These people have a very independent attitude but are very hard
workers in groups. Friendships are very important here but the argumentative fie
ry side of mars can result in arguments and break-ups of friends.
Twelfth House: They let their subconscious mind govern their desires, dreams and
actions. They are very secretive about their work and like to work alone or in
seclusion. They have a great ability for using their imagination and creative si
de. On occasion they can be gloomy, changeable and indecisive.