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Copal Art Movement-An Opportunity

The next decade (2010-2020)

In spite of its richness, plurality and complexity, its embodiment of creative courage, daring,
articulating and a vast geography of imagination, art has yet to reach a vast number of those
who enjoy and appreciate it; would like to possess it and consider it wealth- both economical
and aesthetic. Furthermore, it is not enough that the discerning persons and art reach out to
each other. It is equally important that such persons are equipped with the necessary
information, knowledge and tools of appreciation.

Art was an area of least rejoinder and there was a GAP prevalent in the Art Industry between
the intended and potential collectors and the allied fraternity due to the lack of connectivity and
awareness and the incorrect positioning of Indian Art in the global market but Copal identified
this GAP as an opportunity and provided a hand holding policy of education and Investment
and has converted non-believers into satisfied collectors and has been triumphant in turning
Art into a global success.

Thus, In order to make art more accessible and visible there is a need to reinvent the old
tradition of support, appreciation and possession for which we need to institutionalize the
business of art led by knowledge, ethical methodology and transparency in keeping with the
modern ethos.

Our Vision
To institutionalize and corporatize the business of art in the global arena

An aspiration that at least one space, living or working around every human being should have
an original work of Art

To widen the base of new collectors by way of knowledge sharing and by reaching out to them
through systematized structured programmes. This in turn would help artworks attain the
economic values they so eminently deserve both by their quality and Aesthetics.

To keep the growing number of collectors well informed about the current trends both in the
artistic world and the art- market in order to establish their connectivity with Art

To establish a world class search and research module of the Art industry

To build the belief that the scope of Art as an asset class is colossal and is one of the safest asset
classes available in the global souk.
An objective to encourage ultra HNI’S to diversify at least 10% of their portfolio into Alternate
asset classes.

To make the experience of owning art, its collection and appreciation a truly noble and
enriching activity

To identify undervalued art across the globe and showcase it to the world; and bestow it with
its long overdue recognition

Copal has undertaken initiatives to pioneer the ART MOVEMENT as globally the entire art
fraternity is echoing only one issue- ‘Why Not Art?’ and the growth and valuation of Art is not
in harmony with the current momentum of the growing wealth as globally there is expenditure
on all other luxuries but not on Art, WHY? Thus, Copal has explored this question and has
concluded that there is tremendous opportunity not only for Copal but for the allied Fraternity
as well, and on its path of discovery of the potent underlying opportunity Copal has indulged
in some of the following activities, and have planned for the others to be executed in the near

 Copal along with its Global Strategic Partner Ernst and Young are in the process of
launching CAP (Copal Art Portfolio) Series IV-an art advisory and placement
portfolio for US $ 250 Mn in the year 2010 and we are also in the process of creating an
Art Bank of an equivalent value, the first and biggest of its kind ‘Delivery Linked
Module’ in the world.

 Creation of a Research wing specifically for Art, the first of its kind in India! It tracks the
trends of market values and studies the aesthetics of art works which allows us to advice
our collectors based on a very broad analysis of the research undertaken.

 To set up a body to oversee issues related to Registration, Valuation and authentication

of artworks.

 Creation of a Corporate Collectors Wing which will focus on the following three areas-

 Help them build a valuable art collection as the number of art corporate
collectors is insignificant globally.
 At least one working space should have an original work of Art.
 Diversification of portfolio into an alternate asset class.

 To launch an online model with the belief that the future of the art market is in the
hands of the nouveau rich who are yet to be born collectors and to make available to
them online advice on how to build their Art collection.(To know more you can contact
us at or phone us at 011 40601191//92/93)

 Creation of a highly active global platform to provide liquification of artworks by art

collectors worldwide.(To know more you can contact us at or
phone us at 011 40601191//92/93)
 In order to allow the masses to own art works without a concern of the costs involved,
we will launch an Easy Installment Scheme (based on the EMI nomenclature) which will
enable collectors to buy expensive pieces of Art on a spread out basis.(To know more
you can contact us at or phone us at 011 40601191//92/93)

 To provide a Global platform which shall identify, showcase and promote new talent (in
the field of Visual Arts) from across the globe under one roof and also aid the trade of
their artworks through Multiple Trading Platforms.(To know more you can contact us
at or phone us at 011 40601191//92/93)

 We intend to continually organize events for various interest groups, such as: Financial
markets, Corporate, Collectors, etc discussing with them various issues pertaining to the
art market, such as:
o Events for the renowned bankers in trade centers like: Hongkong, Dubai,
Singapore, London, New York, etc to discuss the scope of ‘Art in the world’.
o Events in association with business organizations like: ICC, AICCUS,
ASSOCHAM, FICCI, etc to discuss the ‘Role of Corporate in the Business of Art’.
o Events targeting the role of the financial markets in the business of Art, in
association with the some eminent investment bankers.
o Specific events for Investment Banks and financial markets on ‘Art In The
World’,’ The World Of Art’ and ‘Indian Art is grossly undervalued’ whereby key
heads and speakers from across the globe will be invited to speak on the above
topics and discuss the importance of Art in one’s portfolio and the role of
financial markets in the business of Art.

 Also, we plan to initiate a project for the International Banks, wherein a book titled- ‘Art- a
historical wealth’ written by Shri. Ashok Vajpeyi shall be provided to them, with their
logo and name embossed thereon, for circulation by them to their premium clients as

 We are planning to introduce a structured product for the Ultra Premium clients of our
esteemed partners. The funds from such a product shall be channelized in building and
enriching our Art Bank.

The proposed structure of the product shall be as follows:

The collector will invest in a portfolio against which we will allot to him/her the
artworks, following a process similar to that of CAP. Through which the collector can
gain from early and easy liquefaction by buying artworks at an early stage along with
Copal. Through this product, the premium collectors will gain via the difference in the
prices of art works at the various time points, i.e. the price at which Copal shall allot the
art works to them and the price at which their art works shall be allotted to our retail
clients in the new CAP Series.

 To launch an Art exchange wherein art works can be liquefied like other assets. This will
ease the liquidity dilemma prevalent in the industry and provide cross- country
movement of artwork which in turn would also help to generate cross country interest.

 We intend to instigate an Art District (which does not exist anywhere in the world)
wherein a space will be dedicated for all the participants of the Art world, including:
Artists, Art Galleries, Art Museums, Framers, Art Institutions, Art Studios, etc.

 Creation of Art appreciation and learning centre’s which will also be equipped with Plasma
screens which will screen shows on artists and artworks.

 To set up a school of learning, an online art appreciation course without fee, so as to

enable Copal to share its flair and passion for Art.

 Providing means of sharing information and data with clients through an Archive,
Publications and a library and to also equip them with information by way of organizing
multiple knowledge series which will be conducted on the lines of Copal’s Looking at
Art Gyan Series and Art Appreciation courses.

 To create an Online Module for other Art objects and auctions thereof, with a special
focus on the rich Indian Heritage.

 To organize and host continuous exhibitions and travelling shows as on ongoing process
which is currently not being done for Indian Art.

Copal sees an opportunity in the above initiatives as we intend to fill the void in Art collections
left simply due to the lack of connectivity and awareness of the value of Art, however the
confidence that there are ample people who want to buy original Art will continue to propel us